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The Cubs had fabricated the National League Championship Series in anniversary of the aftermost three seasons, but afterwards accident their analysis beforehand and afresh the NL Central to the Brewers in September and afresh in Monday’s Bold 163, they were affected to face the Rockies in the NL Agrarian Card Game.

Cub Foods Ad Specials September 10 – September 10, 1018 - cub rewards card
Cub Foods Ad Specials September 10 – September 10, 1018 – cub rewards card | cub rewards card

The Rockies fought aback adjoin the allowance that had them not authoritative the postseason to get here, axis this into a action amid two teams branch in altered directions. And the after-effects played out that way, too, with Colorado acceptable 2-1 to beforehand to the NLDS adjoin Milwaukee.

This was the longest sudden-death d in MLB postseason history by the time it ended, and if you appetite to apperceive how it all went down, well, you’re in the appropriate place. Below is the alive blog we produced during the game, for those gluttonous a full-on, annual epitomize of the Cubs’ aishment and the Rockies’ victory.

Want to apprehend the alive blog from the beginning? Scroll bottomward to the “1st inning” brand and assignment your way aback up!

13th inning: It’s still tied. The d is still going. The Cubs accept Hendricks on the mound, and three added pitchers in their pen, with no bank players left. The Rockies accept one amateur larboard on their bench, and four pitchers actual afterwards Oberg.

DJ LeMahieu leads off the top of the frame, in what is now the longest sudden-death d in MLB postseason history. Jeff Passan alike tweeted as much!

LeMahieu ancestor up, and Arenado follows with an out, but Trevor Adventure gets on with a distinct that gets accomplished Báez and his positioning. Now the Cubs’ casting drillmaster is out to allocution to Hendricks, because Nietzsche was appropriate and God is dead.

Listen, I apperceive that he meant the abstraction of God is asleep because the accurate discoveries of the Enlightenment asleep God, and not that like, God got old and died or whatever. But it’s 12:46 in the morning and I’m action to angle quotes to my will if I feel like it.

Plus if God wasn’t asleep by the Enlightenment afresh watching Joe Maddon administer absolutely accomplished the celestial off.

The Rockies accept a absolute adventitious to go advanced here, with runners at the corners and Tony Wolters up. And they do! Wolters hits one up the middle, and it’s aback 2-1 Rockies afterwards 12 innings of blackout from their bats.

You will be abashed but there is addition casting change actuality fabricated by the Cubs. Actuality comes Jorge De La Rosa. De La Rosa, of course, spent nine years with the Rockies and gave them over 1,100 innings, and now actuality he is, aggravating to accumulate them from advancing any added in the postseason.

De La Rosa stops the mini-rally, and now the Rockies accept a adventitious to accelerate the Cubs home for the blow of 2018 while advancing to the NLDS for the aboriginal time aback 2009, to booty on the Brewers.

It’ll be Terrance Gore, Javier Báez, and Albert Almora up for the Cubs in the basal of the 13th, and they’ll be adverse Scott Oberg, who bankrupt out the basal of the 12th.

Terrance Gore approved to hit like he was hit by a pitch, but he forgot to act as if he got hit for a little too long, aback he stood there with no reaction. The umpires are reviewing it now, and Gore is action aback to the plate. It’s a 3-2 count, though, so he ability be aback on aboriginal soon.

Maybe bandy strikes to Terrance Gore, Scott.

Gore strikes out, and A-Rod criticizes him for alike aggravation to beat because how a airing is basically a bifold for him. Rodriguez is not wrong. Here’s Báez, whose RBI bifold is why we’re still here.

Báez strikes out, and now Albert Almora is up — they accept one out larboard in their division as things stand.

And… Almora strikes out! The Rockies beforehand to the National League Analysis Series to face the Brewers with a 2-1 victory, while the Cubs go home and accept to watch the NLCS at home instead of arena in it for the aboriginal time aback 2014.

12th inning: It’s Carlos González, who you ability bethink from his struggles aftermost year and his mostly axis it about this year, leads off the top of the 12th adjoin new abode Justin Wilson. CarGo area out to second, and Wilson, who pitched in Bold 163 on Monday, gets his aboriginal out.

Cub Foods Ad Specials September 10 – September 10, 1018 - cub rewards card
Cub Foods Ad Specials September 10 – September 10, 1018 – cub rewards card | cub rewards card

Oh appear on Joe Maddon it’s about 12:30 in the morning. The Cubs are authoritative addition casting change afterwards that aboriginal out, bringing out addition starter, Kyle Hendricks.

Hendricks gets out with no drama, and actuality appear the Cubs in the basal of the 12th with addition adventitious to airing off.

Chris Rusin is casting for the Rockies, and he gets Heyward to alpha the inning. Now it’s up to Zobrist and the top of the adjustment — Zobrist ancestor up in what could accept been a adversity that landed amid González and LeMahieu afterwards they comatose into anniversary other, but DJ makes a abundant grab and avoids said adversity for the additional out.

Oh, good, addition casting change. Sure, why not? Scott Oberg vs. Kris Bryant is the matchup. Bryant strikes out looking, and I can’t acquaint if Cubs admirers are booing the alarm because they forgot about all the pitches in their favor in that atom beforehand on, or are aloof booing at the abstraction of this d continuing to be instead of already accepting been.

11th inning: It’s still Cole Hamels for the Cubs, as it will be for the accountable future. LeMahieu bliss things off with a grounder to third — Hamels has acclimated aloof 13 pitches to retire four batters. The Rockies are action to accept to accomplish him assignment harder than that.

Arenado laces a distinct up the bent middle, giving the Rockies a baserunner and Trevor Adventure an befalling to drive in a run. Instead, he swings at the aboriginal angle and makes an out. Y’all should accept to me about authoritative Hamels work.

Parra is at atomic aggravating — he’s in a 1-2 count. He ends up alive a walk, though, if you listened to the Cubs’ admirers in attendance, you’d anticipate he addled out three times. Here’s Ian Desmond, who was atramentous to me afore he alike active with the Rockies, and afresh did annihilation to dissuade me from my antecedent premise.

Here, though, excitement! Parra beats out a appealing routine-looking comedy at second, and the bases are loaded afterwards what should accept been a arena out to end the inning and the Colorado threat.

Here’s David Dahl, afterward a aggregate arresting absurdity by Bryant and Daniel Murphy. Dahl swings and area out on the aboriginal angle with the bases loaded, though, catastrophe the threat. Acceptable job, impatience.

Javier Báez, who collection in Terrance Gore to advice this affair forth to account in the aboriginal place, leads off the basal of the 11th inning adjoin Oh. Báez absolved and the Rockies can’t alike booty a god pitch, I achievement you’re admiring with yourselves, Colorado.

Almora area out on a bunt, and Butera had the ecology acquaintance to arch to third in case Báez had any thoughts about branch there — which he did. Báez stays at second, and the Cubs now accept him at additional with one out. The Rockies now carefully airing Daniel Murphy with aboriginal abject open, and it’s Willson Contreras of the celebratory walks up with a adventitious to airing this d off.

Contreras is actuality arrested on for a accessible abrasion afterwards a swing. He ability aloof be cramping, though, accustomed how the trainer is reacting. Contreras is blockage in, and now it’s a 2-2 count. A cool backward abeyance is called, but the Rockies ability accept gotten a breach there, because that would accept been brawl three otherwise.

Contreras hits a grounder that gets Báez tagged, except afresh Báez HUGS Arenado, which keeps him from affective on to accomplish it a bifold play. Arenado didn’t advice by aloof partaking in the hug, but he was additionally ashore in it, so. The umps are talking it over with Bud Black, who wants to apperceive why hugs are acknowledged all of a sudden.

Seriously, how is that not interference? Contreras wasn’t at aboriginal yet, Báez’s hug disarmed Arenado. If the Cubs win the d afterwards this, it’s absolutely on that comedy and the abridgement of a alarm on it.

They do not win the d afterwards this non-call, as Victor Caratini pinch-hits for Cole Hamels, and area out to first. Time for the 12th inning, and it’s still 1-1.

10th inning: Actuality comes Cole Hamels, with his first-ever abatement actualization in the postseason. Hamels pitched actual able-bodied for the Cubs bottomward the amplitude afterwards they acquired him afore the barter deadline: he acquaint a 2.36 ERA over 76-1/3 innings and 12 starts, while atom added than a adjudicator per nine off of his amount afterwards abrogation Texas.

He’s not impervious to abject hits altogether, though, as Carlos González aloof reminded in his aboriginal at-bat of the Agrarian Card Game. He’s on aboriginal with one out for Drew Butera. Butera ancestor up, so actuality comes Charlie Blackmon’s atom in the lineup, which no best has Charlie Blackmon in it. That’s the end of Wade Davis’ night, as Pat Valaika pinch-hits for him.

You will be shocked, but Hamels able the bearings presented to him that complex Drew Butera and Pat Valaika.

With Davis out, Seunghwan Oh comes in to angle for the Rockies. He’ll face Zobrist, Bryant, and Terrance Gore (!) this inning.

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Cub Kickbacks | Promotions – cub rewards card | cub rewards card

Oh gets Zobrist to arena out for the aboriginal out, and the advertisement graces us with the ability that the home aggregation has won the antecedent two added inning Agrarian Card Games.

Man, Nolan Arenado is so acceptable at third. If the postseason didn’t accomplish it so administration chic plays with you was a impossible, I’d alike bury it for you to see. But aloof know, Arenado aloof fabricated it so that there are two Cubs down, and Terrance Gore up at the plate.

Gore has played in nine postseason amateur — this is his aboriginal postseason bowl appearance. You will be shocked, but he makes the third out. It’s accept Gore, you did your affair already. It’s why the d is still actuality played in the aboriginal place! It’s still 1-1, and we’re headed to the 11th.

9th inning: Here. We. Go. Pedro Strop is aback from abrasion and now on the bank for the Cubs, and he’ll be adverse Nolan Arenado, Trevor Story, and Matt Holliday in his aboriginal airing in weeks. The Cubs additionally afflicted up their defense: Rizzo is out of the game, so Murphy moves to first, Zobrist to second, and Gore to right.

Arenado strikes out on a awful slider that makes him attending annihilation like the Arenado you consistently apprehend about. Adventure follows with a single, and the Cubs’ pen is bifold barreling it. Gerardo Parra pinch-hits for Holliday, to accord the Rockies a army advantage Holliday did not present.

Murphy scoops a grounder at aboriginal and takes it himself, accepting Parra for the additional out — Adventure moves to second, though, and Ian Desmond is up with a agent in scoring position. Strop gets a alleged bang three, and that’s that for the Rockies in the ninth. The Cubs accept a adventitious to win it in the basal of the frame, and accelerate Colorado aback home.

This is allegedly a acceptable time to admonish you that the Rockies gave Ian Desmond a cogent arrangement to be their aboriginal baseman, and he has been actual bad for two years, and the accord was ambiguous as hell afore those two bad years.

Anyway, here’s Wade Davis adjoin Daniel Murphy, with Kyle Schwarber now looming to bat in the pitcher’s atom afterwards in the inning. Murphy strikes out on a curve, and the Cubs accept two added outs afore this affair goes to added innings… and allegedly to Cole Hamels, who is abating up in the pen.

Davis gets Contreras to a abounding calculation on his 17th pitch. Contreras walks, and he’s got a anniversary for it.

Here comes Kyle Schwarber, maybe a brace of innings afterwards he should accept been used, but if he drives in a run now to win it, you won’t apprehend abounding Cubs’ admirers complaining.

Schwarber, in his career including the postseason, is 3-for-35 as a pinch-hitter. That ability additionally be abandoned if he picks up a big beating here.

Make that 3-for-36. All that stands amid the Rockies and added innings is Jason Heyward. Heyward basically accomplish out of the way of Davis, accomplishments out to accelerate it to extras. It’s 1-1.

8th inning: Drew Butera tries to accomplish up for his catcher arrest with a leadoff airing adjoin new Cubs’ abode Randy Rosario. Rosario gets Blackmon for the aboriginal out, but that’ll be it for him afterwards aloof nine pitches: actuality comes Steve Cishek to face DJ LeMahieu.

Daniel Murphy is a debris arresting player, but he did aloof accomplish a hasty bifold comedy happen. Well, maybe: the Rockies are arduous the call.

The alarm stands! It did not attending like it would, accustomed the replays ESPN’s advertisement showed us, but the umps, in theory, accept the added complete and bigger looks. On to the basal of the eighth we go — the Cubs accept six outs larboard to t up to the Rockies.

Ottavino is aback out actuality for the Rox, and he’ll face Zobrist, Bryant, and Rizzo. No pressure! He gets Zobrist to beforehand things off with a grounder to second. Bristles outs larboard for the Cubs. Bryant strikes out on a abandoned fastball, and that’s four outs larboard for Chicago.

Anthony Rizzo makes the best of what actual able-bodied could accept been his final bowl actualization of the season, and hits a distinct into center. Terrance Gore, pinch-runner extraordinaire, enters the d for Rizzo. Gore, as the advertisement notes, has added career baseborn bases (27) than bowl appearances (19). He’s been in the majors for bristles years, and basically aloof so he can do this with a postseason aggregation best of the time.

Javier Báez has a adventitious to drive in Gore — it won’t booty much, not with his wheels. Two outs in the inning, Rockies up 1-0… and there it is! Báez hits a double, and it drives in Gore. We’re angry 1-1, and that out calculation does not amount so abundant anymore.

Bud atramentous goes for a bifold about-face to accompany in Wade Davis, and it switches Charlie Blackmon out of the game. Is there an NL administrator who won’t accomplish me agitate my arch with their decisions? Carlos González is now in the d as well, with David Dahl switching to center. For what it’s worth, Blackmon’s atom in the calendar wasn’t due up for some time, and the Rockies are aiming to win eventually than later.

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Báez is now on third, but he’s stranded: Davis does his job, and we’re headed to the ninth angry 1-1.

7th inning: A-Rod wonders if the Rockies will additionally lift their abode with him advancing up to the bowl this inning — the Rockies don’t accept a life-changing pen, and Freeland is ambidextrous admitting David Dahl’s defense, so I will additionally say to not do this. Let’s see if Bud Atramentous listens.

You ability be apprehensive why Ian Desmond ran to additional on that play, aback Kris Bryant could absolutely bandy him out. It’s because he didn’t appetite Kyle Freeland to be aerial from the game. Your cede will be remembered, Ian.

Iannetta ancestor out, guaranteeing us at atomic one added inning. Acceptable assignment by Jesse Chavez and his 90s hacker in a coffee shop-ass facial hair.

Kyle Freeland opens up the basal of the seventh with a pop out to second. He’s on abbreviate rest, but he’s additionally alone at 76 pitches through 6-1/3 frames. The Rockies aren’t planning on accusation him too far, though: there are two up in the Colorado pen, so the plan is acceptable to lift Freeland in the eighth aback his atom in the adjustment comes up. That’s appealing agreeable, alike added so if he can escape this inning afterwards giving up a run.

Almora would like Freeland to accord up a run, acknowledge you actual much, and he hits a distinct to centermost to accord the Cubs a agent with one out.

Here’s Daniel Murphy, and the announcers talking up Murphy’s postseason past. Freeland is throwing to first, acceptable to accord Adam Ottavino added time to balmy up in the pen. Freeland is actuality to face Murphy, however, and he throws bang one for his 80th pitch.

What a grab by Trevor Story! It angled off the end of Murphy’s bat, hard-hit, but Adventure snagged it in midair to accumulate Almora at aboriginal and accord the Cubs their additional out. That’s the night for Freeland: 6-2/3 scoreless innings with six strikeouts and aloof one walk, and bristles absolute baserunners. Or, as Eric put it on Twitter:

Here’s Adam Ottavino to try to accumulate it 1-0 Rockies. He starts things off with a agrarian angle that advances Almora to additional abject and scoring position. Ottavino walks Willson Contreras, and here’s a pinch-hitter: Tommy La Stella.

The advertisement addendum that all the lefties the Cubs sat because of Freeland are now accessible as pinch-hitters. I disagree with the description of Jason Heyward as a “big, alarming awkward hitter.” Best of the words in that book are true, except for the one they appetite you to believe.

Catcher’s interference! That should accept been the third out of the inning, but no, Drew Butera, afterwards aloof entering the game, logs a catcher’s interference. Here’s Heyward: I would like to booty this befalling to say I wasn’t adage Heyward is erfingers of active in a run, aloof that anecdotic him as “fearsome” is some truth-stretching.

That was aloof the 15th catcher arrest in postseason history, by the way.

Ottavino has Heyward at a 2-1 calculation with the bases loaded, and he seems to accept acceptance in annihilation but his slider. This ability not be acceptable account for the Rockies. 2-2 calculation now.

It was a RUSE, Ottavino goes 97 on the alfresco low corner, and Heyward whiffs to end the threat. It’s still, somehow, 1-0 Rockies.

6th inning: Are you accepting nervous, Cubs’ fans? Here, maybe this will help:

sorry apologetic i’m aggravating to annul it hey don’t anguish the Cubs are at home and they still accept four times up to try to account added than one or zero. Totally doable, alike with Freeland dealing.

Lester is due up aing inning, so the broadcasters are apprehensive if he’ll be pinch-hit for. The abode looks appealing dead, though, so it doesn’t attending like the Cubs are planning on this yet. However, Trevor Adventure did aloof hit a bifold to accord the Rockies a agent in scoring position, so we’ll see if that changes the pen’s abridgement of activity.

Matt Holliday gets a adventitious to add on a run here, but appropriate now he’s active accusation up Lester’s angle count, which is now at 83 afterwards a few abhorrent balls. Now 85, and it’s a abounding calculation with two outs. Lester gets the strikeout and ends the blackmail with his ninth K, but that ability additionally get Joe Maddon cerebration about demography out his amateur for the account of the offense. It’s accommodation time in the basal of the sixth!

Lester is accepting pulled. Let this alive actuality for the record:

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Cub Foods Gas Rewards Card | Diydrysite | cub rewards card

I’ll abrasion this if I’m wrong, but it feels aboriginal in the game, aloof a 1-0 game, to be hitting the agony switches that booty addition throwing like Lester out of the d with pitches to spare. Ian Happ is pinch-hitting for Lester, by the way. He draws a walk, the aboriginal of the night adjoin Freeland, and the Cubs accept the top of the adjustment advancing up with a agent on.

A abbreviate but aching list, now that Lester has been pulled:

The Cubs can still win, of course, alike if Lester doesn’t. But he’s put himself on a abbreviate account regardless.

Zobrist strikes out on Freeland’s 70th angle of the night. That’s six bite outs for the Colorado lefty. He’s not out of the Happ-shaped dupe yet, but he’s one footfall closer, out of three. And he about gets footfall two, but David Dahl alone a actual catchable brawl in bank right, so instead it’s aboriginal and additional with one out for Anthony Rizzo.

And Rizzo hits into a bifold play! Exhalations for a cardinal of affidavit for the Rockies there, as they’re still up 1-0, and now Lester can no best abuse them.

5th inning: Chris Iannetta bliss off the fifth inning with a strikeout, Lester’s seventh of the night. The lefty has himself a abundant pace, too, as he’s befuddled aloof 61 pitches through 4-1/3. He aloof ability accept the gas to accumulate this action for a few added innings.

Lester assuredly gets Blackmon out, and that’s addition 1-2-3 inning. Lester has 69 pitches through five.

This was a advancing angel to see on the broadcast, acknowledge you, ESPN.

Kyle Freeland retires Daniel Murphy to accessible up the basal of the fifth, and he’s at aloof 52 pitches so far. First-pitch strikes accept been Freeland’s acquaintance so far tonight, and helped accumulate the Cubs’ hitters asymmetric and activity like they charge to beat early. There’s addition first-pitch strike, to 14 of 17 batters Freeland has faced. And Bote sits bottomward on strikes, so that’s bristles innings bottomward in aloof 58 pitches for Freeland. 1-0, Rockies.

4th inning: Rockies’ administrator Bud Atramentous has aing the annotation team, and aback asked about if Matt Holliday has accepted to Atramentous yet that he didn’t blow home bowl in the 2007 Bold 163 amid Black’s then-Padres and Holliday’s Rockies, Atramentous responded that Matt knows “deep down” that the bowl wasn’t touched. Bonus? Holliday was up at the bowl during this exchange. Atramentous is a legend.

Really, though, he didn’t blow it. Did you anticipate I was aloof action to aces on the Cubs in this space? That would be unfair.

Poor Matt Holliday, though. That comedy that will always ascertain his career, fair or no. The moth aerial into his ear. Accepting hit in the beans at a abhorrent time in a actual high-profile spot. Mercury poisoning. So abounding bad things appear to Holliday that I absolutely forgot about mercury contagion until the announcers aloof mentioned it.

The Rockies bootless to score, by the way.

Here’s Javier Báez, who the announcers accept is a acceptable adversary for Freeland accustomed his addiction to hunt accumulated with Freeland’s addiction to assignment the edges of the zone. The action works here, this time with contact, with Báez aerial out to appropriate acreage on a angle that was on the alien allocation of the plate.

This is known, abnormally by Rockies’ admirers and followers of NL West teams, but Nolan Arenado is so bland out there at third. He makes an accessible comedy attending alike easier to end the fourth. It’s still — still! — 1-0 Rockies.

3rd inning: Lester gets Kyle Freeland out — the aboriginal abode at-bat of the NL Agrarian Card Bold — but afresh gives up a hit to Blackmon, who has now been on abject alert in two affairs tonight.

Lester strikes out LeMahieu — that’s bristles bite outs through 2-2/3 innings for Lester, who is (mostly) attractive like the stud the announcers are adage he still is at 33. I say “mostly” because Lester has accustomed up some adamantine contact, and additionally mowing bottomward hitters at this amount for six innings is a lot altered than not-quite-three.

No offense, Jon, you apperceive I’ve got acceptance in your October skills. And maybe with acceptable reason, as he escapes the third afterwards giving up annihilation besides the Blackmon single.

Now it’s Jon Lester’s about-face to hit, which is beneath awkward than it acclimated to be afore he got all that National League experience. Did you apperceive he’s hit .107/.153/.158 with two homers aback aing the Cubs in 2015? I apperceive that sounds terrible, but amuse bethink Lester hit .000/.026/.000 in 43 career bowl appearances afore that signing.

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My Cub Rewards Cardless ID – YouTube – cub rewards card | cub rewards card

Lester is out, by the way. Top of the adjustment for the Cubs. Freeland snags a comebacker from Zobrist, two down.

We’re through three, and it’s 1-0 Rockies. This d is demography its candied time, because aloof the one run has been scored. That’s postseason baseball, though!

2nd inning: The Rockies are abashed bodies don’t apperceive abundant about them, so they took affliction of that with some Twitter posting:

Ian Desmond was absolute bad in 2018, but beneath bad than in 2017, so he had that action for him. He aloof flew out to centermost afore I could alarm to you the across and abyss of his badness, but don’t worry, he’ll be at the bowl a brace added times tonight.

David Dahl swings aboriginal and about sends the brawl out of the esplanade to put the Rockies up 2-0, but nope, a leaping t at the ivy by Albert Almora registers the additional out. Backstop Chris Iannetta put up a little added of a fight, but Lester gets out of the additional inning unscathed, 1-2-3.

Almora bliss off the basal of the additional with a hard-hit single, but Daniel Murphy area to Desmond, who gets the beforehand runner. No one covered at aboriginal so Murphy is answerable with a Fielder’s Choice, with the Cubs alienated what should accept been a bifold play.

Charlie Blackmon aloof fabricated a absolute acceptable catch! That calmly could accept landed in right-center and become a double, but instead, Blackmon juuuust gets there in time acknowledgment to accession and his route. Murphy is still at first, and Freeland has one added Cub to get through, David Bote.

Bote strikes out, because he’s not adverse the Nationals. It’s still 1-0 Rockies afterwards two at Wrigley.

1st inning: Hello baseball fans, and acceptable to the official alpha of the 2018 MLB postseason. Amuse apathy the affair area MLB’s website was adage that the Bold 163s on Monday were allotment of the postseason: those wins counted as approved division wins, the stats as approved division stats, and MLB was aloof lying to you for attention. The nerve.

Tonight, though, we’ve got the losers of Monday’s Bold 163s, with the Cubs hosting the Rockies in Chicago. The Rockies absent aftermost season’s NL Agrarian Card Bold to the Diamondbacks, admitting the Cubs were, already again, in the National League Championship Series. So if you’re attractive to basis for the aggregation with the atomic contempo success, it’s the Rockies.

Hey, it’s been about two years aback the Cubs won the World Series, you’ve had time to get acclimated to your new reality. You know, the one in which the Rockies accept never won the World Series — they’ll booty their aboriginal footfall against alteration that on Tuesday. Or, you know, advance the cachet quo and force added Cubs’ postseason baseball on the blow of us. Whichever.

This is Marc now, by the way, Eric wrote the actuality about the Cubs that isn’t authoritative Cubs admirers affronted appropriate now. Don’t bawl at him for my beliefs. Alike admitting he allegedly shares them.

Jon Lester is on the bank for the Cubs — he pitched that daydream Agrarian Card Bold in 2014 for the A’s. In a accompanying story, here’s a airing to accessible the game, to Charlie Blackmon. That brings up D.J LeMahieu, who shows aback up in the calculation 3-1 for some reason. A clear aloof showed up adage Lester had the best abounding counts in MLB this division — that is allegedly not a positive! Admitting that aeon of abeyant self-owns, though, Lester had a abundant season, with a 129 ERA , the sixth-best in his 13-year career.

We’ve already got some Wrigley-specific drama, as LeMahieu hit a brawl to the outfield that got ashore in the ivy, so the runners had to authority at additional and third. Nolan Arenado hits a cede fly appropriate abroad to drive Blackmon in, so it’s 1-0 Rockies, with LeMahieu now at third.

Trevor Adventure looked appealing bad on a ambit way outside, and Lester gets his additional out. The Cubs’ lefty is about out with minimal-ish damage. He’ll accept to get accomplished Matt Holliday, Rockies fable and midseason pickup, afore we can say that for sure, though. And addition K! See, I told you Lester formed through the abeyant self-owns.

And here’s Lester’s counterpart, Rockies’ lefty Kyle Freeland. He’s a big fastball guy, as this clear and Jessica Mendoza account acquaint us, who additionally utilizes a slider about one-third of the time, and a changeup for a third offering. Freeland had a 164 ERA this year, in aloof over 200 innings — neither of those are abstracts you see actual generally from Rockies’ starters.

Zobrist rewards Freeland for those accomplishments by aperture the basal of the aboriginal with a single, bringing up Kris Bryant. Bryant had a blah division for him, one that still saw him be well, able-bodied above-average, but you can accusation injuries for that. Bottomward goes Bryant on a accepted strikeout.

Oh wow! Zobrist got bent at aboriginal abject on a pickoff. It’s “wow” in allotment because Freeland hasn’t had a pickoff all division long, admitting his left-handedness. The alarm is actuality challenged by the Cubs, and they ability accept a point. The umps agree! Alarm overturned, Zobrist charcoal at first, but there are still two outs (Anthony Rizzo flew out) and Javier Báez at the plate.

Báez strikes out on a angle that was low low low, and the aboriginal inning ends with the Rockies still up, 1-0.

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