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Whether you’ve calm antithesis for one of their appeals, acclimated sticky-back artificial to actualize your actual own Tracy island or bagged yourself a awful coveted badge, ‘Blue Peter’ would accept played a allotment in your adolescence in some way.

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As the world’s longest alive children’s TV actualization celebrates six decades on the box, actuality are 60 facts – one for every year it’s been in our lives – about the BBC’s adorning show.

Happy Altogether BP!


1. Dejected Peter aboriginal aired on 16 October 1958 and transmitted for 15 minutes.

2. The aboriginal presenters were Christopher Trace and Leila Williams. Christopher Trace was the amateur for Charlton Heston in blockbuster Ben-Hur and Leila Williams had been crowned Miss Great Britain the antecedent year.

3. Dejected Peter was created by John Hunter Blair. Throughout the programme’s 60-year history, there accept been aloof seven editors: Biddy Baxter, Lewis Bronze, Oliver Macfarlane, Steve Hocking, Richard Marson, Tim Levell and the accepted editor Ewan Vinnicombe.

4. The 60th ceremony copy of the actualization on 16 October will be programme cardinal 5,037.

5. Dejected Peter is alleged afterwards the dejected and white banderole hoisted aback a address is accessible to set captain from port. The acumen for the best is that the programme is advised to be a boating of adventitious and analysis for the viewers, consistently accoutrement new topics.


6. The ship’s sym, the Dejected Peter Galleon, was advised by much-loved TV artisan Tony Hart, who accustomed aloof £100 for his assignment – which is account an estimated £1,537 in today’s money. Had he been paid royalties, they would accept fabricated him a millionaire.

7. The affair tune is alleged Barnacle Bill. There accept been eleven versions of the affair tune and the latest adjustment was created by British composers Banks & Wag. In 2018 David Roocroft was asked to compose a appropriate 60th Altogether arrangement.

8. There accept been 37 Dejected Peter presenters, including accepted hosts Lindsey Russell and Radzi Chinyanganya, who both started in 2013.

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BBC Lindsey Russell and Radzi Chinyanganya are the accepted hosts.

9. The longest-serving presenter was John Noakes, who presented the alternation for over 12 years. The longest-serving changeable presenter was Konnie Huq who presented the alternation for aloof over a decade.

10. Peter Duncan is the alone presenter to do two stints on the show. He became a Gold brand holder afterwards he was fabricated Chief Scout in February 2007.

11. Yvette Fielding was the youngest-ever presenter. She was 18 aback she aing the series.

12. The shortest-serving listed presenter was Anita West, who lasted for aloof four months afore abiding to her acting career.

13. Lindsey Russell is the alone being to become a Dejected Peter presenter in a civic aptitude search. She became the 36th presenter of the alternation afterwards accoutrements of accouchement called her in a eyewitness vote in July 2013.

14. The acclaimed Dejected Peter brand was launched on 17 June 1963.

BBC Over 1 actor Dejected Peter badges gave been awarded.

15. There are eight types of badges – Blue, Silver, Green, Sport, Purple, Orange, Gold and Diamond. Dejected can be becoming by admirers sending in an absorbing letter, poem, account or story, or by actualization on the programme. Argent is for admirers who already accept a Dejected but accept to do article altered to acquire one. Green is the ecology award, for admirers who accomplish contributions on “green” subjects. Action is for accouchement who booty allotment in a new sport. Purple is awarded to accouchement who booty an alive role in the show, either by reviewing it, suggesting account for items or allowance with admirers research. Orange is accustomed to admirers who accept been either a champ or runner-up in a Dejected Peter competition. The Gold brand is Dejected Peter’s accomplished approval and is alone accustomed to bodies who accept apparent outstanding bravery, adventuresomeness and ability or accept represented their country in an all-embracing event. Introduced in 2018, the Diamond brand was advised by All-embracing actualization artist Henry Holland and is a limited-edition brand to bless Dejected Peter’s 60th anniversary.

16. Acclaimed Gold brand holders accommodate Her Majesty The Queen, who accustomed one in 2001 and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, who accustomed endemic in 2017. David Beckham, JK Rowling, Mary Berry, Usain Bolt, David Attenborough, Tim Peake, Malory Blackman and the RAF Falcons accept additionally becoming Dejected Peter’s best approved afterwards award. Roald Dahl was to be the aboriginal being in the show’s history to be posthumously honoured with a Gold Dejected Peter brand in 2016.

BBC HRH Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and HRH Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, were bedfellow on the actualization in 2017.

17. In 55 years of the brand arrangement it is estimated that the programme has awarded over a actor badges.

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18. Every bedfellow who comes on the actualization earns a badge. Celebrities with badges include: Hugh Jackman, Tom Hiddleston, Eddie Redmayne, Jessica Ennis-Hill, Ellen Degeneres, Maisie Williams, Madonna, Britney Spears, Ewan McGregor, Justin Bieber and Morph.

19. Aback 2017, Dejected Peter’s artificial badges accept been fabricated out of recycled yoghurt pots in a solar-powered branch in Cornwall.

20. A Dejected Peter brand and Brand Agenda gets accouchement of 15 years and beneath chargeless acceptance into over 200 venues up and bottomward the country.

21. Dejected Peter’s pets are about as acclaimed as its presenters. There accept been nine dogs, bristles tortoises, nine bodies and two parrots.

22. George the tortoise is the longest-serving pet. He fabricated his aboriginal actualization in 1982. Aback he died in 2004 he was about 81 years old. The accepted Dejected Peter tortoise is Shelley who has been on the actualization aback the bounce of 2004.

23. In 1962, a adult alleged Margaret Parnell beatific in the abstraction for the aboriginal Dejected Peter “make” and spent the best allotment of the aing 40 years creating them, designing over 700.

24. Aboriginal makes accommodate the archetypal Christmas Advent crown, which was supersized in 2017, and is acclimated annually to calculation bottomward the weeks until Christmas in the studio. Added contempo makes accommodate a Dejected Peter Pop-Up Christmas agenda with popstar Anne-Marie, Big Altogether Airship Biscuits to abutment the barrage of Dejected Peter’s Big Altogether Airship antagonism area one advantageous eyewitness was accustomed the adventitious to architecture Dejected Peter’s 60th Altogether Hot Air Balloon, a Shelley the Tortoise beanie and alike Emoji Poo Cookies!

25. The best accepted accomplish was Tracy Island, which accustomed 100,000 requests for the Factsheet in 1993. Anthea Turner still has the Tracy Island she fabricated on the show.

Rex Tracy Island

26. The Dejected Peter Appeals started in 1962 aback admirers were asked to aggregate postage stamps to accession money for homes for the homeless.

27. It’s estimated that, beyond the 49 appeals, accouchement accept aloft the agnate of over £100m in today’s money. The 14 Bring & Buy Sales accept aloft the agnate of an estimated £57m. Other items calm by the address accommodate over 948,025,000 stamps, 19m aluminium cans, 800 accoutrements of absolute and added than 1,450,000 pairs of shoes, including David Beckham’s boots.

28. Amid 1962 and 2010 the appeals accept aloft money to buy, amidst others, the following: 2 Guide Dogs, 25 Activity Boats, 8 flats for abandoned people, 32 ponies, 57 lorries, 3 caravans, 2 day centres, 6 bungalows, 12 houses in Romania, 3 schools and 8,350 toilets.

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29. In contempo years, Dejected Peter has accurate Action Relief. In 2010, Helen Skelton kayaked 2010 afar bottomward the Amazon river for Action Relief, accomplishing two Guinness Apple Annal and in 2012, she completed a 500-mile expedition to the south pole on skis, aeroplane skis and an ice bike for the charity. In 2016, Lindsey Russell became ‘The Wave Runner’ as she attempted to cantankerous the Irish Sea three accent inflatable ball. In 2018, Lindsey and Radzi completed a mega mile-athon auspicious accouchement to do over 80 actor accomplish for Action Relief.

30. In 2011, Helen Skelton absolved a 150m long, 66m aerial tightrole amid the chimneys of Battersea Power Base and in 2017, Barney Harwood travelled hundreds of afar to acquaint a antic to as abounding bodies as accessible in aloof one day in a Dejected Peter ‘Jokeathon’ for Action Relief.

BEN STANSALL via Getty Images Helen Skelton absolved a 150m long, 66m aerial tightrole amid the chimneys of Battersea Power Statio.

31. Over the aftermost bristles years, over 23,000 accouchement accept apprenticed to abutment Accouchement in Need via Dejected Peter “send-ins”. They accept busy colourful parachutes, superhero pants, masks and goo splats! In 2017, Mark Curry won the Dejected Peter Strictly Come Dancing Appropriate for Accouchement in Need on BBC One.

32. Abounding Dejected Peter presenters over the years accept faced the ultimate Dejected Peter claiming – training with the Royal Marines! Simon Thomas tackled the alarming Royal Marines Tower Bridge afterlife slide, Matt Baker approved his duke at the Royal Marines’ recruits advance and Konnie undertook a Royal Marines’ P.E. chic in the mud of the River Exe. Gethin Jones was the aboriginal noncombatant to complete the 30-mile Yomp of the Royal Marine Commandos. In 2013, Helen Skelton attempted the 30 mile acceleration advance which is the final analysis done by troops attempting the Commando advance at the Royal Marines training centre.

33. In 2016, afterward in the footsteps of Dejected Peter presenters John Noakes, Janet Ellis, Stuart Afar and Simon Thomas, Radzi Chinyanganya became the latest Dejected Peter presenter to chargeless abatement with the RAF Falcons for Accouchement in Need. Christopher Trace, Michael Sundin, Katy Hill, Gethin Jones, Helen Skelton and Lindsey Russell accept all aureate with the RAF’s aerobatic team, the Red Arrows.

34. In 2018, Radzi Chinyanganya abstruse how to become a catchbasin administrator at Bovington camp.

35. Dejected Peter has adjourned 28 RNLI Lifeboats at 7 altered stations beyond the UK, extenuative over 1,040 lives. A Dejected Peter acquit is still rescuing bodies today – at Fishguard acquit station.

Rex Konnie Huq pictured in 2005 with an accession to the RNLI agile of Dejected Peter adjourned lifeboats.

36. Dejected Peter has a abiding affiliation with Guide Dogs for the Blind, which stretches aback to 1964. The aboriginal Dejected Peter Guide Dog puppy was Honey, whose training was followed by Valerie Singleton. Subsequent Dejected Peter Guide Dogs accommodate Cindy, Buttons, Prince, a additional dog alleged Honey, Magic and Iggy! Goldie the dog was donated by the Guide Dogs’ For The Blind Affiliation in May 1978 and lived all her programme activity with presenter Simon Groom. Goldie larboard Dejected Peter – forth with Simon – in the summer of 1986 and her babe Bonnie took over in the studio. Nine of Goldie’s pups became Guide Dogs. Magic the Guide Dog became a brilliant of Dejected Peter in October 2006. Andy Akinwolere boarded on the claiming of allowance puppy airing her but acutely Magic developed bloom problems in backward 2007 and bootless to complete added training. Iggy aing the Dejected Peter aggregation in June 2014 and was puppy accomplished by presenter Lindsey Russell. She able training in 2016 and was partnered with Bradford apprentice and account user, Callum.

37. The Dejected Peter Garden was launched on 21 Advance 1974. Percy Thrower was the aboriginal agriculturalist and was awarded his Gold brand in 1988. The additional agriculturalist was Chris Crowder, followed by Clare Bradley and Chris Collins. The garden has been added afresh been maintained by RHS Adolescent Ambassador and Adolescent Agriculturalist of the Year 2014, 12 year old George.

Peter Byrne – PA Images via Getty Images Dejected Peter presenters Helen Skelton and Barney Harwood, with Barney the Dog afterwards The Princess Royal opened the Dejected Peter Garden at its new home at Media City Maner. 

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38. The Dejected Peter Garden at Television Centre was vandalised three times – in 1978, 1980 and 1983 – afore aegis cameras were eventually fitted. The garden, in its new home in Salford, was opened in February 2012 by HRH Princess Anne. It consists of a brownish bronze of Petra, the show’s aboriginal pet, a vegetable plot, argent Dejected Peter galleon and the Italian alveolate garden advised by Percy Thrower. In 2017, Dejected Peter launched its ceremony 60th year with the accession of a Gold Brand Airing – a aisle to honour some of the acclaimed names who’ve accustomed the appropriate accolade, including Mary Berry.

39. In 1968 it was absitively that Dejected Peter would affection a babyish on the programme, to actualization admirers what it was like to accept a little brother or sister. On 30 September of that year, babyish Daniel fabricated his aboriginal actualization at aloof 14 weeks old and fabricated approved appearances over the aing two years. Peter Purves and John Noakes were accustomed the job of attractive afterwards babyish Daniel onscreen.

40. Presenters who had their own babies during the time they formed on the programme were Tina Heath, who had Jemma, and Liz Barker who had Dexter.

41. Peter Purves attributes the accusation for Lulu the amoral albatross to Editor Biddy Baxter, who allegedly asked Lulu’s babysitter to do after the stick he acclimated to accumulate her beneath control. The after anarchy saw Lulu pee, poo and about misbehave about the studio, boring her administrator through the mess.

42. Other memorable moments accommodate Simon Groom’s innuendo-laden: “What a admirable brace of knockers”, aback commenting on a backup for Durham Cathedral’s acclaimed aperture knocker; Mark Curry animadversion the arch off a Lego model, Diane-Louise Jordan falling collapsed on her face whilst accoutrement John Leslie’s run in the London Marathon and Andy Akinwolere accidentally bottomward the brilliant off the top of the Trafalgar Square Christmas Tree.

43. A antagonism to architecture a apron for presenter Caron Keating solicited responses from 69,928 admission dressmakers. In 1981 a antagonism to architecture a Christmas brand generated 74,000 responses, and a challenge to architecture a actualization for Aardman Animations in 2006 admiring 47,268 beginning Nick Parks.

44. Contempo Dejected Peter competitions accept accustomed advantageous admirers the adventitious to go area TV cameras accept never been before, central MI5’s Headquarters; architecture a affiche that appeared in above underground stations beyond the capital; actualize an action and actualization it to Steven Spielberg, architecture antic mascots for the London 2017 Championships; accept their name featured in Anthony Horowitz’s latest Alex Rider book; accept a age-old actualization activated by the acclaimed Aardman Animations and architecture a dragon that will sit on the Great Pagoda at Kew Palace.

45. Accouchement who appeared on the actualization and accept gone on to be acclaimed include: Formula 1 ace Lewis Hamilton (below) and popstar James Blunt (then James Blount). Konnie Huq additionally appeared in 1989 with the National Youth Theatre afore she went on to become the programme’s longest-serving changeable presenter. Actor Jude Law performed abaft her! Richard Deverell, a Controller of BBC Children’s, appeared on the actualization in 1976 as allotment of a affiliation of knitting scouts and Ewan Vinnicombe, the show’s accepted Editor, was a Top Runner-Up in a Dejected Peter Antagonism aback he was six and a half.

46. Dejected Peter has abounding Royal friends. A adolescent Prince Edward visited Dejected Peter in 1969 and, in 1970, Valerie Singleton and HRH Princess Anne filmed their Royal Safari in Kenya. Her Majesty The Queen visited the collapsed in 2001 and was accustomed a Gold badge. In 2008, presenters Andy Akinwolere, Helen Skelton and Joel Defries and a distinctively called cardinal of above presenters and assembly agents were arrive to the Palace to accommodated Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II to bless Dejected Peter’s 50th anniversary. In December 2017, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visited the Dejected Peter studios in Salford to bless Dejected Peter’s 60th altogether area they were ceremony presented with a Gold Dejected Peter badge.

47. There accept been four Dejected Peter time capsules. The aboriginal was active at BBC Television Centre in 1971 and the additional in 1984, aback the aboriginal box had to be confused because of development at Television Centre. Another was active in 2000, which will be opened in 2029. There was additionally one active beneath the Millennium Dome in 1998 which was accidentally dug up by builders in 2017 – 33 years too soon! It has been touring about the UK afore it is cautiously stored in The National Archives until 2050. The 2018 Diamond Time Abridged will additionally be stored in The National Archives until Dejected Peter’s 80th altogether in 2038.

Rex Richard Bacon and Katy Hill pictured in 1998 with the time abridged that got dug up 33 years too early.

48. Dejected Peter is the longest-running children’s TV alternation in the apple and the programme and its presenters accept becoming themselves endless records. John Noakes’s Continued Abatement gave him a abode in the Guinness Book of Apple Annal for the longest delayed bead by a civilian; Janet Ellis jumped 20,000 anxiety – a European almanac for a noncombatant woman; and Matt Baker’s bike hang-gliding additionally fabricated the almanac books. Contempo Guinness Apple Annal accomplished accommodate best bodies limboing in 3 account by a aggregation of over 25, best action cushions sat on in 1 minute, best straws in beard and best bodies gunged in 3 minutes!

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49. Dejected Peter has won endless awards, including two Baftas, a National Television Award, an RTS Award, RTS North West Awards and the Sandford St Martin’s Appropriate Award.

50. If you sat bottomward and watched every adventure of Dejected Peter anytime made, aback to aback after any breaks, it would booty about three months!

51. Although Simon Thomas fabricated his aboriginal official actualization as Dejected Peter’s new presenter on 8 January 1999, he’d absolutely fabricated a base adornment dressed up as Father Christmas on the Dejected Peter Christmas programme two weeks before. The aggregation again this little ‘in-joke’ with Gethin, who additionally appeared as Father Christmas on the Christmas actualization four months afore admirers met him appropriately for the aboriginal time in April 2005.

52. Aback Janet Ellis aing the programme, she was already mum to a little girl, Sophie. Over the aing four years, Sophie appeared a few times on Dejected Peter, on one break modelling a ‘snood’ which her mum was making. Sophie grew up to become pop brilliant Sophie Ellis-Bextor and aback she aboriginal performed on the programme the aggregation arrive her mum aback to accomplish a appropriate abruptness appearance.

Rex Above ‘Blue Peter’ presenter Janet Ellis with her babe Sophie Ellis-Bextor in 1989 

53. The aboriginal colour copy of Dejected Peter was transmitted on 14th September 1970 – but it wasn’t the final time the programme was advertisement alone in atramentous and white. That came on 13th June 1974 – the aftermost of a few occasions that year aback because of burden on collapsed space, Dejected Peter was affected to address from a collapsed after colour cameras.

54. On 8 June 1989, Dejected Peter’s aboriginal alfresco advertisement transmitted from Carrickfergus Castle in Northern Island. Over the years, Dejected Peter has advertisement from abundant iconic locations including: the Science Museum in London, the Eden Project, Crufts, Buckingham Palace, Warwick Castle, the Olympic Velodrome – and alike a Dejected Peter viewers’ house!

55. The acclaimed copy of Dejected Peter in which Lulu the Albatross ashamed herself on the collapsed attic wasn’t, as abounding bodies think, live. In fact, it had to be pre-recorded because there was no collapsed amplitude on the planned day of transmission. No one on Dejected Peter anytime brand pre-recording a actualization but on this break it was a achievement of luck because if it had been live, the much-repeated commotion would accept over-run into the news!

56. Dejected Peter reads and responds to every distinct letter they accept – the appointment administer hundreds of items of mail ceremony week. The actualization still resonates with accouchement today, over 192,000 accouchement (aged 6-15) accept at atomic one Dejected Peter Brand and added accouchement are contacting the programme with their belletrist and pictures (even in this agenda age) with 106,303 pieces of admirers accord accustomed in 2017 (compared to 40,000 in 2011).

Rex Dejected Peter presenter John Leslie with the Tracy Island archetypal and accoutrements of belletrist requesting the instructions how to accomplish it

57. There were no celebrations to mark the programme’s 10th birthday, but for the 20th ceremony on 16 October 1978 the aggregation presented a appropriate programme with altogether cards, a behemothic block and a appropriate UK-wide airship release. All the presenters came aback to accompany in the fun with the barring of John Noakes who, as he was cutting his latest Go With Noakes series, beatific a filmed bulletin instead. By a aberrant aberration of fate, the programme was directed by David Langford – who 20 years afore as a acclaimed adolescent ballet ballerina had been Dejected Peter’s aboriginal anytime guest.

58. In 1988 Dejected Peter hit its third decade and on 17 October the aggregation of the day presented their altogether tribute. It started with a behemothic cyberbanking bulletin lath in London’s Leicester Square aflame the words – “Blue Peter – 30 Years on the acme of the air”. The presenters took allotment in a appropriate mini comedy assuming how activity had afflicted in the thirty years aback the programme had started and there were lots of altogether letters from celebrities.

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59. On 16 October 1998 Dejected Peter was 40 years old. To mark the ceremony all the show’s antecedent presenters were arrive to the Dejected Peter collapsed for a appropriate altogether copy abounding of amateur and quizzes. On the antecedent Saturday night BBC Two had adherent a accomplished black to assuming a awful acknowledged Dejected Peter Night. For the aboriginal time in 27 years Valerie Singleton, John Noakes and Peter Purves were reunited in a distinctively congenital replica of an aboriginal 70s Dejected Peter collapsed to acquaint a accomplished black of programmes.

60. On 16 October 2008, Dejected Peter acclaimed its 50th altogether with a appropriate continued copy alive from BBC’s Television Centre. Her Majesty The Queen arrive presenters accomplished and present and key assembly agents to a appropriate altogether tea at Buckingham Palace and during the accident Her Majesty recognised four actual appropriate Dejected Peter admirers by application them Gold Dejected Peter Badges.

Facts address of BBC Press.

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