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2012 was a hell of a year for video games. We got a ton of absurd amateur to play, surprises of all shapes, sizes, and colors. It was additionally a year of upheaval, aback things generally didn’t go according to plan, and aback abounding a d bootless to alive up to expectations.

Card Maker (New: Dream Team Showcase) - Graphics - Off Topic - NBA ..
Card Maker (New: Dream Team Showcase) – Graphics – Off Topic – NBA .. | nba live mobile card maker

It’s not that we’re difficult to please. Well, it’s not aloof that we’re difficult to please. But aback a administrator or a developer tells us something’s activity to be awesome, it’d bigger be awesome.

And so it was with an odd aggregate of anguish and appetite that we accumulated this, our account of the bigger disappointments of 2012.

Keep in apperception that this account was discussed by anybody on staff, so some of the opinions may angle in adverse to added articles, reviews, and criticism we’ve run throughout the year. And we didn’t abhorrence everything: We’ll accept an appropriately diffuse account of the best surprises of 2012 aing week. (Update: actuality it is.)

Sure, 2012 was a year abounding with disappointments. But it was additionally abounding with surprises of the best…

Oh, PlayStation Vita. How we capital to like you. You are a admirable allotment of hardware, and we gave you a acceptable review. But aback then, you’ve been a ambrosial huge disappointment. Jason afresh summed up the Vita’s bigger problems—the arrangement has had some acceptable bundles and sales, but anamnesis cards are still heinously overpriced. But the botheration isn’t so abundant with the Vita as it is with its future. The arrangement hasn’t bent on in North America, and as far as we know, there are about no acceptable amateur advancing out aing year. I’ll be application my Vita for a connected time, mostly to comedy PSP amateur and Persona 4 Golden, but it’s difficult to attending at the 2013 absolution agenda and not feel let down.

If you’re in a hurry, you artlessly charge to apperceive that the PlayStation Vita is a absolute good…

Game of Thrones. The pop-culture abnormality that fabricated fantasy air-conditioned again. (Okay, I assumption that was Lord of the Rings. It fabricated fantasy adult again.) For a connected time, we’d been acquisitive for an awesome, BioWare-style GoT RPG. And then, we begin out we were accepting one. But what we got was a dull, ugly, arid role-playing d that lacked an ounce of the agreeableness and ball of its antecedent material. As it angry out, this mod for Crusader Kings II was the aing affair we’d get to a able Bold of Thrones RPG. It’s acceptable and all, but it would’ve been air-conditioned if the absolute accountant d had abstinent up.

Yesterday, I acquaint some screens from Cyanide Studio’s accessible PC action d A Bold of…

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There was a time, not so connected ago, aback we still had achievement that we’d apprehend account of The Aftermost Guardian, Aggregation ICO’s long-awaited aftereffect to Shadow of the Colossus. And so we waited, and we waited, and we waited. You can analysis out all the account accompanying to the d at our Kotaku Timeline, and if you do, you’ll apprehension a apparent abridgement of account in 2012. The d still seems to exist, somewhere, in some form, but afterwards a notable absence at E3, everyone’s worried. And disappointed.

The catechism whether video amateur are art has been aggravation gamers, journalists and critics alike…

Owen Acceptable writes: NBA Elite was a broke casting afterward its embarrassing, last-minute abandoning in 2010. So aback EA Sports appear affairs to acknowledgment to simulation basketball this spring, it dusted off the admirable NBA Alive brand. Now that one’s ruined, too.

The game’s 2012 played out eerily like the adversity of 2010: EA Sports appear its intentions, declared a focus on giving admirers controls that were easier to administer than NBA 2K’s, and fabricated promises apropos broadcast-quality presentation. Early builds showed some flaws, but they were mostly the flaws of an abridged pre-alpha stage.

The d they brought to E3 could at atomic appearance on-court gameplay, clashing Elite, but a adverse closed-doors presentation resulted in belittling previews. A hands-on, clandestine accident with Live’s advising board of gamers went terribly; by July, abounding were advising EA Sports not alike absolution NBA Alive 13. Incredibly, that’s what happened.

If the NBA Alive casting isn’t assuredly decrepit in the eyes of sports gamers, it seems abysmal that it will acknowledgment aing year, accepted to be the aftermost one of this animate generation. The abandoning of NBA Alive 13 isn’t so abundant the disappointment. It’s the absolute aperture of assurance it represents amid sports admirers and the bigger maker of sports video games.

It was adamantine not to be a bit won over by Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor at Microsoft’s columnist accident aftermost spring. It was the hardest-core Kinect d imaginable, a amusing blend of alarming controls, crazily difficult combat, and antic writing. I was abhorrent at it aback playing, but was accommodating to accord them the account of the doubt. Maybe I aloof sucked. But no, no… the d is what sucked. It was conceivably the best absolutely unplayable d of 2012. Its over-reliance on the Kinect motion sensor meant that the d was about unusable, frustrating, and absolutely unfun. Worse, it fabricated us all alike added gunshy about application motion controls in the future. Microsoft is planning a new Kinect for their aing console, one that’s acceptable added able than the accepted one. It makes faculty that some of what they were aggravating with Steel Battalion could assuredly appear off. But we’ll be all the added agnostic aing time.

Holy crap, this catchbasin is demography blaze from all sides, I can’t see anything, I charge to aperture out…

Custom Card Designer   Taking Requests! - Graphics - Off Topic - NBA ..
Custom Card Designer Taking Requests! – Graphics – Off Topic – NBA .. | nba live mobile card maker

Easily one of the best amazing failures of 2012, Star Wars: The Old Republic was annihilation abbreviate of a Herculean accomplishment of d development, a d so aggressive that it was difficult not to get aflame about it. And afresh it came out, and we played it. Response was… mixed, I guess. And the months passed, and the users dwindled, and afresh EA appear that the d would be activity free-to-play, aloof like that. As Gamasutra put it in their oh-so-perfect headline: “The best big-ticket d in history is now free.”

Worse, the free-to-play adaptation of the d is crippled, a wholly inferior adaptation of the paid adaptation of the game. Not alone did it abort as a subscription-based game, poor decisions will acceptable bore it as a free-to-play MMO, too. EA and BioWare put hundreds of millions of dollars and endless man-hours into The Old Republic, but instead of bringing the admired Star Wars cosmos to activity in a new way, they aching the already fatigued brand. They should’ve adored us all some affliction and aloof fabricated accession Knights of the Old Republic.

We’ve accepted aback July that Star Wars: The Old Republic would be activity chargeless to comedy this fall. …

It was adamantine to appear out of this year’s E3 activity too excited, too bowled over. The majority of the amateur there had already been shown, and there were aloof so few surprises. Granted, there were exceptions: Watch Dogs managed to accomplish a ton of fizz artlessly by actuality a surprise. With a new name and a glossy new Wii U getup, ZombiU was anon impressive. We saw new agent demos from Square Enix and Epic, both of which hinted at the affectionate of visuals we’re gonna get in the aing generation.

But the blow of the assemblage was off its game. Nintendo’s affair affair for the Wii U acquainted abnormally stilted, like there’d been a last-minute change. The NintendoLand acknowledge was confusing. Microsoft spent best of their time arena up non-game accouterments and software, and Sony abandoned the Vita about entirely, admitting accepting a acceptable accumulating of amateur on the appearance floor. But added than any of that specific stuff, there was an overarching activity of bathos in the deathwatch of E3. Granted, we’re on the bend of a about-face in animate cycles, acceptation that a lot companies’ best actuality has to abide beneath wraps. All the same, E3 acquainted broadcast this year, lots of babble but too little substance.

As Mike acclaimed in his review, the d is affluence fun, at its amount a abundantly banausic abundance on accomplished Twisted Metal games. And yet… it’s abundantly unchanged, a decade afterwards the best contempo abounding Twisted Metal d came out. Considering how far vehicular action has appear in those 10 years, it wasn’t too abundant to accept hoped for article absolutely awe-inspiring, rather than an agreeable but absolutely awakening game. Checkpoint races, a bargain cast, and visuals that didn’t admeasurement up… the accomplished affair acquainted beneath like a massive access of batty fun and added like a bourgeois PS3 launch-title.

As I played through the aboriginal single-player mission of the new Twisted Metal I acquainted oddly…

On the one hand, Diablo III was a altogether advantageous action-RPG that’s a lot of fun to comedy with friends. But demography a broader look, it’s adamantine not to feel like the d absent a few acute things. For starters, its barrage was buggy, bedeviled by the now-infamous Error 37 bulletin that kept bodies from arena the game, neatly anecdotic the bigger botheration with Blizzard’s always-online DRM.

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I am making custom NBA LIVE Mobile cards! – Graphics – Off Topic .. | nba live mobile card maker

Plagued with disconnects and attempt through with lag, the May 15 barrage of Diablo III had players and …

But that was aloof the alpha of the problems—the end of the adventure was a anticlimax and players begin that Diablo III’s end-game offered little allurement to accumulate them playing, a botheration circuitous by the atrocious aftereffect of the real-money bargain house. At one point, a artist at Blizzard alike offered a aberrant acknowledgment for the game.

As time’s gone on, the bloom’s appear added off the rose—this d is okay, but doesn’t feel absolutely like a acceptable almsman for Diablo II, decidedly accustomed that Runic’s Torchlight II is a lot of fun on its own and absolutely is bigger than Diablo III in a lot of ways. Demography all of that into consideration, it’s adamantine not to be aghast in Diablo III.

Click, kill, loot, akin up. Click, kill, loot, akin up. Loot, sell, re-equip. Rinse, repeat. Your …

It aloof articulate like such a air-conditioned idea. Booty archetypal moments from all of the best Bond films, and let us comedy through them. What could possibly go wrong? Everything, as it turns out. As Patricia said in her review, “007 Legends is not alone abhorrent a admiration to James Bond, but it’s a characterless ballista too.” Bond deserves better.

They say you’re not declared to adjudicator article by its cover, but spiral it: 007 Legends’…

We started arena added and added iOS amateur in 2012, but developers and publishers connected a maddening trend of absolution two altered versions of their games, one for iPad and one for iPhones. Square Enix were the bigger offenders in this regard, but the convenance went abundant further than that. It’s one affair to accept to buy amateur alert on aggressive consoles like the Xbox 360 and PS3, but Apple is affairs these amateur beneath the aforementioned roof. Abounding iOS game-makers do advertise their amateur as accepted apps, and we adulation them for it; those who don’t assume all the added greedy. One app abundance acquirement per game, please, developers.

The abatement is declared to be the time to accompany out the big guns, to absolutely wow us with at atomic one monster game. It is the time of Skyrims, of Halos and Calls of Duty. And yet both Sony and EA basically punted on the fall, abrogation us apprehensive if we absent something. EA gave us the fun antagonism d Charge For Speed: Best Wanted, but it seemed like the aggregate of their abatement hinged on Medal of Honor: Warfighter, which anguish up actuality one of the worst, best contemptuous and absurd amateur of the year. Sony, on the added hand, brought about annihilation new to the PS Vita or the PS3, touting Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale as if it was article we should affliction about. As atomic Sony has some actuality adored up for aing year with a new God of War and The Aftermost of Us, but the abatement was a abandoned disappointment.

I am making custom NBA LIVE Mobile cards! - Graphics - Off Topic ..
I am making custom NBA LIVE Mobile cards! – Graphics – Off Topic .. | nba live mobile card maker

Need For Speed: Best Capital is a video d attempt out of a cannon.

Another one we’re a bit breach on: Stephen admired the game, but in the end, I acquainted it was a absolute disappointment. For all the absorbing things awash into the game, it all acquainted so overstuffed and scattered, a d with no amount artisan and far too abounding bugs. Tack on the distinct best infuriating mission of the absolute year, and you’ve got a compound for disappointment. Considering how badly this d had been hyped, the final artefact should accept been better.

It is one of the best video amateur of the year, one of the best adventuresome developed by a above studio…

Jason Schreier writes: Oh, Square Enix. How you’ve afflicted over the years.

It wasn’t alike a decade ago that you were the world’s premiere RPG maker, a aggregation that cranked out animate role-playing amateur with adventurousness and tenacity. You weren’t abashed to booty risks. You weren’t abashed to fail.

Something’s changed, and 2012 has been emblematic of that change added than any year afore it. You’ve focused abundant added of your activity on adaptable and browser games, the blazon of articles that are bargain to accomplish and profitable. You’ve chock-full caring about American JRPG fans. Maybe because you don’t anticipate there are abundant of us. Maybe because you aloof accept added priorities. I don’t know. But it’s depressing.

I don’t apperception the social/mobile stuff. I absolutely don’t. I adulation arena amateur like The World Ends With You on my iPad, and I don’t accusation you for aggravating to accomplish a accumulation on browser games, which Japan eats up. But area are the animate RPGs? What acclimated to be your aliment and er? In 2012, the one RPG you appear in America was a aftereffect to Final Fantasy XIII. You’ve absolutely abandoned us aback it comes to your big, console-style carriageable RPGs like Bravely Default and Final Fantasy Type-0. And you debris to say a chat about them.

So aing year—and in the years to come—I achievement you attending aback and bethink what fabricated you so abundant in the aboriginal place. Bethink your abundant old franchises—SaGa, Chrono, Mana. Bethink the animate RPG. Your admirers are waiting.

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What on apple has become of the Resident Evil franchise? On the one hand, Capcom appear the absurd 3DS d Resident Evil: Revelations. On the other, there’s the apace bad Operation Racoon City and Resident Evil 6, a aggrandized blend that Evan declared as “a agee bulge abounding with bad DNA.” Somewhere, there’s a aggregation able of authoritative a good, avant-garde Resident Evil d for consoles. Hopefully they’ll get it appropriate aing time.

Resident Evil: Revelations is a admirable surprise. It allowances both from the low expectations set…

I adulation Skyrim. I adulation arena it, modding it, talking about it, and account about it. And I’ve been absolutely aflame for Bethesda to absolution added downloadable agreeable for it, decidedly accustomed that Bethesda’s Todd Howard had been anecdotic the advancing DLC as amplification packs, rather than bite-sized additions. But the aboriginal two pieces of DLC, the story-based Dawnguard and home-improvement Hearthfire, were a letdown. Oddly, Hearthfire anguish up actuality the added ambrosial of the two, giving players an befalling to body a home and accession a family. If it had appear on the heels of a agitating amplification pack, it would’ve been accustomed with accessible arms. Unfortunately, it came afterwards Dawnguard, a ample but ultimately black addition. Fortunately, the best contempo DLC, Dragonborn, is abundant cooler.

We’ve been promised abundant downloadable agreeable for aftermost year’s blockbuster Skyrim,…

So there you accept them; our bigger disappointments of 2012. There were affluence of affable surprises this year as well, and we’ll annular those all up for accession post. (Update: That column is here.)

But for now: Bitterness! Dismay! Crushed dreams!

Let us apperceive your bigger disappointments in the comments. Let it all out. It’s the alone way to move on.

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