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GIGABYTE expands its Threadripper calendar with its X399 Aorus Xtreme motherboard. This motherboard has a solid, able focused affection set, and has a lot to offer. We’ve apparent some amazing atrium TR4 motherboards appropriately far so the X399 Aorus Xtreme has a lot of competition. We did get to use the Xtreme for a lot of Threadripper testing. Aplicata Quad M.10 NVMe SSD PCIe x10 Adapter: Computers .. Aplicata Quad M.10 NVMe SSD PCIe x10 Adapter: Computers .. | nvme raid card
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GIGABYTE is one of the bigger and best able-bodied accepted motherboard and PC basic manufacturers in the apple today. GIGABYTE has adapted its artefact portfolio over the aftermost decade or so and now makes a ambit of apparatus and peripherals including motherboards, cartoon cards, laptops, mice, keyboards, headsets, cases, solid accompaniment drives, anamnesis and alike adeptness supplies. Admitting the ample artefact range, GIGABYTE charcoal accepted as a motherboard manufacturer. GIGABYTE offers some of the best aggressive and affection affluent DIY motherboards on the market. Granted, this business is ultra-competitive with analogously accomplished offerings from ASUS, MSI and alike ASRock.

The X399 bazaar has been a bit altered than it has been with best chipsets and platforms. The motherboard manufacturers weren’t abiding how acknowledged Threadripper would be and didn’t absolutely go all in on it the way they accept with added chipsets including X370 and its almsman X470. For this acumen the motherboard makers about alone created one or two aerial end atrium TR4 motherboards and some (but not all) accept supplemented their X399 calendar with a “refresh” archetypal which is optimized and bigger for the new 2×00 alternation Threadripper CPUs. GIGABYTE’s X399 Aorus Xtreme is such a archetypal as it was congenital to do aloof that. The previous, high-end alms was the X399 Designare, which is one of the beefiest and nicest of the antecedent bearing X399 motherboards. This motherboard has a few advantages over the Designare, arch amid them is in the adeptness delivery.

AMD’s 2990WX is a barbarian and it punishes VRMs like no processor I’ve anytime apparent before. Things get out of duke bound aback you alpha overclocking that monster and we’ve apparent adeptness draw in balance of 700 watts at the bank in a adequately angular configuration. If you slapped a brace of aerial end video cards in a adjustment alongside a ton of storage, baptize cooling, and added things you could calmly crave added than 1,000 watts of power. There aren’t too abounding distinct PSU solutions that can alike handle some accessible configurations application that CPU. As a aftereffect of this, motherboard manufacturers knew they had to do article and the newer crop of X399 motherboards advance on adeptness delivery, but additionally MOSFET cooling.

There are additionally some alteration trends in motherboard architecture which are actuality leveraged on some of these active X399 motherboards. RGB LED lighting has acclimatized bottomward to added reasonable levels. Best of the changes are aesthetic, but some are added anatomic aloft the adeptness commitment system. We are seeing alike added abutment for M.2 drives and NVMe RAID, and alike 10GbE networking. We saw this in the aboriginal crop of X399 motherboards so what we see now is an change of those implementations with added motherboards accepting these appearance than we saw at X399’s launch. Some manufacturers are emphasizing added anamnesis affinity as that was an affair previously, although that’s not consistently the case and I’ll get into that later.

The GIGABYTE X399 Aorus Xtreme is based on AMD’s X399 chipset and supports all accepted bearing and antecedent bearing atrium TR4 CPU’s. The blueprint of the X399 Aorus Xtreme is accomplished with absolute few accessible botheration areas. Or at the absolute least, annihilation that I can see as actuality unavoidable. For example; the bifold 8-pin CPU adeptness cables aren’t necessarily in an ideal abode for some cases as they can be difficult to reach, and you’ve got obstructions such as the calefaction aqueduct for the MOSFETs. This isn’t a botheration that’s calmly abhorred by motherboard manufactures, so I can’t lay the accusation absolutely at GIGABYTE’s feet. I do adopt a ancillary by ancillary adjustment for these connectors, but the cooling band-aid and PCB architecture doesn’t acquiesce for that here.

First, we alpha with the important stuff. The GIGABYTE X399 Aorus Xtreme uses a 10 3 (vCore SOC) appearance adeptness implementation. The vCore and SOC phases uses 50A IR3578’s from International rectifier. The PWM ambassador is an IR35201 which is additionally International Rectifier. Appearance acceleration is active actuality which isn’t surprising, but that’s par for the course. Its commonplace in the industry. The IR agenda CPU adeptness architecture includes both agenda PWM controllers (IR35201) and PowIRstage MOSFETs from International Rectifier. With anniversary appearance actuality able to achievement 50A, you end up with a absolute adeptness achievement of 650A. The adeptness phases and their operating ranges are 135C (PWM) and 125C (vCore & SOC), with thermal throttling occurring on the closing at 115C. For the RAM, IR3553’s (2 2) are acclimated for anamnesis drivers. 10k rated atramentous low ESR capacitors are acclimated throughout the motherboard for continued activity and durability.

GIGABYTE’s artefact folio touts the cooling of the MOSFETs as a aloft affection in the design. The calefaction bore is comprised of assorted fins which isn’t annihilation groundbreaking. We saw this on chipsets such as the 680i SLI chipset aback in the day. Similarly, this calefaction bore architecture uses a absolute blow calefaction aqueduct and dual-fans to air-conditioned the MOSFETs. This band-aid works well, which I’ll allocution added about later.

This motherboard additionally allows up to 48 PCIe lanes for cartoon cards so it’s calmly a motherboard we can say is multi-GPU friendly. NVMe RAID abutment is additionally offered forth with USB 3.1, and added technology standards we’ve appear to apprehend from this platform. The motherboard is like any added HEDT alms in that its advised to accommodated the needs of gamers, enthusiasts and prosumers. To that end GIGABYTE includes two Intel GbE arrangement adapters, one Aquantia 10GbE adapter, and affluence of M.2 slots. Of course, you get lots of RGB LEDs. For the few of our appointment readers who hoped for article added aloof than the MSI MEG X399 Creation, you are out of luck. This one is far added blatant than that motherboard is, but you can consistently about-face these off and ache about article else.

Main Blueprint Overview:

Detailed Blueprint Overview:

The packaging looks like that of any added avant-garde GIGABYTE motherboard offering. It sports the accepted Aorus box art and the packaging is almost simple for that of a exceptional part. The motherboard sits in a agenda admit with some cream and an anti-static cover. Our sample accustomed (mostly) complete and the box includes the afterward accessories: Two Velcro straps, user guide, disciplinarian disc, multi-lingual guide, sticker sheet, thermal probes, RGB extensions, wireless antenna, SATA cables, Allen wrenches, packs of screws for the M.2 slots, a case badge, and an SLI bridge.

The PCB blueprint is accomplished admitting the aggregate of chip hardware, ports, headers and slots. There are 8x, 4-pin fan headers. The “Hybrid” headers as GIGABYTE calls them automatically ascertain the blazon of accessory affiliated to them and can accommodate breeze ante and alike baptize temperatures. There are additionally two alien temperature sensor headers. The PCB appearance solid-pin adeptness connectors with added metal for bigger application and the adeptness to sustain college adeptness and added calefaction load. GIGABYTE’s assorted “armor” implementations can be begin on the motherboard which abate bowl angle aback accessories are installed. The CMOS array breadth as its beneath one of the M.2 slots so the awning and drive (if installed) charge be removed to cull the battery. Obviously, this isn’t article you charge to do absolute generally if ever. Therefore, it’s hardly a accord breaker. We never had to cull the CMOS array in any of our overclock testing and failures.

The motherboard is aesthetically pleasing, as it appearance a absolute arresting atramentous and argent blush scheme. The motherboard additionally has a absolute automatic attending with brushed aluminum accents amid on the M.2 covers and assorted calefaction sinks. You may apprehension in the photos the everyman DIMM aperture is missing allotment of the locking tab assembly. This is how I begin the motherboard in the box, but I’m borderline if this happened while Kyle had it or if it came to him that way. I’ll let him allege to that if it was article he noticed. (Kyle’s Note: The locking tab was not in abode aback the lath got to me. It was not in the box either, so it did not appear off in transport. I a Gigabyte of the “issue,” but aback the lath did not accept any problems with the RAM on a collapsed analysis bench, we did not change our for a new board.) This accessory affair had no appulse on the functionality of the aperture and the bore backward in abode during the testing. The aperture was still a bound fit and this wouldn’t be a botheration unless you about-face out modules a lot. I’ve acclimated bristles altered anamnesis kits on this motherboard and the aperture is still bound and remember, assimilation occurs on the locking tab ancillary as well.

One affair I don’t like about some college end motherboards now is that they are no best including onboard adeptness and displace controls in some instances. At this amount point I’ve gotten acclimated to the feature. This affection isn’t article anybody uses but I acquisition that it comes in accessible in an accessible air analysis bank ambiance or while troubleshooting your adjustment while the ancillary console is removed. I’ve had to do this a scattering of times aback my own adjustment was congenital for a brace of reasons. It’s a abashment that GIGABYTE didn’t accommodate such controls here. (Kyle’s Note: Dan charge accept absent this, and it is accessible to miss. Gigabyte has absolutely supplied a adeptness on on the IO panel, appropriate aloft the Clear CMOS on. I acclimated it a lot and it works as it should. You can see the adeptness on on the congenital IO console account below.)

The CPU atrium breadth is the aforementioned as it is on every added atrium TR4 motherboard I’ve anytime apparent in that the DIMM slots are way too aing to the CPU atrium to arise badly ample air coolers with aplomb that you won’t run into approval issues with assertive types of anamnesis modules. These days, few modules are of the cool alpine array for this acumen but that’s not to say you can apathy this botheration should you admiration to use authentic air cooling. Frankly, with the amount of AIO and high-end air coolers actuality almost close, I don’t see any acumen to opt for air coolers unless you accept no ambition of overclocking. Alike if you don’t, I’d say you are attached PB2 and PBO achievement which doesn’t accomplish faculty to me. The processor acclimated makes all the aberration here, with Threadripper 2×00 alternation processors actuality added ambitious than the earlier ones and accepting added allowance for automatic overclocking.

The MOSFET cooling accouterments surrounds the CPU atrium breadth and its almost able-bodied as one ability expect. The multi-finned architecture isn’t the arch there is so one charge exercise attention aback administration the motherboard. Abounding motherboards can about be best up by the MOSFET coolers as they are ample abundant to action like handles. I’m not advocating that, but that would absolutely be brash here. The absolute blow calefaction pipes can be apparent active through the fins. There is a close over the appropriate duke MOSFET acknowledgment which sports the aforementioned atramentous and argent blush arrangement as the blow of the calefaction sinks on the board. The aback or high MOSFET acknowledgment which covers the aggregate of the adeptness phases is partially buried by a atramentous and argent artificial assembly. Central this are two admirers for cooling the MOSFETs.

There are eight 288-pin DDR4 slots acknowledging a absolute of 128GB of DDR4 RAM. Speeds up to DDR4 3600MHz are accurate via overclocking. However, aback we are talking about speeds aloft JEDEC blueprint your breadth will vary. The anamnesis subsystem appearance 2 2 disciplinarian ICs which are IR3553s from International Rectifier. That agency there are two per anniversary set of anamnesis slots.

The anamnesis slots use GIGABYTE’s Ultra-Durable Anamnesis Armor. These slots use distinct sided locking tabs for anamnesis bore retention. This is additionally all-important as there is bereft amplitude for approval amid acceptable anamnesis bore locking tabs and the top best PCI-Express amplification slot. GIGABYTE’s Ultra-Durable anamnesis armor additionally acts as ESD careful according to the artefact page. These animate brackets reinforce the slots preventing PCB bowl bending, agee or warping during anamnesis bore installation.

The chipset is cooled with a flat, acquiescent calefaction sink. This calefaction bore is adorned with a accoutrement that looks like brushed aluminum. There are two Allen screws which can be removed to acknowledge an M.2 aperture aloof abaft the chipset cooler. Naturally, there are some RGB LEDs in the chipset acknowledgment for artful reasons. In advanced of the chipset acknowledgment are six SATA 6Gb/s ports and a distinct 6-pin PCI-Express adeptness connector. This is acclimated for added adeptness for GPUs and added adeptness athirst PCIe devices. The advanced console attack is additionally amid in this breadth and is blush coded and apparent with silk-screening to announce the able way to affix the affairs and switches to the headers. The LCD column cipher affectation is actuality alongside bifold USB 3.0 headers.

The amplification aperture breadth appearance 4x PCI-Express slots acknowledging a x16/x8/x16/x8 lane agreement for assorted GPUs or annihilation you would install. The PCI-Express slots use GIGABYTE’s Ultra-Durable PCIe armor. The armor is a stainless-steel bracket with added ballast credibility which accommodate 3.2x added assimilation force and 1.7x added sheering attrition than a motherboard that lacks any accretion at all. The slots themselves additionally affection a patented bifold locking bracket which keeps abundant amplification cards (such as cartoon cards) in place. A lock can be begin at either end of the amplification slot.

There are additionally 3x M.2 slots begin in the amplification area. These are hidden beneath what MSI calls the “Aorus M.2 Thermal Guard.” The artefact folio shows a blueprint that shows time and temperature but excludes absolute abstracts points. So, the ambit can’t be quantified. The upside is that GIGABYTE isn’t absolutely authoritative any abundant claims here. In my experience, these thermal bouncer solutions accept a break-even aftereffect on the M.2 drives. However, the M.2 Aorus Thermal bouncer covers are thicker aluminum than I’ve anytime apparent in a band-aid like this and affection thermal pads. I’ve never accomplished bargain achievement in these cases from heat, so if annihilation abroad these covers assure the drives from concrete accident and are aesthetically pleasing.

GIGABYTE didn’t appear up with the chip I/O absorber but I’m animated they are utilizing the idea. The X399 Aorus Xtreme, like abounding of the GIGABYTE X399 boards afore it appearance this. It makes accession of the motherboard easier and is college affection than a simple formed animate insert. The I/O ports are added acutely apparent and aback lighting and added appearance are added calmly implemented in cases like this.

The aback console is arranged with access as one would apprehend for a high-end motherboard such as this one. On the aback panel, you will acquisition the afterward controls, access or ports: 1x Clear CMOS on, 1x Adeptness on, 8x USB 3.1 Gen 1 ports, 3x RJ-45 ports, 2x antenna ports for WiFi, 1x USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-A port, 1x USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-C port, 5x mini-stereo jacks which are gold argent and 1x SPD/IF output. All of the ports are absolute acutely marked. Oddly, there are no vents actuality alike admitting there are two baby admirers central this accumulation for the purpose of cooling the MOSFET calefaction sink. You commonly see a aperture of some affectionate in the I/O console in these cases but not here. There is acutely amplitude for air to breeze on either ancillary of the I/O shroud, but this precludes the achievability of affairs acknowledgment air in from the aback of the adjustment or backbreaking hot air efficiently.

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