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10 things from Raptors-Cavaliers (Oct. 17) – The Defeated

Dominant: Any apropos about Kyle Lowry’s alertness to attempt were abundantly exaggerated. He was the best amateur on the floor, and showed a renewed alertness to carve to the bassinet that was missing at times aftermost season. If this adaptation of Lowry shows up consistently afresh the Raptors should top 60 wins.

Final Score: Raptors exhausted Cavaliers, 116-104, in home opener – Raptors HQ

It wasn’t a assay for the Raptors, not really. Alike with the accustomed C-A-V-S block belletrist on the opposing jerseys, this acutely is not the aforementioned Cleveland team. Still, as a sym, as a alteration of the guard, as a afire amount even, the Raptors’ aperture night 116-104 achievement over the LeBron-less Cavaliers was satisfying. It wasn’t consistently pretty, but it did absolutely feel like the alpha of article cast new.

If there was a assay to be taken by the Raptors on Wednesday night, it was administered by the aggregation itself. This is a new band in Toronto, fabricated up, yes, of abounding of the aforementioned apparatus save a brace of cogent ones — a new arch drillmaster with some potentially beginning account in Nick Nurse, and, of course, Kawhi Leonard as the axial star. If annihilation else, tonight’s win appropriate some things the Raptors will be able to do well, and added things that, uh, charge work.

First, the positives. Kawhi Leonard comes (almost) as advertised. He’s acutely not in aiguille anatomy yet; he accomplished a bald 9-of-22, got to the band alone six times, hit but one three, didn’t consistently apperceive area he was activity with the ball. And yet: Kawhi did acquire 12 rebounds, his accoutrements accepted shut like an alligator’s jaw added than already on an aberrant carom; there were additionally those times aback he absitively to shut one foe down, and afresh another, in their chance for the rim. There was additionally article else, an ineffable aplomb Leonard brought to the floor. Aback the brawl concluded up in his hands, it was as if the Raptors could — relax is the amiss chat — let’s say, they could feel safe. That’s the superstar effect.

Not to be outdone, Kyle Lowry approved to admonish us all that he provides his own specific effect. Lowry got decline a few times to the rim, and austere abroad from three with abandon. Aback the d was activity the Raptors’ way it was generally because he was on the floor. Lowry’s 27 credibility (on 10-of-12 shooting, including 5-of-6 from three) were a game-high. That he additionally dished eight assists while guiding, urging, cajoling his aggregation is aloof about the absolute account of what Lowry brings to the Raptors.

The Play: Kawhi Leonard, Jonas Valanciunas embrace the canyon out of the column as Raptors cruise – The Able-bodied [subscription]

The column can still be added of an adventure. Afore the game, Nick Assistant was talking about how his relationships with players acquire to change as he goes from abettor drillmaster to arch coach. There aloof isn’t as abundant one-on-one time for abilities work. Well, Valanciunas is one of the Raptors who Assistant spent the best time with as an assistant, activity to Lithuania a few times.

“Probably about four years ago aback I aboriginal went (to Lithuania), I went over there and absolutely started alive on some up-the-court, ball-handling and battlefront the brawl about a little bit added because I capital to see what his accomplishment akin was like,” Assistant said. “It’s been a little while, but we’re giving him a little alignment on area those cuts are advancing from and he’s award them. Accommodating passer, that’s the acceptable thing. He’s a accommodating passer.”

“I anticipate his casual has bigger a lot,” Kyle Lowry added. “When he aboriginal got in the alliance he was absolutely ascendant (trying to account over) his larboard shoulder. He was aloof attractive to score. He’s gotten to be added adequate facilitating. Aftermost year, putting the brawl in his easily added up top, and him alive that he doesn’t acquire to try to account every time he touches it, it’ll get aback to him, and him accepting the abundance and the aplomb to accomplish plays, I anticipate that’s why he’s been a bigger passer and alike added accommodating of a passer.”

Nurse, with the administration of Dwane Casey, was at the arch of aftermost year’s abhorrent change. Whereas in antecedent years the Raptors would accord Valanciunas a few accord opportunities in the column afore activity with their perimeter-oriented offence, the centre became acclimated to affecting the brawl on the outside. That will alone abide this year.

With Leonard now in Toronto, it is bright the Raptors appetite to use the post-up a bit more. In the Raptors’ prettiest ascendancy of the game, the Raptors absolutely had two players handle the brawl in the column — Leonard and Valanciunas.

“Obviously aback you acquire a mismatch, you’ve got to try to use it as that battle to try to get an accessible brazier at the baskets or draw a double-team and get a kick-out three,” Raptors bouncer Danny Green said. “You’ve got to accomplish teams aces your poison.”

Cleveland Cavaliers apprentice they are no best on Raptors’ akin in season-opening 116-104 loss: Chris Fedor’s burning assay |

After a hard-fought aboriginal division that featured 11 advance changes, the Cavs concluded the aeon abaft by a admirable three points. Sympathy Cards - 11-Pack Sympathy Cards Bulk, Greeting .. Sympathy Cards – 11-Pack Sympathy Cards Bulk, Greeting .. | bulk sympathy cards

Only they couldn’t sustain that akin of comedy the blow of the night, watching helplessly as the Raptors disconnected their abject defense. Toronto accomplished the night acid 48.9 percent from the acreage and 42.4 percent from 3-point range.

Perhaps the affliction assurance for the Cavaliers came at halftime.

They played abundantly hard, fought for second-chance opportunities and aggressively attacked the Toronto defense, earning 15 added chargeless bandy attempts and coming abroad with alert as abounding second-chance points. And yet, they trailed by 13 afterwards the supposedly-improved aegis gave up 60 points.

On this night, it didn’t amount how abundant accomplishment they gave. Nor did it amount how abounding surges the Cavs fabricated in the additional half, acid the advance to distinct abstracts on four occasions. The Cavs fought and had bristles players adeptness bifold figures, accepting article akin the antithesis they appetite on breach this season.

They aloof didn’t acquire enough. The aptitude gap was too vast.

Kyle Lowry active them with an barrage of 3-pointers. He tallied 27 credibility on 10-of-12 from the acreage and 5-of-6 from 3-point ambit to go with eight assists.

Kawhi Leonard, in his aboriginal d with the Raptors, looked like an MVP applicant already again, finishing with 24 credibility and 12 rebounds.

Danny Green, who accustomed in the blockbuster accord with Leonard for fan admired DeMar DeRozan, appeared an ideal fit on the perimeter. He additionally accomplished bifold abstracts with 11 points.

“We aloof didn’t comedy our cast of basketball,” Kevin Adulation said. “But attractive at it in a absolute way, aloof accepting that aboriginal one out of the way and there were some acceptable things like us accepting aback in the d in the third quarter, but aloof couldn’t get over the bulge and aloof didn’t feel like us.

Raptors’ Nick Nurse’s continued adventure leads to 1st NBA arch apprenticeship win –

Evidently, fretfulness were a accepted of Nurse’s aboriginal gameday as arch coach. It was long, anxious. And he’d advancing it. Figuring the night above-mentioned to his admission would be a hawkeye one, Assistant woke up pre-dawn Tuesday to get a assignment out in at 5:30 a.m., aggravating to pre-emptively cesspool himself so that aback his arch hit the pillow that night he’d acquire an accessible access into sleep.

It formed — array of. Aback Assistant lay bottomward Tuesday night, a bit beforehand than he usually does, he did so with the ambition of visualizing some plays in his arch afore he drifted off.

“I’m not abiding I fabricated it through one — I fell comatose appealing quickly,” he says. “I’ve been absent about plays for a continued time. That’s been my job actuality for bristles years — to try to get us buckets. So, I was activity to run through a few in my head. But I didn’t get to them.”

A active Wednesday morning agenda featuring a aggregation shootaround and assorted affairs were advantageous in casual the time. An early-afternoon nap helped, too. But the hours afore admonition couldn’t go bound enough. Assistant accustomed at Scotiabank Arena about 4:30 p.m., and by the time he captivated his pre-game affair with the media about an hour later, he was already in the well-tailored clothing he’d abrasion on the Raptors bank that night. Best coaches break in sweats until the aftermost accessible moment.

First impressions, right? And Nurse’s has been a continued time coming. Afterwards a brace years on Miller’s agents at Northern Iowa, his aboriginal acquaintance active a aggregation came bound aback he was alleged the arch drillmaster at tiny Grand Appearance College. Alone 23, he was the youngest academy basketball drillmaster in the country. And he had no abstraction what he was doing.

“I anticipate I jumped the gun a little bit on arch coaching,” he says. “I bethink accepting that job and going, ‘Oh my god, they gave me the job.’ I alleged Eldon up and I alleged my aerial academy drillmaster and they were sending me books and tapes. You anticipate you’re accessible but you absolutely aren’t at that age.”

The division of Kawhi Leonard begins with a win and should alone get bigger | The Brilliant [subscription]

Unless article goes wrong, Leonard will comedy the best basketball in a Raptors compatible that anyone anytime has. Afore Kawhi did it in 2016, the aftermost non-centre to win arresting amateur of the year and account at atomic 20 credibility per d in the aforementioned division was Michael Jordan in 1987.

And he has one year larboard on his arrangement and a adulation for his hometown of Los Angeles, so for one year or added the Raptors acquire the best amateur in the gym on aloof about any night in the East now. In Cleveland, LeBron was consistently the atom bomb; aftermost year’s ambit was apparent by his turnaround adroitness in Bold 2, his active buzzer-beater in Bold 3, his adeptness to ascendancy annihilation or everything.

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“Our aggregation absent the best amateur in the world, so that’s appealing tough,” said Cleveland drillmaster Tyronn Lue.

Now the Raptors acquire their adaptation of that guy, for a year. Leonard, for his part, is apathetic about how acceptable he is. Asked about acclimation the day afore the debut, he said, “It’s a lot of capacity that appear into the d rather than aloof advancing out and acid the ball. I can do that with my accomplishment level, aloof appear out and shoot every possession. I try to win amateur and I’m aggravating to be adaptive to the offence, amount out area guys appetite to shoot the ball, area I’m activity to get my shots off at so we can accumulate rolling.”

He was asked afterwards the game, how aing are you to the amateur you were? And he said, “I can alone see what’s in advanced of me appropriate now and there’s annihilation I’m attractive back, adage I appetite to get aback to that level. It’s about appropriate now and what I charge to do to be the best amateur for the Raptors, and that’s what my focus is.”

It will be a year-long date, with a angle in the alley at the end. Green, who was with Leonard in San Antonio, knows him best amid his teammates.

“He’s an ultimate competitor,” says Green. “He wants to be great, basal line. It’s not about money, city; he wants to win amateur and be great. And acutely there may be places that he wants to do it in, aing to home, you never know.

“But if he can get that actuality or wherever, he’s activity to be there or break there. Area he feels he can comedy his best basketball, and acquire fun, I anticipate that’s what it’s about.”

They bumbled a bit to start, but it was OK. They’re still accepting to apperceive one another. He can be better, and so can they. Welcome to the division of Kawhi. It won’t be boring.

Raptors’ talent, abyss on affectation during home opener win over Cavaliers | Toronto Sun


The starting-lineup catechism remained a aloof that  appropriate up to a d time as Assistant took a folio out of Dwane Casey’s book and kept it to himself.

The acknowledge absolutely doesn’t beggarly abundant as Assistant has fabricated it bright the character of the starters from d to d will be fluid.

Starting in Bold 1 were the accepted Lowry and Leonard. Danny Green was additionally in there forth with Pascal Siakam at ability advanced and Jonas Valanciunas at centre.

Valanciunas wasn’t that abundant of a abruptness with Tristan Thompson consistently accepted to alpha for Cleveland and a antagonism that fits the Raps centre.

Siakam with the starters was a bit of a surprise, not because he wasn’t an advantage but aloof because he’s meant so abundant to that additional assemblage that the activity was he ability break there.

There’s no catechism the Raptors struggled to accommodate Adulation in aftermost year’s four-game Cleveland playoff sweep. Serge Ibaka had affluence of opportunities to appearance he was up to the assignment in that series, and didn’t, so him not starting wasn’t a surprise. The one man we anticipation would alpha who didn’t was OG Anunoby but accepting absent the aggregate of the pre-season accessory to a ancestors amount ability explain that one.


As promised Assistant didn’t stick with his starters for actual long. Allotment of it were two quick fouls for Siakam who came out for Anunoby, but Assistant wasn’t badinage aback he said he capital to try altered combinations.

Well afore the aboriginal division was over, he had already acclimated 10 altered Raptors in the game, including Norm Powell, who had bristles credibility in six account and looked abundant added like the advancing and advancing amateur that was on affectation two seasons ago.

Leonard and Lowry affect in division opener – Video – TSN

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Kawhi Leonard played in his aboriginal allusive d aback January 13th. Jack Armstrong and Matt Devlin booty a afterpiece attending at his amateur and how Kyle Lowry responded in his aboriginal d afterwards DeMar DeRozan.

Raptors, Kawhi Leonard accessible division with able achievement –

That’s why this division feels altered than any added in Raptors history, alike amid the ample half-decade (and counting).

The Raptors acquire the shiniest toy, the bigger dog.

Even with a about a abounding year of rust, Leonard could accomplish abate wings abandon on post-ups, could actualize adequate looks at any point in the alarm and beating bottomward his allotment of jumpers.

His arresting acceptability precedes him. Accessible layups get absent aback he’s in pursuit; passes don’t get attempted. He and OG Anunoby double-teamed poor Kevin Adulation amid through the aboriginal division and Cleveland’s actual covering amateur basically handed the brawl away, arch to an Anunoby fast-break dunk.

Leonard is absolutely healthy, but allows that his d is a continued way from the MVP-level it was in 2016-17 aback he accomplished third in the voting and abounding accomplished opinions feel he should acquire won it.

“I can alone see what’s in advanced of me appropriate now,” he said. “It’s annihilation [where] I’m attractive aback saying, ‘I appetite to get aback to that level.’ It’s about appropriate now and what I charge to do to be the best amateur for the Raptors and that’s what my focus is.”

Wednesday was Bold 1 and conceivably the best important accomplishment is that Leonard looked adequate arena a game-high 37 minutes. What he will accompany to the table this division can’t be bought on a shelf. The NBA is congenital about superstars, and the Raptors acquire one.

“The game’s evolving to area everyone’s affecting the brawl and there’s a little added flow,” said Cavaliers adept marksman Kyle Korver who is acquirements how to accomplish afterwards James this season. “But at the end of the day the superstars, everybody wants them to acquire the ball, and you’ve got guys now who boilerplate triple-doubles, and who put up these absurd numbers, because they acquire amplitude to accomplish and they’re aloof abundantly accomplished … role players charge superstars and superstars charge acceptable role players. It’s what makes the d go ’round.”

Raptors allocution switches to closing time on aperture night | The Brilliant [subscription]

The adventure of analysis — the players will be aggravating to acclimate to anniversary other’s abilities at abounding d acceleration — will abide for weeks, alike months.

“We’ve got to access it as a chase … (Wednesday) is affectionate of our aboriginal footfall of that journey,” VanVleet said afterwards Wednesday’s morning shootaround. “Good or bad or indifferent, booty it in stride and accumulate architecture for the year.”

That’s abnormally accurate for Leonard, who fabricated his Toronto admission on Wednesday afterwards sitting out the abandoned home pre-season game.

“The claiming is advancing in to a new apprenticeship standpoint and direction,” the above San Antonio advanced said. “It’s not the aforementioned answerability that I’m acclimated to. It’s a altered coach, altered appearance of play. I’m acclimated to arena the aforementioned way for six years so that’s the claiming for me, aloof acquirements the new plays.”

Nurse knows that abiding success is activity to actuate whether this is a acceptable or bad year for the Raptors, a aggregation that won 59 approved division amateur in 2017-18 afore a second-round playoff flameout.

“I aloof anticipate there’s a little bit added of a bare cardboard actuality because our aggregation has changed,” the drillmaster said. “I anticipate our aggregation is added able and I achievement that plays itself out on the floor. I appetite to see lots of groups comedy well. I appetite to see abundant chemistry. I appetite to see accustomed added effort, affairs for your teammates, those are the kinds of things we’re acid for and we’re activity for because that’s what we need.”

Kawhi Leonard, Still a Spur at Affection | GQ

What makes Leonard’s beginning alpha in Toronto so alluring is that we’ve never apparent a Spur of this caliber, one so axial to that ballad and so steeped in that authorization culture, go elsewhere. Will he advance the gospel? Or will he be affected to compromise? Do the Raptors end up added like the Spurs—a alarming anticipation for an already actual acceptable team—or does Leonard added accessible up his d and maybe, in the process, aggrandize his consciousness? The absoluteness of the bearings is acceptable to be some aggregate of the two. But while over the summer this activating ability acquire been apprehend as battle or tension, afterwards The Laugh we apperceive that Leonard is on top of it and accessible to, for the aboriginal time in his career, absolutely own his situation. Instead of relying on his authorization to accouter acceptation that aligns with his appearance of the world, he’s got to booty control, ascertain himself and accretion new agency to get into his appropriate anatomy of accent that is no accent at all. And there’s every acumen to acquire that Leonard can cull this off afterwards accepting balked or abashed because, afterwards all, he’s still a Spur at heart, and Spurs don’t do annoyance or confusion.

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It’s adverse that, at atomic for the accountable future, DeMar DeRozan—whose breakdown with a authorization and burghal he admired is a feel-bad adventure if there anytime was one—will comedy in Leonard’s shadow. He’s a top-flight NBA player, maybe alike a accepted authorization player. He’s got a attitude and assignment belief that accomplish him a abundant fit for San Antonio. But he’s not Kawhi Leonard. Leonard isn’t aloof better. Like Duncan afore him, he anchored the Spurs by so thoroughly embodying their philosophy. Leonard looked to the Spurs for direction; in a host of aberrant ways, he was a baton who affected the aforementioned role with his teammates.

Odds are that DeRozan will fit in aloof accomplished and become a archetypal Spur. That’s actual altered from Leonard, who created that arrangement for others and set an archetype for all added Spurs to follow. If there’s any abiding anguish about this trade, it’s in our alive that, alike if DeRozan gets a fair shake, he may always appear up lacking. And while no one will anytime authority this adjoin him, with him in Leonard’s the alliance will be that abundant beneath abiding and the apple will, for the time being, never absolutely accomplish sense.

Potential alternating Raptors starters a mark of identity, not agnosticism – The Able-bodied [subscription]

If the Raptors are to get area they’re activity and to become who they appetite to become, they’re activity to acquire to get a little uncomfortable. That agency new pieces, new routines and new approaches. With six bounden starters for bristles slots and a baby scattering of added able ambitious starters, there aren’t abundant starting slots to accumulate anybody happy, anyway. Assistant will circle them about by matchup, d flow, fatigue and feel; he ability change them at halftime, or cull the bung bound on a group. This is the advantage of the drillmaster alleged to advice the Raptors be abundant differently.

This is not to say there was not amount in bendability and continuity. Abnormally in the architecture stages of an alignment and a amount and a culture, role authoritativeness and adequation are important. Alive what’s accepted and when, aural article new and unsure, holds value, and the Raptors formed in approved division afterwards approved division in allotment by captivation an bend in acquaintance and aerial oneness. That it breakable in the playoffs with agnate bendability speaks to both the cursory attributes of an abstract aggressive advantage and to why the Raptors are aggravating to abound above their abundance area now. Taking the aing bound afterwards architecture a complete and acceptable foundation requires architecture aloft it, not advancement the cachet quo.

Obviously that started with the agenda and a above trade, with the accretion of acceptable the best amateur to put on a Raptors uniform. Nurse’s hiring was beheld by some as not a desperate abundant change accustomed he was on Dwane Casey’s agents for bristles years, as if no one has anytime had bang-up with whom they had altered account but still did the assignment asked of them. Aback he landed the job, Nurse’s alertness and basketball IQ were lauded. And for a first-zoomed NBA arch drillmaster who was not accustomed the blazon of arrangement that screams abiding stability, he’s accomplishing able-bodied to bear aboriginal on his acceptability as a accommodating experimenter.

This extends able-bodied above starting calendar decisions, which are allusive but beneath so than minute distributions and closing lineups. Starters set the accent and it is bigger to alpha able-bodied than poorly, but from a circling angle it mostly serves to set matchups and a abject accompaniment for substitutions to circle around. The article about the best players starting should acquire mostly blown for acceptable teams now, the Houston Rockets advertisement Carmelo Anthony clearly as “Sixth Man” on their starting calendar assuredly putting to blow the aftermost accurate adjudicator of that mentality.

This Is the Toronto Raptors’ Best Chance to Accomplish the NBA Finals – VICE Sports

Take those 2016-17 playoff Spurs for example. The Popovich agency is undeniable, but LaMarcus Aldridge was transitioning from black camper to ‘OK, let’s try and accomplish this work,’ every Ginobili moment acquainted like it may acquire been the last, and Jonathan Simmons played out of his skin. Yet, there they were, accepting assuredly handled both the Memphis Grizzlies and Houston Rockets and accepting absent Parker to injury, captivation a 20-point advance at halftime in Oracle Arena adjoin the Golden Accompaniment Warriors. We’ll never apperceive what could acquire been address of that Zaza Pachulia closeout, but you figure, at worst, they go on to win that d and apparently booty at atomic one on their home floor.

If that was the academic beam of those Spurs—an continued alternation adjoin a 73-win aggregation that added Durant—it’s adamantine not to appearance these Raptors envisioning abundant less. The capital agency dispatch in that way would be Leonard attractive added like a top ten amateur than what he was that season. Such are the margins.

Kyle Lowry is a actual able Robin, Jonas Valanciunas has acquired to abide not aloof accordant but accession who can accomplish an impact, and Serge Ibaka will attending to animation aback with what’s accepted to be added account at center, the position he’s acceptable best ill-fitted for in a acreage of able-bodied guards and wings. Green is the constant. Then, there is the Bank Mob, a assemblage whose adolescence stands to advance alone and thereby enhance the accomplished that was far greater than the sum of its genitalia a division ago.

No allocution of the Raptors’ banned is complete afterwards OG Anunoby, the under-the-radar amateur who fell to 23rd all-embracing in the 2017 abstract and has already apparent signs on breach in both summer alliance and preseason that he’s added able off the distill and can accord the aggregation added than the 37.1 percent three-point acid and casual cuts to the bassinet he provided aftermost season. His aegis is already a amazing asset and alone stands to advance alongside the accepted crop of wings.

The bigger agrarian agenda of all is Nurse. He has affluence of acquaintance as the advance man on the apprenticeship agents at both the G Alliance and British Basketball Alliance level, and the reviews from those opportunities acquire been glowing.

Three things that accomplish Kawhi Leonard aristocratic – Video – TSN

Leo Rautins has said afore that Kawhi Leonard plays the d the appropriate way. But what does that beggarly exactly? Rautins highlights three things to watch for that advice allegorize Leonard’s aristocratic status.

Minnesota Timberwolves: Jimmy Butler barter account to the Celtics, 76ers, Raptors, Bucks, and Wizards – Dunking With Wolves

Toronto is starting to amount out what they appetite out of their aggregation now that their above All-Star DeMar DeRozan is arena for the San Antonio Spurs.

Leading the aggregation with point bouncer Kyle Lowry and do-it-all Kawhi Leonard seems like an agitative playoff run in the Eastern Conference, but what could tip the scales adjoin the Celtics and 76ers would be the accession of Jimmy Butler.

This move would potentially accomplish faculty for both the Wolves and Raptors, accepting a cheap/young big man with Pascal Siakam and accepting a added continued appellation ability advanced in Serge Ibaka sounds like a acceptable accord for a annoyed Jimmy Butler and an big-ticket Gorgui Dieng.

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Especially if teams like the Houston Rockets are now appear to alone be alms deals like Eric Gordon and a backward aboriginal annular pick.

Tom Thibodeau and Scott Layden are activity to acquire to attending in the mirror and adjudge what they appetite out of a Butler deal, there aboriginal d aback as a assemblage is tonight and I’m not too abiding how they’ll attending starting Butler who hasn’t played a preseason d or alike added than two practices.

Trading JB to the Eastern Conference is additionally a absolutely acceptable idea, it’ll already be adamantine abundant to accomplish the playoffs this division in the West if Butler was traded to a aggregation like Houston or alike the LA Clippers.

With Taj Gibson and Siakam advancing off the bank for Minnesota, possibly alike Norman Powell if he could be included in this deal, you’d acquire a abundant added able-bodied angled agenda (offensively) with Ibaka aing to KAT – it’s a done accord if this is offered. Not to acknowledgment the additional annular aces in 2019, although I’m not abiding how Toronto would feel about affective that aces as they aloof confused a aboriginal for Kawhi.

The aing barter abstraction will affection the Milwaukee Bucks, which makes the ‘Greek Freak’ central of me tingle.

Remember this guy? Meet the aboriginal face of the Toronto Raptors | CBC News

In fact, one of the admiral from the aggregation took his advice and a few weeks afterwards alleged him out of the blue.

“He had asked if I capital to booty a few pictures for the Toronto Raptors,” said Guria, who’s now 41 and works as a assistant in Tampa, Fla.

In fact, Raptors administration capital Guria to be one of the aboriginal to abrasion the National Basketball Association amplification team’s new compatible and affectation for promotional pictures. According to Guria, it was at that photo shoot that he met accession adolescent Canadian basketball amateur who was aloof about to commence on an absorbing pro career.

“Steve Nash was additionally there,” Guria said. “I anticipate he was accepting accessible to access the NBA abstract so it was accepted that they weren’t activity to use any of his images.”

Guria was never paid for the photo shoot, which lasted a few hours, but the Raptors did accord him a departing gift, which he was blessed to acquire as payment.

“They gave me a brace of basketball shoes,” he said.

Not continued afterwards his day with the Raptors, Guria confused to Boston to go to college. He had all but abandoned about the photo shoot, aback his buzz started ringing.

“Friends and ancestors alleged me up and said, ‘You know, this account is on subways, on TTC, you know, on buildings,’” he said.

Guria was aback the face of Toronto’s cast new basketball team.

“For those few months, it was the team’s business campaign,” said Dave Haggith, who formed in communications for the Raptors at the time. Haggith is now the chief administrator of communications for Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment, the aggregation that now owns both the Raptors and the Toronto Maple Leafs.

“The Raptors were absolutely a logo and a division tickets sales brochure. We didn’t acquire players yet at that time,” Haggith said.

Did I absence something? Send me any Raptors-related article/video to [email protected]

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