Genuine Dell ATI Radeon HD10 10MB Low Profile PCIe DMS-10 Video ...
Genuine Dell ATI Radeon HD10 10MB Low Profile PCIe DMS-10 Video ... | ati video cards

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The aftermost 18 months has been a becloud of action from both Intel and AMD as anniversary wrestles with college and college amount counts, frequencies and accretion numbers of CPUs in their artefact stacks. However, today, things accept arise to a affecting arch in the mainstream desktop bazaar as Intel has yet afresh added amount counts for its boilerplate flagship, casting the 8-core, 16-thread Amount i9-9900K against’s AMD’s Ryzen 7 2700X.

Genuine Dell ATI Radeon HD10 10MB Low Profile PCIe DMS-10 Video ..
Genuine Dell ATI Radeon HD10 10MB Low Profile PCIe DMS-10 Video .. | ati video cards

Intel’s Amount i9-9900KAntony Leather

Intel’s barrage has been bedridden by some apropos pre-launch criterion results, but today I can assuredly acknowledge aloof how fast Intel’s new flagship is and whether you should buy it.



Heatspreader (STIM)

I should add that the appraisement for the three 9000-series CPUs aloft is based on pre-order pricing, which was accepted on Newegg aback I wrote this, but I’ll amend the prices if they change decidedly aural the aboriginal anniversary of launch. For now, let’s allocution about appraisement and specifications. It’s adequately accessible that the Amount i9-9900K that I’m reviewing today is badly expensive. It’s about $200 added than the Amount i7-8700K and about $300 added than AMD’s Ryzen 7 2700X, which additionally sports 8 cores and 16 threads.

Intel’s new 8-core CPU – the Amount i9-9900K comes in blue retail packagingIntel

Specifications accept afflicted appreciably in Intel’s artefact assemblage this time too. We now accept two 8-core CPUs, but while the Amount i9-9900K appearance hyper-threading, giving it 16 threads, the Amount i7-9700K, alone has 8 accoutrement from its 8 cores, defective hyper-threading. It seems that Intel is affective abroad from alms hyper-threading with its desktop Amount i7 CPUs, although it’s still acceptable to be a faster processor, abnormally in multi-threaded workloads, than the similarly-priced Amount i7-8700K. It’s afresh absolutely a footfall bottomward to the Amount i5-9600K, which alone has 6 cores and 6 threads.

Intel Amount i9-9900KAntony Leather Genuine Dell ATI Radeon HD 10 Video Card Desktop 10MB .. Genuine Dell ATI Radeon HD 10 Video Card Desktop 10MB .. | ati video cards

The Amount i9-9900K, in accession to two added cores compared to the Amount i7-8700K, additionally gets 4MB added L3 accumulation and it’s account acquainted that the Amount i7-9700K absolutely has beneath accumulation per amount than both it’s Amount i9 affinity and the Amount i7-8700K. I’ll hopefully be attractive at the Amount i7-9700K and Amount i5-9600K soon. Some cogent advantages the Amount i9-9900K has over both the Amount i7-8700K and AMD Ryzen 7 2700X, though, are banal acceleration frequencies. Clashing the old Intel 6-core CPU, the new Amount i9 can ability 5GHz on not one, but two cores at the aforementioned time in turbo boost. It additionally has a aberrant 4.7GHz all-core boost, which is 400MHz faster than the Amount i7-8700K, 700MHz college than the Amount i9-7900X and almost the aforementioned over the Ryzen 7 2700X depending on worldload. So, in multi-threaded tasks such as 3D modelling and video editing, it should be a beast.

Solder is aback forth with thicker CPUs

Intel has re-introduced adhesive as the thermal interface actual amid the amount and heatspreader of its K-series and X-series CPUsIntel

Intel is re-introducing adhesive with all new K and X-series CPUs – that includes the three 9000-series CPUs listed aloft and the seven new X-series models due afterwards this year. Intel had ditched adhesive as the actual sitting amid the CPU heatspreader and CPU amount way aback with Ivy Bridge CPUs in its boilerplate belvedere and back then, de-lidding – removing the heatspreader and applying high-performance thermal adhesive has actual accepted as Intel’s non-soldered CPUs appeared to run abundant hotter, with big drops in temperature apparent afterwards de-lidding. This is a acceptable move by Intel, although the lath is out on aloof how abundant of an appulse it will have. I’ve managed to ability 5GHz aback overclocking with my Amount i9-9900K and temperatures assume to be a little lower than my Amount i7-8700K at the aforementioned settings so accustomed the new CPU has two added cores, it does assume to be active a little cooler.

Intel has acclimated a thicker substrate with its 9th gen CPUs (left) compared to post-Skylake CPUs (right) which should accomplish them added durable.Antony Leather

Intel has additionally acclimated thicker CPU substrates with its 9th gen processors. The sandy-colored bowl into which the amount sits beneath the heatspreader attenuated with Skylake, which was arise in 2016. However, abundant letters alike of the substrate angle beneath burden from some CPUs coolers as you can see in the angel beneath via PC Gamer. This should now be a affair of the past.

Thinner CPU substrate’s alien with Skylake CPUs accept been angle beneath burden with some CPU coolersPCGamer

Z390 Chipset

There are abundant Z390 motherboards already available, but you don’t charge one to use any of Intel’s leash of 9th gen CPUs as they’re additionally backwards accordant with chipsets that abutment aftermost bearing Coffee Lake 8th gen CPUs too, such as Z370 and B360. The Z390 chipset does add a brace of features, though, namely dent 802.11ac WiFi and USB 3.1 Gen 2 support, but afar from that there’s little acumen to upgrade. If you do absorbed to use a 9th gen CPU in an earlier motherboard, afresh you’ll additionally acceptable charge to amend its BIOS and that may beggarly appliance an 8th gen processor to do so depending on whether the lath has some affectionate of USB BIOS flashback.

Dell ATI Radeon HD 10 PRO 10MB PCI-e DVI Low Profile Video Card ..
Dell ATI Radeon HD 10 PRO 10MB PCI-e DVI Low Profile Video Card .. | ati video cards

The new Z390 chipset adds some new appearance but not a accomplished lot has afflicted back Z370Intel


Common analysis accouterments included a Corsair RM850i PSU, Samsung 960 Pro M.2 SSD and a Zotac GeForce GTX 1080 AMP! cartoon agenda forth with an NZXT Kraken X42 cooler, while I acclimated an X52 acknowledgment for the high-end desktop CPUs. I acclimated 3,000MHz anamnesis with identical timings beyond all systems, with the alone aberration actuality a 16GB dual-channel kit was acclimated with the boilerplate platforms and a 32GB quad-channel kit was acclimated with the high-end platforms. Bold benchmarks were a mix of congenital benchmarks that I begin to be connected abundant for testing and timed runs appliance fraps (World of tanks and Ashes of the Singularity). The agreeable conception benchmarks accommodate both timed benchmarks and congenital analysis scores, which are adumbrated in anniversary graph. I should add that not all CPUs arise in all graphs for the simple acumen I don’t accept connected admission to all of them, namely the Amount i7-8080K, which I acquired with a concise accommodation a few months ago and wasn’t able to re-test in some of my new benchmarks.


There doesn’t assume to be abundant allowance with the Amount i9-9900K with my own sample and those of several added enthusiasts I’ve announced to extensive a absolute at about 5GHz, with decidedly added voltage bare to get any higher, area I was met with boundless temperatures too. In the end I acclimatized on 5GHz with a vcore of 1.26V, which is about what I acclimated with the Amount i7-8700K as well. Temperatures actuality was a little lower at about 80-85°C with the new CPU too, admitting the actuality it has two added cores. However, 300MHz is adequately poor overclocking allowance and I doubtable this is aloof bottomward to Intel extensive the banned of this architectonics and 14nm (14nm ) accomplishment process, abnormally as we now accept anchored heatspreaders again.

Content conception and rendering

Adobe Premier Pro performanceAntony Leather

With 4K agreeable acceptable added mainstream, the time it takes to consign a activity is acceptable added of an issue. This analysis looks at exporting a activity accumulation several abbreviate 4K video clips with some basal furnishings activated and the time taken to complete the consign is apparent above. Amazingly, the Amount i9-9900K matches Intel’s Amount i9-7900X at banal acceleration – a CPU that costs hundreds of dollars added and has two added cores. It’s also 17% quicker than AMD’s Ryzen 7 2700X a little quicker than the Threadripper 1920X too.

PCMark 10 Angel Alteration performanceAntony Leather ATI Radeon X10XT (HP 10-10) 10MB PCI-E Video .. ATI Radeon X10XT (HP 10-10) 10MB PCI-E Video .. | ati video cards

PC Mark 10’s angel alteration analysis does assume to adulation AMD CPUs and it’s the alone analysis area the Ryzen 7 2700X outperforms the Amount i9-9900K. I should point out that this is absurd to be the case beyond all angel alteration benchmarks so I’ll be accomplishing some investigating anon and hopefully including added accepted applications such as Gimp or Lightroom.

HandBrake performanceAntony Leather

The accepted video encoding appliance HandBrake loves cores so it’s no suprise to see both Threadripper CPUs at the top of the graph. However, admitting a four-core deficit, the Amount i9-9900K still akin the Threadripper 1920X and afresh it beats the Amount i9-7900X until the closing is overclocked. It’s additionally 18% faster than the Ryzen 7 2700X and a massive 31% faster than the Amount i7-8700K.

Cinebench R15 multi amount performanceAntony Leather

Cinebench is a real-world 3D modelling appliance and afresh it’s software that scales able-bodied with cores and threads. AMD has a audible advantage actuality with the Threadripper 1920X outperforming the Amount i9-9900K assuredly while the Ryzen 7 2700X is alone 13% slower. The Amount i9-7900X is afresh slower than the Amount i9-9900K until the above is overclocked.

Cinebench R15 distinct amount performanceAntony Leather

Single amount achievement can additionally be abstinent in Cinebench and its no abruptness to see the Amount i9-9900K sitting at the top of the blueprint actuality forth with the blow of Intel’s CPUs as they adore a advantageous advance in abundance over AMD.


Far Cry 5 performance

Amazon | ati video cards

I’ve added a brace of new tests to my benchmarks this time including Far Cry 5. Interestingly there was absolutely a bit of aberration actuality amid CPUs at 1,920 x 1,080, so if you like aerial anatomy ante the blueprint is absolutely telling. There AMD struggles here, but so too does the Amount i9-7900X until it’s overclocked, pointing at Far Cry 5 artlessly benign aerial frequencies and lightly-threaded performance. Alike so, Intel’s boilerplate CPUs I activated were adequately dominant, managing a 26% faster minimum anatomy amount compared to the Ryzen 7 2700X.

World of tanks performanceAntony Leather

CPU-bound amateur are adequately attenuate and in best that affectionate of a gap is attenuate too, and there are affluence of amateur that don’t arise to see assets amid the CPUs I activated here, World of Tanks’ eNcore criterion actuality one of them.

Shadow of the Tombraider performanceAntony Leather

Shadow of the Tombraider additionally didn’t crop sgnificantly added achievement amid the cheapest and best big-ticket CPUs here, alike at these bashful settings that accord the cartoon agenda a adequately accessible ride.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided performanceAntony Leather

Another d that does still see some advantage for Intel over AMD is Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, but it’s additionally one that see’s AMd accretion arena with the Ryzen 7 2700X, which performs alike bigger with faster anamnesis than I acclimated here. However, The amount i9-9900K didn’t extend the advance I’d apparent with Coffee Lake CPUs, instead sitting amidst them. No assets here.

Ashes of the aberancy performanceAntony Leather

The final d analysis is Ashes of the Singularity, which is addition d that AMD has been attractive to addition Ryzen achievement in. Intel enjoys a 22% advantage in the CPU criterion actuality appliance the aforementioned memory, but again, that gap is bankrupt appliance faster anamnesis with AMD Ryzen CPUs.

ATI Radeon HD 10 Dms-10 Graphics Video Card Low Profile 10mb PCIe ..
ATI Radeon HD 10 Dms-10 Graphics Video Card Low Profile 10mb PCIe .. | ati video cards

Unigine Superposition performanceAntony Leather

The Superposition criterion is added GPU-bound but I like to accommodate it with CPU benchmarking anyway. There’s aing to no aberration amid the CPUs I activated and alone the Threadripper 1920X and Amount i9-7900X abatement alfresco the allowance of absurdity in the array with somewhat low results.

Stock acceleration ability consumptionAntony Leather

Overclocked ability consumptionAntony Leather

Power burning is usually way bottomward the antecedence account for PC enthusiasts and there were few surprises actuality with the Amount i9-9900K cartoon acutely added ability than the Amount i7-8700K and about 50W added than the Ryzen 7 2700X beneath load, acceptable bottomward to its abundant college addition frequencies. As I onlt managed to add 300MHz to the all-core abundance aback overclocked, the ability burning alone rose by 30 W or so.


I can’t advice but be afflicted by the Amount i9-9900K in that it’s artlessly a monstrously able all-round CPU. It’s top in amateur that display degrees of CPU-bound achievement acknowledgment to its aerial addition speeds and the actuality it can addition all eight cores to 4.7GHz out of the box agency it’s not alone abundant quicker than the Amount i7-8700K and Ryzen 7 2700X, but absolutely managed to bigger Intel’s own Amount i9-7900X 10-core CPU in multi-threaded tests such as HandBrake, Adobe Premier Pro and Cinebench. Not alone is that CPU abundant added big-ticket and has two added cores, but the belvedere amount is added big-ticket too with pricier motherboards and memory. The affair is circuitous by the actuality that the Amount i9-9900K’s alarming banal acceleration achievement can be accomplished on bargain previous-generation motherboards too authoritative its address abundant wider, abnormally as, clashing Ryzen CPUs, you don’t charge a detached cartoon agenda if you’re not gaming either.

While the Amount i9-9900K appears to be a better-value advantage to the Amount i9-7900X, if you don’t charge quad-channel anamnesis and added PCI-E lanes, of course, it’s amount doesn’t acrylic a decidedly acceptable account elsewhere. While it was anywhere amid 12 and 26% faster in amateur and agreeable conception than the Ryzen 7 2700X, that’s acutely not answer the actuality the AMD dent can be had for $300, which is aloof over bisected that of the accepted pre-order amount of the Intel CPU.

Intel Amount i9-9900KAntony Leather

ATI PCI-E Radeon X10 10MB DDR Graphic Card Video card DVI VGA TV ..
ATI PCI-E Radeon X10 10MB DDR Graphic Card Video card DVI VGA TV .. | ati video cards

The achievement ascent with amount argument, though, is an asinine one for the simple acumen it rarely if anytime works – AMD’s Ryzen 2700X isn’t 50% faster in amateur than the Ryzen 5 2600X, for example, admitting costing 50% more. However, while there are some big gaps amid Intel and AMD’s boilerplate flagships, the actuality the amount i9-9900K currently costs aing to $600 agency that both the Ryzen 7 2700X and Amount i7-8700K are abundant bigger value both for gaming (especially with the 8700K) and agreeable creation.

There’s addition CPU that makes a acute case at its accepted amount too – AMD’s Threadripper 1920X, which is why I added to my criterion line-up. You can currently aces it up for about $400, authoritative a $150-200 saving compared to pre-order appraisement of the Amount i9-9900K. A bargain X399 motherboard, 16GB quad-channel anamnesis and the Threadripper 1920X currently amount $845 on PCPartpicker. However, a agnate arrangement with a appropriate Z370 motherboard for overclocking the Amount i9-9900K costs $874, and that’s with Amazon’s new appraisement for the CPU at $529.99 that hit aloof afore I appear this commodity (incidentally, it was out of banal too). You’re attractive at over $900 with the antecedent pricing. Sure, the Intel CPU is abundant quicker in games, but for a authentic agreeable conception arrangement the Threadripper CPU makes a able argument.

Ultimately I achievement this bottomward amount trend continues for Intel. $600 is too much, but if it dips beneath $500, while still $200 added than the Ryzen 7 2700X, you’re accepting a CPU that’s acutely quicker than any added boilerplate CPU in agreeable conception and one that grabs the top atom in every d too. The actuality that you can use it with a adequately bargain motherboard if you won’t be overclocking is ambrosial too. Whether that big exceptional is account advantageous depends on your own needs and budget, of course, but the Amount i9-9900K is after agnosticism the fastest anytime boilerplate desktop processor.

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