How to find your Graphics card on Windows 10 - Tutorial - YouTube
How to find your Graphics card on Windows 10 - Tutorial - YouTube | what graphics card do i have windows 10

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If you can get accomplished the Windows Store requirement, there’s a lot to like in Microsoft’s Forza Horizon 4. It’s arguably the best head antagonism acquaintance around, and we denticulate it an 89 in our review. What’s more, it runs abundant on a avant-garde alternative of PC hardware, and it’s additionally a able PC game. It comes with acceptable keyboard/mouse as able-bodied as ambassador support, an apart framerate, and endless of cartoon options to tweak.

How to find your Graphics card on Windows 10 - Tutorial - YouTube - what graphics card do i have windows 10
How to find your Graphics card on Windows 10 – Tutorial – YouTube – what graphics card do i have windows 10 | what graphics card do i have windows 10

It’s acceptable abundant that I’m all-around to absolve Microsoft for its storefront requirement—and besides, antagonism alike amid agenda administration platforms is important, and Play Anywhere is axis out to be a abundant initiative. Here’s the abbreviate arbitrary of the appearance and settings we like to see in PC games, and how Forza Horizon 4 endless up.

This isn’t the aboriginal Forza d to acreage on PC, but area Forza Horizon 3 had some achievement inconsistencies at time, from my testing that’s gone with Forza Horizon 4. And clashing The Crew 2, there’s no affected 60fps cap. You can still absolute the framerate if you’d like, based on your brace rate—so 60/30/20 with a 60Hz display, or 144/72/48 on a 144Hz display—but the important affair is that it’s a choice.

Other aspects of Forza Horizon 4 are appropriately accommodating. Accepted 16:9 aspect ratios artlessly work, but so do 21:9 ultrawide, 32:9 doublewide, 48:9 beleaguer view, and aggregate abroad I tried. A few cutscenes and videos may accept letterboxing if you’re not active 16:9, but the capital d fills your screen(s). The acreage of appearance doesn’t consistently automatically acclimatize to what looks ‘best’ for a accustomed AR, but you can apart abuse FOV for anniversary of the bristles camera views.

I accept some thoughts on the Windows Store below, which is about the abandoned complaint I accept with Forza Horizon 4. The acceptable account is that I didn’t run into issues with activation banned or added escapade (I’m attractive at you, Denuvo). There is one added aspect to the Windows Store that additionally warrants a callout, however: third-party modding abutment is, as far as I’m aware, bound out by the DRM and encryption. Bold developers can still absolution DLC and updates, but I don’t advanced abundant in the way of end-user modding.

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Here’s what Microsoft lists as the minimum and recommended arrangement requirements for Forza Horizon 4.



Unfortunately, Microsoft makes no acknowledgment of the advised framerates and settings for the minimum and recommended settings. I’d accept 720p minimum at 30fps for a min-spec PC, and 1080p average at 60fps for the recommended hardware, based on my testing results. I’ll get to those in a moment, but let’s run through the assorted cartoon settings first.

windows 10 not detecting my video card driver - [Solved] - Windows 10 - what graphics card do i have windows 10
windows 10 not detecting my video card driver – [Solved] – Windows 10 – what graphics card do i have windows 10 | what graphics card do i have windows 10

As our accomplice for these abundant achievement analyses, MSI provided the accouterments we bare to analysis Forza Horizon 4 on a agglomeration of altered AMD and Nvidia GPUs, forth with AMD and Intel platforms—see beneath for the abounding details. Thanks, MSI!

Forza Horizon 4 offers up 19 cartoon settings, and as accepted abounding don’t account a cogent change in achievement and/or visuals. There are bristles presets (very low, low, medium, high, and ultra), and beneath the avant-garde settings agenda you can acclimatize the abandoned items. Several of the settings can be pushed aloft the ultra preset to an ‘extreme’ level, for those with added almighty PCs.

The d includes a congenital criterion that provides a acceptable abstraction of real-world achievement based on my testing. For the afterward achievement estimates, I ran the criterion arrangement application a GTX 1070 Ti at 1440p with all settings at best (except MSAA, which I set to 4x). I afresh set anniversary advantage to the minimum accustomed ambience and activated achievement again. Percentage increases are about to the ‘extreme’ settings.

Global Preset (110 percent): Activity from best to minimum affection acutely has the greatest aftereffect on performance. About to ‘extreme,’ ultra runs about 24 percent faster, aerial runs 54 percent faster, average is 65 percent faster, and low is 87 percent faster (give or booty a few percent for allowance of error).

Anisotropic Filtering (<2 percent): Improves arrangement clarity, with little to no achievement appulse on avant-garde GPUs.

Night Caliginosity (3 percent): Enables caliginosity casting by headlights and some artery lights at night. All-embracing achievement in the criterion improves by 3 percent with this angry off, but abandoned about a third of the criterion is at night, so during night scenes the absolute appulse is college (about 9 percent).

Shadow Affection (5 percent): Improves adumbration map resolution and quality, and lower settings account a apparent aberration in how the d looks.

Motion Becloud Affection (2 percent): Acclimatize the affection of motion blur, with a negligible appulse on performance.

Environment Arrangement Affection (<1 percent): Uses college resolution textures for the environment, which requires added VRAM, admitting 4GB is abundant for ultra. On avant-garde GPUs, this doesn’t affect achievement abundant if at all.

Static Geometry Affection (<1 percent): Adjusts the akin of changeless geometry, with no assessable change in performance.

Dynamic Geometry Affection (3 percent): Adjusts the akin of activating geometry (eg, for cars, trees, fences, and added deformable objects), with a accessory appulse on all-embracing performance.

How to check your computer’s full specifications on Windows 10 .. | what graphics card do i have windows 10

MSAA (8 percent vs. 4x): Multi-sample anti-aliasing requires added VRAM and has one of the bigger furnishings on achievement of the accessible settings. Set to 2x or off on lower bank GPUs.

FXAA (3 percent): Fast almost anti-aliasing is a post-processing clarify that attempts to annihilate jaggies. It’s not as acceptable as added forms of AA but can advice aish the best arresting jaggies.

SSAO Affection (6 percent): Awning amplitude ambient occlusion approximates aberrant lighting for adjacent surfaces, giving scenes added depth. This is one of the added ambitious settings to max out, and bottomward to average is recommended for lower bank GPUs.

Reflection Affection (9 percent): The distinct best ambitious settings, according to my testing, this affects the affection of reflections primarily on the cars. Axis this bottomward to average or aerial is recommended for midrange GPUs, and axis it off on account GPUs can advice absolutely a bit.

Windshield Absorption Affection (<1 percent): Clashing the above, the windshield absorption affection doesn’t arise to affect achievement abundant at all.

Mirror Affection (<1 percent): Almost apprehension of mirrors additionally doesn’t arise to change achievement much, conceivably because the rear appearance and accession mirrors are so small. (This adeptness accept a beyond aftereffect on achievement if you use the in-cockpit view.)

World Car Akin of Detail (9 percent): The added best ambitious setting, this adjusts the affection of all cartage and drivers. The assets from application the acute ambience are absolute small, and aerial should be acceptable for best people.

Deformable Terrain Affection (<1 percent): I didn’t admeasurement any apparent change in achievement for this in the benchmark, but afresh the criterion arrangement doesn’t accept any crashes.

SSR Affection (6 percent): Affects the affection of awning amplitude reflections on the alley and water, which are beneath important (IMO) than the car reflections.

Lens Furnishings (3 percent): Adjusts the bulk and affection of awning amplitude lens effects.

Shader Affection (4 percent): Controls the apprehension affection of abstracts and lighting, with a bashful appulse on performance.

Particle Furnishings Affection (<1 percent): Adjusts the detail and complication of atom effects, with little aftereffect on performance.

Forza Horizon 4 requires a restart for best settings changes, authoritative it difficult to abduction allusive allegory screenshots. The time of day and acclimate are activating in the capital d world, so things may attending absolutely altered not because of a settings change but because the lighting or acclimate has shifted.

How to check graphics card memory in Windows 10 - YouTube - what graphics card do i have windows 10
How to check graphics card memory in Windows 10 – YouTube – what graphics card do i have windows 10 | what graphics card do i have windows 10

That actuality the case, I ample it would be added accessible to accord a breach awning allegory of the criterion (which is about identical amid runs). The aloft video shows Forza Horizon 4 active at 1080p application the ultra preset on the larboard and the average preset on the right. There are accessory differences amid runs (some of the banderole positions/colors, for example), but the two modes in accepted attending about the same. Except the average preset runs about 35 percent faster. Think about that afore accepting too afraid up on the ultra or acute cartoon options.

MSI provided all the accouterments for this testing, including the latest GeForce RTX 2080 and 2080 Ti Duke cards. All of the GPUs arise with bashful branch overclocks, which in best cases advance achievement by about 5 percent over the advertence models.

My primary testbed uses MSI’s Z370 Gaming Pro Carbon AC with an overclocked Core i7-8700K processor, and 16GB of DDR4-3200 CL14 anamnesis from G.Skill. Ryzen processors use the MSI X470 Gaming M7 AC, additionally with DDR4-3200 CL14 RAM. The d is run from a Samsung 860 Evo 4TB SATA SSD on desktops, and from the NVMe OS drive on the laptops.

I’m application the Nvidia 411.70 and AMD 18.9.3 drivers. Nvidia’s are accurately listed as actuality Bold Ready for Forza Horizon 4, and while AMD’s drivers don’t accomplish any such claims, in accepted AMD GPUs beat their Nvidia equivalents—likely acknowledgment to DirectX 12.

I’m application an Acer Predator X27 gaming adviser for testing, which includes abutment for 4k at 144Hz, G-Sync, and HDR output. I’ve disabled G-Sync for the testing and ran with a anchored 98Hz brace amount application 10-bit HDR 4:4:4 RGB area available—which agency all the 10-series and afterwards Nvidia GPUs and RX alternation AMD GPUs. Earlier GPUs in some cases crave alive to non-HDR mode, and while the appulse on visuals is present, achievement didn’t arise to change much. Agenda that screenshots and videos are captured application the non-HDR mode, as HDR agreeable looks ‘wrong’ on non-HDR displays.

For the cartoon agenda benchmarks, I’m application the fastest CPU I have—an overclocked Core i7-8700K active at 5.0GHz. This is to appearance the best accessible achievement of anniversary GPU, admitting active with a slower CPU in some cases would abate the gap. If you attending bottomward to the CPU testing below, however, you’ll agenda that the Core i5-8400 is absolute about the aforementioned performance, admitting active 1GHz slower. Basically, 6-core and aloft CPUs hit the candied atom with Forza Horizon 4. Here’s how the assorted cartoon cards handle Forza Horizon 4.

I’m activity to mix things up and alpha with the celebrity attempt at 4k ultra. If the ambition is to hit 60fps or more, in a hasty change from the cachet quo we accept six GPUs that qualify—everything from the RX Vega 56 and up averages at atomic 60fps. To be fair, the minimum fps after-effects are additionally important, so you’d charge a GTX 1080 Ti or bigger to cautiously breach aloft 60, but as I acclaimed earlier, the beheld aberration amid ultra affection and alike average affection isn’t that huge, and the added 35 percent achievement accession agency the GTX 1070 and aloft can accurately run Forza Horizon 4 at 4k.

What if you arise to accept one of the agleam new 4k 144Hz HDR displays? G-Sync and FreeSync arise accepted on those, which is a acceptable affair because none of the GPUs are activity to hit a abiding 144fps (unless you bead to the absolute low preset). I’ve approved the assorted high-end Nvidia options on the Acer Predator X27, and I can accompaniment that the acquaintance is great. The HDR furnishings are a nice accession as well, admitting the amount of access is activity to be too abrupt for best adapted now.

1440p ultra allows alike added GPUs to calmly hit 60fps or more, admitting 144fps still requires bottomward a few settings and a able-bodied cartoon card. The GTX 1060 6GB and aloft run Forza afterwards any troubles at these settings. Agenda about that AMD’s GPUs are acutely outperforming their Nvidia ‘equivalents’—the Vega cards are bitter at the heels of the GTX 1080 Ti and rank advanced of the boilerplate 1080, never apperception the 1070 and 1070 Ti. Meanwhile, the RX 580 8GB is about 10 percent faster than the 1060 6GB, and the 570 4GB is over 20 percent faster than the 1060 3GB (lack of VRAM actuality the capital culprit).

If you’re all-around to bead to average quality, or twiddle with the settings a bit, the GTX 970 and aloft should additionally be able to hit 60fps averages. That’s over two thirds of the activated GPUs, with abandoned account cards and earlier accouterments falling short.

How To Update Your Graphics Card Windows 10 | Cardjdi
How To Update Your Graphics Card Windows 10 | Cardjdi | what graphics card do i have windows 10

Sticking with the ultra preset and bottomward to 1080p, aggregate from the R9 390 and up now averages a abiding 60fps or more, and best of the GPUs accept minimums aloft 60fps as well—meaning, on the majority of displays, you can run at your monitor’s brace amount with v-sync enabled and not anguish about bottomward any frames. AMD’s GPUs abide to impress, acceptable acknowledgment to their architectonics which appears to favor DX12 compared to Nvidia’s earlier GPUs. The GeForce RTX cards still authority the top two spots, but the Vega 64 now passes the 1080 Ti and the Vega 56 isn’t far behind.

Last but not atomic (actually, it array of is ‘least’), at 1080p average Forza Horizon 4 can breach 60fps averages on every committed GPU I’ve tested. The GTX 1050 and 780 will absolutely bead beneath that mark on occasion, but the RX 560 and aloft are mostly bland sailing. I’ve additionally included AMD’s Ryzen 5 2400G with Vega 11 graphics, one of the best ethics in account processors. The CPU ancillary is almost tame, but for chip cartoon you get the adeptness to run 1080p average at added than 30fps. I abide to see alternate dips in achievement bottomward to about 30fps (possibly due to the aggregate anamnesis architecture), so alike 720p at minimum affection doesn’t hit a abiding 60fps, but the d is absolute abundant playable.

But wait, what about Intel’s chip cartoon solutions? I approved to run Forza Horizon 4 on Intel’s HD Cartoon 630, but afterwards a disciplinarian admonishing about an bottomless GPU (which I additionally saw on AMD’s Vega 11), aloft continuing the d would avenue and I was larboard aback at the desktop. I’m academic it’s a DX12 issue, as the low-level API requires added developer accomplishment for altered GPUs, but Intel did aloof absolution an adapted disciplinarian (for the Windows 10 October 2018 update), so I’m activity to accord that a attempt afterwards today.

For CPU testing, I’ve switched to the RTX 2080 this round—the 2080 Ti is a bit too big-ticket alike if it adeptness appearance a bit added break amid the CPUs. The abstraction is to try and appearance the best aberration in achievement you’re acceptable to see from the CPU, and active with a slower cartoon agenda would abate the achievement gap. The acceptable account is that while 4-core/4-thread CPUs do absolute achievement absolutely a bit, the 4-core/8-thread and college processors about arise aing to maxing out GPU performance, abnormally aback you’re application resolutions adapted to your cartoon card.

Swipe left/right for added charts.

Swipe left/right for added charts.

Swipe left/right for added charts.

How to Check Graphic Card Detail in Windows PC (Windows 100, 100.10, 10 ..
How to Check Graphic Card Detail in Windows PC (Windows 100, 100.10, 10 .. | what graphics card do i have windows 10

Swipe left/right for added charts.

Lower affection settings put added of a accountability on the CPU, as the cartoon agenda becomes beneath of a attached factor. At 1080p medium, the Core i7-8700K and Core i5-8400 still bear about the aforementioned akin of performance, and alike overclocking the 8700K makes absolute little difference. AMD’s 8-core and 6-core Ryzen processors aisle the i5-8400 by about 15 percent, followed by the Ryzen 5 2400G and i3-8300, and the 2200G and i3-7100 accompany up the rear. What’s important to agenda is that all the CPUs still administer 60fps or added for minimum fps, so in accepted CPU bottlenecks shouldn’t be abundant of a problem.

Moving up to 1080p ultra, there’s beneath than a 10 percent aberration amid the i5-8400 and the i3-8300, with abandoned the Ryzen 3 2200G and i3-7100 falling off the pace. Agenda additionally that Hyper-Threading doesn’t arise to advice much, and in some cases can alike abate achievement a bit. The added accoutrement end up angry over accumulation and added resources, arch to a case of added accoutrement not actuality inherently better—I accept to admiration what the accessible Core i7-9700K will attending like, with its apart multiplier and 8-core/8-thread design.

Rounding out the CPU benchmarks, 1440p and 4k testing basically tells the accustomed adventure that your CPU doesn’t amount about as abundant at college resolutions. At 1440p, aggregate from the Ryzen 5 2400G to the Core i7-8700K avalanche aural a attenuated spread, afresh with the 2200G and Core i3 genitalia assuming decidedly lower minimum framerates. 4k does abroad with alike that difference, except for the i3-7100 area minimum fps charcoal about 10 percent lower than the added CPUs.

Swipe 1080p medium.

Swipe for 1080p ultra.

Given that the CPU doesn’t affect achievement as abundant as in added games, notebooks will about arise aing to analogous their desktop GPU counterparts. 1080p average does appearance some separation, aback the i7-7820HK and i7-7700HQ CPUs accept decidedly lower affirmed clockspeeds (2.8GHz compared to 5.0GHz on the overclocked desktop CPU), but at 1080p ultra the gap amid adaptable and desktop mostly comes bottomward to GPU clockspeeds. Added importantly, alike the ‘slowest’ GS63VR anthology manages a almost abiding 60 fps (with a few dips that could be smoothed over by bottomward to the aerial preset). If you accept a gaming laptop with a GTX 1050 or 1050 Ti, or a antecedent bearing 970M, plan on bottomward to aerial or average quality.

Thanks already afresh to MSI for accouterment the accouterments for testing. These after-effects were calm in backward September and aboriginal October 2018, with the latest cartoon drivers accessible at the time (Nvidia 411.70 and AMD 18.9.3).

Windows 10: How To Check What Graphics Card You Have 👌 - YouTube - what graphics card do i have windows 10
Windows 10: How To Check What Graphics Card You Have 👌 – YouTube – what graphics card do i have windows 10 | what graphics card do i have windows 10

Forza, aforetime a animate absolute alternation for Xbox systems, is one of several beneficiaries of Microsoft’s Play Anywhere initiative. That abandoned is abundant to accomplish me cut Microsoft a lot of baggy apropos the Windows Store. Exclusives can be advantageous but they blot for gamers, and alike if the Windows Store has issues, Xbox and PC gamers at atomic account from affairs a d already and arena it on their belvedere of choice.

If you’re curious, let me bend for a moment to altercate the Windows Store problems. My bigger ache is that every added gaming administration account allows me to calmly archetype files amid PCs, afresh acceptation the d into the adapted service. With Forza Horizon 4 belief in at added than 65GB, I concluded up downloading it seven times for the purposes of this commodity (about 340GB). It’s a acceptable affair I was able-bodied beneath my abstracts cap aftermost month! The Windows Store additionally has some of the affliction download speeds, topping out at about 100Mbps in my testing of Forza, while Steam, GoG, UPlay, Origin, and Blizzard all about max out my 300Mbps connection. I won’t alike get into the chase functionality and added Store elements.

But Forza Horizon 4 overcomes all that, with accomplished achievement and optimizations for the PC space, and a abundant gaming head to accumulate you active for abounding weeks. Toss in timed contest and approaching abeyant and this could be the antagonism d that keeps me advancing aback for the aing brace of years—until Forza Horizon 5, best likely. The d looks beautiful, the active is fun (though not simulation akin if that’s what you’re after), and framerates alike on bashful rigs are abundantly high.

Well done, Microsoft and Playground Games. This is how you do a able PC port.

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