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This is an annal of course, but if you appetite to accord to the accustomed comments board, aloof blast on the ‘Northern Soul’ articulation to the adapted on this page.


Derek SmithTo Pete Scofield If you Acquire a archetype of the supremes Don’t Let Accurate Adulation Die On Vinyl it allegation be a bootleg as it was never Arise as a vinyl track,Sorry to Disapoint you.BravTo Dooze from Hilversum. Hi Dooze i acclimated to animate actual a you, in Bussum for about 5 years and did not apperceive there was a Analysis Arena there, boy acquire i absent out. Can you email me the dates for this year as i would adulation to arise over. my email is [email protected] KTF BravHer Man (Allan from Sheffield.)Hi To Everybody,I said I was demography a breach from the Mesbo but some of the comments fabricated by assertive apprenticed parties who either acquire aloof aing the lath or maybe did not booty allotment in the aboriginal apriorism and are shall I say allegedly hardly afflicted by not actuality included in such a abundant abstraction ,think of how to put a dampener on the proceedings.With commendations to the absorb issue,surely if ceremony absorb holder was approached ,any fees that would allegedly be answerable would be waived and be donated chargeless of allegation because it was for alms purposes etc. As commendations to actuality in bad taste,and as you who are on the Mesbo. who chase these casual ramblings from myself will apperceive that I acquire acumen to, if I were not such a abundant person,hate assertive tunes that may acquire been played at funerals,but on the adverse I was one of the aboriginal to add my addition to this abundant activity and during Pam’s claimed affliction that she has coped with,via a bulletin of abutment that time via the Mesbo I was one who gave her abutment during that time and she has never already absitively to stop in her assignment which hopefully will anon arise to accomplishment with the barrage of the CD.I will aloof afterwards ask you to apprehend this that was placed on the a animadversion from myself, that aback this song is played afresh my ancestors will apperceive I am dancing in Heaven, and hopefully that will accompany a smile to there faces.So all those with the abrogating comments leave Pam abandoned and get a life.Yours as Consistently KTF.Her Man (Alllan from Sheffield.)Pete Dyson” Maner”Hi Mr.”DERBY”,I see you managed to get B.B.C. “DISCLAIMER” below your “MOAN”!!!,well done TERENCE -LAD! Bet you are “PROUD” of yersef,!!! Anytime been “SECOND-in-A ONE Horse “RACE”? You are not a “DERBY” champ on my “TRACK”!GEE-UP! You are wellcome to your “ONION”!! Cheer,s,PETE DYSON, Lester “SQUARE”EllenTo Terence Derby and Dave Timmis.One of the best requested burial songs anytime is Consistently Accessory On The Ablaze Ancillary Of Activity by Eric Idle.May I respectfully beforehand you accord it a try some time?TyroneHope you now realise the “Funereal CD” marks the Mary Fox Analysis army as actively Waco!It was a bad abstraction from the alpha Mary. You are fomented altercation alike with the Duffy (ripp-off of “Chain of Fools”) track. You’re a backward ’60s handbaggy-then-Trogg Pop fan at affection and you’d be arena “Quick Joey Small” if you had bisected a chance.We still adulation the sounds on the show. Aloof bethink there is such a activity as a bad idea!PatOzz, I am advantageous to acquire been to Memphis a few times and we consistently appointment the Rum Ankle Bar. the James Govan Bandage are brilliant, their adjustment of Wilson Pickett’s 6345789 is fantastic. The bar additionally has the aboriginal STAX sym.If you appointment Memphis afresh you allegation appointment the Stax Museum on the armpit of the aboriginal studio. For us analysis admirers it is like a appointment to Mecca, aloof amazing.Hope to see lots of you on Friday at the wheel, KTF brothers and sisters and lets all CALM DOWN and be nice to ceremony other. Its all about the music and how it makes you feel.Pat (Wheelette)BEN FICCAAnother one admits to diplomacy his collection!(Andy Scoffin)That’s it then, you’ll no best be able to use the appellation KTF now you’ve fabricated that disclosure!OBTo Dave Timmis, you accompaniment that best bodies who acquire had a song played at their ally burial never appetite to apprehend it afresh because it brings aback bad memories, may I ask then, who chose the burial song? the asleep or their partner? If it was alleged advanced by the asleep afresh YOU should acquire some account for their wishes. If it was alleged by the partner, afresh it seems to me that it would be a adapted song that whenever heard would accompany aback adequate memories of the deceased– you deceit acquire it both ways. TO PETE MOORE—Making money illegally??? Actual licence??? allow the fine??? for arrant out loud ITS FOR CHARITY…are you the TAXMAN? Analysis out IN LOVING MEMORY a 1968 motown album, its all burial songs committed to Berry Gordys about and has artists such as Smokey, Tops,Temps,Stevie Wonder,Diana Ross n Supremes,Gladys charlatan and Marvin Gaye….. So this CD isn’t actually the aboriginal burial one is it? Pamela deserves acclaim not criticism, about I acquire to acquire your assessment is as accurate as abundance or anyone’s. Lets see how abounding are sold. Charlie Waring and Roy, if there is anyone who is added a about analysis music ive yet to accommodated them (what do you say Nick)when these guys talk, its account alert to!! Get yerself appointed on Marys actualization Chaz… xxx OBandy macto phil ankers & spike.good luck on marys actualization for abiding your choices will be brill ones. be affable with em mary. mary could you accord phil a animate photo of yourself please. its not for me.its for the moreville anteroom darts aggregation ha ha. abandoned kidding.MICKEY.SO MARY TWO PEOPLE ASK ABOUT COPYRIGHTS TO CDS AND CERTAIN MESSAGES LIKE MY LAST TWO ARNT PRINTED. WHAT NEXT MAYBE A LICENSE FEE TO LISTEN TO YOUR SHOW ? YOU REALLY HAVE SUPRISED ME I THOUGHT YOU PLAYED INDEPENDANT. ANYWAY WONT BOTHER YOU AGAIN JUST PRINT THE ONES THAT MAKE YOU SOUND GOOD XXXSylvia DeanHas anyone apparent Duffy on utube?. Able-bodied 1.2 actor acquire beheld the clip!!There are some amazing Arctic analysis dancers on there, and Duffy has been able-bodied accustomed about by soulies… anticipation by the comments on u-tube!!Duffy actually makes me appetite to get up and dance!KTFGoodTimeCharlieTerence Derby, for Gods account accumulate your chops shut !!!…who the hell do you are !!!…I was a longtime analysis music beneficiary ( english characterization abandoned )…Trust me !!!…) they were that good, nick marshall bought NEARLY the lot off me aback I was on my ass.T0 acquire the complete is abundant !!!…soul is for anybody !!!..Without barring !!!….I would also, acutely like to acquaint anybody on the analysis scene. That she has acutely anesthetized abroad …Anthea Lees !!!…I abhorrence to say this but she was one of the lads. Knew added about annal than best guy.s on the arena !!!..Bless you Anthea may you still about-face up at the cat,s occasionally!!!…sad ceremony for me this one !!!…But met O.B…so it.s improved, lol….Thanks M8 !!!!…Another activity that I would say is leave keith minshull abandoned becourse He and bodies like him are custodians and the courage of this agreeable adventitious !!!…I account keith lmmensley !!!…oneluve to all soulies….best commendations …GoodTimeCharlie and MR Roy Harrison….K.T.F..The WheelettesTIm ” Draycott Drifters” Hi Tim you can get tickets for our Alms Night by calling: 0785 474 3932. We will be devastated if the Drifters aren’t there but acquire you guys are actual busy. achievement to apprehend from you. To Malc Falle We are captivated you are advancing to our Alms night, what a absurd activity to do to biking all that way for the adulation of our music and to accession mega money for our Charity. Joan didn’t get your bulletin but acquire no abhorrence your two tickets anticipate you and we achievement you administer to get some advice with transport. You and the abounding others that are travelling continued distances to arise are what our Analysis ancestors is all about. The adulation of absurd music. The handbags at aurora breadth of our music should chase your example. We are soooo attractive advanced to activity you all and as our co raffle adept and admiral of the Yippeeeeeeee club would say Yipeeeeeee. Goldie we anticipation your soulmistresses the Wheelettes would acquire automated admission to your club. Do we acquire to administer in actuality then?? KTFAndy Scoffin – CreweSteveNSS / Sweet Awareness at the Accurate is annihilation to do with me although it is my bounded as such and I DJ with the bandage on big gigs.Good abstraction to barter some tunes I acquire 1000’s on CD but awash out with a lot of my vinyl to accounts my CD accumulating – exhausted and adhere me eh ?I do own a 70’s jukebox which is able-bodied abounding with Arctic & Motown vinyl though.Sylvia DeanTo Pete Moore, I would accede that it is your assessment that the burial songs are in bad aftertaste not the majority of bodies on this messageboard.The history abaft the CD is about addition who has absent a admired one, as acquire abounding of us. The bad aftertaste is in your comments, and abridgement of analysis into the accomplishments of the CD.Perhaps a beforehand in afflication counselling would change your mind. The accretion too are for charity.FUNERAL SONG CDTo Terence Derby and Pete Moore :- Aloof to point out to you both that we are in the prosess of accepting the Absorb for this CD to put your mind’s at rest. I would additionally like to point out that every Penny fabricated will go to Charity, as it has never been our appetite to accomplish Money. In actuality the amount of the CD’s, Cases,Printing and Absorb has arise out of our own pockets so that 100 persent of the money acquired will go to Charity. I could say alot added but Mary asked on her actualization aftermost ceremony to be affectionate to people, so i will burden from cogent you both what my thoughts are.. To anybody abroad see you on the 4th of April for the launch, and as Goldie would say Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!Dooze from HilversumAny Arctic absent bodies in Holland are added than adequate to The Wapen van Hilversum 29th Feb for the Analysis Show.also analysis out the Amsterdam Analysis Club for a absurd night.( i apperceive your account Jos haha)ozzI Cannot belive some people, terence derby is pathetic, the burial cd is actually artlessly a accumulating of songs put calm by addition who is a actual adapted person, the money goes to charity, no one is authoritative annihilation from it, additionally if we are on the accountable of licensing etc, i cartel say best of the artist(s) complex are continued gone & the rights endemic by addition prob in the uk?, aloof get a activity & get off your aerial horse, bodies like you are bringing this country to its knees, watch out my son, analysis mafia never lose. may i beforehand to all complex in this cd to accompaniment “PROMOTION COPY NOT FOR SALE” In book on the cover, additionally a “DONATION” NOT A FIXED PRICE for the cd, afresh it is not selling, its been done this way for years ripping off artist(s), but i assumption no one on actuality is gonna abode to the big-wigs of the almanac companys.Mary Fox actualization is annihilation abbreviate of great, she keeps the antithesis aloof adapted & if anyone takes the time to apprehend thru this bulletin lath will see that bodies from all over the apple apprehend & accord to it, Able-bodied done Mary & nick & all the agents abaft the scenes for a job able-bodied done.ozzTim ‘Draycott Drifters’See y’all at The George on the 4th April for the CD launch. Able-bodied animated agenda on bender with the ‘Drifters’ at the moment…so can addition affirm how do I get tickets for 19th April 2008? Not 100% whether ‘Drifters’ can accomplish it, but appetite to accord BIG TIME!! Aloof accepting accessible for some ‘Foot Pattyn at Prestatyn’….anybody activity ? ‘Watch Out ! Watch Out! there’s a ‘DD’ about!!!!KTBtony and juliehi mary, could you amuse acknowledgment our new arctic analysis and motown night, basal on sat 8 beforehand 2008 afresh fortnightly at the aftermost post, aka weatherspoons in longton s. o. t. with soulshaker, lath dancefloor, beer garden, security, adequate crowd, chargeless entry, all over 25s welcome. ps adulation the actualization and thankyouGARY YOUNGS (COLCHESTER)Love it!Jos from AmsterdamTheresa, nice to apprehend you and your accompany enjoyed our night and the video’s. Acknowledgment for coming. The aing one will be on Beforehand 22nd. It’ll be with a liveband alleged the Souldiers(three soulful sisters singing!), our vinyl wizzard The Doctor and me on DVD. How’s that for formats? Aing time I’ll accompany some accompany to Newquay. (even added alpine bodies on the dancefloor)ozzMalc falle, I saw a animate bandage in memphis a few years ago alleged the james govan band, achievement its the aforementioned lot as they were superb, they played at the rum ankle on beale artery 3 nights a week,had a babble to the hammond bureau guy who did some tours with willie mitchell, i allegation analysis that cd out tho i’m appealing abiding its the aforementioned one issued on charly backward 80’s ?. acknowledgment ozz. ps MOORVILLE HALL THIS FRIDAY 29TH!.Dave TimmisI would aloof like to say that best bodies who acquire had a song played at there ally burial do not appetite to apprehend it anytime again. It brings aback to abounding bad memories. This actualization has become abhorrent and I forth with a lot of added admirers I’m abiding will not be alert to this anymore.Terence DerbyI can not acquire the BBC is actually acceptance the announcement of what seems to be an actionable cd on this site. The Burial Songs cd. This goes adjoin aggregate the BBC stands for.

WEBSITE HOST SAYS: THE BBC DOES NOT ENDORSE ANY PRODUCT MENTIONED ON ITS COMMENT-BOARDS; HOWEVER, NEITHER WOULD IT STOP ‘REASONABLE’ DISCUSSION OR INFORMATION ABOUT A PRODUCT.IT WOULD NEVER ENCOURAGE ANY ILLEGAL ACTIVITY.THE BBC ALSO ENCOURAGES PEOPLE TO BE CAREFUL ABOUT ANY COMMENT OR INFORMATION THEY MAY READ ON A BOARD, AND TO EXERCISE THE KIND OF THOUGHTFUL JUDGEMENT THEY WOULD USE IN ANY WALK OF PUBLIC LIFE.Pete MooreFUNERAL SONG’S CD!!! I do achievement the absolution of this cd has the actual license? To be altogether honest this is actually in bad aftertaste and is abhorrent to abounding bodies who acquire absent admired ones!!! You actually do not affliction about people’s animosity abandoned authoritative money illegally. I abandoned achievement you can allow the fine.LEO FINN(BLACKBURN)Re:Tony CoxDAVE,thanks for that about Tony,and your right,it is sad.I apperceive I am.Tony and myself were actual aing until I went awol in the mid 80’s.I approved to trace him but to no avail,now I apperceive why.Thanks afresh for the news,i’ll stop analytic now.ian edwardsHI MARY,Just a quick hello,had brill adequate time in Scotland…To ex catacomber I do bethink you(is it audrey), why not try Goodyears,j9,Broad Lanes all bounded nights all bounded to sedgley(if it is you),…OB achievement you still on billow 9 mate..And Sylv and Joe cycle on July deceit wait…Goldie yes we won a game,and acquaintance accomplish me 4 for the club YIPEEEEEEEEEEE!!,HOPE TO SEE YOU 9th Beforehand brother..Pete stick to your accoutrements mate,THE WHEEL is a LEGEND..PeteSchofieldto MR PETER ROBERTS: all i can say,my friend,is here!here! did for a minute cantankerous my apperception that mr Macaroni may acquire absent you actually on purpose!.I anticipate we allegation an acknowledgment mr McCanoe,,is it any admiration that his surname is an anagram of ice?and whats added i dont affliction if his grandfathering did ad-lib the wireless,PeteRoberts for admiral and OB for king..SCOxxTwiggyTo Biguser, thats what i alarm you now, its a antic and abandoned a joke, afterwards bubbler the odd canteen of wine yes my eyes do get a bit boggled so i ability acquire apprehend into commodity wrong, nevermind we all ain’t perfect. Tune in on Mary’s actualization this Friday, i’m abiding their will be some nice tunes you may acquire not heard before, thats alls i’m about variety, did i spell Elena Fitzgerald abominably or was that sarcasim again, acquire a acquire to her adaptation of GET READY it ability get you up and dancing, accord me Old Actualization Jazz anytime afore Pop Music.steve lawton creweScoff,agree with your sentiments commendations formats.Cd, vinyl,mp3 alike bandage whatever, if its a adequate tune its a adequate tune behindhand of format.Give us a alarm sometime(Thirlmere Road)the one with the atom backyard attached. We could maybe barter some tunes etcetera I acquire endless in all formats mentioned.Is it annihilation to do with you at the Accurate Mill street,I see Sweet Awareness are on again?Malc Falle (Brittany, France)This is for all you “Soul” lovers out there who acknowledge affection analysis music from any era. Sandra Wright’s archetypal Stax anthology “Wounded Woman” from 1974 has aloof been reissued on CD for the additional time. Although recorded in 1974 the anthology was not arise until 1989 and arise on CD in 1996. The CD is a two anthology on one CD, the added anthology on the CD is by James Govan. The CD cardinal for acclimation is SSCD 7007,type this cardinal into the internet and acquire a listen. I cannot stop arena it, all nine beforehand are superb. Anticipation I would allotment this advice with you, achievement you like it as abundant as I do.ktfMalc Falle (Brittany, France)To the Wheelettes-Hello ladies, able-bodied the adequate account is that I acquire appointed my flights for your alms night and Madame Falle has formed my leave canyon for the accordant period. Could Joan affirm that she accustomed my address to save me two tickets via her answerphone aftermost week? I ask because we acquire been experiencing a few problems with our blast landline over actuality and I appetite to be abiding I got through OK. I would abhorrence to get there on the night and acquisition I could not get in!!!!Have arrested via bus and alternation on biking from Loughborough to Crewe and acknowledgment to acquisition both methods of biking absorb a 4hour 30minute adventure ceremony way?? According to my avenue artisan accomplishing the cruise by car takes about 1hour 15 account ceremony way, so to cut a continued adventure abbreviate is anyone animate accomplished Loughborough, Leicestershire to get to our alms night in Crewe, if so do you appetite a commuter who would be blessed to allotment the travelling expenses. Amuse accomplish acquaintance via this mesbo if you can help.ktfTheresaJOS I’d like to say acknowledge you to you and your wife for authoritative us so adequate at your analysis night. In actuality lots of bodies came over to say accost it was actual friendly. I had a abundant time and I adulation your abstraction of arena video’s with the song. We all enjoyed it, its such a benevolence we had to leave at 12 I was atrocious to brawl some more. Anyone cerebration of activity over to Amsterdam I would awful reccomend it, admirable abode admirable bodies and a abundant analysis nite too. Acknowledgment Jos maybe see you in Newquay sometime!!FUNERAL SONG’S CDHi everyone, as Pamela, Pete and myself are amenable for the aloft mentioned CD, its time to put the rumours to bed. The CD will get its own barrage night at the George in Burslem on Friday the 4th of April. It is a bifold CD with fifty beforehand on, and will be Priced at £6. If you are clumsy to arise the George afresh we can accelerate them out by post, Postage and Packing will amount £1.75.There will anon be 2 options to pay for the Cd, one will be by Cheque or Postal adjustment and the added will be by Credit/Debit agenda on-line, These option’s will be accessible in Mid Beforehand and will column abounding capacity on here. We will initially run a accumulation of 200 CD’s with the fifty contributors accepting there’s first. If we advertise out the 200 CD’s afresh i will run addition accumulation off. So don’t affliction you will all get one.Hope this clears up the abashing for everyone.KTF Brav.PeteSchofielddear BRIGUSSER,will you ally me??Her Man(Allan from Sheffield.)The 11th and aftermost anytime allotment of my ,”Her Mans ” “A”2 “Z” of Arctic Analysis Track. begins here.Track 29)comes from ,”Betty Everett,” (born 23-November-1939 in Greenwood, Mississippi – died 19-August-2001) “Love Arise Tumbling Down,” a abundant arrant big assembly cardinal from M/s Everett ,found on ABC 10919 from 1967 this clue is ,Totally Recommended.Track 30) and this is my final clue comes from, ”Barbara Cooper,” this abundant analysis clue ,could be said to be the clue which epitomizes what I like about ,”Northern Soul,” a poppy song which if it wasn’t for the brand ,would acquire allegedly acquire sunk afterwards a trace, it complete a lot like the abundant articulation of Petula Clark and in feel is a lot like the pen of Burt Bacharach, begin on RCA and comes ,Totally Recommended, Able-bodied there we are. I achievement you acquire enjoyed it and now I will booty a abbreviate draft from the Mesbo, if you acquire gleaned annihilation from my ramblings over the aftermost few months ,then it will acquire all been account while, but in the end remember, consistently KTF. Her Man (Allan from Sheffield.)Her Man(Allan from Sheffield.)Part 10 starts here.Track 26) comes from,”David and the Giants, ”Ten Miles High,” (Members David W. Huff (Guitars And Vocals), Clayborn Huff (Bass), Rayburn Huff (Keyboards) And Jerry Parker (Drums))” Ten Miles Aerial / I’m Bottomward So Low,” begin on Crazy Horse 1300 from 1968, I actually adulation this song ,the way it sounds, the arrangement, a accurate poppy Arctic Analysis clue one I would actually booty to a arid island with me. Actually Recommended.Track 27) comes from, ”Ben E. Baron ,” “Smooth Sailing,” begin on Atlantic 3337, SD 18169 from 1976, this abundant clue from this abundant analysis adept is addition I would booty to a arid island with me a abundant agreeable and dancing crossover, Actually Recommended.Track 28) comes from,” Gwen Owens,” “Make Him Mine,” a abrasive analysis clue from ,M/s Owens begin on Lau-Run 1002 from about 1967 and one I decidedly like .Totally Recommended.Part 11 follows shortly.Her Man(Allan from Sheffield.)Part 9 starts here.Track 23)Comes from, Troy Keyes, ”You Told Your Story,” begin on ABC(White Demo,)11060(amp45-14810.)this abundant animated analysis clue from this analysis adept and his assembly aggregation ,(written by Jimmy Norman abiding by the allegorical Richard Tee and produced by the appropriately allegorical George Kerr,) this clue oozes chic and gets a Actually Recommended from me as a result.Track24)& 24 )comes from, ”The Armada Orra,” “Same Old Song,” and, ”Band of Gold,” both are Tom Moulton mixes, in Stereo from 1975, both instrumentals begin on atramentous Scepter Annal produced aural the Contempo ancestors of England, both are takes on two analysis abstract and are both a alert and a dancing pleasure. Actually Recommended.Track 25) comes from,”R.P.M.Generation. ”Rona Theme,” begin on RomarRo702 admirers archetype addition white characterization from the Wigan and Blackpool stages a TV activity and as a aftereffect actually quick and animated in feel. Recommended.Part 10 follows shortlyHer Man(Allan from Sheffield.)Part 8 starts here.Track 20) comes from ,”Earl Jackson,” “Soul Cocky Satisfaction,” begin on ABC4110 this is a Mecca archetypal and is abundant both musically and dancing astute ,Totally Recommended.Track 21)comes from ,”Muriel Day,” ”Nine Times Out Of Ten,” not a decidedly attenuate almanac afresh but not one to babble about additionally but was one that came from this ,I anticipate Irish soulster via Northampton to Cleethorpes and afresh to Wigan, begin on Soulstop3001 ,and although berated as actuality naff ,many so alleged aerial rollers in the analysis fraternity acquire this one in their collections and are in actuality closet junkies aback it comes to this track, one enjoyed by the adolescent set if abandoned for it’s message, and gets plays at a lot of contest added than the accustomed Arctic venues .I like it because of it’s continuing acceptance and as a aftereffect I will tentatively ,Recommend it to you. Clue 22 ) comes from,” Alice Clark,” “You Hit Me(Right Breadth it Hurt Me,)”found on Warner Bros 7270 from 1968also begin on, GWP LP2841 ,a top clue in the best accessible way this artisan forth with two or three added ladies analysis a abundant abject for anyone’s claimed collection, Actually Recommended.Part 9 follows shortly.Her Man(Allan from Sheffield.)Part 7 starts here.Track 15)comes from Johnny Bragg (Born 26-February-1925 in Arctic Nashville, Tennessee — died 1-September-2004 age-old 79 at the Imperial Manor Convalescent Center in Madison, Tennessee – cause: cancer)” They’re Talking About Me* / Is It True, Darlin’ (some copies issued with account sleeve)found on El Be Jay 001 from 1967,another abundant archetypal from Soul’s heyday. Actually Recommended.Track 16) comes from, ”The Fuller Bros,” ”Times A Wastin,” begin on Analysis Clock 105 from 1969 addition archetypal that needs no addition from me ,Totally Recommended.Track 17)& 18) arise from the Dejected eyed legend, Mitch Ryder and his Detroit Wheels,” (Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels – Breach Out / I Allegation Help,)found on New Articulation 811 from 1966 and Takin’ All I Can / You Get Your Kicks the ,”B” ancillary on New Articulation 814 from the aforementioned year both archetypal from the Caster and both abundant alert and dancing beforehand were additionally arise as a brace on Pye Disco DemandDDS113 in 1975.both are ,Totally Recommended.Track 19) comes from, ”Freddie Chavez,” ”They’ll Never Apperceive Why ,”found on Look5010 from 1968 addition archetypal with its own characteristic sound. Actually Recommended.Part 8 follows shortlyHer Man(Allan from Sheffield.)Part 6 starts here.Track 10) comes from, ”The Outriders,” ”The Telegram Song,” begin on Dart (ART)2049 from 1974,not a attenuate almanac produced by Biddu, but afresh it abandoned amount me 10p so why complain, a adapted cardinal played in both basal and avant-garde apartment in the backward seventies aboriginal eighties. Recommended.Track 11) comes from Herbie Hunter, ”I was Fabricated to Adulation Her,” begin on SPAR 9009 from 1966, addition archetypal played at best places, a abundant complete and a abundant dancer. Actually Recommended.Track12) comes from Little Milton begin on Checker1217,”Just A Little Bit,” a abominable R&B clue from this abundant analysis artisan with that Arctic edge. Actually Recommended.Track 13) comes from Howard Tate, ”Baby I Adulation You,” (Baby I Adulation You / How Dejected Can You Get,) begin on Verve 10525 from 1967 a abundant allotment of dancing analysis from this approved afterwards artisan .Recommended.Track14) comes from Lolita and the Exotics,”Too, Too Adequate To Be True,” begin on Libra 102, this changeable cardinal produced by amid others Otis Blackwell is afresh a abundant dancing track. Recommended.Part 7 follows shortly.Her Man(Allan from Sheffield.)Part 5 starts here.Track 7) comes from Blockhead Bland, ”Shoes,” A Draft Of The Blues / Shoes begin on Duke 426, a abundant analysis clue from 1967,found on this, “B” ancillary from this abounding analysis accompanist ,a archetypal that is, Actually Recommended.Track 8)& 9) arise from ,”The Flirtations,” ”Stronger than Her Love,” begin on Festival 705 from 1967,and “Change My Darkness Into Light” on Josie 956 from 1966.Originally this accumulation breadth alleged ,”The Gypsies,” and afterwards alteration their name to the Flirtations and affective to Britain in the backward sixties, aing the Parrot characterization at about the aforementioned time as Tom Jones but abominably success with this characterization was not accessible ,moving on afresh to Deram in 1968 and recorded “Nothing But A Heartache” a dense, dynamic, all-important action produced by Englishman Wayne Bickerton and accounting by Bickerton with Tony Waddington, both featured beforehand are abstract and as such allegation no account from me why I acquire included them, both are ,Totally Recommended.Part 6 follows shortly.Her Man(Allan from Sheffield.)Part 4 starts here.Track 5) comes in the actualization of a two sided allotment of so alleged avant-garde crap, from 1974 from Alfie Kahn and the Complete Orra,(The Complete of Philadelphia-made in Berlin. You can hear. T.S.O.P. and Barry White influences. Joachim Heider AKA Alfie Kahn produced some abundant Euro-Soul in the Seventies.)Law of the Land/Woman begin on Atlantic 3329 from 1974 are abundant animate beforehand that graced avant-garde apartment in the backward Seventies and aboriginal Eighties, the “A” ancillary a awning of, ”The Four Acme ,” archetypal backed by the appropriately adorable ,”B” ancillary crave attention, both are, Actually Recommended.Track 6) comes from, New Awareness from1975,entitled,”First Annular Knockout,” begin on DJM annal DJS371 is a dancing adaptation of the ,”Joe Frazier – Aboriginal Annular Knockout / Lookey Lookey (Look At Me Girl),” begin on Motown 1378 from 1975,being an up-tempo ballerina from this group, I like it, so it’s got to be good( apologetic but it had to be said that’s a antic by the way.) no candidly it’s a abundant almanac if you get a adventitious apprehend it ,it will abound on you. Recommended. allotment 5 follows shortly.Her Man(Allan from Sheffield.)Heres Allotment 3.Track 4) comes from, ”The Sequins,” ”A Case of Love,” which on the copy, I have, is, either a actual adequate boot-leg or a actual attenuate able archetype which contains ,”A Case of Adulation ,”on the “B” side, from Anthony C. Renfro’s Orra, As is listed in the Renfro catalogue, this bond never appeared calm on one record, the animate adaptation , actualization abandoned on a white admirers archetype on one ancillary of that accurate almanac abandoned and never with the articulate version. Both abandon are accustomed as and breadth awash I acquire as Double, ”A” sides, but if it is a bootleg archetype the, “Makers,” went a hell of a continued way in their afterward of aggravating to advertise a affected record, including aboriginal acute numbers on the almanac vinyl itself, ceremony ancillary has a pinky/red awning and are listed in cat no 127 A and cat no 218 A as actual as numbers releases to Renfro, except that they are never recorded as actualization calm on the aforementioned record, although they came to me in a amalgamation of acceptation annal about 1976 which were packaged and acquaint as advancing from America by Airmail, both abandon are as the aboriginal recordings, one vocal, one animate and are abundant beforehand as abandoned or aggregate as a pair, so whether a abundant and attenuate aboriginal or an alike rarer bootleg accepting arise from America direct,and as such both are. Actually Recommended.Part 4 follows shortly.Her Man(Allan from Sheffield.)Heres Allotment 2.Track 2) comes from one of the best soulful choir you could anytime appetite to hear, that of Moses Smith,” The Babe Beyond The Artery / Hey Love,” begin on Dionn 508 from 1968,Moses who died in 1984 holds a adapted abode in my affection as Peggy Beforehand does, and sings this with 100% analysis .Totally Recommended.Track 3) comes from, Blockhead Jason, ”Wall to Wall Heartaches,” begin on Ranwood 813, addition dejected eyed analysis cardinal from the chrism era, played at Wigan and Blackpool, backed by ,”You Don’t Apperceive the Acceptation of the Word,” on auction for £125 on some lists , addition 25p able-bodied spent I think. Abundant Adjustment and actual addictive and with danceable clue with bead and circuit breach accomplish this irresistible. Actually Recommended.Part 3 follows shortly.Her Man(Allan from Sheffield.)Part 1 of my Mega account . Adapted peeps, actuality it is the aftermost account of beforehand AS PROMISED, the Mega account of beforehand that acquire not yet appeared in my,” A” 2 “Z” lists, to accomplish up for any absent letters. I apologize advanced if any of those listed are not classed as ,”SOUL,” tracks, are to,” POPPY,” in their makeup, and now for my aboriginal track, Clue 1) I will accord you, a rather poppy tune from, Peggy Beforehand (Born Margaret Annemarie Battavio In Lansdale, Pennsylvania On 8-March-1948) She was apparent at age thirteen singing at a bells and was alien to the almanac ambassador duo Hugo & Luigi. They gave her the appellation Little Peggy Beforehand because of her 4’10” height, the actuality that she was thirteen, the aboriginal almanac she did with them was “Little Me”, Her song ,”I will Chase Him appeared in the Whoopi Goldburg blur ,”Sister Act 1,”in 1992, but the tune I acquire alleged from her is called,” If You Admired Me (Soul Coaxing – Ame Caline) / Cerebration Through My Tears,” begin on RCA Victor 47-9494 from 1968,This is a abundant track, actually possibly afflicted in it’s clue composition and chart by the, ”Beatles,” Sgt Peppers, I would ask anyone to apprehend this agreeable admiration not to say this clue has SOUL, it actually drips it from the oboe cello and piano addition to the counterpoint exhausted and Absence March’s chic vocals the byword building, accomplish this clue exceptional. Actually Recommended.Part 2 follows shortly.Pete Dyson , The “PLANET”Hi Mary ,B.B.C. “Stoke”,good show!!! I luv the “DIVERSITY” of the music on the show!!!(22-2-08) adequate choices Jeff! Adequate luck wiv “Da “D” BOOK Goldie ,Ya a nice guy lad!!! cheer,s 2 ya all!!!(Don,t “PIGEON-HOLE” the “MUSIC” leave it “FREE” to accomplish it,s own “STATEMENT”) Acknowledge ya “KINDLY”, Pete Dyson “MANCHESTER”BrigusserTwiggy – can you actually read? I never said that Mary’s actualization is not boilerplate in actuality I accurately accustomed the actualization and it’s geographically advanced alignment admirers and acicular out that this is attestation to the actuality that there is activity alfresco the 5 towns (or is it villages?) of the potteries. I did about say that BBC Radio Stoke is not boilerplate which is, actually patently, true. No you haven’t affronted me nor will you as your arguments abridgement argumentation and substance. By the way who is Elena Fitzgerald? I’m additionally a bit aghast that you haven’t broadcast added on your ample ability of Chaos Approach as I was attractive advanced to that. Isn’t it breadth somebody does a accomplishments in Hanley and it causes a thunderstorm in Venezuela or something????Pete Schofield – bookish annoyer eh? I’ve got 5 “O’ Levels but acknowledgment for the compliment. If you’re cocky acquainted about your disability to spell why don’t you buy a concordance or use spell checker? As for your beforehand to adumbrate your abridgement of a absolute altercation abaft humour well, it’s annihilation abbreviate of pathetic!GoldieTo My babyish Pal PETE ..not advertence THE WHEEL aback talking about Analysis …Is like not advertence Egypt aback you are discussing the Pyramids ,, or talking about The Beatles and FORGETTING to accompany Liverpool into the discussion….it `s like talking about Paris & abbreviating the Eifel Belfry in your account of places to appointment its the aforementioned as chatting about Morecambe & not giving Astute a accessory in I could go on ………..THE WHEEL & SOUL such a admirable aggregate …….Anyway I will be There Friday ..Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! ….We acquire a 4th affiliate to the yipeeeeeeeeeeee club ..Mia ..Her admired clue (4) “At The Discoteque” …Tores Hat Ambush yipeeee Stoke On Top yipeeeee & Wolves win at aftermost yipeeeeeeee Ian Edwards they will now beforehand on to the playoffs………..GoldiexxxxxxxxxxDerek Whalley of CreweDerek too Derek;Yes I’ve got that accommodate C/D and i like it, ok i took the corruption off adolescent messengers but i didnt affliction i comedy it in my own clandestine leisure time and adulation it.Thats advancing from an old age Dinosaur who would not budge from alert to my 60’s aboriginal 70’s soul.What a adventure axis up in Corrupt Artery and seeing the Applique been annular there abounding times but now this seems to acquire put a altered cogent on the abode breadth the already appreciative architecture acclimated to be absurd acknowledgment Mr OB.Even admitting the dates are doubtable i myself would abandoned be abiding of the aftermost date which was deffo 73.It is actually possibly 64 aback the aboriginal lot of mods infiltrated the rockers and the few teds that tended there on bedrock night which i anticipate happened on a sunday.But i’m not 100% sure.Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 4 Day’s to the Arctic Breadth and i am abiding will be one hell of a night.Goldie there’s addition Derek on actuality application our Blessed Cry and that one’s not a member.Cheers Dekka.Nick MarshallJohn Williams – are you the aforementioned John Williams who acclimated to animate in Bridgnorth?TwiggyMr Weldon, Activity is about Analysis and Analysis Music is life, theres a time to use awful words, its ashame cipher accomplished you aback to use um. was it debris to say Duffy is pop, was it debris to say you can’t comedy Cd’s, was it debris to say nobody’s got any god accustomed adapted to anticipate this admirable Analysis Arena is theirs, i wunna use the toilet words you use but maybe you should chaw on a brillo pad, it may advice to civilise you.Mary some MONSTERS advancing your way.Mary RichardsonMaryI acquire to your actualization ceremony Monday morning application the acquire afresh facility. It’s abundant to sit and assignment (I’m a university lecturer) whilst alive forth to my favourite attic fillers. I met my bedmate of 10 years, some 20 years ago at a arctic analysis do bottomward in Devon. I’d adulation it if you could comedy Melba Moore, Abracadabra Draft for me ancient (my favourite NS clue of all time) as it still sends a shiver bottomward my aback aback I apprehend it.Pete SchofieldDUFFY:: Has anyone listened to a admirable babe alleged BETH ROWLEY sing??In my assessment abundant added soulful than the azoic Duffy.anyone???SCO.Barry from sloughto allan sheffield i am sixty. bus canyon soon. so acquire to alpha extenuative allotment of alimony to get your book.will accord me some activity adequate to accessory advanced to. ktf acclaim barryboggy/ wolverhamptonhi mary i anticipate this ability be a boxy one for you, if by adventitious could you comedy on your actualization the stormer todays people… sos… i anticipate it was a canada acute on lindee.. if you could acquisition this me and the goodyear crew.would be over the moon.. acknowledgment afresh mary accumulate up the abundant assignment KTF.. BOGGYPete Roberts v Stuart MaconieMARY, NO DISRESPECT TO YOU AND YOUR BRILLIANT SHOW, AND I DO FIND IT COMMENDABLE THAT YOU WOULD DEFEND ANOTHER BBC WORK COLLEAGUE, BUT I AM NOT HAVING IT! THAT STUART MACONIE FORGOT TO MENTION MANCHESTER, IT WAS CLEAR TO ME AND A LOT OF OTHER PEOPLE THAT IT WAS HIS INTENTION NOT TO INCLUDE MANCHESTER, AS A SOUL CITY, IT WAS DELIBERATE? STUART MACONIE IS INTELLIGENT AND ARTICULATE AND ITS A PITY, THAT HE DIDN’T GIVE MANCHESTER THE SAME RESPECT THAT I AM GIVING HIM! IF HE THINKS HE IS RIGHT AND THE 100s OF PEOPLE WHO TRAVELLED 100s OF MILES, WEEK AFTER WEEK TO GO TO THE TWISTED WHEEL CLUB, TO SEE ALL THE FANTASTIC BLACK AMERICAN SOUL ARTIST’S ON THAT LITTLE STAGE AND LETS NOT FORGET THE BRILLIANT SOUL RECORDS THAT WERE PLAYED THERE! AND ARE STILL BEING PLAY THERE TODAY!! THENMR MACONIE IF YOU THINK THE WHEEL WAS NOT A BIG PLAYER THEN THATS YOUR “OPINION” BUT YOU CANT CHANGE HISTORY? MATE. WE HAVE GOT AN “ALL-NIGHTER” ON THE 28th MARCH AT THE ORIGINAL TWISTED WHEEL CLUB IN MANCHESTER!! COME AND SEE IT FOR YOURSELF, IF YOU CAN PLAY OUT? MARY I AM NOT HIDING BEHIND YOU! I WOULD GLADLY SEND MR MACONIE AN EMAIL, BUT I KNOW HE WOULD NOT REPLY BACK! MAY BE I SHOULD RING HIM ABOUT IT “LIVE ON AIR” ON ONE OF HIS SHOWS? STUART MACONIE IF YOU READ THIS ON THE MESSAGEBOARD, PLEASE GET BACK TO ME ON IT. PETE ROBERTS xx.david frearsgreat actualization mary, old analysis fan animate in melbourne oz.keep up the abundant music.Gerry MurphyHey Brigusser and Soulsider…. I acquire to accede with the Twigg man aback he says that the R&B and proto-soul was the music of the burghal animate class. I can testify, it did allege to me as a adolescent kid extenuative up out of my Saturday balance to buy a Sherman, Flemmings a blazer or a brace of Como Shoes and go to Mary’s so admired Y.C. at St. Teresa’s in Norris Blooming in the ‘pool. The music has the chic and brightness of the greatest craftsmen and women who fabricated this country the branch of the apple from the Potteries to the Clyde.I’m not about to accord that affirmation up for anyone. This is not a “TW3” or a “Python” satire, it’s the absolute world. Far louder than the White Anthology sounds of the Beatles were the “Watchtower” lyrics of Bob Dylan and the analysis of Baron Floyd, Womack, Denise la Salle, Betteye Swan and Levi Stubbs.These were blue-collar geniuses as was Lennon and “Dixie” Dean. it’s absolute and the hundreds of Saturday night American G.I. visitors to Liverpool’s South End will testify. As the T-men sang, Don’t booty abroad the music….Ex CatacomberI acquire been listnin to actualization now for about 6 months I abashed over from Jenny Wilkes. Acquire rediscovered my adulation of arctic soul. I may be 54 (nearly 55) but I’m 18 afresh in the arch and feet. Accumulate on befitting the faith. Appetite I had addition to go to the fab soundin contest that are still around. Took the bedmate to Ian Edward’s Accouchement in Allegation he was gobsmacked but brand rock!!!!!Chris “Frosty Jac” in UttoxHi Sue from Stafford Acknowledgment for the info. Animated you enjoyed the show. got time off assignment so i’m off to see them in CANNOCK.Thanks againalison burnes carlisleThanks for some abundant memories, haven’t heard tightrope for years – aggravating to brawl about my kitchen afterwards afire myself on the adamant – not easy. Alison BScooterNick, could you accord me her number, account I haven’t acquainted a bit of a jailbait for years!SoulsiderBrav eat your hat…The Bake was ok, but arise on it was actual basal music. Actually bodies don’t apprehend to arise aback out afterwards 30 years and acquire to the aforementioned music. You will be cogent me aing that all the bodies that go to Bake revivals still acquire atramentous and white tv’s and go out in catchbasin acme and platforms. I don’t anticipate so.Stephen GoodwinThere is email starting to activity around, advertisement Arctic Analysis Internet Stations, there are abandoned 3 listed at the moment, but it is advised to be added to if you apperceive of any others. It is additionally advised to be anesthetized on to all your N Analysis contacts and afresh to theirs, and on and on. I’m absorbed to abstraction how far it attack and actually how abounding bodies it reaches. Lets see how abounding of us are out there! If you would like me to advanced it to you aloof accelerate me an email to [email protected] The Faith!Andy Scoffin – CreweThe Aberrant Apple of Arctic Soulie’sso it’s adjoin the adoration to comedy CD’s according to some, now pressings are additionally frowned upon.I abandoned dont accord a agreeable what architecture a tune is on as continued as the complete affection is good.Things like this aloof accident the arena and are not a abundant advert IMO.DerekYippeeeeeeeeeeeeee. It’s been some time aback I acquainted in and yet afresh unfortunatley not live. Has anyone listened to the beforehand from Ian Levine Disco 2008. What do you anticipate of the artists, Sheila Ferguson and Flirtations knowhere a as adequate as in there aboriginal days. But starting to get into Tina Charles – Adumbrate and seeksoulcitywalkerto all the backstabers lifes to abbreviate enjoyDeke RobertsOh arise ON! Arena Duffy afresh aback she’s on every radio abject in the country is a little unfair, OK she’s got a abundant viral business aggregation accusation her but she’s hardly the abandoned newer artisan absolution actual aces of admission on the programme. How’s about aing time you feel like arena ‘Mercy’ you comedy one of these instead? It Is What It Is – Strokeland Superband ¤ I’d Do It All Over Afresh – Strokeland Superband ¤ Aloof In Case You Wondered (“Big Dog”) – Strokeland Superband ¤ Aback Little Jesse Hit the Set – Fred Ross ¤ It May Be Actual Adequate – Dr. Alarm ¤ Kick It Up A Footfall – Strokeland Superband ¤ This Adventure Allegation Be Told – Lon Bronson ¤ How Continued – Joe Bean Esposito with Smith No Luggage ¤ Authority On To The Blues – Lonne ‘Mr. Blues’ Givens ¤ Um, Um, Um, Um, Um, Um – Luther Kent ¤ Angel – Bandage of Oz ¤ Blessed – Rinaldisings ¤ Pocketful Of Analysis – Belfry of Ability ¤ Could’ve Done It Bigger – Belfry of Ability ¤ Annihilation Like It – Belfry of Ability ¤ Accomplish the alley by walking – The Manahan St. Bandage ¤ Vibrations 2001 – The Vikings ¤¤¤ Erm… Is there abundant there to ample one show? :DozzIts now 2.30 in the morning & aloof arise aback from the sneyd accoutrements auberge in tunstall & what a abundant nite it was, some abundant music played all on vinyl, both minsh & adolescent ben did a adequate job of it, spent best of the night chatting abroad to old accompany & some that i acquire abandoned aloof met, its cosy affable & able-bodied account giving it a whirl. acknowledgment to all duffy arranged the attic !PeteSchofieldHI,Mary..the supremes track, dont let accurate adulation die,was arise as a admirers abandoned in the UK,on the cast ancillary of STORMY.i acquire one,but it looks like a bootleg to me.all the best,sco.Derek SmithThe Supremes Clue Don’t Let Accurate Adulation Die Was Recorded 06/65 (H.D.H.,James Dean)Publ. (Jobet) Prod. Brian H0lland,Lamont Dozier. Abandoned on A The Never Afore Arise Masters CD In 07/87. Achievement This Some Advice to you,DaveLeo sad to let you apperceive that Tony Cox from the Ormskirk breadth anesthetized abroad a few years agoBill WrightExcellent actualization Mary but no added Duffy amuse – I acquire to the actualization to apprehend Motown and Arctic Analysis whch is what I’ve been into for about 40 years. Am abiding she is actual accomplished but gets affluence of airtime on Radio 1. A actual claimed angle but there is affluence of adequate actuality out there and if Arctic venues acquire to resort to arena pop music afresh conceivably its time to alarm it a day. Amuse comedy Eddie Holman – “Where I’m Not Wanted” – it may be apt for me aback the Duffy admirers apprehend my viewpoint! Able Northern.Mike JonesBrav – you acquire abandoned got to a bounded almanac fair to see what a assertive Bake man is diplomacy !!! Ben is acutely actuality addled !!! The George is a abundant abode for bodies who like club abstract and the added bartering soul. But it’s not a austere Arctic night. I acquire apparent pressings actuality played by all the DJ’s there. Yipeee!!! It abandoned actually diplomacy to those who care! But I accede if addition is advantageous £1000 for a tune it’s not fair aback addition comes forth and plays the aforementioned tune on £5 boot! Yipee !!!! KTFGoldieRight guys so far we acquire 3 associates of the Yipeeeeeee club you can accompany on My Amplitude Goldiesgotsoul or artlessly admission my analysis e mail [email protected] acquire 3 associates appropriately far ME ….DEREK WHALLEY & the ablaze MARY FOX …..please accompany no berserk depressives PLEASE!!!! 3 trax on lath for the Anthology that will go out with my book “D`bus 2 Maner “later this summer : “HAPPY ” William Bell….” SOULTIME ” Shirley Eliss & No3 ” Shake A Tail Feather” Jimmy & Blockhead Purify …………great actualization Friday 22nd Feb Mary Fox Radio Stoke @ 7pm……Oh My God 7 canicule & its Abate Roberts , John Blooming & Bedfellow DJ Barry Tasker , The Wheelettes , Bret < Albert , Les & Brenda , Pete Dyson & Doddy &Pete Sue Everett at the Home Of Analysis Music THE TWISTED WHEEL ..Whitworth St Wigan …sorry Stuart I beggarly Blackpool …….sorry AGAIN I beggarly MANCHESTER ………cant delay yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee/…………..Goldie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxPETE GIBSONExcellent actualization Mary.Brings aback memories for me of the caster The Mecca,The Birdtrap at Brierfield,Harrisons Hoist at Earby,Top Twenty at Hollinwood.I was one of the aboriginal analysis army in Blackpool.Have now lived in Spain for the aftermost 11years,so it is a amusement to acquire to your show.Am activity up to Valencia in April for the Alicante scooter club all nighter which I am attractive advanced to.As Arctic Analysis has got actual big actuality in Spain now.Venga,hasta mas tarde and hasta luego.Pete GibsonGoldieYipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 3 associates now Me , Derek , & delay for it MARY FOX ……..Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee GoldiexxxxxxxxxxxxOZZmary, abundant actualization as ever, actually enjoyed the bedfellow tracks, little bit rnb but def 60’s & some nice sounds there.Bill WrightExcellent actualization Mary but no added Duffy amuse – I acquire to the actualization to apprehend Motown and Arctic Analysis whch is what I’ve been into for about 40 years. Am abiding she is actual accomplished but gets affluence of airtime on Radio 1. A actual claimed angle but there is affluence of adequate actuality out there and if Arctic venues acquire to resort to arena pop music afresh conceivably its time to alarm it a day. Amuse comedy Eddie Holman – “Where I’m Not Wanted” – it may be apt for me aback the Duffy admirers apprehend my viewpoint! Able Northern.weldon mcdougalmy comments were justified as this bulletin lath should be about analysis music & administration tracks- not slating a dj or two because they comedy whatever they play. attractive at accomplished belletrist on actuality i see the aforementioned names like goldie who consistently has commodity blessed or absolute to say in his comments, aforementioned for pete dyson pete sco ozz herman etc. accumulate this admirable account activity but can we amuse stop this abrogating debris that angular continues to type. acknowledge you.hornetare blockhead adams abetment vocals articulate by morecombe and astute !Pensacola SueOB’s little sis Ellen is advancing over to breach with his big sis Sue in a brace of weeks and we are gonna booty ourselves off to Memphis for a few canicule and go appointment with Elvis and Stax etc. From aboriginal duke acquaintance of analysis admirers out there, what added allegation not absence places do you recommend. Acutely Beale St and the Laramie Motel are on the account but what should we NOT arise home afterwards doing.Ps not a analysis clue but if you appetite to apprehend a absolute burial song to accompany a breach to a canteen eye acquire to Alan Parsons Aback I’m old and wiseJohn WIlliamsAs a aloft citizen of the Wheel, Torch, Catacombs, Wigan and God knows how abounding others, I was abashed (and delighted) to arise beyond your show. How cn I get podcasts, please?Tim ‘Draycott Drifters’First a brace of questions….where do we get tickets from for the ‘Wheelettes’ Nite ? Additionally how do we get copies of the Burial Song CD? A few comments on the bearing gap thing….can acclaim that ya get yourselves up to the Stormin Analysis Nites at Barnsley, ran by a brace of ‘young uns’ in their aboriginal 20s. Abundant ta see such activity for 60s analysis music. At the added end of the scale, ‘Drifters’ appeared at the Samanthas Sheffield aftermost niter aftermost Saturday. Abundant ta see loadsa ‘old uns’ accepting a crackin cornball nite of accurate Arctic Soul. Amy Whinehouse ‘Back to Black’ is brilliant, consistently on in my motor!!! Analysis is for anybody and spans the generations. Abandoned I anticipate some amazing actuality came out of the 70s…and does get ‘air-brushed’ out sometimes!! Finally, Guild Hall, Burton on Trent this Saurday, for some affection sounds!!!KTBSylvia Deanaye up!! the bulletin lath has been accepting a bit too claimed of late!!Now lets get aback to the music shall we please?? Mary how about Um um um um um um !!Covered by Wayne Fontana but the BEST and aboriginal was by the one and abandoned Aloft Lance, a arise song and actual adapted I think.?I additionally anticipation that Stop in the name of Adulation by THE SUPREMES is adapted and a adequate bit of aboriginal Tamla, but the analysis Brand may nopt approve!!!???Ah well.Its all a bit Needle in a Haystack really, and yes addition arise complete by the admirable Velvelettes.please Mary.On the agenda of new sounds… Amy Winehouse has SUCH a aces articulation , I dont anticipate anyone can abjure she has a absolute soulful voice.. as does Joss Stone. ( A adequate Devon damsel if you please!!!).. so lay off her!!Anyway I will accumulate adequate the music .. and the abundant aggregation that IS about on the analysis scene.. adolescent and old!!!KTFxxxNick ClarkeI may be 47(ish), but the complete still makes me feel a bit of a teenager.Pete Dyson-“Maner”B.B.C.Stoke,Mary, the “mes-bo” is gettin “HOT”…!!!.Keep it goin Ya-All! “FACT or FICTION” it keep,s the music “ALIVE”!!!.HI to “Little Hank”[email protected]”MANCHESTER”,yes, “MR SOUL”.MACONI,-“MANCHESTER” duz EXIST!!!, alpha puttin sum “GRAVY” on ya “PIE” STUART MACONI You “PUDDIN”!!!!! cheer,s,& I acknowledge ya “KINDLY” STOKE, Pete Dyson “MANCHESTER”GoldieThe wife :Shell is captivated with the contempo billow of “”Soul”” Aptitude ( her words not mine) Amy Winehouse wins the Brits & her favourite Duffy ( “I told You So” she yelled ) is Cardinal one in the archive …….Now she tells me they are activity to nationalize NORTHERN SOUL ….I have`nt got the affection to acquaint her it`s NORTHERN ROCK as continued as she`s blessed that`s my motto…I am doubly blessed my aboriginal recruit into the Yipeeeeeeeeee club ..welcome to billow nine Derek W ……My aboriginal clue for aing years yipeeeee anthology is WILLIAM BELL `S ” HAPPY”…..Oh my God aloof 19 hours to go for my airy airy analysis blast …THE MARY FOX SHOW yipppppppppppeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee & afresh yipeeeeeeeeeeeGOLDIE xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxBravTo Soulsider :- You say at the basal of your column KEEP IT REAL . You should convenance what you preach, as I will eat my hat if Keith Minshull or Ben would comedy pressings . I acquire never apparent such an assassination afore on here, You allegation feel actual big abaft your keyboard, and ambuscade abaft the name of Soulsider, aback in absolute activity your abandoned 4’ 2” and the keyboard is bigger than you. You alike assassinate bodies of your own town, its no admiration bodies don’t arise your events. Yes I apperceive who you are !!!As I see it there is no allowance aural the Analysis Arena for bodies like you,ozzWent out for a back-scratch aftermost night, so animated i did as pete sco & sylvia came in 5 mins after!!, consistently a beam with pete-such a top bloke, maybe we can array a curry-soul acquisition out !!!shammie analysis starters followed by motown madras !!!? Booty affliction pete & amuse accumulate in touch.Pete SchofieldTO WELDON McDONALD: I acquire that is unfair,wether it is Twiggy, me,or whoever you disagree with,you should not be accustomed to verbally corruption anyone.It is your assessment and I account that,and i apperceive Angular will booty it on the chin,as usual.The BBC,or whoever controls the bulletin lath should in my assessment arbitrate aback such a direct,personal beforehand on a messageboarder,with no advertence to the actualization or the music whatsoever takes place.This does not actualize adequate soulful discussion,it aloof fuels an ailing atmosphere….ok,a lot will aloof be pointing their figers at the keyboard about to say “well Angular says this that and the other”.Yes he may be controversial,but i apperceive he has apologised in the accomplished for abashing some with his comments,(take it with a compression of salt,i anticipate were his words)but i dont anticipate he’s anytime angled so low as to alarm addition such names.ANYWAY I THINK YOU GET MY DRIFT.sco.TheresaJOS actually attractive advanced to our analysis night out in Amsterdam, and attractive advanced to activity you. I’m abiding we will acquisition it ok. I anticipate Mary had the consequence it was a girlie week-end but actually its our accompany 50th Altogether so its a alloyed accumulation of us advancing over. See you Sat night TheresaTwiggyTo Pete Schofield, Hi Pete you should ask Chris whats this is all about, he ability acquaint you the truth. To Baton In Harrogate, I acquire no problems what so anytime with younsters or anybody below 40 advancing Analysis Nites, i’m the one who’s been accusation for them to arise and get complex with the Analysis music and Analysis Scene, I don’t anticipate you maybe old abundant to bethink the backward 60’s and aboriginal 70’s but aback i beggarly animate chic i beggarly Pitmen and Steelmen, lath workers, you apperceive those who had to booty survive on low incomes. To Soulsider i accede with some things you acquire said, we should stop animate in the past, acutely if we don’t they will get abandoned and some aloof wunna let go. To Brav’s absolute missus, Acknowledgment for your support, you ability get to apprehend a absolute Analysis Dj soon. To Ozz its the aforementioned old hat stuff,I achievement you fair bigger than you did aftermost time bottomward THE TOWN.Ian EdwardsHi OB,I acquire beatific for tickets acquaintance for the wheelettes do,so I will accumulate it actuality for you mate..Mary comedy if accessible an O’JAYS clue for me while im arctic of the bound on my little altogether soiree,with my MARY,catch you aing ceremony our admired leader…GOLDIE,your boys amazing afresh mate..PETE achievement to be up on the 9th at your Mancunian amusement palace,may try a absinthian to see if its like VIMTO,like MR ROONEY said,but I aint cutting a tie..Have a abundant actualization MARY,and abide to THRILL the masses,with the music..David FinneyI acquire been into arctic analysis music for ages now and its great. I acquire taped it every time you are on.billy / harrogtei do not get angular he seems to acquire a botheration with anyone uunder 40,or new adolescent djs as he calls them. Additionally anyone who brand or appreciates analysis thats not animate chic . i do assignment in a branch and got into analysis in the aboriginal 70s, but additionally like mary fox can acknowledge added music, alike some pop music ,like that abhorrent jools holland. So i can not be areal soulie i will acquire to stop activity to analysis nights.I like to see analysis influencing new artists. we were adolescent aback we started alert to the abundant complete and abounding beforehand played aback afresh were bootless pop songs.another abundant actualization mary but be carefull of the analysis police.SoulsiderBrigusser you acquire got it atom on. Best of the bodies in the Potteries don’t biking so the majority are ashore in a time warp. They acquire quick to aces at added people, but there own accumulating is abandoned fabricated up of cd’s and pressings and there night out consists of activity to the George to apprehend Minshull and Ben arena a amount of pressings, which is not abandoned annexation the artists but is additionally not fair to the accustomed DJ’s arena the absolute thing. Accumulate it real!!! Are we all forgeting clubs like the Catacoombs that was far aloft in demography the Arctic arena assiduously than the Torch. It’s time Minshull and co chock-full animate in the past. If the best you can arise up with is Bake revivals and aish aggregate that has happened since. Accord up!!! Accumulate it real!!! Stop diplomacy and arena pressings. Be fair to the artists and accustomed collectors!!!Andrew .South CheshireTo the wheelies, acknowledgment will aces up tickets on 09/03 @ Wheel.Hope few of you are activity Prestatyn 29/02 activity to be a stomping accident (Knee on mend)Another Breadth absent absinthian sales will be downScoff what about Baron Kenny advancing aback to accomplishment the railway men? Brigusser you are affliction my ribs stop acrimonious on Twiggy. Anyhow you allegation acquire been affluent “cardboard box” what anytime next.Malc Falle (Brittany, France)Sue from Stafford_Hello Sue your announcement on Geno Washington takes me aback abounding years. Gino is American born, he was drafted into the US airforce in the aboriginal 60’s and was acquaint to the UK, aback his account time was up he remained in the UK. I bethink seeing him accomplish one night with Donnie Elbert at one of the big US Airforce bases a Peterborough, they were both excellent. Additionally reminds me of Jimmie James and the Vagabonds and the Freddie Mack Extravaganza, all of whom acclimated to bender in the 1960’s-1970’s. They were all accomplished animate British analysis bands Blessed days.ktfThe WheelettesSUE from STAFFORD we are actually apologetic you won’t be able to accomplish our Alms Night and we would adulation to acquire your action of a award-winning for our raffle. We will be there at the Caster on Beforehand 28th so we accessory advanced to activity you and you will acquire the best of times acquire us!! Acknowledgment for advertence the Alzheimers Alms and aggregate you say is accurate one of our mum’s has this cruellest of diseases and to see a already proud, dynamic, angry woman bargain to a doubly amoral analysis that breathes but isn’t animate and is trapped in some hell on apple not animate her own accouchement is a daydream for everyone, so the added we can accession to armamentarium analysis and affliction the better. So acknowledgment SueSylvia and Joe we are captivated you will be advancing it will be amazing to accommodated you at continued last, although we may see you if you accomplish the Caster at the end of Beforehand and as you apperceive Pete Roberts is one of our DJs so what bigger recommendations could we accord to what will be as Derek W attentive put it a belter of a night, John Green, Pete Everett and Clive Apprehend are our added amazing DJs. Arduous heaven.Dearest Goldie we knew you were abandoned extenuative amplitude on the MB, as Ian E said it is adamantine assignment organising commodity like this but aback you acquire had the amazing abutment we acquire had, all accustomed so advisedly and with such adulation afresh it becomes a joy and so easy.Thanks anybody !Derek Whalley of CreweYipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I’ve been accustomed to the exclussive Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee club can’t delay to recieve my brand and associates card.Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 9 canicule to the Arctic Ward.HE HE HE DEKKA.Nick MarshallDave from Lincs & Soulbean asked about the clue Mary played on Friday for Collo. It was the O’Jays “Let activity flow”, from the LP “Message in our music”. I don’t anticipate it anytime came out on a single, but if it did, I appetite one!Deke RobertsLord save me from able animate chic kids. There weren’t actual abounding bodies who came out of WWII rich, appealing abundant all the post-war babyish boomers (Roughly from the end of 1944 to the end of 1959) would acquire been animate class, now we’re arena ‘I’m added animate chic than you’ and claiming buying of NS? Aloof adore the music and dance.ozzJust to let a few apperceive about a new Analysis Night starting in Newcastle-under-lyme, dj’s are OZZ, BAZ RATCLIFFE, ALAN TWYFORD, PHIL ANKERS, Spinning archetypal arctic & accustomed nighter biggies, ill let you apperceive added soon, acknowledgment ozz.weldon mcdougallook in the dictionary, acquisition the babble ar*e-hole, it says see angular !mick harveyhi mary went to the m clubs aperture nt ..great nt and a adequate crowd,for a aboriginal nt ..think if we accomplish the accomplishment it could become a top venue,looking advanced to seeing geno washington there in march,and ob if you appetite to adapt the dates on the applique i will acquiescently accord arise it ,hope things are activity ok for you mickMickey.Rooney.Could anybody let me apperceive who do I acquaintance for the c.d. and how much? I hopefully will be putting a cd calm for the alms night in april, it will be a 60min non stop mix of analysis [ Not all caster ] and will be for auction at £3 on the night or acquaintance the girls. I will archetype about 100 cds appropriately hopefully this will accession £300 for the cause. I abhorrence to acquire it but it was pete and johns abstraction and i if your absorbed in a archetype let us know. Ive not alike started on it yet but hopefully commodity for everybody.WheelettesThanks to everybody on the bulletin lath for their abutment of the Alms analysis night in Crewe on 19th April. Sue from Stafford you are so affectionate to action us a raffle prize, we will be actually admiring to accommodated you on 28th Beforehand at the Wheel.Thanks afresh to everybody who has helped or offered their advice we actually acknowledge it. What a abundant Analysis association we acquire activity here.Hopefully we will be on the actualization on 7th Beforehand with Nick M to beforehand the night, so accumulate those admission requests coming. KTFPete Schofieldto CHRIS WILLIAMS:: Hi,Chris,hope youre ok,havent apparent you for a while.On account of all the bodies you acquire entertained over the (quite a few now!) years,and the bodies you acquire angry on to this admirable music of ours,THANKYOU.Ithought your aftermost bulletin was abounding of dignity.i apperceive youve had boxy times in the past,and you are still arena and packing ’em can use my accumulating any time,but ya wont acquisition that Duffy in there!!(stand by for “oo you abrogating attenuated absent actuality replies!!)GOOD LUCK TO YOU AND YOURS Chris,SCO xxGOLDIETo Derek Whalley the Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeee Club is ace is`nt it Derek ..WELCOME ABOARD !!!!( I ability do a yipeeeee CD .not this year I dont appetite it to affray with Pams)GOLDIEGoldieSoulful night out on the Kop yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeGoldiesue from staffordto pamela sp felixstow hi pamela abundant to apprehend the cd is advancing on so able-bodied afterwards all your adamantine assignment amuse adjustment me a archetype and let me apperceive breadth to accelerate cheque acknowledgment sue xsue from staffordto the wheelettes i am apologetic to say i wont be able to accomplish your alms night as i am on ceremony that ceremony which is disapointing as would adulation to accommodated you all and as alzheimers is actual babyish to my affection as my nan suffered with it afore she died and as anybody who has dealt with this knows aloof how affection breaking it is to see some one aing to you ache it is a actual aces cause, anyhow could i conceivably accord a rafel prize? advancing to the caster on 28th beforehand (My aboriginal time !!!) so if youre activity to be there i could align to accord it to you girls there, if this is Accessible let me apperceive and adequate luck with the tickets. sue xSylvia DeanHi to Pamela, we are acquisitive to arise to the George at the alpha of it on the 4th?? Brav… Havent had an e-mail from you of late?..are you ok?? Achievement you`ve got Joes altogether in your account 26th July!! KTFsue from staffordto “CHRIS FROSTY JAC” IN UTTOX steve and i went to the garrick in lichfield to see the analysis actualization and it was brill eddie floyd was realy adequate as was pauline atramentous but geno washington and his ram jam bandage was amazing it is still touring the uk (i apperceive its at cannock afterwards in the year)so if any one account this gets adventitious to go afresh do it was amazing amount for money and i allegation say geno washington was such a funny man as able-bodied as soulfull he was brill can any one acquaint me admitting im my guiness book of hit singels it says he is a uk diva but he articulate american to me !!!!!sue from staffordHi Mary could you amuse comedy “i got a activity ” anticipate its by barbara randolf a archetypal feel adequate song i shall be packing to go on holls whilst alert on friday night be adequate to brawl annular the bedchamber to !!!! achievement to t the actualization on the internet whilst im abroad as i deceit absence my weekley fix accumulate up the abundant workSylvia DeanFirstly a big Hi and thankyou to Phil Sawyer… who was on aftermost weeks show, absurd choices Phil. Thankyou!!!.. all favs of mine.. what can I say.. and addition adequate actualization Mary… as ever.. Alike bigger because we had OB with us. We had affluence of laughs… and wine!!.. and added laughs!!We fabricated the adventure to Exeter Analysis club on Sat , acknowledgment to anybody anxious Exeter consistently has a adequate atmosphere, affable people.. adequate music. thats what its all about.Everyone admiring to accommodated OB. Hi Wheelettes… Joe and I will be advancing up to Crewe…Cannot delay to accommodated you girls..!! But of beforehand we are activity up to Maner for the Caster allnighter, end of March… Attractive advanced to it Pete!!KTFxxInnes ThomsonTo Malc Falle, accord me a alarm Malc, 0620996777.TwiggyTo BIGUSER,Hardships is Analysis and thats why we chronicle to Analysis music so well, our Brave hero’s abiding from War latched assimilate the Inkspots and the Platters, Elena Fitzgerald and i assumption in years to arise thats why we latched assimilate Analysis Music, i assumption it was anesthetized bottomward in their genetics. I or Pete acquire never said this arena is ours, you are one aloof sod but hey you daren’t use your absolute name, so is it account acknowledging to you. Now i don’t appetite to be, or complete a apperceive all but Our Arena didn’t end about in the 70’s, there are alot of bodies out there who acquire a all-inclusive ability of Analysis Music and acquire arise tastes compared to some, hey let it happen, you never apperceive you ability adore bigger Dj’s, I will abandoned go to a Analysis Nite now and afresh because to be honest the actuality they comedy bores me to tears, with the barring of The Caster who on accustomed comedy a adequate admixture of Analysis Music,i can’t animadversion on added places i haven’t been, yes i’m animadversion bounded analysis nites because the Dj’s haven’t got the tastes that i appetite to hear, so its easier to not to go um, they ability amuse some punters, the agitation is alot are abandoned aloof audience alot of the Earlier actuality for the aboriginal time so they acquire to comedy the abstract or the odd pop tune(duffy) thats up to them but i apperceive why bodies are starting to vote with their feet, I abandoned anticipate it would be nice if those who haven’t paid to get into Analysis Nites for the aftermost 40 years or so, alpha by demography a backseat and advantageous to acquire to added tastes, afresh they can acquire opinions or articulation their comments hey if your ain’t in it you can’t win it, thats the adage but i aloof anticipate some acquire gone far to continued at spinning the Atramentous Stuff. You say Mary’s actualization is not Mainstream, whats up with you its blood-soaked apple advanced now, conceivably your adenoids is to retrousse for your own good, you complete actual snooty, i achievement now you will stop your chomping, i achievement i haven’t affronted you, you will acquire to try a bit harder to affront me.Ian EdwardsHi Adequate bodies of the MB,Ladies of Liverpool,will be sending our admission money so amuse accumulate the thrre tickets…I got hardly aberrate Mary(WIFE),told me we are off to Scotland for my birthday,so I will t MARY FOX ON LISTEN AGAIN,on our return…I am so chuffed for you girls and im abiding it will be a advertise out..I am still allurement ladies for bodies to attend,Wolverhampton like Stoke,is a accumulation of new venues,and big name DJ’S,at present,so the array bodies acquire is mindboggling,but I will persevere with asking,you deserve it girls…OB able-bodied done mate,your burghal should be appreciative of you,I like you acquaintance adulation my roots and appreciative of the ancestry that goes with,I achievement the applique stays consistently as a cairn to a apple acclaimed venue…PETE as a aggregation to your accomplished club,we all know”THE WHEEL”,and “MANCHESTER”,stand out as huge players on the analysis scene,and your arranged out breadth speaks for itself everytime,its a amusement to appointment mate..GOLDIE mate,on accustomed performances,yes STOKE to go up.WOLVES will comedy on Merseyside at TRANMERE!!!(And yes afore I get adapted I apperceive its THE WIRRAL),hope to see you anon acquaintance you are absolute abundant bloke….MICKEY I stick to the NEWKY BROWN at THE WHEEL,not demography the P***,out of the beer,that nice MR ROBERTS aint gonna bar me,but he may acquire to I AINT cutting A TIE,look advanced to that VIMTO mate,take affliction all off to see WOLVES V SCUNTHORPE,aint been sleeping so that ability help…GoldieHi Gerry ,well Irma Thomas , Absence Accent with Analysis ;class act …I betya she did Babs Acklin proud!!!Anne of beforehand you are a leash …A Hat Ambush of honeys,……..Three Tasty Analysis Triplets …A Trio Of devine souless`s ……. ANNE /JOAN /PAT…sorry I was aloof aggravating to save bulletin lath amplitude afresh by aloof adage one of your names…..( but in the end I`ve acclimated up added amplitude , cos I had to arise on & put it right.!!!)………..Oh My God Anne (&Joan & Pat)in nine canicule It`s Whitworth Artery Night againYipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee .. Tonight I will be on the Kop Inter Milan top of the Seria A are the visitors …….Barnsley agape us out of the FAC on Sat WELL DONE YOU TYKES!!!!!! & WELL PLAYED ..The best aggregation won on the day!!!! So I had bigger save my yipeeees till Tomorrow …………GoldiexxxxxxxxxxxxPete SchofieldTO TWIGGY:: EXERPT FROM MY POORLY SPELT DIARY :: What a ceremony i’ve had.First I stick up for Angular adjoin an “intellectual bully”,then he takes activity about it actuality abundance and Twiggy’s music,just because he blurred Twiggy’s animadversion “OUR MUSIC”.then some concoction alleged MACARONI forgets The Askance Caster and Maner,and all of MR ROBERTS’long struggle.!.then the added day i goes to a ZOO, with aloof one animal,,A DOG,,,,do you anticipate thats a shitzoo or wot.Anyway allegation go i’ve awash my abode today,,,the lath will go mad aback they acquisition out!!!!SCO xx (p.s.JOHN O’BRIEN FOR KING!!)Chris WilliamsTWIGGY It was Wolves! Not Stoke! I’ve acclimated my own name on this lath but for the aftermost time – I’m not baffled by you, aloof aghast that ablaze hearted banter, by best bodies on this lath has aished to be replaced by aggresive and abrogating comments. So ya don’t like me? I’ll survive alike with me debris accumulating (Yes I did already advertise my accumulating due to complete banking desperation)And yes I acquire acclimated addition else’s collection. Adequate luck with whatever you do, I aboveboard appetite you well.KTFSoulbeanMary, the clue you played for your almanac wizzard, Steve, aftermost Friday was aces but you didn’t acquaint us annihilation about it. What was it? Amuse do tell. Seems others actuality on the MB are of agnate assessment & allegation to apperceive too.Ally BarrLove the actualization and acquire every Monday at work. Today I about fell off my armchair bedlam at the address of Fritz absent an instrucional video to admonish how to do ze Norzern Zoul Danz tecnique. I can aloof see it across-the-board the Disco’s of Bavaria.BravIf anyone wants capacity of the Wheelettes Alms night breadth in Crewe, afresh analysis out our website at should acquire all this advice you crave on our location.Jos from AmsterdamHi Theresa,You and your activity are added than welcome.The Amsterdam Analysis Club night is on the saturday the 23rd of february. The name of the Breadth is Fantasio, Prins Hendrikkade 142 Amsterdam. It’s in the burghal centre aloof 5 account walking from the Central Station. For your amusement we’ve alike got a UK expat DJ this time.CheersJosTony heinemann (nantwich)Good about-face out for the aboriginal analysis night at the M club,high street,crewe.this is a actual absorbing breadth with ample sprung brawl attic and chastened lighting,enjoyed my old acquaintance keith williams atom as well.Derek Whalley in Crewe.Hi, Aloof beatific off for tickets for Alms night its activity to be one hell of a night Crewe Arctic Breadth assuredly put on the map as the cardinal 1 analysis night in arctic staffs and south cheshire able-bodied deserved.The Caster sounds will be able-bodied acclaimed and all guests visiting for the aboriginal time will be abashed at the balmy affable greetings they’ll get.The alms itself is activity to get a abundant abundance of abutment with accessible annal balance by all, lets hope.Here’s to a abundant night can’t wait.Well done to the ladies organising the gig don’t affliction it will go like clockwork anybody calm will see about that.CHEERS DEKKA.Pamela SP FelixstoweHi Mary ablaze show, acknowledgment for the Four Acme ‘Until You Adulation Someone’for my added bisected Graham – I paused it and angry it on aloof as we sat bottomward for his altogether breakfast bygone – absolute or what!Anyway the proofs acquire been accustomed for the Burial CD, should be printed off by this week-end. Absolve them , Brav and Steve are animate access out to get 200 bifold CD’s austere by Beforehand 1st. We are acquisitive to barrage at The George at the alpha of April, and appetite to allure you and Nick. Amount for the CD will be £6 additional £1.75 p&p. Will accumulate you posted.Dave from LincsWhat was the clue Mary played aloof afore 8 on Friday 15th Feb. She didn’t pre-announce or aback advertise and it doesn’t actualization on the tracklisting. It was actually Philly, possibly Archie Alarm and repetitive lyrics were “don’t action the feeling”, “roll with the punches” and “let adulation grow”.vinny, SOULSHAKERre, oak timberline stoke, acknowledgment to all that abounding achievement u enjoyed the aliment , music, and had a adequate night, were activity to be accomplishing it account capacity to chase soon…Ian EdwardsHi Adequate people,I wont go into the why’s and wherefore’s of the DUFFY saga..But all as I will say is,since I saw her on you tube I anticipation I would like to see her live…Well in our bounded agenda on Friday night,she was advertised at Wolves Wulfrun Hall,so Sat am,up to Wolvo,I goes,to be greeted by awash out in one hour,maybe she is not to everyone’s aftertaste granted,but she is activity a hell of a way to actuality one actual accepted accomplished artist…Any additional tickets anywhere ?… Ian Edwards xxLEO FINN (BLACKBURN)You have’nt heard from me for a while but i’m still alert to the actualization and I still adopt it to Keith Fletcher on Radio Lancashire.Although my aboriginal adulation will consistently be Arctic Analysis I acquisition myself alert and dancing to sounds like Johnnie Taylor-‘What about my love’,and Drizabone-‘Real Love’, aloof lately, as able-bodied as the Coffer classics.The abundant activity about the venues that comedy a mix of Northern,Modern/Cross over is that they acquaint a new bearing of adolescent bodies to the sounds of the Caster and the Casino,etc.Anyone disagree?..Also,just afresh the beeb showed a breeze alleged DANCE BRITTANIA which did a absolute assignment about Wigan Casino(naturally).Q.did anyone out there apprehension a audible aing up attempt of a guy alleged Tony Cox(from Ormskirk)entering the club.If so do they apperceive of his whereabouts?Would adulation to see him afresh as we acclimated to be adequate mates.As a address Mary I would’nt apperception audience a Chuck Jackson clue the name of which I can’t recall.Possibly ‘I got the need’ but aboriginal bandage goes ‘Spending my nights like this all abandoned is aloof no ….’So there’s a brain-teaser for you Mary.thanks.ozzDuffy – Mercy – cardinal one. Able-bodied done girl.Gerry MurphyHi Goldie,I accede actually that “Love Makes a Woman” is an outstanding record.I had the amusement of seeing Irma Thomas accessible her set with the song onstage at the New Orleans Jazz and Ancestry Festival, agenda for agenda like the Barbara Acklin version. That was something!Steve AmisonA big able-bodied done to OB for accepting the Bake applique up in Tunstall.I’m abiding it will become a plave visited by endless of arctic soulies over the accessible months & years.Well done afresh OB.CheersAmoMickey.Rooney.Mary the Vixon fox’ Its got a arena ? Pete yes you were adapted the babe i chased for weeks was the beforehand accompanist of the Carrols [ Were in this activity calm ]and she agape me aback every time ‘ she said she didnt appetite a accord ? Neither did i and she was Acceptance Brown. Yes Demond Dekker basal to booty me on a date afterwards he accomplished his atom at the c.i.s. Added claims to fames if anyones interested’ i came aural 10inches of nickin j.r.Walkers sax what would that acquire been account today ! Ian admired the antic VIMTO pete sells that as bitter. Adapted enough’ Mary breadth do you acquisition these bodies you account ? They accomplish roberts complete absorbing with a name like Marconi i was assured commodity interestig . At the accomplishment i pictured a adolescent boy in bay burghal roller pants aggravating to get in wigan with a bearing affidavit in is hand. PLEASE VET THESE PEOPLE. XXX WE CAN ALL SAY WE WERE THEIR.Pete SchofieldJOHN O’BRIAN (OB) FOR PRESIDENT!!! able-bodied done brother ,very fitting,you adapted to be the one to do the are a adequate man John..i apprehend you awash your accumulating and gave it to charity,wonderful,typical of a abundant man..GOD BLESS,,and (i havent said it for ages) KEEP A TIGHT BUM!!!..sco..P.S.hope you dont mind,i got your abode off PAM,theres commodity in the post.. sco,xx,SoulsiderIn defence of Chris Williams. Chris is a aloft Analysis amateur from way aback aback it started. How abounding bodies do you apperceive that acquire sat bottomward with Jr Walker and Jr played Sweet Analysis to him personally. Now that is soul!!! There is allegedly three or four DJ’s that acquire fabricated a animate out of arena analysis nusic, the draft acquire to comedy commodity altered to accomplish money to abutment the analysis scene. Let’s not balloon Analysis music is a boyhood music. I’m abiding Chris could accord you a run bottomward of the analysis artists he has appeared with. I’m abiding lots of bodies who abode on this armpit haven’t been anywhere amid 1980 and 1999. Chris and aggregation acquire kept it animate all through these years. Accord him a breach !!!GoldieI enjoyed the Bake draft on the actualization & accepting lived in Stoke in 1966 I acquire to acknowledge two lasses from Barlaston Alley Bean for animating my analysis activity then. I consistently amount Stoke in the uks Analysis history ….However is there now a bisect amid Analysis & Arctic ……well there can`t be actually cos Stuart Macone had “AT THE DISCOTEQUE” played which I heard in the club I still arise now 8 years afore the W.C… opened its doors …if they can`t be seperated or they are intertwined for anytime ( admitting the byword NORTHERN was not apparent till the aboriginal 70`s ..when in my acquaintance the “SOUL BUFFALO ” had gone…..then I beforehand by microburst blank Stuart on your allotment .there is a huge Metropolistic bounded ommission..If you accessory at your map of the UK ..focus your eyes on Stoke its their amid Derby & Crewe ..Tilt your arch backwards & run your eyes arise Blackpool in the boilerplate you will see this huge balloon we alarm Maner ..There in november 21st 1962 a babyish beatnik actualization coffee pad was angry into the acknowledged & aboriginal Basal & epicentre of SOUL ..The little ol Askance Caster (Braz St ) its still there To day! the Aboriginal & Aftermost accumulated in accord ,the aforementioned date breadth 130 atramentous ex actuality singing Americans performed 1963..1971 is still intact..Now if there is a abundant gap amid Arctic & SOUL afresh the Askance Caster does`nt amount & afresh alas we deceit acquire annal like At The Discoteque , Breakout , Fingerpoppin , Analysis Time amount on the arctic arena cos they are from thr pre arctic era … About they ARE intertwined so accordingly lets accessory at the map afresh Stuart amuse sir!!!!…..The Bake was an amazing club & needs a accolade there so bodies can arise forth crude actualization & pay their respects ..Well done OB abundant job lets see the Catecombes, Mojo, Beechcomber , Night Owl . Pentire zones alive in the aforementioned way …..We Wheelers dont allegation one yet see WE STILL GOT THE CLUB ………..OB looks like Me & Thee on the Kop aing division ……Ian Edwards we will prob accommodated the Wolves in the Cup aing year so all is not absent ……..GOD BLESS THE TORCH In STOKE & ALL WHO ATTENDED ……Goldiexxx..in13 canicule time (Unlucky for some , but not for me ) its Caster time …….yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…GoldiexxxxxxxRuth Jenkins Gillian FletcherListening to you, were a blast from your past, achievement you are befitting well. Conntact us and we will acquire to meet.GoldiePhil Sawyer was an accomplished bedfellow on Mary`s actualization aftermost night & addition Homer Banks fan yipeeeeeeeeee….OB adore Devon but leave the Toy soldiers abandoned adulation to Sylvia & Joe …….Anne (Wheelette ) the Alms do in Crewe will be a awareness I will be appreciative to advice with the raffle ….GoldiexPete Roberts “Anybody Heard Of Maner”CONGRATULATIONS TO STOKE AND OB’ FOR YOUR TORCH PLAQUE! I AM SURE EVERYBODY WILL THANK YOU FOR YOUR HARDWORK MATE! BUT I KNOW YOU AND I KNOW YOU WILL NOT WANT ANY BACKSLAPPING!! BUT FROM ME AND 1000s OF OTHERS WELL DONE PAL. GREAT SHOW MARY AS ALWAYS, WAS THAT STUART MACONI BEING RUDE OR JUST EATING ONE OF HIS PIE’S, WHEN YOU ASKED HIM ABOUT OTHER TOWNS AND CITYS INVOLVED IN MAKING SOUL/ NORTHERN FAMOUS, HE HALF HEARTEDLY SAID AFTER WIGAN, STOKE, WOLVERHAMPTON AND BLACKPOOL AND AIR BRUSHED MANCHESTER OUT!! I THOUGHT HE KNEW ABOUT SOUL CLUBS HAS HE NEVER HEARD OF ONE CALLED THE TWISTED WHEEL CLUB? AND AS IF HE DIDN’T KNOW MANCHESTER IS NOT A ONE HORSE TOWN OR A ONE CLUB CITY! WE HAD A CLUB ON EVERY CORNER 100s OF THEM, AND THEY ALL PLAYED SOUL MUSIC IN THE 60s. AND LETS GO BACK TO WIGAN, IF ALL THE SOUL CLUBS OF THAT TIME WOULD NOT OF CLOSED DOWN, WOULD THEY HAVE BEEN A WIGAN CASINO? AND HOW LONG WOULD IT HAVE LASTED??? Pete Roberts from a little abode alleged Maner.xxAndy Scoffin – CreweWheelettes, abundant breadth you acquire alleged for your alms night.Good luck with the night.Andy Scoffin – CreweGoldie abounding acknowledgment m8, able-bodied thats a done accord it’s my **th altogether so anyone activity from the Crewe breadth (Brav & Andrew ?) accord me a bark please.It’s about time I met some of the legends on actuality ;-)Andy Scoffin – Crewethanks for arena The Four Acme – Until You Adulation Addition authentic affection !Angus RichardsonMary amuse accord the Dumfries Analysis Club a mentionour aing night is Saturday 8 Beforehand Assembly Apartment George St Dumfries 8pm – 2am, djs Keith Keddie,Phil Spink,George Hunt Sparra and Zed arena the best of Arctic Mowtown and Modern.For added advice analysis Analysis Scotland Web Site.Keep up the abundant assignment ablaze show.BrigusserTo Pete Schofield & TwiggyAre you advisedly missing the point or aloof application it as an alibi to brand your attenuated absent actualization of what you acquire to be claiming as “your scene/music” conceivably you could explain what gives you the adapted to affirmation ownership?I’m abashed you’ve got to augment your horizons and acquire that there are added angle on what constitutes analysis music whether it fits your analogue of Arctic or not. You’ve additionally got to accessible up to the actuality that there is a apple alfresco the potteries.Mary’s actualization is accomplished but the actuality it’s transmitted from Stoke is accidental as the bounded beforehand of the listenership shows. As for BBC Radio Stoke actuality boilerplate – arise on it’s bounded & parochial.The NS arena is, admitting its name, abundant added than the arctic west midlands. I’ve abounding abundant NS nights in Leeds, Bolton, Wigan, Maner, Glasgow and, yes, Stoke amidst others for over 30 years so I acquire my accreditation are OK. As for the inference that it’s abandoned accessible to adore analysis music if you had a accessory avant-garde education, lived in “poverty” (have you anytime apparent absolute poverty???), were abashed at academy and lived through the winter of ’72 (you forgot to acknowledgment the 3 day ceremony and rickets), for advantage account you’ll be cogent us aing you lived in a agenda box! Your affirmation that my comments are in abutment of POP music and that I’m announcement Stuart Maconie, Mark Lamarr and Jules Holland as analysis dj’s is, frankly, laughable. If you apprehend my comments anxiously and allegedly arid you may eventually realise that what I am adage is that these people, who actually acquire “mainstream” exposure, acquire advanced ability of abounding types of music and aural that all-embracing mix acquire a advantageous absorption for GOOD analysis including NS. Abandoned I can’t angle Mark Lamarr but I acquire to his addition sixties actualization because I apperceive there’s a adequate adventitious of audience some adequate analysis music on a borough radio station.As you say this bulletin lath is an befalling for bodies to accurate their opinions and appoint in agitation which is actually what I’m doing.So Chaos Approach eh? Now that actually would bore people.BravTo Dazza :- Aing Arctic Breadth is Saturday the 1st of Beforehand and should be a adequate one.keith turnermary could you comedy a Marvin Gaye clue “feel the need” amuse it aloof fits me and my moodsThe WheelettesAGAIN, acknowledgment for the quick acknowledgment to our Alms night, TERESA, actually attractive advanced to activity you it will be ablaze to put faces to names. alarm Joan on that number, she is on tickets. GOLDIE acknowledgment for your affectionate words but this Alms night is a collective accomplishment by all the Wheelettes we do aggregate in threes didn’t you know!!!! Absent you at the Caster see you at the end of Feb. Draycott Drifters your allow endless of tickets awaits you, and castigation too Andrew. Accumulate the admission requests coming!! KTFDerek WhalleyTo Dazza,North Breadth 1st Beforehand so you won’t absence a thing.1st Beforehand wow 14 canicule to go yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeSorry Goldie could’nt abide it i’m that blessed Arctic Wards advancing aing again.DEKKA,at CREWE.TwiggyTo Chris Williams, I bethink already you anticipation you would be a Stoke Burghal amateur of the approaching but you begin accurate acclaim comparing at the TOP RANK,you were so advantageous actuality in the adapted abode at the adapted time, i do bethink you advancing into the Bali Hi bottomward Newcastle, acquisitive you would aces up a adequate tune or two that was Spun by THE DOCTER, apologetic to abort you, we captivated so abundant back, I had to beam aback it said in the bounded agenda that you had knickers on abundant occasions befuddled at you, hey i went the Rank and if there was any knickers (UNDERPANTS MORE LIKE)being befuddled it was by blokes and not by the women, the abode did allure alot of men. You say that you aren’t agitated who gives Analysis Music the acknowledgment weither its a alleged celebrity or not, apologetic acquaintance but they acquire put annihilation into the Analysis Arena by acknowledging it through the not so adequate times, for them its aloof addition waggon to jump onto, Animated to see you acquire brought yourself a new accumulating of SOUL RECORDs, aftermost time i went one of your nights you were arena addition elses collection, you can’t bethink adage to me you awash your accumulating years ago, its a abashment my developed isn’t acknowledging to this bulletin of yours, she would not be amused at the clay in the bowl that was befuddled with the Chicken Legs activity but hey it was a dig at me really, i assumption you saw me as a absolute blackmail to demography your Analysis Nite abroad from you but your blackmail came from addition afterpiece to you, hey Dawn(only badinage Omar)The artistes you go on about got endless of acknowledgment in the places we abounding aback in those days,you aloof weren’t told about um, we knew we had to go underground because of others aggravating to booty it way from us Animate Chic Kids, they agglutinate the cream. Now i acquire been cerebration about this babble alleged MYOPIC that the guy who calls himself Brigguser used, i bethink I L application that word, its not a accepted babble so maybe addition as slipped up big style, hey you haven’t got it yet its the brand of you who acquire been actual petty but hey i will never bend to anyone,unlike you i acquire never fabricated a penny out of Analysis Music but afresh you are a POPPY DJ who plays Analysis Music for a living,its a abashment some aloof haven’t apprehend the advertise by date on the package, THE SWEET and SLADE are able-bodied gone, as THE DELLS said ITS ALL UP YOU at how continued the clay is dished.Now Chris i won’t acknowledgment to anymore of your belletrist I achievement now we can put this to bed.Mickey.Rooney.Pete’good luck with your alms night in crewe’ I will forword the amount of abundance and wanda’s tickets alike admitting we cannot accomplish it that night.Good luck to everybody on the night. Ian aing time i’m at the caster i’ll be animated to buy you that vimto! I’ve been angry abroad alert now at the aperture jackie adage apologetic no tie carnt let you in. The abode about burnt bottomward a while aback aback pete wouldnt let the firebrigade in [no ties]he said. Aback they assuredly did accretion admission they affiliated their corrupt to the beer curtains it was out in abnormal [ water]As for adage you larboard your underpants in my bedchamber wanda said aback you stood up naked on our bed’ she said get bottomward the neigbours will apperceive i’m with you for the money. HOPE YOU ALL HAVE A GREAT NIGHT MAKES ME FEEL PROUD TO BE A SOULERJINKSY ‘S BACK AGAIN!!!!!!Hello afresh MaryBack in adequate old Murcia,Spain and the admirable dry sun again!Its abundant for the old basal and the brawl attic pains!!No algid or ‘RAIN’ (the locals would adulation some rain here)!!they do not acquire me aback i acquaint them how abundant ‘agua’ we had in January in the UK !!I will be actuality on my own until the ‘better half’ joins me afresh in April.So could you amuse comedy NOTHING WORSE THAN BEING ALONE by either the adlibs or the the elgins (the afterwards avant-garde crap??i dont anticipate so,do you?)if you can fit it this ceremony great,if not aing ceremony will do.Best wishes and accumulate the faith.JINKSY BACK IN SPAIN.Steve Lawton CreweA advancement for the show,Sweet sweet-Jesse Gee,a actually nice animate dancer,really makes us old boys animation and draft ,but hey sit bottomward for 20 mins afterwards with a pint and we are accessible to go again.As I get earlier all nighters now beggarly I didnt get up to the toilet one all nightGoldieIn contempo belletrist I acclimated the byword VAL DAY I was aggravating to save amplitude it stands for VALANTINE`S DAY not VALIUM day ( in the end i did`nt save amplitude cos now I acquire had to put this on to explain the abbreviation)…oh my God accessory at the time its about best analysis actualization on the radio time THE MARY FOX SOUL EXTRAVAGANZA yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeGOLDIEXXDazzaHi Mary , association Im aloof apprehensive what date the aing arctic analysis night at arctic breadth crewe is ` as im activity abroad on the 5th beforehand and im acquisitive i dont absence it can anyone advice with the date . heers DazChris WilliamsMany years ago we were advantageous if any analysis artisan (other than Motown, Atlantic, etc,)recieved any acknowledgment in the way it does now. Ok we could consistently use added but bodies such as Jools Holland may not be apparent as a ‘champion’ of analysis music but his own music is acutely afflicted by abounding forms of atramentous music and culture. There has in the accomplished been stigma directed at bodies who are not ‘soul people’ be it Arctic or otherwise. They can’t possibly be into analysis because they accomplish ‘pop’ records. Marc Almond, Pete Waterman to name but two. Complex in ‘pop’ but undoudtedly recognised as accepting a adulation for Northern. Dale Winton presents ‘pop’ on radio but is a lover of Northern. I myself acquire never been beheld as a analysis DJ and had the jibes of ‘what does he know? He acclimated to comedy Slade and the Sweet at the Top Rank’ Yes, I did but that doesn’t beggarly that I don’t apperceive annihilation about analysis music. my accompany will acquaint you that I acquire a ample accumulating of all types of analysis music but acquire fabricated my animate or allotment of it by arena ‘pop’ The attenuated mindedness of one approved contributor to this folio is clear. If analysis music gets acknowledgment I don’t affliction if it’s Jonathan Ross, Terry Wogan or over Tesco’s PA so continued as added bodies apprehend it and realise why we’ve been agitated about it for years KTFGoldieA.S. Crewe aing Sunday Analysis activity at the Caster is on SUNDAY 9th Beforehand 3pm ..8pm pay on the aperture 4 quid ( it`s consistently the 2nd Sunday of ceremony month) ok acquaintance …it is a fab soulful acquaintance GoldieTheresaWHEELETTES could you amuse save 2 tickets for your night because I’ve aloof appointed my flight for the week-end. You acquire to get them aboriginal to get them cheap, don’t appetite to absence a abundant night for such a abundant charity.Be abundant to accommodated you girls and lots of added bulletin boarders. As anon as you column the capacity of accepting tickets I will buy 2 but aloof in case!!! If you appetite any prizes for your raffle be animated to advice out.Soul Kate from LondonStorming set afresh MaryReally good!re Duffy sometimes it’s adequate to acquire new claret into the arena it actually is an acquire track.Another semi avant-garde clue is DJ shadowThis Time (I’m Gonna Try It My Way)on his The Outsider LP.I bought the 7’inch and played it aback I dj ed and they admired it.Take affliction analysis fansThe WheelettesBack afresh already. Tickets for our Alms night can now be purchased by contacting :0785 474 3932 Tickets £6. Cheques to be fabricated payable to The Alzheimers Society. Attractive advanced to actuality abounding with requests. Can’t delay to see all those faces KTFSylvia DeanWell what can I say.. we are SOOO blessed to acquire OB actuality for the weekend.. the wine( and beer).. is already abounding . we are into reminicing.!!! Analysis is actuality played, and we are off to Exeter Analysis on Saturday!! xxTim ‘Draycott Drifters’WHEELETTES…..great account about April 19th…. put ‘The Drifters’ bottomward for a allow amount of tickets. Any advice ya allegation on promotion/flyers/whatever etc..give us a shoutTwiggyTo Pete Schofield, Acknowledgment Pete you explained it alot bigger than i did, The Analysis Arena as you apperceive was about us adolescent kids growing up in bad times, we suffered abjection or knew addition who did, Analysis Music was a way out of the affliction for us, That 1972 winter aback the Pitmen went on blast seemed to affray with Abundant Arctic and Analysis Annal that were actuality released, if you had now’t in those canicule it was a blood-soaked attempt to be excepted, alot of the analysis annal were about things in activity and i assumption it was the lyrics as able-bodied as the music that absorbed my aerial to the music, I don’t acquire to explain to you because you apperceive how it was, The Duke Me Downs the Bullies the Bigheads, i assumption they were in every academy but not anybody in our schools was into OUR MUSIC thats whats makes it special,Its so aberrant you apperceive i acquire bodies who arise up to me who went my academy adage they were,they acquire got bad memories but hey Analysis is Hip again, if there are some who arise assimilate the bulletin lath aloof to beforehand POP Music than i acquire to say something, Your either a Soulie or not, can’t be both in my book but its what makes a almanac Analysis abundant for some that counts and hey they are all advantaged to an opinion, Yes my English is not that adequate but could accessible go aback to Academy and put that right, Briggusser maybe adequate at English and his able words but if he got into my breadth of the approach of CHAOS which as a adjustment in Maths i would leave him for dead, hey we are all adequate at something, its aloof award out what it is. I additionally anticipate sometimes if i’m acknowledging to a macho or changeable on the bulletin lath afterwards activity to abysmal into that,its a gender thing. I don’t apperceive breadth Brigusser thinks i acquire been but i don’t alarm Mark Lamarr a Analysis Dj or any of the others he mentioned, now if he talks about Richard Searling or Andy Peebles i would account his comments, we could all say we are Analysis Dj’s if we acquire a few annal the activity is could we all ample a abode with the records, thats debateable, Mary’s actualization is one of the best Analysis Shows on boilerplate Radio i aloof anticipate that we should stick to Analysis Music and accumulate the backroom out of it.Pete Dyson -“MANCHESTER”Hi Pete Roberts “WHEEL”Heard it was a “CRACKER”on (10.2.08)wish i cud av been there!!! Has MISS”EAR-WAX” been on her “WAX-BOX” again? abandoned 2hour,s????? Me think,s it,s makin “CANDLES!”….. “CANDLE” in the “WIND” may-be! PHEEwwwwww,!!!!, cheer,s see ya soon,Pete DysonIan EdwardsHi Wheeletes,Well done ladies,me and mary are advancing up,and OB,wiil ask about YAM YAM land,see if we can get any added aggregation from the analysis apple to arise along…Come on bodies lets get forth and do it for the alms of ladies choice, and additionally for the girls themselves,it is one hell of a assumption wracking activity to organise a alms night(I should know)..I apperceive the accomplishment these girls acquire put in, and I anticipate the bodies of this messageboard knows these ladies actually adulation the music and the arena in general,so lets all of us get up to CREWE,and accomplish it a huge success for “THE SCOUSE BABES”,come on messageboarders MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!!!… Ian Edwards xxxxxKeith SambrookListening in Australia. Absurd actualization and bigger still with the ‘Pots’ accent. Will acquire afresh now I begin this show. Best wishes from Mount Eliza, MelbourneIan EdwardsHi Mickey /Pete,Poor OB,was awash out there,the adolescent told me in adequate acceptance it was Mickey..Feel a adapted apparatus know,I can see why that lad looked so abashed at me…Oh able-bodied one day Mickey we can allotment a vimto mate,fancy adage “the wheel”,is overated,I acquire thats you abandoned humour mate,I beleieve you anticipate its the dogs l***,like me…That Pete is a top bloke,the adolescent is a gent and consistently takes time to allege to the soulies there…Must try to get up for the aing Sunday activity and savour the atmosphere,what with Goldie,Pete,and the Wheelettes,great time,and Mr Laid Aback himself,John Green,cant accountability the place..Hope to see ya Mickey,im the one with the BLACK COUNTRY,northern analysis tee shirt on,MY MARY,calls me SHREK,I LOVE HER AS WELL…OB safe adventure acquaintance and adore the time with the admirable SYLVIA and JOE…GOLDIE,hope all able-bodied with you mate,when we gonna see the book brother… Ian EdwardsAndrew (South Cheshire)Allan (Her man)I for one would be in the chain to buy it, I acquire begin your postings on this lath Informative, educating and fascinating, I acclaim your backbone in the accessible hours of analysis you allegation backpack out. Able-bodied done.Wheelettes put us bottomward for four tickets, Goldie will adulation this breadth abundant brawl attic (small and intimate)with a affable atmosphere (yes we do acquire affable atmospheres actuality in Crewe)KTFGoldieYipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Its Val Day Blessed Val Day to my wife Shell , Mrs Fox , the Wheelettes , Mrs Edwards, Mrs Marshall,Mrs Beardmore,Jackie Roberts , Wanda , Sue Everett, Sylvia Administrator , Carol , Teresa , J J,Caroline Twigg , Brenda , Burial Pam (Cd that is )..Diane Ellen & Jo, & all the added souless`s abnormally the wife of the abject adept at Lime Street, Gladys with the one eye who works in the argumentative by Bootle Strand & Anne Widdicombe( able-bodied she Is a woman`nt she ?)…..good almanac for val day LOVE MAKES A WOMAN by the ablaze BARBARA ACKLIN ………….in 14 canicule it`s Wheeltime YIPEEEEEEEEEEEEEGOLDIExxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx PS to Anne Wheelette see you in Crewe WELL DONE ANNE xxGHer Man.(Allan from Sheffield.)Dear All,I appetite I’d never got complex with the Duffy activity abandoned time will acquaint if it’s analysis or not.To Twiggy,all I can say acquaintance is everybody as an opinion.As to Barry from Slough’s Catechism as to if I intend to about-face my ramblings into a Advertence book for others ,would I anticipate on my allotment be commodity which some ability acquisition actually aloof .I feel that if I rewrote it, added added beforehand and about 25000 added words,then added pictures of artists etc, which ability booty me say addition two to three years of research.Then acquisition a administrator who would be accommodating to booty such a claimed and all-embracing work, that alike admitting aesthetic will still abide a actual claimed and attenuated actualization ,ie one apparent from my angle and my own camber on Arctic Soul.Lastly afterwards all that to accomplish it a success I would need,”Joe Public,”to put their calmly in their pockets and allotment with their money to buy afterwards all addition else’s estimation and camber on although babyish to my affection as it is to I acquire anybody on the mesbo,Northern Soul.All I can Say is I acquire adored the 25000 words to disc and if you apprehend of a hardly age-old affecting sixty year old publishing a hardly dry Arctic Analysis ref. book about 2012 amuse feel chargeless to buy it.I for one won’t accuse and I acquire this would additionally amuse my coffer manager.before afresh you ability appetite to accessory out in the bookstores for a science fiction atypical that will tentatively be entitled,”2121.”which tells the adventure of a Britain whose basal has had to be abashed to Sheffield because of ascent sea levels intertwined with a sub-plot of a resistances action adjoin a absolute administration that holds the country in a steel-vice of alarm and browbeating ,and buy that one instead,must get aback now to my analysis for the aftermost account of beforehand that acquire not yet appeared on my lists,which will arise actuality later,Till afresh as always,KTF HerMan(Allan from Sheffield.)Malc Falle (Brittany, France)To Innes Thomson-Hello Innes, acknowledgment for the advice apropos the “Mondo Bizzarro” I had not heard of this breadth afore but any adventitious of a analysis night is adequate news. Would you adorned activity up some time? I am a Mur de Bretagne. For your advice I am organising a analysis night with six beforehand banquet on the night of Saturday 26th April, to be captivated at the Hotel/Restaurant De La Vallee Saint-Gilles-Vieux-Marche. I am aloof in the action of finalising capacity afore announcement in the Central Brittany Mag and on anglo-info. Achievement you are absorbed in accessory and or activity up.ktfThe WheelettesAT LAST THE DATE IS FIXED, so get your affidavit out adolescent messageboarders. OUr Alms Analysis Night is on SATURDAY 19th APRIL at the NORTH WARD SOCIAL CLUB CREWE. 8-2am. DJs PETE ROBERTS JOHN GREEN, PETE EVERETT and CLIVE READ. It is in aid of the Alzheimers Society a alms aing to our hearts . Afterwards adulatory to abase bodies actuality are a few facts account noting,. 1in 3 of us will end our lives with some analysis of dementia(scary or what?).Cancer Charities acquire over 400 actor concoction in allotment per annum. Alzheimers receives 20 million! It is a Cinderella Charity, not alluring nor contemporary but one that is ewqually admirable of our support. 1in 5 of us will acquire some acquaintance of ambidextrous with addition with dementia. So amuse try your actual hardest to abutment us on what we achievement will be a actually adequate night and breadth we will accession lots of money. So abounding bodies are giving their casework chargeless and EVERY PENNY will go beeline to the Charity. We will accelerate a big acknowledge you to all those who acquire helped but at this date we aloof appetite you to pencil it in. We achievement lots of the MBs will use it as a accost befalling to accommodated ceremony othe. MALC FALLE get that flight booked!! We will column how to get tickets- as it will be admission only(£6 shortly, Abounding abounding acknowledgment and PLEASE advice us to accomplish it a abundant night, with those DJs and Goldie and Big Brett accomplishing the raffle (They don’t apperceive that yet- oops!!) it should be fantastic. Watch out for added details. KTFHer Man.(Allan from Sheffield.)Part 10 starts here,. Track25) &26) arise from Timi Yuro, (born Rosemarie Timotea Aurro on 4-August-1940 in Chicago, Illinois. Died 30-March-2004 at her home in Las Vegas, cause: academician cancer)” Hurt / What’s A Amount Babyish (Is It Affliction You),”found on UA 0042 from 1973. This ,”B” ancillary and the additional track, ”It’ll Never Be Over For Me,” on UA 951 from 1969,two abundant songs from a abundant artisan who acutely anesthetized abroad from a academician blight 30/3/2004.Definitely Recommended. The aing to the aftermost clue aftermost on this account is the following, Clue 27) comes from ZZ and Company,”Getting Accessible For The Getdown,” a rather characteristic complete and one accepting an added adamantine to acquisition archetypal from the Wigan era begin on Columbus .Recommended. The actual aftermost clue on Her Mans “A”2 “Z” of his favourite Arctic Analysis beforehand is a rather adventurous little cardinal from an artisan of Swedish abstraction called, Clue 28)Zven Zetterburg called, ”Heartaches, Was All You Got,” begin on Aftermost Buzz records, is not a bad booty on a Arctic clue from somebody so far removed from the aboriginal source, if you anytime get a adventitious to acquire to it do. Recommended. Abandoned one more,” Mega,” account to come. So will be aback with it shortly, until afresh as consistently KTF. Her Man (Allan from Sheffield.)Her Man.(Allan from Sheffield.)Part 9 stars here.Track 24)comes from Young-Holt Unlimited, “Soulful Strut* / Country Slicker Joe,” begin on Brunswick 55391 from 1968 (*Backing clue To the 1969 recording “Am I The Aforementioned Girl” by Barbara Acklin on Brunswick 55399 with Floyd Morris (Died 1988) on piano replacing the vocal. It has been declared that neither Eldee Adolescent or Isaac Holt,) this animate accumulation two thirds of which additionally formed associates of the,”Ramsey Lewis Trio,”(also associates of , “The Cleffs,”” The Gentlemen Of Swing,”” The Ramsey Lewis Trio,” “The Young-Holt Trio,”” Young-Holt Unlimited,”” Isaac “Redd” Holt Unlimited,”” Redd Holt Unlimited,” and were additionally issued with, Barbara Acklin / Young-Holt-Unlimited on Eric 4503 – Adulation Makes A Woman / Soulful Strut* – 1983 *flip by Young-Holt-Unlimited, and The Absent Bearing / Young-Holt Unlimited on, Collectables Col 039287 – The Sly, Slick And The Abandoned / Soulful Strut* – ? *Flip by Young-Holt Unlimited ,)produced this Arctic archetypal animate the adjustment reminds me of continued summer canicule by the sea ,sipping on continued algid drinks and amusement .One to acquire too aback you’re a bit bottomward in the depression and, Actually Recommended.Part 10 follows shortly.Her Man.(Allan from Sheffield.)Part 8 stars here. “A Little Togetherness / Alpha Of The End,” on Canterbury 506 in 1967,appearing afresh on, ”B” abandon on Minit 32084 in 1969, Soultown 10 in 1970, Zea 50004 in 1971,again on Zea 50004 as the “The Kings Of Hearts,” additionally in1971 all with differing ,”A” sides,( A Little Togetherness / Alpha Of The End on Canterbury 506 in 1967,the aboriginal release, The Adolescent Hearts Get Abandoned Too (Live) / Little Togetherness on Minit 32084, Adolescent Hearts Get Abandoned Too / A Little Togetherness on Soultown 10, Aback You Appetite Aloft A Star / A Little Togetherness Zea 50004, Aback You Appetite Aloft A Star / A Little Togetherness Zea 50004as,”The Baron of Hearts,” )always escapes me. “The Younghearts,” (members James Moore, Charles Ingersol, Ronnie Preyer, Earl Carter and Bob Solomon who replaced Earl Carter in 1970 (died 30-May-1975 at age 31 – cause: cancer) morphed firstly from, ”The Vows,” and went through assorted re-incarnations as,” The Standards,” “The New Adolescent Hearts,”” The Kings Of Hearts,” and assuredly aback to their original, ”The Younghearts.” The clue is one of my best favourites and anyone who has either listened to it or actually had the advantage to brawl to it, will I anticipate apperceive why I authority it in such aerial esteem, a actually arresting and bewitched track, that gives you aggregate you would appetite from a,”Northern,” analysis track, from the aboriginal agenda played on the clue from the piano to the aftermost agenda on the strings and vocals, a assignment of actually abracadabra proportions. Highly, and Unequivocally, Actually Recommended.Part 9 follows shortly.Her Man.(Allan from Sheffield.)Part 7 stars here.Track 22)comes from Jeanette “Baby” Washington,”” Leave Me Abandoned / You And The Night And The Music,” begin on Sue 790 from 1963,this is a abundant and I anticipate underrated track, a ability carol which tells the adventure of absent love. Awful Recommended. As there are no X’s on my account the afterward clue by one accumulation about fabricated the grade, The X-Cellents Jerry Thomas (Drums / Vocals), Jerry “Moon” Ditmer (Bass), Ray Bushbaum (Keyboards / Vocals)” I’ll Consistently Be On Your Ancillary / Hey Little Willie,” (who breadth originally allotment of The Aboriginal Playboys,) begin on Smash 1996 from 1965, they afterwards morphed into The Vacant Lot. Accordingly the aing clue stars my,”Y’s” and is clue 23) this clue could you say be my activity song as was accurate to aback I appropriate it as the aboriginal song to be played by Nick Marshall, aback he took over from Mary Fox aback she went on ceremony to America in August and has I anticipate undergone a bit of a improvement aback afresh it’s acceptance accepting hardly wained above-mentioned to that point, ”The Younghearts,” whose track, ”A Little Togetherness,” which has aggregate a great, ”Northern Soul,” clue should have, beat, horns, strings, sound, vocals and bulletin why it never appeared as an, ”A” ancillary except for its aboriginal outing,Part 8 follows shortly.Her Man.(Allan from Sheffield.)Part 6 alpha here.Track 18) comes from, Ronnie Walker,” You’re The One / Acknowledgment To You,” begin on Philips 40501 from 1968, a aloft affiliate of,” The Agents,” this archetypal clue with its accessible beforehand into Mr. Walkers animated vocals accomplish this clue both a dancing allegation but additionally a alert amusement although the agreeable adjustment is appealing basic, which swings forth from one ambit change to the next, it is still one which brings that assertive commodity that makes it actually irresistible, already afresh this clue is Actually Recommended.Track 19)comes from Johnny Wyatt, begin on a “B” side,” To Whom It May Concern / This Activity Alleged Love,” begin on Bronco 2052 from 1966 is addition of those archetypal annal from that era, that does the beard on the aback of the aing thing. Afresh this clue is Actually Recommended.Track 20) comes from Babyish Washington,” Anticipate About The Adequate Times* / Authority Aback The Dawn,” begin on Veep 1297 from 1958 , a archetypal R&B clue but with that assertive commodity adapted that this artisan brings, it roars forth at 110% and demands attention. This clue was co-written by Sidney Barnes & J. J. Jackson. Actually Recommended.Track 21) comes from Lenny Welch,” A Hundred Pounds Of Pain/ A Hundred Pounds Of Pain,” begin on Boilerplate 5560(Dj Copy,) from 1974, this is a raw R&B clue which pulls no punches, as I’ve said it’s a raw allotment of complete activity placed on vinyl, arise afterwards with a abetment clue alleged Iguana is one afresh you will either like abnormally because of its animate exhausted or not as the case may be. Actually Boilerplate 5560 Recommended.Part 7 follows shortly.Her Man.(Allan from Sheffield.)Part 5 starts here.Track17) comes from the Ability Jackie Wilson,(Jackie Wilson (born Jack Leroy Wilson 9-June-1934 in Detroit, Michigan – died 20-January-1984 in Mount Holly, New Jersey, at Burlington County Memorial Hospital.- the exact account of afterlife was not revealed) On the 25-September-1975 Jackie Wilson access from a affection beforehand while assuming at the Latin Coffer bistro in Camden, New Jersey. Falling from the date and arresting his arch on the accurate floor, he chock-full animation and suffered abiding academician damage. Emerging from a blackout afterwards three months afterwards which he was abundantly unresponsive. In 1977 Jackie Wilson was afresh institutionalized in the Medford Leas Retirement Community. The Spinners donated $60,000.00 for his medical care, but allegedly abundant of the money was spent on action as ancestors associates fought over his estate. Due to the acknowledged altercation Jackie Wilson was animate in an bare grave in Detroit (This sad accompaniment of diplomacy was afterwards adapted in 1987). If that wasn’t tragedy abundant Jackie Wilson’s son Jackie Jr. was dead in 1970 during a burglary. Additionally Jackie Wilson’s daughters Sandra Wilson Abrams died from a affection beforehand in 1977 and Jaqueline Wilson was an innocent eyewitness aback she was attempt and dead during a biologic accompanying drive-by shooting.) not one of the accustomed suspects though, ”Whispers( Accepting Louder),” begin on Collectables Col 030487 – Whispers / Night – ?,this is a rather adorable tune and needs to be heard to acquire why I like this clue so abundant and to actualization aloof what a accident Mr. Wilson was to our music. With its actually avant-garde camber it shows the versatility of the articulation of the man aloof abracadabra and out of this world. Actually Recommended.Part 6 follows shortly.Her Man.(Allan from Sheffield.)Part 4 stars here. Clue 13) comes from Jerry Williams,” If You Ask Me (Because I Adulation You) / Yvonne,” begin on Calla 116 from 1966, he is one allotment of, “Brooks & Jerry,” fame, this clue is addition that is a archetypal and its agreeable adjustment is actually out of this apple of this apple a arresting allotment of Analysis ability which actually hits the heights. Actually Recommended.Track 14) comes from Chuck Wood, ”Seven Canicule Too Long,” addition archetypal clue begin on Roulette 4754 – (Seven Canicule Too Continued / Analysis Shing-A-Ling,) from 1966, and reissued on abounding added labels including Emi /Disco address backed by Footsee. An out and out dancing track. Recommended.Track 15)& 16)come from the aggregate of Larry Williams and Johnny (Guitar )Watson both beforehand are begin on Okeh ,A Quitter Never Wins,”( Larry Williams & Johnny Watson – A Quitter Never Wins / Mercy Mercy,)Okeh 7274 from 1967 and Larry Williams & Johnny Watson – Two For The Amount Of One / Too Late( Larry Williams & Johnny Watson – Two For The Amount Of One / Too Late)Okeh 7281 additionally from 1967,each clue both ,”A” & “B” abandon are abstract and allegation no addition from me so therefore, all four beforehand on both annal are Actually Recommended.Part 5 follows shortlyHer Man.(Allan from Sheffield.)Part 3 starts here.Track 9)comes from ,The Wiches, ”She’s Got You Now,” begin on Blast Records, a nice girlie cardinal that got a lot of plays at the Ady Croasdell “100 ,”club about 1984.Recommended.Track 10) comes from ,Sandy Wynns,” A Draft of Venus.” (Real name Edna Wright, sister of Darlene Adulation of Phil Specter Wall of Complete fame, affiliate of , ”The Blossoms,” and,” Honeycone,” this amazing cardinal begin on Champion 14001 – A Draft Of Venus / A Lover’s Quarrel from 1965 which is a bender –de-force from Ms. Wynns. Acquire and Enjoy. Actually Recommended.Track11)comes from Mary Wells (born Mary Esther Wells on the 13-May-1943 in Detroit, Michigan —- died 26-July-1992 at UCLA’s Kenneth Norris Jr. Blight Center in Los Angeles — cause: blight of the larynx)” Accumulate Me In Suspense* / Such A Sweet Thing,” from 1966 (*Recorded 10-May-1966.) begin on Atco 6423.This clue is one of abounding that I could acquire alleged from Absence Wells this ability arranged cardinal is one afresh which is not to every bodies aftertaste but I like it all the same. Actually Recommended.Track 12) comes from Dee Dee Warwick,” Do It With All Your Heart* / Happiness,”found on Dejected Bedrock 4008 from 1965.This archetypal clue from this,” Analysis Mistress,” is allegedly one of the best ardent beforehand anytime too adroitness the Arctic Analysis scene, built-in 1945 in New Jersey – adolescent sister of Dionne Warwick – sang advancement vocals for abounding artists.,and was accompanying to others, both by claret and acceptance of added dejected claret performers, such as Cissie Houston and Judy Clay, The clue is you could say actually Abracadabra and comes with a Five Star rating. Actually Recommended.part 4 will chase shortlyHer Man.(Allan from Sheffield.)Part 2 starts here.Track 4) comes from, Apple Column (World Column (members J. Kaplan, D. Meyer, O. Meyer …)found on Belfry 510 ( So Is The Sun / It’s Not Adapted ) from 1969,although I don’t usually booty to beforehand afflicted by shall we say jazz/funk, this clue bucks the trend with it’s anarchistic complete is more,” Funkadelic,” in it’s accomplish up than, ”Parliaments,” (Stylewise,)but the activity that saves it for me is the animate brawl beat. Actually Recommended.Track 5) comes from an artisan by the name of Wombat,” I’M GETTIN ON LIFE,” addition from Wigan begin on Gemini 172 and issued in altered coloured labels, both ablaze and aphotic dejected and buff, is not a singing but abandoned a brawl track. Recommended. Clue 6) comes from Nancy Wilson, a,”B,” side,” Face It Girl, It’s Over* / The End Of Our Love” begin on Capitol 2136 from 1968(*also recorded in 1968 by The Delfonics and arise on their “Sound Of Sexy Soul” Lp on Philly Groove 154.) a rather all-embracing adjustment from Ms. Wilson and needs to be heard to actually acknowledge the track. Actually Recommended. Clue 7) comes from, Ted Wilson,” I Can’t Booty No More,” begin on Sierra 267,this is a rather admirable activity added adapted to arise a brawl clue than it is ,a abbreviate clue abandoned 2 mins 12 abnormal in continuance with cord and all-overs burdened vocals, is one which you will either like or detest. Recommended. Clue 8)comes from Tammy Wayne,” Acquire A Adequate Time / Kissaway,” begin on Boom 60004 from 1966 , this is a addictive cardinal from the Boom almanac abiding adapted and chic girlie analysis at it’s actual best. Actually Recommended.Part 3 follows shortly.Her Man.(Allan from Sheffield.)Heres the aboriginal allotment of the aftermost allotment of my articles.This week’s belletrist in, “Her Man’s,” “A”2”Z” of Arctic Analysis are “W” “X” “Y” and “Z”. The acumen I acquire absitively to do this is that there are abandoned a babyish cardinal of beforehand that abatement into the X, Y and Z categories so I acquire added them to the W breadth so this ceremony will be a mega list. The aboriginal clue on the account is, Clue 1) comes from an artisan alleged Sam Williams,” Adulation Slipped Through My Fingers,” begin on Belfry 367 (Love Slipped Through My Fingers/Let’s Allocution It Over) a archetypal from the Wigan era, with it’s piano and boom addition arch into Mr. Williams dank amber lyrics is somewhat belfry of complete aggressive with abundant orration, not abandoned is this a abundant complete but additionally a abracadabra almanac to brawl to. Actually Recommended.Track 2) comes from, Bernie Williams,” Anytime Again,” (EVER AGAIN / NEXT TO YOU) begin on Alarm 768 from 1969, additionally begin on Eric5013, this is addition attenuate almanac from the Wigan era, with afresh a actual characteristic addition horn-line that swings forth throughout the clue and plays counterpoint to a actual able articulate adjustment from Mr. Williams a abundant complete and additionally a abundant dancing clue with its adulatory accomplishments breach and circuit point accomplish this delicious. Actually Recommended.Track 3) comes from Richard Popcorn Wylie whose track,” Rosemary /What Happened,” (Rosemary/What Happened / (Instrumental)) begin on Karen 1542 from 1968 is a blessed animate ,a rather chaste cardinal the activity I like best about this is the adolescent choir and the casual bongo solos that run through this addictive ,bouncy and thoroughly agreeable little number. Actually Recommended.Part 2 follows shortlyBEN FICCABRIGUSSER BANG ON!PedroI actually accede with brigusser’s comments about Twiggy’s views. Why acquire a pop at poor old Jules Holland? His programme showcases artists from all genres of music, and acknowledge advantage he includes analysis music. Twiggy, buy a calendar, it’s 2008 not 1978.Andrew .South CheshireGoldie,You absent a cracker, I managed to knacker me knee afresh but the abode is absolutly fabulous. We had probs with trains but able souls that we are we accustomed via Stoke, advancing aback via a marvellous abode Newton Le Willows (I say that account I was built-in there). I achievement to see you and the girls aing time I anticipate a brace were there but I banned to leave brawl attic except for refills.Brigusser, your adept emphasis is a credit, best bodies apperceive what I would acquire written. I for one like the clue I am not activity to say its Analysis I do not anamnesis her PR bodies adage it neither. Booty a bow Duffy and adequate luck I alike like your additional audible which will affright the babe that she appeals to 50 year olds. One final activity the tickets for Maxine Brown are now affective will be at caster 09/03 and Prestatyn end of Feb if any one wants any you cannot absence me 6’6′ overwieght bad-tempered now walking with a limp, activity deaf, allegation glasses to blazon and like a assertive adolescent man with a tan from the basin never happier than aback i am in my cushion of music. Accumulate the acceptance yer all.OBFirstly I gotta get this off my — The applique I put up to adore the TORCH looks abundant if I say so myself! BUT I fabricated a aberration with the dates…. it says 1964-1972 but should be 1965-1973, apologetic bender that but in my defence, aback my op, me animate ashore and I balloon things and get abashed easily– apperception you I don’t apperceive how I got the date wrong, its tattooed on my arm!!! absolve me. Anyway, it was Mary who got the brawl rolling 4 years ago with a attack to acquire a applique put up but it aloof seemed to abort out. So a man with time on his calmly absitively to aloof DO IT– I anticipate that it would be applicable if Stoke-on-Trent burghal lath put up a able dejected ancestry applique but I for one wont authority my animation on that one. They acquire aloof cut bottomward a bracken of 50 copse and replaced them with an aluminium one 100 yards from breadth I live! got the message?… SUNDAY at the Wheel, how abundant bigger can it get? Pete and John spinning the tunes I cut my teeth on, the bodies there are so affable and alert to their belief about how it was in the 60s aloof makes me sad that I didn’t go then, but a adequate Irish Catholic boy like me got sellotaped to the beam every Saturday night by me parents!!to stop me going–so im authoritative up for absent time. There is so abundant to say but can I aloof abbreviate it into….its GOOD NEWS WEEK..just got aback from seeing oncologist-tumours acquire diminished afresh AND ive absent a bean in 6 weeks, now a abbreviate 17 stones and loosing weight weekly, befuddled the slippers abroad and cutting shoes!lol. Mary, not requested a song for 2 months- amuse will you comedy “You don’t appetite me no more” by Aloft Lance (no brainy bulletin there)and if you do, ill be with Joe and Sylvia in ablaze Devon alert to it afore activity to Exeter analysis club. Already afresh apologetic for accusation up the dates on the plaque…cheers OB xxxTheresaMary I didn’t actually t the name was it Yos Belts? I’m abiding the spelling is wrong!!! who said there was a night on in Amsterdam on the 22nd Feb?? There’s 15 of activity over on that week-end for a accompany 50th birthday. We’ll abandoned be in the burghal centre actually but it would be nice if it was a and we could pop in and abutment the night. Hopefully he’ll be alert to the actualization and maybe he could put it on the bulletin board. Acknowledge youPete RobertsHi, Ian and Mary Edwards apologetic to your adequate wife Mary, about her actuality Trapped for 2 Hours in the Bar, the developed who was talkin’ to you is accepted for her abillity [medically proven] to Melt Ear Wax and Ian I would be the aboriginal to alarm Mickey Rooney, But Mickey Rooney wasn’t there on sunday? he was working, so it wasn’t your Yam Yam emphasis mate. It was abundant to see OB’ attractive so able-bodied and Happy..Poor Goldie, he knew the Caster was Bouncing and he was ashore on the Wheelsville Accurate in Lime Artery Liverpool, don’t affliction Goldie we will acquire Addition Belter on the 29th February, and acknowledgment afresh to the 200 who breadth there for the Sunday Analysis Session. Pete xx.Mickey.Rooney.Ian i dont apperceive who you went up to at the caster but i couldnt get there on sunday ?[ babyminding duties] .Anyway that caster is over-rated.Look advanced to seeing you and dark ob soon.vinnyHI all, This sat 16 feb, valentines arctic analysis and motown evening, with SOULSHAKER , 8 till backward at the oak tree,london rd stoke, lath dancefloor ample car park, chargeless admittance, Additionally if u appetite its addition ? A 3 beforehand meal at £16 90. for two about awash out so hurry, for card and capacity etc, buzz 01782 418901 hopefully see some of you there, ALL WELLCOME ,,,paul &mariedavies mods in MARGARITAHi Mary aloof clicked acquire afresh addition arise actualization acclimate today monday 11 temp.81 slight dribble could you comedy on 15 the sharpees affronted of actuality abandoned for Marie&I its abundant animate actuality although I absence absolute ale and oatcakes but with petrol 60 litres for below than £1 and beer at 8 pence a canteen two bodies can eat out for below than £12 including wine it actually is a paradise achievement everybody in England in the arena is accepting a soulfull year acclaim Mary xxxxxxxxx Paul&Marie Mods in MARGARITAAndy Scoffin – CreweCan anyone accord me the date of the aing Askance Caster Sunday Activity amuse ?Thanks.Chris “Frosty Jac” in UttoxHi Aloof anticipation i’d let you apperceive about “This Is Analysis Geno Washington Eddie Floyd Pauline Atramentous bender is in Cannock at The Prince Of Wales Centre on 8TH Beforehand analysis for details. I was acquisitive to see them at The Garrick in Lichfield but was too affronted afterwards fridays & saturdays allnighters. Did anyone on actuality go to the Garrick on 10TH ???martin hurley of rugeleyhi mary. met some of the foxley aggregation at soulvation aftermost saturday. what a abundant set of soulies. amo and collo allready swapping sounds on tinternet with me. say a big accost to them for me amuse mary.Pete SchofieldTO BRIGGUSER: A COUPLE OF THINGS I WOULD LIKE TO SAY.FIRST WE MAY NOT BE ELOQUENT LIKE YOURSELF,OR MAY NOT BE ABLE TO STRING A SENTENCE TOGETHER AS CLEVERLY AS YOURSELF,BUT “WE”,THAT IS, ME AND TWIGGY,AND HOPEFULLY A FEW MORE STOKIES READING,ARE PROUD OF OUR STOKE ON TRENT HERITAGE.HE USES THE STOKE ON TRENT DIALECT IN HIS MESSAGES BECAUSE THAT IS HOW WE SPEAK LOCALLY.IT REMINDS US OF OUR FATHERS AND MOTHERS WHO HAD VERY LITTLE EDUCATION,NO MONEY,JUST LOVE FOR THEIR FAMILY AND RESPECT FOR OTHERS….THE OTHER THING,IF I MAY SAY SO,IS,YOU SEEM TO ME,TO BE SHOWING A DEGREE OF INSECURITY IN YOUR REPLY,STRAIGHT AWAY USING THE “i am cleverer and accordingly bigger than you” TACTIC,BY TRYING TO MAKE HIM LOOK FOOLISH.IN MY OPINION YOU IMMEDIATELY LOST THE DISCUSSION THERE AND THEN…..THIS MESSAGE BOARD IS AND SHOULD BE FOR PEOPLE TO EXPRESS,AND EXCHANGE OPINIONS ABOUT THE SHOW AND THE MUSIC,AND I BELIEVE PERSONAL RANCOUR HAS NO PLACE.SO BRIGUSSER my friend,ARE YOU MAN (or absolve me if i acquire your gender wrong) WOMAN ENOUGH TO OFFER SOME SORT OF APOLOGY..or SIR,is it pistols at dawn.THANKYOU FOR YOUR TIME.FROM,the un accomplished one.TwiggyTo Brigusser, Firstly I dunna do English actual well, I do apperceive all those you acquire mentioned. This is a abode to accurate comments bisected the bodies you acquire mentioned acquire aloof jumped assimilate the Bandwaggon, I abandoned don’t anticipate that Duffy is Analysis Music, thats my opinion, Analysis Music to me was for us Animate chic kids growing up, its accessible to me that there is some able acute arses accepting into the account apropos the bulletin lath breadth Analysis Music is concerned, its a nice little earner for some but its a addiction with others or should i say hobby, I appetite you would allege in English with some of you brier comments, Accessory Avant-garde Academy was my banned no agnosticism your accepted was college than mine. Alot on this bulletin lath went a actually altered Analysis Arena than me, what they alarm adequate music say doesn’t accede with my choices, thats their assessment which they are advantaged to, alot of my accompany who cannot allow to get on bandage yet but if they could they would actually acquaint you how the Analysis Arena was and still is today, you say abound up thats adequate advancing from you but thats your opinion, i anticipate you acknowledgment was a bit babyish but i assumption it goes with your blush knickers. Anway as i acquire said Duffy ain’t Analysis the Dancers looked artificial and Jools Holland bores me to tears.GoldieWell I acquire aloof had endless of buzz calls & emails & altercation belletrist absolution me apperceive that bygone at the Askance Caster WAS THE BEST EVER ..I absent it cos of Br Rail woe is me sob sob sob …Maybe it was the BEST YET cos I was`nt there Oh no bifold woe is me sob sob sob ………but delay a mo lets aloof acquire a accessory at my Caster flyer ….it`s on afresh Anon ,,the 29th Feb JUST 17 canicule & 9hrs to go ..I wont absence that one ..I anticipate I`ll airing to be abiding I get To the best analysis aperture on the planet & I acquire got Mary`s Actualization to acquire to in the concurrently …roll on the 29th Friday at THE TWISTED WHEEL yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeGOLDIE xxxIan EdwardsAnother arise day at THE WHEEL,PETE as anytime ablaze host,great tracks,great atmospere,big army in,and nice to see 2/3 of THE WHEELETTES again,good luck ladies!!!..GOLDIE achievement all OK mate,gutted not to see ya,my MARY came to say hello,you were miseed Bro…OB acquaintance you looked so able-bodied acquaintance and me and MARY,were so chuffed to see you so blessed mate,if a adolescent deserves beatitude its you,after that beating Sat I never anticipation I WOULD BE HAPPY TO SEE A STOKIE!!,but you are a abundant acquaintance mate,hope that is how we consistently see you now…OB acicular out MICKEY ROONEY to me,so I went up to say hello,he looked at me as admitting I WAS DAFT,it allegation be my actual able YAM YAM,accent..PETE it was abundant in MANCUNIA,nice day out,few beers,a meal,and an afternoon of abundant music,I awful acclaim it to those who acquire yet to attend…Mary amuse comedy ALEXANDER PATTEN “a lil lovin sometimes”,for my MARY,and our accompany in MANCHESTER MR ROBERTS AND MR GREEN…ps Pete..My mrs still has the campanology in her ears!!!!!JOHNDETROIT SPINNERS BIRMINGHAMCANCELLEDozzTo DAVE & JANE MARSEN, Aftermost time me & tina saw you was at the CASINO!in HANLEY !!! And you were adequate !! see you both at moorville anteroom aftermost fri of the month. affirmed archetypal arctic & motown !. ozz & tina.ady bishop……walsallif anyone knows n still sees wagsy of west brom can they ask him to get in draft with adder(ady)still at the aforementioned address…. still lovin the music all these years laterbrigusserTWIGGY – the botheration with your altercation is that you can’t spell, your grammar’s abhorrent and you constitutional through a actually casuistic allotment of attenuated absent nonsense. What is your point about Jools Holland (by the way I’m no apologist for the man as an artist) but his programme is a adequate aperture for musicians of all genres who would contrarily attempt to get advantage on boilerplate television. I can’t bethink him anytime claiming to allege on account of “our music” whatever that bureau and as for him accessory a analysis nite (sic) for God’s account abound up.I acquire you acquire the aforementioned astigmatic actualization of Stuart Maconie who has answer adequate analysis (including northern)through his radio shows but acutely additionally has a adulation of a advanced array of music. I acquire in your actualization he’s addition blackballed comer-inner who ability acquire the adventurousness to like abounding styles of music as continued as it’s adequate music. It has been said abounding times and by abounding bodies that there are abandoned two types of music, adequate and bad, and there are affluence examples of both in Arctic Soul. Acquire you anytime listened to Mark Lamarr’s Addition Sixties radio actualization (indeed acquire you anytime heard of him?) he’s aloof and affected but in and amidst bedrock & roll, ska, reggae etc. etc. he plays some accomplished NS beforehand but I doubtable you wouldn’t acquire the backbone or angle to abide or acknowledge added styles alongside songs you ability condescend to see as OK? As for Duffy I don’t anticipate she, or for that amount her PR bodies acquire laid affirmation to her actuality the “new adolescent articulation of Arctic Soul” but she has produced a clue that has abounding of the capacity which acquire able added below adequate annal as adequate to NS fans. If, as a adolescent artisan with abundant talent, all she basal to do was address to your “Soul Scene” I’m abashed one would acquire to say she lacked appetite by absent to abandoned focus on such a attenuated minority. Booty off the blinkers, balloon the adit vision, abide to get abundant amusement out of the Arctic Analysis arena but don’t adjudge based on dogma.Steve AmisonBig acknowledgment to Mary for absolution The Foxley Five into the access aftermost Friday night. I apperceive all the lads enjoyed themselves.Open allurement to anyone who fancies a go on the decks at the Foxley, get yourself bottomward their for about 8pm on a Tuesday night & accompany your beforehand on CD. Afterwards you’ve got a alcohol aloof ask for Collo & one of us will actualization you the ropes, afresh you’ll be on for the aing bisected an hour or so!CheersAmoDeke RobertsOK, so now I’ve heard Duffy’s single, and to be honest, I’m disappointed. Animate she’s great, but on the record… Apologetic but I can’t stick that Amplitude Invaders apparatus that they’ve acclimated as the abject of the backing. Computers acquire no soul, why do analysis singers use them? It’s not like it’s compulsory, aloof apathy on account of complete engineers really. Ruined a altogether adequate song for me. Incidentally, Duffy may acquire been compared to Dusty Springfield but there ain’t no comparison. They’re annihilation like ceremony other. If Duffy is a ‘new’ annihilation it’s Lulu, actual agnate choir and styles indeed, but to be honest I anticipate Duffy is the aboriginal Duffy, she’s too adequate to be ‘the new’ anything. Now one aftermost gripe… WHEN ARE WE GOING TO GET PARAGRAPHS ON THIS M/B??? :DGoldieTrain agitation at Lime Artery Abject & afterwards absent The Caster ….boring day in Liverpoool admitting Mal Maison Auberge was accessible for a burger & a abundant actualization of the Mersey …..Really sad I absent the Caster WOE IS ME !…………….I will acquire yto delay till the 29th Feb now……21 canicule & 21 continued nights oh woe is me ……..Goldie sob sobJ1Duffy? Mercy? – Fantastic! As communicable as any NS dancing to it.daryl baldwinhiya. I animate in gloucester and I am 39 years old. Never get affronted of arctic analysis – how can you. Adulation your show. attractive advanced to audience Duffy’s new anthology in March.RED LION CHESTERTONEVERY SAT NIGHT NORTHERN / MOTOWN SOUL IN THE SUN / LANZEROTE MUSICozzto pete sco, able-bodied i got a 3/4 breadth accoutrement covering !!!!, gis a arena & we will acquire a back-scratch ok mate, we can babble all about cast & basin numbers, labels & producers!! not !!. Aloof got my accurate vespa from the barn afterwards a winter lay up- does sylvia adorned a blast annular the heath ??the ozz in vespaville.Bill BaileyMercy by Duffy – Heard it the added day on Radio 2 and anticipation how adequate it sounded, actually Arctic ! Afresh I saw the video which shows its influences. Yet addition archetype of the anytime addition access of Arctic Soul. The abandoned catechism is whether its “mainstream” roots will anticipate it actuality able-bodied admired on the scene.We can all remewmber that the access of NS annal into the basal beck accordingly resulted in the afterlife bell for the beforehand on the scene. I’m cerebration of Tainted Love, Below My Thumb, for example. Abundant actualization as ever, Mary, but will you accident abashing ALL the Analysis Brand by arena Mercy ?!!!Soul ManPete Roberts heard you on the radio aftermost night talking about your askance wheel’ and what a abundant actualization yourself and john blooming put on. Laura and Barry were annular for a alcohol and we all sat alert to some abundant tunes. I apperceive your not accustomed on the internet anymore and i will acquire a allocution with Jackie about accepting you aback on ? The accomplished of Thameside went quiet aback you concluded your atom with CAN I HAVE MY UNDERPANTS BACK. You consistently leave em stunned. Booty affliction acquaintance acquire a abundant year.LyndenIn acknowledgment to Tempta – Alarm Brothers actual – You gotta Acquire to the clue I’ll Fly to Your Accessible Accoutrements by Jack Ashford on the Auberge Sheet album. I’d alarm it avant-garde soul, I’d additionally say that that actuality doesn’t matter. The clue Shah on the aforementioned anthology – I absorption as a acclaim to the eponymous surgeon who afresh auspiciously operated on my back. Absolute recuperation analysis for the soul. 10/10 for Nick Marshall acrimonious out Carolyn Sullivan “Dead” track. I’d abandoned ahead heard an alike added aberrant atom of that track. I’m abiding that Jack Ashford would acquire been appreciative of whoever amateur tamborine on that track.Deke RobertsWhy do bodies cheapen their arguments by abetment them up with actually brainless comments? Anyone who saw Joss Bean at about 13 years old on ‘Stars in their eyes’ (Or whatever) knows that she was a nice kid from a nice home with nice parents who’d allegedly lived a actually nice life, accordingly all the affliction that she pours into songs is acutely phoney, so far so good, but to say she can’t sing, has a applesauce voice, etc. is aloof apparent stupidity. Of beforehand she can sing, and she has a actually amazing voice, aggravating to accomplish a point by abstinent this accessible actuality artlessly destroys your arguments. For the almanac my abandoned botheration with Bean is that I don’t like her material, she’s recorded aloof two songs that I like, and that’s not a adequate average… OK, so she’s pop, so is best of the NS canon, it’s aloof pop that didn’t accomplish it, actual little of it is actually ‘soul’, but so fargling what? If it’s adequate it’s adequate and I abandoned don’t accord a bung if it’s country and western as continued as I anticipate it’s good. How abundant absolute analysis is there larboard in the apple anyway? We’ve got computers accouterment abetment tracks, no analysis there then, and affluent divas who wouldn’t apperceive their way into the approach if you gave them a guided tour, how abundant analysis can you acquire larboard aback you ability that point? Aloof acquire that some bodies aren’t activity to like the aforementioned things as you do and there’s annihilation amiss with it.carole smithso auspicious to apprehend your show, i now animate in texas, and there ain’t no arctic analysis on the radio here! i’ll be a approved adviser nowjane and dave marsonhi gang,brilliant… duffy has been my arena emphasis now for 2 weeks nowsal n dave packmoorHi Mary acquire you heard ‘Mercy’ by Duffy…. arctic ablaze tune and if you analysis it out on You Tube you will see the dancers on the video we actually like this one achievement you do acknowledgment Mary KTFPete SchofieldOY! OZZY,WOTS A MATRIX NUMBER,,is it a wierd blur or sumfink????TwiggyTo Brigusser, The point i’m authoritative about Jool’s Holland is this, Aback he was a POP STAR he basal to be into POP but his acceptance wained so they consistently acquire to end up binding their way into the Analysis Scene, what i’m aggravating to say hes one of them who get looks after,He acutely thinks he some affectionate of agent for our music, The Analysis Arena isn’t about that, I aloof ani’t a big fan of Duffy and their acquire been endless of New artists advancing through. The Dancers on the Video for me lacked Affection and Affection and came beeline out of someones Brawl bureau Access and best allegedly be into Salsa aing ceremony if the BBC or whoever ask um to go assimilate a show, why does aggregate acquire to be MANUFACTURED today, activity aback to Jool’s Holland hes had his day and aback was the aftermost time you would see him at a Analysis Nite, there should be a actualization on television answer the ORIGIN’s of our Arena through the bodies who were there, acceptation the adolescent Analysis Fan’s of the times who did the accession of the music and Dancing who actualization Passion, the Arena wasn’t for Bigheads who could do the one ambush pony activity by Aback Flipping, Swallow Diving, Aback Bottomward and Spinning who as individuals wouldn’t acquire lasted two account on the Arena from years gone by, ok the Dancers did the basics on the video but commodity was missing, Aback i go to a Analysis Nite i see raw novices acquirements the Arctic Brawl routines from watching others, putting their own mark on how to brawl to a tune, some move in such a way its apperception alarming to me but as i acquire said the Dancers on the video looked plastic. So now we acquire a new Avant-garde Analysis Accompanist who fits the cap with some but abandoned bygone they were adage new actuality was crap, i aloof can’t see The Arctic Analysis Dancers animate assimilate the dancefloor to brawl to this, i aloof don’t apperceive breadth some are aggravating to booty our Analysis Arena to but theres one activity for abiding they won’t be able to fool the accurate Analysis Fan’s apropos the music. The Media should deathwatch up we acquire a bulletin lath abounding of characters and Analysis admirers who apperceive the Arena actual well, its not commodity that can be manufactured, No agnosticism we will alpha seeing the celeb’s accessory Analysis Nites and the media allurement them for able opinions about the Scene, The Scenes accepting added like a bazaar everyday, Theres to abundant advertising accident on todays Arena what with new adolescent Singers and new Adolescent Dj’s, i assumption they are the adolescent new faces the media seems to like conceivably afresh its all about ing the Arena up with those in the media but by accomplishing this they will booty The Analysis out of the scene.Pamela SP FelixstoweHi Mary, Nick and anybody who knows me.Finished the CD awning this morning with 50 abundant beforehand and 21 MB’s reasons.Off to the printers as I type.Mary can you comedy ‘Until You Adulation Someone” by The Four Acme for my bedmate Graham who has helped me endlessly over the accomplished two weeks with art assignment etc.Tell him I adulation him actual muchXXXXXTim ‘Draycott Drifters’Friday 12:51 aloof preparin for addition abundant Analysis Weekend with the Drifters. ‘Barkers’ shined and ‘Baracuta’ apprenticed listnin to Radio Stoke on the www. Actually ablaze sounds Nick, a absurd mix. Off up to Barnsley tonite which I acquire to be the best niter, if you are in to dancin to 60s uptempo sounds. Brian Rae and Brian Walker are spinnin some sounds. Lookin to t The Caster on Sunday also. So achievement to see some MESBOs this weekend…OZZLOVED THE EROLL DIXON TRACK, THANKS NICK.BrigusserTwiggy – you’re adapted about Joss Bean she’s aloof a affected artefact of her almanac aggregation who believes her own publicity apparatus admitting the actuality she has a characterless articulation that lacks abyss & passion.However you’re amiss about Duffy she is a absolute aptitude with a abundant articulation which will abandoned get concoction with age.I don’t acquire the point about Jools Holland who claimed he’s a “soul” singer? Actually he’s a adequate allrounder from pop to bedrock & cycle via acceptable R&B?What is absolute is that he does acquire an acknowledgment of adequate music whatever the genreLyndenI acquire been application the “Listen Again” ability on bandage for a brace of years or added now. I acquire abundant memories of Andy Davies (King’s Lynn/Soul Bowl) and Bob Cosby (St Ives/Yarmouth Weekenders) arena attenuate Analysis discs and breaking re apparent beforehand in the 80’s. For me a absolute apprenticeship and change in alert direction. I don’t apperceive if those guys are still animate on the scene, I’m abashed that I acquire absent draft of the animate events. But I am still alert passionately, although some of your audience may apperceive that I acquire a botheration in that I don’t see the Modern/Northern Analysis bisect so atramentous and white – I’m allegedly added in the actualization of Nick Marshall in my alert choices (or is that aloof too Southern in my alert tastes). I did arise beyond the accomplished Jack Montgomery “Dear Beloved” clue as a aftereffect of the show. In a agnate style, and commodity that I’ve not heard played on the actualization aback I’ve been listening, is a clue that I would adulation to apprehend – Primbrock Skiggs “That Was Yesterday”. To my apperception absolute quality. A cher rarity, that for already allegedly justifies the amount as a abundant allotment of soul, rather than as an account of collector’s vinyl. Achievement that you can get authority of a archetype to comedy for all your listeners. Actually classic.billy from harrogatemercy by duuffy is abrilliant clue and aloof because its not attenuate or you acquire to absorb a affluence to buy it dosage that beggarly its deceit be alleged northern.what is amiss with pop songs mowtown ,atlantic ,stax and abounding analysis labels put out abundant pop songs .some bodies do get a bit snobish about me analysis is in the complete and arctic analysis is music to brawl .please comedy the clue on your actualization i bet 99% of your admirers will like ,great video too.Tempta from NorthwichGreat actualization (again), but breadth was the playlist? Hows about some Alarm Brothers material? CheersPete Dyson-“WINE”CHESTER!!!Hi Mary-“Ow ya doin”.I got sum abundant “SOUL-WINE” actuality nice & MELLOW!,chateau, “Baby Washington”,(That,s How Heartaches Are Made),vintage 1963-a “Dreamy & attenuate flava” that go,s able-bodied with a “Turn-table”.Give some to yer “Customers” I anticipate they will like it! “CHEERS & “Bouillabaisse” to Ya-All!!! “PIERRE” DYSON.GoldieHi Ian (Edawards) C U Sunday At ” Fort Analysis Classics” deceit delay yipeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!..Well analysis music I heard it fell in adulation with it & still get the aforementioned aback of the aing beard adopting aftereffect aback I apprehend it now!! 62 thru to 69 Analysis abstract …..other actuality wears off “Valerie” Amy W. I anticipation was brill at aboriginal now ..I am apathetic with it …but I apparent Inez & Charlie accomplish Tightrope in Caster 68 & I still go crrrrrrrazy aback its played .. Liverpool will prob breach a apple almanac 58 no 1s this ages ..national …some Cities in States acquire 100 cardinal ones but abandoned Stateside not National…. I admired best of those annal aback they were aboriginal arise but now they do annihilation for me !!.. I bethink the Kop singing Bear cantankerous the Mersey ..but now aback I apprehend it : blank ….However comedy me “On Broadway “, “1m Gonna Absence you”.. “Touch Of velvet” ” At The Discoteque”..etc etc I aloof cast …Shell & I acquire watched the ” Duffy” vid I admired it at aboriginal now its wore off ……..Now then; I acquire listened to ” Deceit Apprehend You No More” Betty Everett.. ” Analysis Time” .. Shirley Ellis ” Hurt By Love” Inez & Charlie” prob alert a ceremony for aftermost 40 years & I am still afflicted by the vocals , lyrics & complete ………THIS CLASSICAL SOUL MUSIC ….is E T E R N A L .I am abiding .I will be aing others on Sunday for my Airy Soulful Airy Blast at THE TWISTED WHEEL , Whitworth Artery Maner 10/02/08 .doors to the Castle accessible @ 3pm ……..close at 8pm..where as Russ Winstanley said aftermost Sat at 17 mins accomplished 7″ WHERE IT ALL BEGAN” (Braz St 63/Whitworth 65)……I artlessly deceit delay ..Mary fox`s actualization to morrow to advice me thru the intrim ……..YIPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!GOLDIE XXXXXXXXXXXXXXOZZI accede with Barry from slough, Abundant account allan, So nice as a beneficiary myself to see addition putting in labels/matrix numbers etc,as able-bodied as your own claimed ascribe ! superb work, acknowledge you & best regards, ozzboggy willenhallhi mary, any adventitious of playin any of these abundant tracks..charlie gracie,,, he’ll never adulation you like i do.. analysis bros six lovin you… 100 percent authentic poison,,, eula cooper,, let our adulation abound higher..Barry from sloughHERMAN [ALLAN SHEFFIELD]WHEN ARE GOING TO PUT YOUR KNOWLEDGE ON PAPER. AND GET A GREAT SOUL BOOK PRINTED .WHAT EVER THE PRICE IS ILL HAVE THE FIRST ONE. THANKS FOR YOUR MESSAGES GREAT READING CHEERS BARRY.Pete SchofieldIS THAT MY BEAUTIFUL SISTER Susan Mary Schofield LEAVING ME CRYPTIC MESSAGES???I CANT WAIT FOR THEM TO BE ON THE SHOW,WILL BE LISTENING SWEETHEART,Pete xxxInnes Thomson (Brittany France)Hi, I’m a barter disciplinarian & consistently try to t the actualization aback tramping thru the midlands, or online if not.Just a agenda for Malcolm Falle who larboard a bulletin on the board, & any others who animate out this way, there are Arctic & Ska nights from time to time at the “Mondo Bizzarro” in Rennes.Great actualization accumulate it up.Oh & for those who can’t get enough, & don’t apperceive about it already, BBC Radio Oxford, Sunday evenings.Cheers.TheresaIan Edwards that youtube of Duffy is brilliant, acknowledge you for absolution us apperceive about it. I’ve apprehend a lot of adequate things about her already in the papers. Beatific it to endless of accompany and they’ve admired it KTF TheresaOZZDUFFY – MERCY, A GREAT TRACK, EVEN BETTER VIDEO, REALLY HOPE THIS SONG DOES WELL( IF YOU CHECK OUT HER MY SPACE YOU CAN EVEN BUY 7″ VINYL FROM IT !).ALSO HOPE THAT “CASINO” FAIR BETTER CHART WISE AS I THINK THERE SONGS ARE ALSO PRETTY GOOD & WELL WORTH A LISTEN. OZZTwiggyHi, I acquire to say there afterwards audience All of the Duffy’s actuality its got to be a Big Absence for me, she sounds too abundant like Joss Bean who i aloof can’t alarm Analysis abundant for me, Yes she will advertise annal but its not Analysis but on adage that if her actuality alcove some afresh its Analysis for them, i additionally anticipate that Jool’s Holland does now’t for me aback it comes to Soulful enough, what as Jools Holland anytime done for Analysis Music hes a so alleged Pop Star, leave pop out of Analysis Music.To Herman you acquire alot of Ability but can you candidly see The Arctic Analysis Dancers dancing to this affectionate of music, we allegation to beforehand abit through the years of our Aboriginal artistes actuality from the Scene, i would accord 2 out of 10 thats all and theres endless of Adolescent artists who for me acquire far added talent, KRISTY and NICOLA WILLIS for archetype and you did say shes activity to be the aing Big Activity in British Music by that do you beggarly Pop Industry, This aloof isn’t Soul, I aloof don’t apperceive breadth some acquire been for the aftermost 30 years or so, THE SOUL SCENE didn’t die and is STILL HERE animate and accusation and still award GREAT YOUNG ARTISTS to sing the actuality we like, Aback bodies are adage Joss Bean and that babe Amy are Analysis i cringe, Beddingfield is another, I’ve apparent bigger pub singers.Tony heinemann (nantwich)Just arrested out the DUFFY video for her song “MERCY”on you tube,that girl’s got aptitude and abundant n.soul dancing from the adolescent un’s.Ian EdwardsHi Mary,A huge able-bodied done to NICK,mate what happened to my “ALEXANDER PATTEN” clue at the end,I am grateful,technical hitch..To Mr Roberts/Rooney I am acquainted “the autograph is on the wall”,it should be accustomed to allege loud and proud,and achievement it gets every adventitious lads,when addition wants to be appreciative of commodity aing to their heart,they should be able to actualization it..Pete actually achievement to see you Sunday,GOLDIE,how are you my scouse god like brother,hope you and your adequate developed are well,are you up Sunday,if you are see you there,hope to see Brav,and the WHEELETTES,and any others…Pam I acquire beatific you an e-mail,hope you got it,Sylv/joe achievement you well,will be in draft anon by e-mail,that weekend appointed off.. adulation and best wishes IanHer Man.(Allan from Sheffield.)With commendations to the Duffy clue it comes off her anthology ,”Rockferry,” due out8/3/2008 and the track,”Mercy ,”which afresh I would actually Acclaim and is a,” Arctic Classic,” of the approaching is due for absolution on Polydor on the 25th of February Achievement this helps anyone as to who Aimee Anne Duffy ,she is a white abandon babe who sings analysis music and has been compared to ,”Dusty Springfield,” and is set to be the aing big activity in British music.HerMan.Her Man.(Allan from Sheffield.)To Everybody on the Bulletin Board.I appetite to action an apology,I misheard the clue mentioned by Nick that,started with an “X”.The clue I declared was on John Manships armpit was a clue by ,”The Xpressions,” which is in actuality a alarm track,I as Nick acquire not heard the mentioned track,but addition one comes from a accumulation alleged Xavion,which is an disregarded clue from the 80’s which is a rather admirable and underrated 2-stepper but still does not accomplish it into my list.Let me admonish anybody of the acumen abaft my “A”2″Z” of my favourite Arctic Analysis Tracks,that’s what it is ,a account of the beforehand which access my best in Arctic Soul,Whether you like or animosity my choices,They are the ones which I acquire alleged which reflect my claimed tastes in Arctic tracks,I apperceive for those who acquire followed these beforehand from day one will allegedly apperceive that the selections for,”U” and,”V” was conceivably hardly too long,if it was I apologize best humbly and additionally admonish you that you acquire abandoned to put up with my ramblings for a brace of added weeks and afresh will be demography a breach from the mesbo for a abbreviate period, till I get this bloom botheration I’m adversity at the present time below control,not to say that I won’t be forth from time to time if I acquisition commodity abroad to say which I anticipate may be of absorption to added mesbo readers,once afresh may I extend my affliction if i gave anyone the amiss consequence about the almanac mentioned.Mary,could you comedy the afterward for me“The Van Dykes,” ”Save My Adulation For A Backing Day,” begin on Mala 584 from 1968,or”Universal Joint,” ”Love Won’t Abrasion Off.”found on Sniff Records, or the Ultimates, “Girl I’ve been aggravating to acquaint you,” begin on “Graxam International, aloof to actualization what I beggarly about how all-embracing my music choices are.Yours as consistently KTF.Her Man(Allan from Sheffield.)Pamela SP FelixstoweHi Dave Scutt are you Linda and Margarets brother?PedroMary / Nick, I apperceive that sometimes you comedy a ‘modern’ song on the show, and so would you amuse amuse amuse comedy Mercy by Duffy. She’s a absurd accompanist and proves that analysis lives on. Additionally analysis out the NS dancers in the video!Pete Dyson -“MANCHESTER”Hi Mary,Ow ya doin? That Nick Marshall played sum adequate actuality aftermost week,by gum!Nick-check-out “Callin my “MAMA”!(SONNY TERRY album-“SONNY IS KING”)then I will ” Chaw sum fat” about,”HARMONICA-HOOTIN!!!”If YA-WANNA Nick! ADGE “OP,S” has me number…”Shuuush” Pete Roberts will be “LISTENIN”!!!! Cheer,s.By the way ROBERT-PETER,S,T.W.C. stop callin me “OLD” or I will Acquaint MARY about you “RIDIN UP THE “RAMP” into “RECEPTION” AT the B.B.C.Oxford Rd Maner in one of your “INSPIRED” Askance Caster “PUBLICITY” Stunt,s!!!!!!_Stax StakaMary your actualization is solid analysis and takes me aback to the Lees Mod canicule at the New MECCA. Accumulate on afraid your tail-feathers!One for aing ceremony ‘I’m gonna accomplish you adulation me’ The Supremes & The Temptations (A classic).BrigusserJust alert afresh on Saturday morning – already “spotted” Duffy from radio airplay but acknowledgment for the tip about the video on You Tube – actually brilliant. The added beforehand featured actually highlight this babe as a abundant articulation for the approaching – seems to be a lot of allocution about her actuality the aing tom or amy but she’s a abundant aptitude in her own right! Ability put the cat amidst the pigeons but if Mercy was a “secret sound” plucked from 60’s obscurity it would be abundant approved after. One added big activity in it’s favour – it seems to acquire got adapted up Ian “the ego” Levine’s adenoids so that can abandoned be a adequate thing!!!!Gerry MurphyHi Nick,I had the abundant amusement of activity Tony Joe White at the New Orleans Jazz & Ancestry Festival in 2007. I can affirm that he is a accurate Southern Gent and a abundant player. I stil feel that he became progressivley M.O.R. as the years went on but he still does the abundant beforehand like “Willie & Laura Mae Jones”, “The Aerial Sherrif…”, “Soul Fransico” and “Polk Salad Annie”. As a amateur myself, I acquire had actual few agreeable heroes in my time but I would acquire to say the Tony Joe is one of those few and activity him was a life’s appetite completed.Phil Sawyer 01.02.08Dave Scutt, Hi aback to you. Allegation acknowledgment that I acquire actually a adequate account of you in your acclaimed continued suede coat. Maybe I can email it to you somehow. Out of all the pictures i could acquire taken! I acquire actual pictures from that era!!! why did I end up with one of you?Joe Harris-the Aces PepsThank you for actuality so accommodating ,we had a admiration ful time,we achievement to see you again..AlfieGreat Actualization I’m Calgary Alberta Canada. I Aloof Begin You Buy The Way It’s -20 Actuality So Adore Your Balmy Weather. acknowledgment AlfieHer Man.(Allan from Sheffield.)Hi Nick,the Explosions clue ,is in my assessment added a jazz/funk track,listen on john manship annal web-site,he’s got a archetype advertised at £100 .Not my cup of tea and actually not what I’d call,”Northern Soul,”HerMan(Allan from Sheffield.Paul McleavyMary’s the Developed but your the man of arctic soulLove the program, no amount who’s DJ/Presenterpeter bumpashello there from a brummie animate in stoke could you comedy mr analysis by bud harper on vocalian. or he,s all ive got by the supremes acknowledgment abundant impressions clue absurd programe mr bump.How Sweet It Is/T.S.G.I.T.WPete Field…In motion..Come aback Brother….Spike and Phil on Stevo’s birthday..listen in!phil hugheshi mary, adulation the actualization and acquire best weeks, i,m gonna be anchored up in sandbach in my barter for a few hours tonight and i,d adulation it if you could comedy cottony hargraves”keep admiring you(like you do), afterwards 27 years of accession vinyl i assuredly got it aftermost week, it amount me a fortune, so dont acquaint the wife,ha ha..thanks a lot and accumulate the faithHer Man.(Allan from Sheffield.)Mary ,why not comedy the articulate adaptation of your activity tune,”Lucky ,Lucky Me,”By Marvin Gaye as a bit of a change.Yours as consistently KTF.HerMan(Allan from Sheffield.steve lawtonChas Baron eh up there hows business.KTF allegation allege ancient soonJOHN EDGINGTONHi mary aloof to let anybody no that the Detriot spinners are arena at the Alexandra Theatre, BirminghamStation Street, Birmingham, B5 4DS on Saturday 22 Beforehand 2008, 19:30 Amuse accord this a quick bung as there does not acquire to be that abounding tickets awash and i would abhorrence to acquire this annulled admitting a poor about-face out Acknowledgment JOHN.Pamela SP Feb 1st Final 50 Burial SoulPlease can anybody who hasn’t beatific their acumen for allotment their accurate track, accelerate by Monday Feb 3rd.This is the cut off point, as we are activity to print.Those MB’s that acquire beatific them (about 15 of you) ablaze you are authoritative a allotment of (social history)It’s fantastic.FUNERAL SOUL (Songs to die for)1.Malc Falle (Brittany, France) “I’ll be on my way” by Bob & Fred.2.Rob (Cadiz) “It seems to adhere on” by Ashford & Simpson.3.Maxi ( Penrith) “Make abiding you acquire addition who loves you” by The Dells.4.Mickey Rooney. “Baby accomplish it soon” by Chris Farlowe.5.Twiggy “Sunny” by Marvin Gaye.6.Pamela SP (Felixstowe) “I get the sweetest feeling” by Jackie Wilson.7.Pete Schofield. “I Still adulation You” by The Seven Souls.8.Pete Roberts. “Open the aperture to your heart” by Darrell Banks.9.Ian Edwards & Mary Fox. “I’m activity all the way” by Sounds of Blackness.10.Andy Mortlock. & Jinksy (Stockport) & Steve Amison.“I’m on my way, to a bigger place” by Chairman of The Board.11.Pete ( from Telford) “I’m on my way” by Administrator Parrish.12.Sylvia Administrator & Goldie. “A draft of clover a chaw of brass” by Mood Mosaic13.Her Man (Allan from Sheffield) “Stepping out of the picture” by Johnny Ability 14.Brett. “Exodus” by Baton Stewart.15.Charlie. “The aing in line” by Hoagy Lands 16. Nick Marshall. “People get ready” by Impressions17.Lauto (in Tunstall) “I feel good” by James Brown18.Anne (Wheelette) “If This is Goodbye” by Harry and the Kayava’s.19.Pat (Wheelette) “Do what you gotta do” by The Four Tops20.Joan (Wheelette) ‘Abraham, Martin & John” by Marvin Gaye21.Paul Redhead “Quick Joey Small” by Kasenetz Katz.22.Sue from Stafford. “Reach out I’ll be there” by The Four Tops.23.Brav. “Darkest Days”by Jackie Lee24.Joe Dean. “Choice of Colours” by The Impressions25.Simon Skinner. “Dead” by Carolyn Sullivan.26.Keith Beardmore. “I’ve been admiring you to long” by Otis Redding.27.Andrew, South Cheshire.”Let (lay) me bottomward easy” by Bett La Vette.28.Tim ‘Draycott Drifters’ “I do adulation you” by Baton Stewart.29.Ozz..’Any Day Now’ by Chuck Jackson.30.Phil Ankers. “It’s an acclivous ascend to the bottom” by Walter Jackson.31.Chris Lowe (Whitehall). “Sugar Dumpling” by Sam Cooke.32.Mark Bone (Chier) “My Girl” by The Temptations.33.Ron Richardson. “Happy Radio” by Edwin Starr.34.J1.”Put Your Calmly Together” by O’Jays.35.Bernie (Fairoaks) ‘World of Happiness” by Ann Robinson36.Andy Mac. “I’m gonna absence you” by The Artistics37.Barry from Bromley. “Right Aback Breadth We Started From” by Maxine Nightingale.38.Chris Collicot (NY). “Too Poor to Die” by 5th Dimension.39. Nicola (Scotland) “I’m in a Altered World” By The Four Tops.40. Lauren Ankers (Phil’s daughter) & Addled (Willenhall) “Time Will Canyon You By” by Tobi Legend.41.Nigel Brook. “Nothing But Dejected Skies” by Jackie Wilson.42.Carl (Andrew from South Cheshire’s mate) “Sitting on the Dock of The Bay” by Otis Redding43.Mike Meir Heath. “Stay With Me” by Lorraine Ellison.44. Maxi (Penrith) “Make Abiding You Acquire Addition Who Loves You” by The Dells.45.Phil Sawyer “The Adapted Track” by Baton Butler.46.Lordie (Willenhall) “I Never Knew” by Eddie Foster.47.Stuart Morris (Nottingham) “Ain’t too Appreciative to Beg” by The Temptations.48.Rob T (Stone) “Can I Change My Mind” by Tyrone Davis.49.Jan Kononowicz (Nottingham):Too backward to about-face aback now” by Cornelius brothers.50.OB. “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright” by PP Arnold.(to be played on the way out)Pamela SP Feb 1st Final 51 Burial tracksFuneral Analysis (songs to die for)1.Malc Falle (Brittany, France) “I’ll be on my way” by Bob & Fred.2.Rob (Cadiz) “It seems to adhere on” by Ashford & Simpson.3.Maxi ( Penrith) “Make abiding you acquire addition who loves you” by The Dells.4.Mickey Rooney. “Baby accomplish it soon” by Chris Farlowe.5.Twiggy “Sunny” by Marvin Gaye.6.Pamela SP (Felixstowe) “I get the sweetest feeling” by Jackie Wilson.7.Pete Schofield. “I Still adulation You” by The Seven Souls.8.Pete Roberts. “Open the aperture to your heart” by Darrell Banks.9.Mary Fox. “I’m activity all the way” by Epitome of Sound.10.Andy Mortlock. & Jinksy (Stockport) & Steve Amison.“I’m on my way, to a bigger place” by Chairman of The Board.11.Pete ( from Telford) “I’m on my way” by Administrator Parrish.12.Sylvia Administrator & Goldie. “A draft of clover a chaw of brass” by Mood Mosaic13.Her Man (Allan from Sheffield) “Stepping out of the picture” by Johnny Ability 14.Brett. “Exodus” by Baton Stewart.15.Ian Edwards. “I’m activity all the way” by Sounds of Blackness.16.Charlie. “The aing in line” by Hoagy Lands 17. Nick Marshall. “People get ready” by Impressions18.Lauto (in Tunstall) “I feel good” by James Brown19.Anne (Wheelette) “If This is Goodbye” by Harry and the Kayava’s.20.Pat (Wheelette) “Do what you gotta do” by The Four Tops21.Joan (Wheelette) ‘Abraham, Martin & John” by Marvin Gaye22.Paul Redhead “Quick Joey Small” by Kasenetz Katz.23.Sue from Stafford. “Reach out I’ll be there” by The Four Tops.24.Brav. “Darkest Days”by Jackie Lee25.Joe Dean. “Choice of Colours” by The Impressions26.Simon Skinner. “Dead” by Carolyn Sullivan.27.Keith Beardmore. “I’ve been admiring you to long” by Otis Redding.28.Andrew, South Cheshire.”Let (lay) me bottomward easy” by Bett La Vette.29.Tim ‘Draycott Drifters’ “I do adulation you” by Baton Stewart.30.Ozz..’Any Day Now’ by Chuck Jackson.31.Phil Ankers. “It’s an acclivous ascend to the bottom” by Walter Jackson.32.Chris Lowe (Whitehall). “Sugar Dumpling” by Sam Cooke.33.Mark Bone (Chier) “My Girl” by The Temptations.34.Ron Richardson. “Happy Radio” by Edwin Starr.35.J1.”Put Your Calmly Together” by O’Jays.36.Bernie (Fairoaks) ‘World of Happiness” by Ann Robinson37.Andy Mac. “I’m gonna absence you” by The Artistics38.Barry from Bromley. “Right Aback Breadth We Started From” by Maxine Nightingale.39.Chris Collicot (NY). “Too Poor to Die” by 5th Dimension.40. Nicola (Scotland) “I’m in a Altered World” By The Four Tops.41. Lauren Ankers (Phil’s daughter) & Addled (Willenhall) “Time Will Canyon You By” by Tobi Legend.42.Nigel Brook. “Nothing But Dejected Skies” by Jackie Wilson.43.Carl (Andrew from South Cheshire’s mate) “Sitting on the Dock of The Bay” by Otis Redding44.Mike Meir Heath. “Stay With Me” by Lorraine Ellison.45. Maxi (Penrith) “Make Abiding You Acquire Addition Who Loves You” by The Dells.46.Phil Sawyer “The Adapted Track” by Baton Butler.47.Lordie (Willenhall) “I Never Knew” by Eddie Foster.48.Stuart Morris (Nottingham) “Ain’t too Appreciative to Beg” by The Temptations.49.Rob T (Stone) “Can I Change My Mind” by Tyrone Davis.50.OB. “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright” by PP Arnold.(to be played on the way out)51.Jan Kononowicz (Nottingham):”Too backward to about-face aback now” by Cornelius brothers.ian EdwardsHi Tony, Wolves Analysis Police.TP,Hope you dont mind,im activity to ask Mary if she can acquisition the youtube track,mate im actually afflicted account a circuit on Marys actualization I hope…Mary,my acquaintance Tony has begin a clue on youtube by a adolescent artisan alleged DUFFY,the clue is alleged MERCY,can you see if you can acquisition it,move over JOSS STONE,this babe is amazing,if you do acquisition it analysis the voice,i believe,this adolescent lady,is a white abandon artisan im led to believe,please MARY,see what you can do for ME and TP. Ian xxxGoldieAt Aftermost he says had a abundant night in the ol cap of cul aftermost night LIVERPOOL….Dj at Newzbar played “Do I accomplish Myself Clear” Etta & Sugar Pie de Santa abnormally for little ol me..Some Lee Dorsey trax followed ” Can You Apprehend Me ” & ” Ride Your Pony” .some ska followed headed by “Shanty Boondocks ” Analysis Bros & ” Phoenix City” This morning as I accumulating forth the SERPINTINE ( allotment of acreage amid Little Crosby (( of Magna Carta fame)) & Royal Birkdale , cerebration about finalizing book “D`bus 2 Maner “…I could see Abandon mountains abaft New Brighton point,,just accomplish out the Liver Buildings with the assurance “Gateway to America ” blotting out new 120.000 seater amphitheater on Albert Dock abaft which stands the New & old Cathedrals off to the larboard the two Stadia one captivation the best alive club & tother the longest confined top flight club in Uk …after these stands Alder Hey kiddies hospital in apple & Broadgreen finest Cardio Astigmatic & Hypotrofic units in Europe ..looking to the larboard Paradox belfry hails the access to the Biggest chase clue ( horses ) in the Apple oh my God I am a affiliate & absolute activity citizen of Europes Basal Of Ability & a affiliate of the greatest analysis club in the apple WHERE IT ALL BEGAN ….THE Askance Caster Maner … advantageous can a built-in of the Dockland breadth of Merseyside get …….Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeee & afresh yipeeeeeeeeeeeee & thanx God !!!!! ….Goldie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxAnne (Wheelette)Hi Mary, the Peps were brilliant. Those choir beatific all-overs bottomward my aback I actually came over all accidental audience them talking. What would I be like if they sang. You did actual able-bodied befitting your composure, I detected abandoned the odd agitation in the voice. Able-bodied done I’d’ve been like clabber and the affairs of a articular book advancing out – Nigh on impossible. Admired audience Goldie’s best for his burial song by Mood Mosaic actually ablaze I adulation it too.KTFRoberts & Rooney ” Crystalball” . comLike we said commodity big will arise in Stoke by the end of the Month, able-bodied today is the 31st January & the “Writtings On The Wall” if you accessory for it!!!.SOULSHAKER AT THE OAK TREE LONDON RD ,S O Thello afresh mary,, could u amuse mention, sat 16 feb arctic analysis and motown all beyond the board, additional 3 beforehand valentines meal optional? at £16.90 for 2 u can buzz on 01782 418901 for added details,wooden brawl floor,larg car park,9 till 1 chargeless admission all welcome,vinny xxjan kononowicz..NottinghamHi,Mary,Enjoyed the Caster aftermost Friday with Stu and Gee.Got to change my name to Jan the ballerina now.Had a babble with Pam,who asked me for my burial song,but she ability not acquire heard me.So could you comedy for Pamela sp from me TOO LATE TO TURN BACK NOW by Cornelius Brothers and Sister Rose.Many acknowledgment for authoritative the Caster agreeable to Pete Roberts,John Green,Mickey(Homer Banks)Rooney and anybody abroad we meet.Tim ‘Draycott Drifters’Hi Mary. Drifters would actually acknowledge it if you could mention. Burton Boondocks Anteroom this Saturday 2nd February 2008 9pm-2am. Two allowance event. In the basal ballroom, Oldies/Club Classic….In the ‘back room’, able-bodied annihilation goes really…1960-2008 Analysis Sounds.Would be abundant to see any MNSMMs….look out for the DD badges!!!!Chas KingSteve Lawton ~ Hi from me .Message for Phil Sawyer ~Dave Scutt says Hi!Malcolm Falle (Britanny, France)Ian Edwards-What a abundant idea, a Bulletin Boarders get calm at the hub of Arctic Soul, the Askance wheel,wish I had anticipation of the venue, I’ve not been there for 40 years either, Stu Morris had bigger accommodate me some of his beef rub!!!! Abundant idea, Ian, appetite I had anticipation of the Caster as a venue, I achievement Mr Roberts and Mr Blooming can do commodity for us. I will be there. As a assertive analysis brother and admirer from Liverpool is wont to say, Yippeeeeeeeeeeeeee, I accessory advanced to activity abounding analysis brothers & sisters in the beef in 2008.ktf.STOKIE WHEEL CREW30/01/08 Keith Beardmores animadversion on Moorville accede actually our army had problems accepting to the caster 25/01/08 so a few of us went up to Moorville the sounds were able-bodied alloyed and adorable to us old farts as able-bodied as the added avant-garde inclined.the aggregation do a abundant job with a adequate atmosphere alike played pheonix city.shame it clashes with maner!.a babble as able-bodied about The Foxley Milton we approved the abode some weeks ago and begin the mix far to avant-garde afflicted about Keith B angled us off on friday that it would be a broader mix this tues 29/01/08 he was atom on a abundant breadth ace beer absolute ale and nice apple-pie pub some absolute celeb djs accommodated n jam there awful recomend it aback the mix is right.cyasGoldieThe Caster Friday was the best yet for me 25th January …Just so nice to see Stu Morris aboriginal met him in Snooker Anteroom aloof off Slab Sg .. Nottingham , Chris Jones did the intros..Great to see Carol who I met in Cornwall aftermost year ..Pete & Co formed like beavers abaft the arena &..Mickey Rooney & his accomplice “A Bowl Alleged Wanda ” were a contentment ..The Wheelettes are aloof absurd & fabricated the night so adapted YES YES YES best for me yet …..NOW TO START THE BALL ROLLING TO GET SOME OF MY OLD LIVERPOOL PALS ON BOARD the best address in the apple .. THE TWISTED WHEEL FELLOWship …I am activity to see Atomic Kitten to night yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeee * able-bodied you acquire to accumulate able-bodied in dont you .. I allegation let them apperceive Cilla was not aboriginal adaptation ..Dionne Warwick did one as able-bodied as ” Consistently Sometrhing There To Admonish Me” which was Lou Johnsons babyish …Great Allocution in the Caster Adaptable with Bret on Saturday Morning like old times & we both agreed THE BEST YET !!!!!..Pamela has done a abundant job with her FUNERAL CD …WELL DONE ..I met this chic banty on FRiday ….I was accomplishing wel till she begin out I was`nt BRAV……….Hi Angular how are you pal GoldieXXXXXXXXkenny masonthe music never loses its appeal. the music now is rubbishMESSAGE 4 BRAVAyup Brav, approved e-mailing you but they accumulate advancing aback to me! can you altercation or alarm me on 07787898979 acclaim OBTony heinemann(Nantwich)Had to let you apperceive how i enjoyed account Stu morris(nottingham) amusing bulletin about his acknowledgment to the caster afterwards 40 years.My era was wigan casino,but i bethink my parents accomplishing all in their ability to stop my brother abate activity to the caster in it’s heyday,well he actually anesthetized it all on to me! I abounding the sunday day activity at the caster aftermost december,and had a actual agreeable afternoon,long may it continue.carolehi mary a address amuse say commodity nice to me for the analysis association from gloucester xxTheresaTwiggy admired that Roy Hamilton track. There is a lot of beforehand I’ve never heard afore and through shows like this one you get to adulation them. Are you and Caroline activity to the Caster allnighter in March? Be nice to see you both again. Maybe we could annoyance you assimilate that brawl attic haha.Jo and Sylv aloof accepting annular to booking a auberge for Joe’s altogether can’t, wait, see you at the Caster in Beforehand Theresa xxrobert barrshi mary,much accepted if you could accord me a bung on your show.rubber analysis recordsstoke calm bazaar wed-fri-sat 9-5pmthe city’s abandoned vinyl shop! endless of northern,atlantic,stax,tamla and albums from 50pence![the bounded independant vinyl shops are a dying brand these canicule and allegation all the abutment we can get!thanks in beforehand mary!best of luck with the show.robertBrettPam, I’m apologetic that not anybody has accepted your action for accumulation a ‘Funeral Song’ CD but that was consistently activity to be a accident with such an affecting subject. However, on account of all the MESBO bodies who did, I would like to action a aboveboard acknowledge you for all your adamantine assignment co-ordinating it, decidedly during a difficult aeon of your own. X BrettIan EdwardsHi OB,AND FELLOW MB’S. Acquaintance got all the texts and animated to see you aback on form,and adequate luck mate,hope it goes well…Glad anybody had a adequate night Friday,really achievement to get aback to CHATEAU ROBERTS,very soon…Tim no I acquire not been to Northampton weekender acquire apparent the flyers,but assignment has consistently been an obstacle,perhaps you could acquaint me of this years,if I can accomplish one night at atomic I can breach bounded in Daventry…Well done Pam,you actually formed adamantine on your project,I will be up for a CD on its release…Well done Alan in Sheffield,I adore your all-inclusive ability and the accomplishment you put in to brainwash us all,off to see your aggregation Wednesday at Wolves tonight,wont adumbrate a result,as continued as its entertaining….Mary amuse comedy ACE SPECTRUM “IF YOU CANT COME YOURSELF. Ian EdwardsVenue (The Albion) Burghal Centre NewcastleBrand new for a the Thursday night (Revival night)DJs arena abstract including motown & arctic Soul(starts Feb 14th 9pm till 1am arise and accompany us adulation from all aggregation at the AlbionTrev, DorsetHi maryBeen a while aback i fabricated a post, but would dearly adulation you to comedy a request. Over the aftermost few weeks, through the technology that is Facebook, acquire been aback in acquaintance with abounding old accompany from the 80’s and the Dorset Modrapheniacs Scooter Club. Acquire been overextension the babble about the actualization ha ha. Abundant audience from bodies who now animate in Spain, California and all over the UK. To admonish us of those canicule of scooters, beer and adhesive brawl floors caoul you comedy On The Run, by the Accents please?? Acclaim maryKeith BeardmoreMOORVILLE HALL ..Stoke on TrentIt has been animate for over a year now.Excellent atmospheric analysis night out, as anybody has said abounding dancefloor all night,good affable crowd, affection DJ lineup.The abandoned downside for us punters is both The Caster and Moorville are the aftermost Friday of the month, so two top nights out clash, but such is the backbone of the accustomed arena both are arranged out.Not that I`m comparing the Caster to Moorville , The Caster is an unforgetable acquaintance of activity cardinal one breadth on the arena currently for my money.But if you are a Stokie or animate in the surrounding commune and conceivably the adventure to Maner cannot be fabricated easily.Then we actually acquire an addition breadth breadth a adequate night is guaranteed.Tony heinemann (Nantwich)Hi,Mary A address please(if poss). From a cellarful of motown vol(3),track 20,disc one,MARVIN GAYE-A CHANCE WITH YOU. This tune melts me every time i apprehend it,marvin at his smoothest and best. Acknowledgment in advance…..TONYPete Dyson-“Maner”Hi Mary,Nick,”Ow ya doin”?Any adventitious of playin “HARMONICA-HOOTIN”By “SONNY TERRY”? Acknowledge Ya “kindly”, cheer,s.JINKSY ,STOCKPORT,BACK TO SPAIN SOON!!!Como Estacarnt delay to get aback in spanish sun aing ceremony and abroad from all this blah and wet weather!!!!!Pamela SP i apperceive you acquire bankrupt your burial songs.But i acquire aloof looked in one of my old arctic analysis 45 almanac boxes and the aboriginal one outWHEN I’M GONE brenda hollaway carnt acquire we absent it !!!!!Its got to be in,its up to you????Keep the faithJINKSY aing ceremony on my way to a bigger place!!!!Pamela SP FelixstoweIan Edwards, achievement you can go for The Caster with your alms night, as it is actually the In Place, with the In Army to be. Andrew I was abandoned badinage about your airy friend, I’m abiding he exists? I approved to draft abject with Brav aftermost Friday at the Caster but he was amidst by too abounding attractive women every time I went to say hello.So accost Brett.Malc acknowledgment for the CD advice acquire now ordered online.Phil Sawyer, breadth was Dave Pike from I anticipate I apperceive the name. Breadth you Lorraine Sawyers brother? Has Southport afflicted much? Allegation go calm goddess duties alarm me.Pamela SP FelixstoweAs you can all see the Final 49 songs acquire been posted. There are two things that I allegation from you all now:1. Acumen you chose your song in below 25 words .Please email me at [email protected] 10 of you acquire already done this – so if you appetite the apple to apperceive why get writing. 2. I allegation a picture, of a Macho Arctic Analysis Dancer.This angel will be placed on the awning of the CD, and possibly central as well. One of you allegation acquire one somewhere?? So Help!!!The Funerl Analysis beforehand Mary has been arena ceremony week, I’m abiding you will accede acquire been fantastic.This CD is stunning, and we couldn’t acquire done it afterwards your contributions, so many, abounding acknowledgment to you all. Now that’s the caressible feely bit over, aback to business.Pamela SP (Felixstowe) Final ListFuneral Analysis (Songs to Die For) 1. Malc Falle (Brittany, France) “I’ll be on my way” by Bob & Fred.2.Rob (Cadiz) “It seems to adhere on” by Ashford & Simpson.3.Maxi ( Penrith) “Make abiding you acquire addition who loves you” by The Dells.4.Mickey Rooney. “Baby accomplish it soon” by Chris Farlowe.5.Twiggy “Sunny” by Marvin Gaye.6.Pamela SP (Felixstowe) “I get the sweetest feeling” by Jackie Wilson.7.Pete Schofield. “I Still adulation You” by The Seven Souls.8.Pete Roberts. “Open the aperture to your heart” by Darrell Banks.9.Mary Fox. “I’m activity all the way” by Epitome of Sound.10.Andy Mortlock. & Jinksy (Stockport) & Steve Amison.“I’m on my way, to a bigger place” by Chairman of The Board.11.Pete ( from Telford) “I’m on my way” by Administrator Parrish.12.Sylvia Administrator & Goldie. “A draft of clover a chaw of brass” by Mood Mosaic13.Her Man (Allan from Sheffield) “Stepping out of the picture” by Johnny Ability 14.Brett. “Exodus” by Baton Stewart.15.Ian Edwards. “I’m activity all the way” by Sounds of Blackness.16.Charlie. “The aing in line” by Hoagy Lands 17. Nick Marshall. “People get ready” by Impressions18.Lauto (in Tunstall) “I feel good” by James Brown19.Anne (Wheelette) “If This is Goodbye” by Harry and the Kayava’s.20.Pat (Wheelette) “Do what you gotta do” by The Four Tops21.Joan (Wheelette) ‘Abraham, Martin & John” by Marvin Gaye22.Paul Redhead “Quick Joey Small” by Kasenetz Katz.23.Sue from Stafford. “Reach out I’ll be there” by The Four Tops.24.Brav. “Darkest Days”by Jackie Lee25.Joe Dean. “Choice of Colours” by The Impressions26.Simon Skinner. “Dead” by Carolyn Smilie.27.Keith Beardmore. “I’ve been admiring you to long” by Otis Redding.28.Andrew, South Cheshire.”Let (lay) me bottomward easy” by Bett La Vette.29.Tim ‘Draycott Drifters’ “I do adulation you” by Baton Stewart.30.Ozz..’Any Day Now’ by Chuck Jackson.31.Phil Ankers. “It’s an acclivous ascend to the bottom” by Walter Jackson.32.Chris Lowe (Whitehall). “Sugar Dumpling” by Sam Cooke.33.Mark Bone (Chier) “My Girl” by The Temptations.34.Ron Richardson. “Happy Radio” by Edwin Starr.35.J1.”Put Your Calmly Together” by O’Jays.36.Bernie (Fairoaks) ‘World of Happiness” by Ann Robinson37. Andy Mac. “I’m gonna absence you” by The Artistics38.Barry from Bromley. “Right Aback Breadth We Started From” by Maxine Nightingale.39.Chris Collicot (NY). “Too Poor to Die” by 5th Dimension.40. Nicola (Scotland) “I’m in a Altered World” By The Four Tops.41. Lauren Ankers (Phil’s daughter) & Addled (Willenhall) “Time Will Canyon You By” by Tobi Legend.42.Nigel Brook. “Nothing But Dejected Skies” by Jackie Wilson.43.Carl (Andrew from South Cheshire’s mate) “Sitting on the Dock of The Bay” by Otis Redding44.Mike Meir Heath. “Stay With Me” by Lorraine Ellison.45. Maxi (Penrith) “Make Abiding You Acquire Addition Who Loves You” by The Dells.46.Phil Sawyer “The Adapted Track” by Baton Butler.47.Lordie (Willenhall) “I Never Knew” by Eddie Foster.48.Stuart Morris (Nottingham) “Ain’t too Appreciative to Beg” by The Temptations.49.Rob T (Stone) “Can I Change My Mind” by Tyrone Davis.50.andy n angiebrill nite at moorville hall.floorfillers played all night.we will see you at the aing one.29/2/08. thanks. phil, alan, baz and julie otd xSteve LawtonScoff , How aberrant this arctic analysis apple is.I can see your abode from abundance in Thirlmere Alley abandoned about 100yards abroad ,weird or what or not depends on your point of view.I anticipate a nice bells amateur would be Sweetest babe in the apple Roger Hatcher,pace is aloof adapted and lyrics blast on.This is possibly my favourite allotment of vinyl,though others are contenders.boggy willenhallmy burial tune as gotta be tobi legend, time will canyon you by, followed by mr parrish, im on my way.. accumulate up the adequate assignment marysue from staffordcould you amuse comedy too animate cerebration about my babyish by marvin gaye for my fella steve he is a big motown fan and he has not been able-bodied the aftermost brace of weeks accepting been in hospital for a babyish opperation if he is up to it we shall be activity to walsall f.c. on friday night and alert to the actualization on the way acknowledgment mary .Her Man.(Allan from Sheffield.)Here’s the sixth and final allotment this week.The aftermost four beforehand in my ,”U&V” clue lists arise from,” The Vibrations,” (Jimmy Johnson, Carl Fisher, Dave Gowan, Don Bradley and Ricky Owens (born Richard Edgar Owens on 24-April-1939 in St. Louis, Missouri — died 6-December-1995 in Los Angeles County, California — cause: ?) whose tracks, ”Canadian Sunset / The Adventure Of A Starry Night” Okeh 7241 from 1966, “Love In Them There Hills / Bethink The Rain Okeh 7311 from 1968, Gonna Get Forth Afterwards You Now* / Absolve And Forget**from 1966 *also arise as “Can’t Do Afterwards You” in 1968 by Lee Andrews & The Hearts on Absent Nite 1004. **recorded 5/6-November-1965, “Cause You’re Abundance / I Took An Overdose Epic 10418 from 1968 are all archetypal Arctic beforehand and are all ,Totally Recommended. Able-bodied that’s my ,”U&V”s accomplished ,I apperceive I am a little bit backward with the listing, but you can acknowledge that at the present time my time is rather limited, as a aftereffect my aftermost two listings for, ”W,X,Y and Z,” and my aftermost 26 selections will additionally arise aback I can get them on the board, So you will acquire to absolve my apathy and acquire my affliction which as you apperceive arise from the basal of my heart.(I apperceive I acquire been pasting on the Adolescence club site, but best of these acquire been dictated to my babe who has been agreement them on my behalf. As I am still accepting problems get my diabetic action below control. Castigation as consistently KTF.Her Man (Allan from Sheffield.)Her Man.(Allan from Sheffield.)Here’s Part5.Track,20),21) 22)and 23) arise from ,”The Velvelettes,” whose tracks,” Needle In A Haystack / Should I Acquaint Them, V.I.P. 25007 from 1964 – He Was Actually Sayin’ Somthin’ / Bandy A Farewell Kiss – 1964 (promo archetype – mis-spelt title)V.I.P. 25013 – He Was Actually Sayin’ Somethin’ / Bandy A Farewell Kiss from 1964, V.I.P. 25013 , – Lonely, Abandoned Babe Am I* / I’m The Barring To The Rule** V.I.P. 25017 from 1965 *also arise in 1968 by Jimmy Ruffin as “Lonely, Abandoned Man Am I” on Analysis 35046. **also arise by The Temptations in 1971 on Gordy 7109 and V.I.P 25034 – These Things Will Accumulate Me Admiring You / Aback You’ve Been Admiring Me – 1966 (this 45 has the aforementioned almanac cardinal as a analysis acute by Chris Clark of her unissued adaptation of “Do I Adulation You (Indeed I Do)”) All allegation be Accepted by all Arctic Analysis admirers so all I will say is all are ,Totally Recommended. Clue 24) 25) and 26) arise from Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, whose beforehand amount the years , (The Four Seasons, (known off and on aback 1967 as Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons), are an American pop and bedrock group, audible from abounding agnate groups of the aboriginal to mid-1960s in its acceptable Italian-American sound. It additionally had a complete somewhat evocative of doo wop, but it was not accepted as a doo wop quartet. By the mid 1960s it became an internationally acclaimed bedrock and cycle group.In 1960, the accumulation accepted as The Four Lovers acquired into The Four Seasons, with Frankie Valli as the beforehand singer, Bob Gaudio (formerly of The Royal Teens) on keyboards and tenor vocals, Tommy DeVito on beforehand guitar and baritone vocals and Nick Massi on bass guitar and bass vocals (Massi was replaced in 1965 by Charles Calello, who was in about-face replaced in 1965 by Joe Continued on bass guitar and bass vocals).The official name of the alignment is the Four Seasons Partnership, formed by Gaudio and Valli afterwards a bootless audience in 1961. While singers, producers, and musicians acquire arise and gone, Gaudio and Valli abide the group’s connected (with ceremony owning fifty percent of the act and its assets, including about all of its recording catalog).[1][2]The Four Seasons (group associates 1960–1965) were inducted into the Bedrock and Cycle Anteroom of Acclaim in 1990 and the Articulate Accumulation Anteroom of Acclaim in 1999.). ”You’re Accessible Now,” ”Beggin,” and,”The Night,” actualization the groups versatility off and why they are so loved. The additional clue is a case in point the adaptation of the clue I’ve alleged is a re-edited adaptation from off U-Tube by Pilooski and is a abundant adjustment of the atmospheric aboriginal ceremony included clue brings commodity with it and all are, Actually Recommended.back with the sixth and final allotment anon HerManHer Man.(Allan from Sheffield.)Here’s Allotment Four. Clue 14) is from,” The Vel-Vets,” “I’ve got To Acquisition Me somebody (Pye Annal – UK – Disco Address alternation 109 Nov 1974.) Is a admirable and thoroughly agreeable number, a ballerina with a blah lyric line, but abundant all the same? Recommended.Track 15) comes from, Ila Vann,” Can’t Advice Lovin That Man of Mine.”(ILA Vann – Can’t Advice Admiring That Man / I’ve Got the Feeling) begin on Roulette 4733 from 1967, Absence Vann actually hit the atom with this little toe-tapper of a record, acquire and enjoy. Actually Recommended.)Track 16) comes from,”The Valentines,” whose,”Breakaway,” a solid analysis clue from, this accumulation who actual little is accepted about , begin on a ,”B” side,( The Valentines – If You Adulation Me / Breakaway,)from Complete Date 7. 2663 from 1970, Recommended.Track 17) comes from, ”The Clover Satins,” Nothin Can Compare to You, begin on Accustomed American Annal 006, is a 18-carat blessed complete and for that acumen and that acumen abandoned is Actually Recommended.Track 18)comes from ,”The Van McCoy Strings,” whose clue ,”Sweet and Easy,” begin on Allotment Annal 102,is a rather accessible animate from the pen of Mr. McCoy and is one of a cardinal of his offerings I could acquire alleged but because I decidedly like it I acquire alleged it aloft the others ,Recommended.Track 19) comes from”The Velour’s,” The Velours (members Jerome “Romeo” Ramos, John Cheetom, Donald Heywood, Kenneth Walker and Marvin Holland) their clue which was additionally recorded by, ”The Valadeers,” and addition accumulation which will be allotment of this commodity afterwards on ,”Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons,( I’m Gonna Change* / Don’t Benevolence Me – 1967 *originally recorded by The Four Seasons as an LP track.) ”I’m Gonna Change,” This airing begin on, MGM 13780 is for me the best adaptation of the three, and has some actual attenuate differences from the added two, actually a archetypal and best actually .Recommended.Back with Allotment Five shortly.HerManHer Man.(Allan from Sheffield.)Here’s Allotment Three.Track 8)Comes from ,”The Articulation Box,” begin on a, ”B” ancillary on Loma Annal Loma 2101 from 1968 The Articulation Box – Baby, Babyish Don’t You Apperceive (That I Adulation You) / I Appetite It Aback (Your Love), is a abundant up-tempo ballerina that will actually hit the atom aback it arise to dancing pleasure. Actually Recommended.Track9) comes from Lynn Varnado, ”Wash and abrasion Love,” begin on the Los Angeles arm of the Gator label, this ,”B” side(Gator 1202 from 1973)( Lynn Varnardo – Acquaint Me What’s Amiss With The Men / Wash And Abrasion Adulation ) is addition one of the so alleged Avant-garde crossover blazon of almanac ,I amount this changeable number, not a continued almanac at 2 mins 58 seconds, but one that actually hits the heights. Actually Recommended. Clue 10) comes from,” The Vontastics,” (members Kenneth Gholar, Jose Holmes, Blockhead Lee Newsome and Raymond Penn) Developed Adulation / Aback My Babyish Comes Aback Home begin on Moonshot 6702 from 1968.This sounds like a cantankerous amid any one of a cardinal of aboriginal analysis groups but is actual evocative of aboriginal Aloft Lance on Okay. Actually Recommended.Track 11) comes from,” The Volcanoes,” Ladies Man (Volcanos – Lady’s Man / Advice Basal begin on Artic 125 from 1966,) this up-tempo R&B ballerina actually hits the atom aback it comes to the word,” DANCER.” Actually Recommended.Track 12)comes afresh from , The Volcanoes,” It’s Gonna Be A False Alarm(It’s Gotta Be A False Alarm / Movin’ And Groovin’ begin on Harthon 138 from 1964) addition abundant clue from this accumulation who would eventually become ,”The Trammps.” This aerial chic ballerina swings forth and as a afterwards song of endemic says, will get you and accomplish you absorbed for life, acquire and you will below stand. Actually Recommended.Track 13) comes from, “The Van Dykes,” ”Save My Adulation For A Backing Day,” begin on Mala 584 from 1968, addition archetypal ballerina from,” The Blackpool Mecca,” what added can I say this is,”Northern Soul,” should anyone appetite to apperceive why I say this, Listen, About-face The Volume Up and alpha to circuit in time with the beat, authentic complete 2mins 43 abnormal of abracadabra dancing pleasure. Actually and Unequivocally Recommended.Part Four Shortly.HerManHer Man.(Allan from Sheffield.)Here’s Allotment Two.Track 4) comes from a accumulation the absurd appellation of, ”Universal Joint,” whose song, ”Love Won’t Abrasion Off.” Is a superb, soul, crossover adjustment begin on Sniff Records, this clue with it’s bewitched cord and decidedly the cello breach and bendable horns accomplish this,” Actually Heartrending.”2mins and 34 secs of authentic analysis e Actually Recommended. Clue 5) comes from the Ultimates, “Girl I’ve been aggravating to acquaint you,” begin on “Graxam International, annal from 1978)”,is a accomplished archetype of the so alleged ,”Modern Crap,”(2 mins and 57 secs, of arduous pleasure,)Mary should comedy it and actualization what anybody is missing in their lives, I abandoned could acquire to this clue and the antecedent one all day continued and never annoy of them. Actually Recommended.Track 6) comes from,” The Underdogs,” their abrasive awning adaptation awning of,” The Temptations,”” The Way You Do the Things You Do.” This four-man barn bandage from Grosse Pointe, MI, with a calendar agnate to the Beatles — three guitars and a boom manned by Dave Whitehouse (vocals/bass), Tony Roumell (lead guitar/vocals), Chris Lena (rhythm guitar/vocals), and Michael Morgan (drums/vocals). Inspired by the success of English bands like the Beatles, the Dave Clark Five, the Rolling Stones, and others, the bandage formed in aerial academy and started arena at bounded promoters Dave Leone’s and Ed “Punch” Andrews’ allegorical Hideout Club in Harper Woods, MI. The Hideout was cut and afresh absent at Motown and eventually arise on a accumulation album,” Motown Sings Motown,” They had one audible absolution on the VIP label, a tough-as-nails makeover of Holland-Dozier-Holland’s “Love’s Gone Bad” originally done by babyish soul-singing Chris Clark. Clue 7) comes from, ”The United Four,” whose clue ,”She’s Putting You On,” begin on Harthorn 139 is one of the best sounds to arise out of Philadelphia ,a attenuate almanac but can be begin on a cardinal of accumulation CD’s. Recommended.Part 3 follows shortly.HerManHer Man.(Allan from Sheffield.)Heres the Aboriginal Allotment of this week’s account I Achievement this will advice all those out there who are accession the accessories This week’s letter’s in my, ”Her Man’s,” “A” 2 “Z” of his favourite Arctic Analysis beforehand are the belletrist “U” and “V” the aboriginal clue for you ,this ceremony is track1) Comes from a accumulation which I allegation acquire I don’t apperceive abundant about except that the came out of the dejected eyed coffer blazon analysis movement that was in faddy about the backward sixties and complete like a cantankerous amid the coffer boys and the partridge ancestors ,but don’t let that put you off this clue which can be begin on ,Parkway 138 on afresh a ,”B” ancillary from a accumulation by the name of, “The Unluv’d,” – Ain’t Gonna Do You No Harm / An Barring To The Rule, from 1967,it swings forth with that Arctic bend and is one that I would actually accord it a circuit aloof to see if it would still ample the brawl floors. This is actually not an barring to the rule. Actually Recommended.Track 2) comes from a accumulation called,”Universal Mind,” begin on Red Coach 807 “Something Fishy Activity On / For You Girl.” From 1974 .this is a rather abstruse clue which comes from this New York accumulation (?) and is actual discoesque in nature, a adequate dancer. Recommended.Track 3) comes from Leslie Uggams whose clue ,” Adulation Is A Adequate Foundation / I Aloof Can’t Advice Believing,” begin on Sonday 6006 from 1970 is an communicable ballerina with added acclamation breach which accomplish this clue alluring with its horn bandage body in such a way that sends that shiver bottomward your spine. Actually Recommended. aback anon with allotment two.Her ManAndy Scoffin – CreweJason Marvin Gaye – Bells TrackI forgot to add that this clue is I anticipate biographical to the developed activity of Marvin and lasts about 5 min, about the aftermost 1:30 wont be acceptable so it needs crumbling at about 3:30 which is aloof about right.Pamela SP (Felixstowe)hi Everyone. Aloft bliss today- still on a aerial from The Caster on Friday. Candidly it fabricated me feel 16 afresh (except for the abridgement of energy)After an backbreaking 5 hour drive I met my old acquaintance Dot who was bridesmaid at my aboriginal bells aback in 1971, at The Auberge International. They fabricated us all so adequate – including my dog Fang.Thankyou chef for his breakfast he munched it all the way home. Anne, Joan,Pat (Wheelettes),Pete Roberts and his admirable wife, Mickey Rooney (it was abundant to see you afresh afterwards all these years, and my acquaintance Dot basal to ask you if you remembered her backward ancestor Ed Hodson who you formed with on the Railway in Southport, but she was too shy) Goldie (who I now apperceive wasn’t Brav – a continued adventure and I’m apologetic for the misunderstanding)Brett who I saw but didn’t accommodated as he was too animate dancing, Stuart and anyone ese who knows me – ha ha . It was ablaze and thankyou askance wheel.taffyhi achievement youre activity to like duffy from gwynedd we anticipate she`s amazing does anyone apperceive the dancers in yer video mercylee harveyjust been beatific your actualization by my brother in law dean. what a show, started to alert to norther analysis 25 years ago aback i was at uni of london,friday night was wendy mays night and from afresh i acquire been hooked,100 club,town and country, and abundant abundant more,still accumulate it activity in basingstoke,keep activity always. lee hasrveystu morris nottinghamWell at aftermost I managed to annoyance the old basal up to the “Wheel” aftermost Friday, with Jan and GG. 40 years aback I was there last. I acquire to say I didn’t recognise it. We were fabricated actual welcome, Mickey Rooney was the aboriginal face I was able to put a name to, followed bound by Pete Roberts. Through the night I met “Funeral Song Pam” and her friends. Affliction to Dorothy. I wasn’t actuality rude, I actually couldn’t get up to dance, my knee was killing me. The Wheelettes were next, your lovely, and I meant what I said, you can calculation on us for the alms do in Crewe. Assuredly the big man himself. I can’t acquaint you how animated I was to see Goldie’s face. Get bottomward to Nottingham anon as you can. I anticipate we’ll acquire to change your name to Silver admitting don’t you. I could hardly allocution aing day from singing my affection out. Brace of things that afraid me, 1)Talc on the brawl floor, you’ve got to be kidding, about bankrupt me neck. 2)The altered age groups, from mid-twenties to mid-sixties, how abundant is that. Says alot about the amplitude of the analysis arena don’t you think. I aloof appetite to acknowledge everybody who fabricated the night so memorable. I’d abandoned how adequate a ballerina Jan still is, abnormally with his joints bashed with a nice Guiness. Acquire to say though, I don’t anticipate the accoutrement look, dog collars, trousers with the behind out, will t on at added analysis venues, do you Pete?Pete Dyson “MANCUNIAN!!!”Hi B.B.C./STOKE,MaryFox “SHOW”s,”GOOD SOUND,S HITTIN ME “WIRELESS!!!”,(wish i had learn,t to “DANCE”in the ,60,s)never apperception ,know any one who cud admonish me??? I got sum “RIB,S n CABBAGE” cookin!any one appetite sum???Hi to Nick M.& adge-“OP,S”-cheer,s to P R @”T.W.C” Maner!!!Andy Scoffin – CreweTo Jason Fisher Accessory no added than Marvin Gaye – I Met A Little Girl.It’s on the LP/CD Actuality My Dear.Although a 70’s anthology it is a admirable carol and has some accomplished bells accompanying lyrics.Go for itRegards AndyTim, NorthamptonTo Ian Edwards. I acknowledge you acquire ancestors bottomward in the South Midlands; affluence of us do!Daventry cannot alike be compared to L’Pool or Manc.But Rugby does acquire an absorbing scene. So does Kettering, Rushden (goes aback abounding years), Bazaar Harborough (photos alike on Mary’s site) and Northampton. Northampton puts on a three dayer every year and it’s consistently awash out.Have you anytime been?Also Norwich has put on the best nights I acquire anytime been to over the years. Bigger than Wigan on occasion. The Inter Burghal Analysis Club was additionally a highlight for me. Yate, Malvern Winter Gardens, they were fantastic. Alike the Wards Amusing Club in Worcester. Abundant nights.Not now, because clubs change calmly and owners anticipate they apperceive best aback they don’t.I apperceive the Caster is a top place; it consistently has been alike aback it wasn’t a Arctic Analysis club.But it ain’t the abandoned place.Northern Soul, ample church, like I said.Mary, please, any adventitious of ON EASY STREET by Freda Payne – if you could possibly fit it in, aloof because it’s great!!!Bill BaileyListening to the actualization as I type, you played “Fortune Teller” This clue is covered by none below than Robert Plant and Alison Krauss on their new album. Added proof,if bare of the bottomless access of Arctic SoulBill Baileyhi Mary, Aloof a agenda to affirm that there is no allotment of the apple that your actualization does not reach. I am sitting in my VW camper , overlooking the beach dunes and sea in Oliva, amid Benidorm and Barcelona, communicable up on a few e-mails and alert to aftermost nights show. Accomplished as anytime ! We are currently on a 2 ages bender of Spain, Portugal and France, bu are afraid the abstraction of spending abundant time in France at the mo as it is 16 to 18 degrees actuality ! Accumulate up the adequate assignment !moulton brownjust begin your show.great.i acquire not heard harold melvyn & the dejected notes,Get out,since st.ives allnighter in 1977.Any chance?kath from creweexcellent night aftermost night at moorville anteroom auberge ash bank, attic was abounding all night this was my aboriginal appointment there but not my aftermost acknowledgment to the djs phil ankers baz and alansee you all on 29 feb againMickey.Rooney.Mary’ a big acknowledgment for the absurd army you helped put calm at the askance caster aftermost night.With the ability Pete Roberts and his accessory John Blooming arena tunes that abounding the attic from the minute they hit the decks’ it was the easiest activity in the apple to accomplish my actualization at 2300hours.To be honest i acquainted like i basal to be on the dancefloor instead of on the decks! I allegation say a big acknowledgment to who abroad but goldie! I’ve never met a man with so abundant charisma’ you actually apperceive from the minute the man enters a allowance your in the attendance of somebody special. As for you lovelly wheelettes a big acknowledge you for befitting the attic attractive abundant for best of the night and authoritative me accessory the alike bigger than i am ? The three gents from notts [ Homer Banks ] affiance aing time. Kenny and Chris adulation you both acquire a safe adventure home. Pete i consistently feel accusable aback you pay me’ its me that should be advantageous you? Acknowledgment to anybody who came to abutment not aloof me but the caster continued may it reign. ps Mary did you get algid feet.Sylvia DeanTo Pamela,The best of burial sounds is actual humbling. Joe and I absent three associates of our actual ancestors in the amplitude of a brace of months,and not so abounding years ago…This fabricated us acknowledge activity and to bethink and absolve the activity of bodies through music and music that our admired ones admired is an important allotment of the healing process. KTFSylvia DeanHi to Rita and Neil.. yes we ARE anxious about the sun over there!! We will be back!! Our two sons are activity over the end of this year…Hope you are both well?You are adapted about the affability of the analysis scene.. I anticipate aback you are abroad from it you actually acknowledge it more..But candidly the VAST majority of bodies actuality on the bulletin lath are abundant wehave met LOTS of bodies through this . Activity to the Caster allnighter end of March.. would be abundant to accommodated up with the Wheelettes.. i KNOW Goldie will be there!!KTF xxian EdwardsHi Jason Fisher,Good luck with your accessible bells and additionally to your approaching wife,hope your alliance is continued and happy..Jason,had to accede with MALC FALLE,has to be….RUBY ANDREWS(JUST LOVING YOU)…,it was played at our own bells mate, chic tune…..bri & viv from abbey hultondear mary abundant actualization acquire every week. could you amuse comedy a clue for me and my wife it was our 24th bells ceremony aftermost sunday acquaint her i adulation her actual abundant acknowledgment mary ps aboriginal impressions by the impressions would be abundant thanksanonymoushi can u comedy the bouldered activity for those 2 accouchement angular n ozz xxRob T from StoneWell Mary everybody seems in a bustle to “kick their clogs” afterwards account the messageboard.So i anticipation i bigger acquire Tyrone Davis(Can i change my Mind) as my address for tonight.Picked a adequate accumulation from Woolies for six quid aftermost night 60`s Analysis Mix 250 abundant beforehand account it for the Who Who Song (Jackie Wilson) and Tyrone Davis abandoned and a allegation cd for the car.I admiration if anybody on the bulletin lath can advice attractive to buy 2 tickets to see Spurs at Wembley for me and the daughter.Yes i apperceive its not the accustomed address analysis association usually see on actuality but deperate measures are required.Ian EdwardsTony P and Goldie,Gents congrats,to both..Goldie achievement all goes able-bodied with the job mate,wish I was there tonight,but will be cerebration on in envy,but adore brother…TP,have a admirable ceremony and our best wishes for abounding added blessed blessed years with your adequate developed wife,hope to see you at Goodyears aing ages mate…OB,hope all is able-bodied acquaintance and your activity better,will be up to STOKE actual soon…Mary how about ALEXANDER PATTEN “A LIL LOVIN SOMETIME”. IanPete Schofieldto TREVOR HEATH,,,how admirable to see your bulletin on the lath Trev.yes you are adapted my acquaintance didnt we all acquire a abundant time aback then,,LAUGHS ,,we acclimated to deathwatch up bedlam at times!!can it be so continued ago???I apperceive you and Cynth and ancestors acquire had a lot of tragedy in your lives,so cruel,and our thoughts and prayers acquire been with you all.thankyou for your affectionate words Trev,i apperceive this sounds absurd but i feel ashamed by what you said apropos accepting you into this abundant music of ours,you acquire fabricated an old dj happy!!like OZZY BOY we aloof ability be bottomward on you one of these canicule in ablaze spain…anyway my brother i’m off to the indian cottage,,cant go the accident i’m barred(only kidding),,God absolve you and Ann and all your family,SCOxx.Martin TopleyPlease would you acknowledgment our aing analysis & Motown night in Boston? It is to be captivated at Haven Aerial Technology College, Marian Road, Boston, on 16th February. 7.30 – 1am.D.J’s accommodate Alex Topley, Martin Topley, Marcus Reid, Smudge Smith, & Dave are £5 pre-paid or £6 on the door. For added advice and tickets, amuse buzz Martin on 01205 368610.Thanks Maryxxxlordie from willenhallmy funaral almanac will be eddie advance i never knewPhil Sawyer 25.01.08Hi. Pamela! i bethink your bedfellow atom and claimed adventure vividly. At the time, I meant to annals some comments of acknowledgment and , acknowledgment and congratulations on your attack work. You acquire acutely had some convenance in accessible speaking. There are so abounding added affecting belief that bodies could allotment but not anybody that has the aplomb to do that publicly. I was about in Southport and knew Dave Pike, but I acquire been disturbing to anamnesis his face….ANYWAY… FUNERAL? Would you be affectionate abundant to accommodate me with my best of , BILLY BUTLER’s , ‘The Adapted Track’. All Blessings, Phil.Tony (W-ton Analysis Police)Ian Edwards,Nice address acquaintance with Four Tops, “Still Water”. I’ve got this on my bells video with me and Mrs Amount walking out of the abbey in apathetic motion into a battery of confetti. Allegation acquire formed we’ve been affiliated 20 years and will be hitting the brawl attic at Analysis at The Bowl (Penn Bowling Club, Wolves) on Saturday.KTF and Up the WolvesTPAnne (Wheelette)JASON FISHER, acquire you anticipation of “This Abracadabra Moment” by the Difters the words are admirable and it is a cool slowie. Adequate luckbernard and elaine reillygreat actualization afresh MARY 18/janlistened while accepting accessible for a nite on the boondocks Maner,Would adulation to apprehend This Affection o abundance by The Artistics .With thanksGoldieHi Lizzie , able-bodied acutely the Media actuality do not represent the Accurate Scouser but abundant of that….I went for a job to day in sales ..The lath said they had never met such a blessed ablaze 53 year old ( hee hee hee )I got the job & alpha anon as arrangement with west lancs appoint runs out …It is all bottomward to the MOST WONDERFUL SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCE I HAD ON THE 13th JANUARY in the year of our Lord 2008 at the Askance Caster Maner forth with OB , 2/3rds Wheelettes , Ian Edwards , Abate Roberts , Greenie , Bret , Andy , Brav , Les & Brenda , Neil & Lynne & Nick Marshall..I am STILL ON NINE ……..THIS FAB SOUL EXPERIENCE WILL NEVER BE BETTERED this was THE BEST YET ……..THE TOPS …….THE TOWER OF PIZA…….THIS WAS THE MONA LISA in analysis adventures NEVER EVER TO BE TOPPED ….I LOVED IT I WILL NEVER FORGET SUNDAY 13/01/08 AFTERNOON on a backing Sunday in January as continued as I animate IT WILL NEVER EVER BE BEATEN……..Looking advanced to Mary Fox`s actualization To morrow & activity to “Castle Analysis ” to morrow to see the Mecurial Mickey Rooney & babysitter of the Holy beaker or should I say SOULIE GRAIL …Sir Pete Roberts Deceit delay yipeee GOLDIExxxxxxxxxxxxxxxTemptalove the show. Could you or any of your subscribers admonish me to any specialist Tamla Motown uk shops for me to buy annihilation and aggregate by the Temptations. Accessory foreward to the aing show. :-)JINKSY,DRY AT LAST!!!!Pamla SP.thanks every so abundant for the correction.Means alot (special acceptation in the appellation for me etc!)you are a star!!Have you got the artists permission etc,cause’ its a minefield!!!!!I approved a agnate activity with a CD a few years ago and got into aloft trouble.So be accurate out there.Make abiding aggregate is acknowledged or you could get into agitation with labels,artists etc.Just aggravating to be of advice and would not like you to ache what i went through.Although eventually i did ‘sort’ it.Another clue for your account so i do not acquire share.’Bonus track’ etc!!!last clue ,last CD,’THATS ENOUGH’ ROSCOE ROBINSION (on wand).JASON FISHER How about DO I LOVE YOU ??FRANK WILSON.(Tongue in audacity advancement of course) .Its aloof the way i am wired!!!!KEEP ON KEEPIN’ ON (from curtis of course)JINKSY.Ian EdwardsJust a slight suggestion,do you anticipate it possible,that we can amid us, do what was appropriate by MALC FALLE,a while ago.How about a accumulation get calm at CHATEAU ROBERTS,otherwise accepted as “THE WHEEL”,towards the summer or whenever, to accord us time to get a date sorted…A fair pecentage im abiding would be up for it and im abiding PETE,could enquire about hotels,as those who acquire been,know their are a few in the area…Would the ALLNIGHTER be bigger or a SUNDAY SESSION…How about us accepting a anticipate and suggesting a few dates,I acknowledge summer hols will be a nightmare,and those who acquire not been to my acquaintance GOLDIES,pleasuredome get on the lath and say if you would like to accompany this abeyant get together,from my own experience,you WILL LOVE IT,and PETE is the no 1 host,great bloke,great place,so arise on adequate bodies of the mesageboard,this could be our aboriginal MB convention…Not aggravating to be a spoiler,the aftermost weekend in July is out as we acquire a mini MB assemblage activity on in DEVON..MARY I achievement you would accede advancing along,as we could not abandoned acquire all these admirable bodies together,at a ablaze venue,but our baton as well…Folks what do you think!!!!.Malc Falle (Brittany, France)1.San Remo Golden Strings-The advice I acquaint on the clue Bluberry Hill was in acknowledgment to a concern from Daryl Dale, In my acknowledgment I bare Daryl’s name. My affliction Daryl (2) Pamela SP.You should be able to adjustment the Jackie Wilson CD at HMV or any added adequate almanac store, aloof adduce the CD archive cardinal of MCDLX022. If you put “Demon Music” into your computer and go into their website hit the W artisan key on the Alphabetical Artisan account and that will bing Jackie Wilson up, blast him and it will actualization you the four CD’s accessible by him. The one I acquire is “Best of the aboriginal Analysis Bother” There is addition JW CD numbered MEDCD 770, which is best of the Chicago Analysis Years. This looks adequate as well. The CD’s are £7.99 each. Adequate luck.ktfAndrew (South Cheshire)Pam Carl S is not an invisible, Brav will vouch for him, he is for the almanac one of the assemblage of four Brav/Austen/Carl (sid to his mates) and I. If I can be adventurous and say that do a balloon run at a tenner because (and Brav will Confirm) they can be difficult to move altough you should acquire 50 sales beeline away.Malc Falle (Brittany, France)Jason Fisher-Wedding songs.Hello Jason, a actual absorbing address and a lot harder than you would initially think, if you anxiously administer the belief that it has to be arctic and a slowish adulation song. I can abandoned anticipate of three for the occasion. (1) Ruby Andrewa- Aloof Admiring You. (2) The Masqueraders-How big is big. (3)Bobby Patterson-I’m in adulation with you. Achievement this helps and best wishes to you both for the wedding.ktf.Tim ‘Draycott Drifters’FOR PAMELA SP….Billy Stewart – ‘I Do Adulation You’ A Simple, Yet Admirable Song, Which Sums Up How I Feel About My Lady. I Am In Heaven Aback I Sing This To Her.Pamela SP Burial Analysis (Songs to die for)JanuaryFUNERAL SOUL: 1.Malc Falle (Brittany, France) “I’ll be on my way” by Bob & Fred.2.Rob (Cadiz) “It seems to adhere on” by Ashford & Simpson.3.Maxi ( Penrith) “Make abiding you acquire addition who loves you” by The Dells.4.Mickey Rooney. “Baby accomplish it soon” by Chris Farlowe.5.Twiggy “Sunny” by Marvin Gaye.6.Pamela SP (Felixstowe) “I get the sweetest feeling” by Jackie Wilson.7.Pete Schofield. “I Still adulation You” by The Seven Souls.8.Pete Roberts. “Open the aperture to your heart” by Darrell Banks.9.Mary Fox. “I’m activity all the way” by Epitome of Sound.10.Andy Mortlock. & Jinksy (Stockport) & Steve Amison.“I’m on my way, to a bigger place” by Chairman of The Board.11.Pete ( from Telford) “I’m on my way” by Administrator Parrish.12.Sylvia Administrator & Goldie. “A draft of clover a chaw of brass” by Mood Mosaic13.Her Man (Allan from Sheffield) “Stepping out of the picture” by Johnny Ability 14.Brett. “Exodus” by Baton Stewart.15.Ian Edwards. “I’m activity all the way” by Sounds of Blackness.16.Charlie. “The aing in line” by Hoagy Lands 17. Nick Marshall. “People get ready” by Impressions18.Lauto (in Tunstall) “I feel good” by James Brown19.Anne (Wheelette) “If This is Goodbye” by Harry and the Kayava’s.20.Pat (Wheelette) “Do what you gotta do” by The Four Tops21.Joan (Wheelette) ‘Abraham, Martin & John” by Marvin Gaye22.Paul Redhead “Quick Joey Small” by Kasenetz Katz.23.Sue from Stafford. “Reach out I’ll be there” by The Four Tops.24.Brav. “Darkest Days”by Jackie Lee25.Joe Dean. “Choice of Colours” by The Impressions26.Simon Skinner. “Dead” by Carolyn Smilie.27.Keith Beardmore. “I’ve been admiring you to long” by Otis Redding.28.Andrew, South Cheshire.”Let (lay) me bottomward easy” by Bett La Vette.29.Tim ‘Draycott Drifters’ “I do adulation you” by Baton Stewart.30.Ozz..’Any Day Now’ by Chuck Jackson.31.Phil Ankers. “It’s an acclivous ascend to the bottom” by Walter Jackson.32.Chris Lowe (Whitehall). “Sugar Dumpling” by Sam Cooke.33.Mark Bone (Chier) “My Girl” by The Temptations.34.Ron Richardson. “Happy Radio” by Edwin Starr.35.J1.”Put Your Calmly Together” by O’Jays.36.Bernie (Fairoaks) ‘World of Happiness” by Ann Robinson37. Andy Mac. “I’m gonna absence you” by The Artistics38.Barry from Bromley. “Right Aback Breadth We Started From” by Maxine Nightingale.39.Chris Collicot (NY). “Too Poor to Die” by 5th Dimension.40. Nicola (Scotland) “I’m in a Altered World” By The Four Tops.41. Lauren Ankers (Phil’s daughter) “Time Will Canyon You By” by Tobi Legend.42.Nigel Brook. “Nothing But Dejected Skies” by Jackie Wilson.43.Carl (Andrew from South Cheshire’s mate) “Sitting on the Dock of The Bay” by Otis Redding44.Mike Meir Heath. “Stay With Me” by Lorraine Ellison.45. Maxi (Penrith) “Make Abiding You Acquire Addition Who Loves You” by The Dells.Andrew .South CheshireJasonRecord for the aboriginal one of the night.If you are arrogant “When he speaks I apprehend music” Dianne Elliot.”I’ve got a feeling” Barbara Radcliffe.”Dance with me” Ben E Baron (Drifters).”Havin a party” Sam Cooke.To actualization her she is cardinal “What added could a boy ask for” Detroit Spinners.Worked for me still wed afterwards 30 Anne (Wheelette)Hi Gerry, yet afresh addition admirable message. It fabricated me cry!!. It’s advancing up to the ceremony of my dad’s afterlife and the words could administer to my dad except he couldn’t sing and he wasn’t black!! yes I bethink the CI well. It was on our audience account of venues, abundant music there too. I bet we acquire met you apperceive at one of those old haunts. You actually should try to accomplish the Caster as Goldie said. Hi Ian, a Friday would be bigger for the Wheelettes due to assignment but if you could abandoned get a Thursday we would do our best to get there.KTFRita (New Zealand)Hi everyone, could we stop the anguish now, activity on about burial songs, its not nice, why dont you all aloof animate your activity instead of cerebration about what you appetite played at your funeral, its gonna arise to us all, my sister died aftermost August age-old 48, no age and she admired the music and the soulnites, additionally to say you are all soulies and developed up whats with all the bickering, i like to apprehend the belletrist and acquire to the music, animate in NZ i bethink the soulnites as actuality affable and anybody aloof out for the music, seems like some are demography it too austere and childish, “im bigger than you”, god abound up and aloof adore it all, Goldie i acquire never met you but i anticipate you are great, i like account your comments, you acquire to adore your life, adequate on you, Mary can you comedy any age-old for me and Neil, we like the old stompers and i do like your Adolescence Club Abstract show, thanks, P.S NZ is hot and sunnyLizzieHi GoldieYou were adapted about Ringo Starr- he was an embarassment to the the adequate bodies of liverpool and all its bodies and what they acquire achieved. His comments on Jonathon Ross were blast out of adjustment and actually disrepecrful, the man is an idiot!. He should never acquire been asked to affection in their aperture programme if he acquainted no affection about his bearing place. Totaly disrespectful. Let’s achievement things at Anfield get bigger anon – I’m abiding the reds will cull through. Captain Gerrard will see to that – he should acquire represented Liverpool instead of Ringo – at atomic he’s amorous about Liverpool, a adequate complete man and of beforehand the best amateur in the world. xxxozzto twig, BOOTLEGS? Your adequate to accessory thru my admirable 7″ accumulating and dream about owning some of them !!, Afterwards alarming my own trumpet i did the fox & avoid every friday for 6 years-and as you apperceive it was packed, i additionally did trentham area with pete sco that was additionally packed, & if you were animate on the arena in the actual aboriginal 90’s( aback arctic actually was out of fashion)i was travelling about with minsh, trevor & whisky mick,where were you ?, as you are abandoned a punter & not a dj, pro or contrarily i dont see how you can “put me in my place” behindhand of your age, i actually account the earlier guys who acquire been on the arena for years or actually the dj’s from the adequate old canicule of soul, how can you put me in my abode with what al jolson? arise on , get real, the acumen why you acquire never dj’d is prob because of your attitude arise others, apologetic angular but you abandoned got yourself to blame, we all acquire to get on in this world, god knows none of us apperceive how continued we got left, i beforehand you sit back, relax & acquire to a bit of caster or bake or alike aboriginal mecca or wigan stuff, not blueblood disco poo. adequate luck, hey i may alike accord you a atom with me anon at a breadth in ablaze stoke, lets see jolson ablaze the attic up ? what do you say? could alike you tube it for adequate measure!.ozz, the adolescent one in soulsville.Deke RobertsAm I the abandoned actuality on the planet not to acquire noticed the amazing affinity (ie They’re the aforementioned tune) amid ‘Billy’s Bag’ and 60’s rock’n’roll animate ‘I Am Advancing Through’? I can’t bethink who recorded the aboriginal as I bought the Brit. awning adaptation which I preferred. Of beforehand anyone who has Billy’s ‘8 canicule a week’ or ‘Retrospective’ albums may be able to bandy a little ablaze on this as they both affection Billy’s adaptation of ‘I am advancing through’. So… Can anyone bandy a little ablaze on this? Quick afore I burst.Pamela SP (Felixstowe)Andy Scoffin- If I could acquire alleged four songs on Mary’s actualization aftermost November “Until You Adulation Someone” by The Four Acme would acquire been cardinal four. It’s actually gorgeous. Apologetic about the mistaken gender character Ian, accessible mistake, and a actual admirable name. Jinksy – achievement I’ve accounting it correctly. if not I’m abiding Brav and Pete Schofield will actual me if I accomplish an absurdity on the CD literature. I’m acquisitive to advertise them for annular about 10 pounds each, that’s a bifold anthology with approx 50 tracks, and a cull out with all the MB’s $.25 on. And yes it will be legit. Malc Falle, can you acquaint me breadth I can buy a archetype of that absurd Jackie Wilson CD that you acquire teased me to $.25 with? Andrew from South Cheshire, Is Carl an airy friend? because some of you are activity to abundant lengths to try and get two beforehand on the CD, aren’t you Phil, acquire you actually a babe alleged Lauren? I’m activity to acquire to footfall up the conduct on this board!!!TwiggyTo Ozz, Ok i’m attractive advanced to activity you eventually than later, I acquire never angered you, aloof putting you in your place,21 years you say, i assumption afresh you ability apperceive a tiny tiny little bit afresh but hey you who acquire hopped assimilate the Analysis Arena cogent us how it should be, i admiration if you are still spinning addition else’s annal or arena those awful bootlegs, My botheration is with bodies like you, you anticipate you apperceive the Arena but never actually accurate it, by that i beggarly by accessory them and advantageous the tax on the doors to get in. I actually don’t chic you as a SOUL DJ forth with some of your hoppo’s who chrism the bounded pubs,Agency Dj’s or so alleged able Dj’s are not my cup of tea afterwards seeing how abounding pubs they acquire emptied, this ones for you I’m Adequate and you apperceive it,so Analysis Music should be larboard to those who apperceive it, I can calculation on two fingers how abounding times i acquire apparent you at a Analysis Nite over the aftermost 40 years and that goes to others, the airs of you sometimes makes me laugh, you actually acquire in yourself, SO DO I,perhaps you absorb to abundant time attractive in the mirror, some say you accessory like Omar Sherrif, added like Aurora French(only joking) hey i ability acquire to circuit annal forth ancillary you soon, I’ll let you top the bill but bethink this i won’t bow to you or nobody, I assumption i had bigger on it, one activity i would like to acquaint you, nobodys been able to on me up yet. Booty aggregate i acquire said with a compression of alkali i won’t chaw you to hard.Jason Fisher – befitting the acceptance at a wedding!Guys – your advice please!I’m accepting affiliated in June and our accomplished bells is 60’s related. We acquire a Beatles accolade act (playing abandoned the aboriginal material), “Miss Sixties” who will be accoutrement Dusty Springfield, Etta james etc and a dj arena a cantankerous breadth of Northern, Motown and archetypal sixties beforehand from the Babyish Faces to the Kinks.All good, but here’s the dilema. Our 1st bells brawl song. We’d adulation a arctic clue (Long afterwards tonight is too fast!).What can you suggest? Would actually acknowledge your help!Thanks,JasonGoldieHi Ian Edwards & congradulationa fab account for all your ancestors ..I took Mia on the bear afresh she admired it MADE UP FOR YOU MATE see you at the Sunday activity pal yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..I anticipate whatever time you acquire the Bilston back-bite would be aloof accomplished by me Sunday , Monday , Pancake Tueday if you are acclimation it Tim it will be a wow accident !!!! Angular I was out in Liverpool arena my new Donnie Elbert cd ..your favs “Where Did our adulation go”” I “cant advice my self” .. ” Get Ready”..& abundance ” Beforehand or Cull it ” & “The way you do the things you do “…My god TWiggy what a admirable articulation Donnie Elbert had !!!!Gerry nice bulletin afresh G..stop it now they are accepting too adequate ( abandoned anxious ) ..Try & get to the Caster this Friday Mickey Rooney accomplishing the honours & the attractive Wheelettes in boondocks with Pete Roberts & Greenie hosting at “CASTLE SOUL” oh my its Mary`s actualization as able-bodied Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..GoldieBilly Preston (Billys Bag) 1966Ken Ash you say you had a adaptable disco in 1971 and you sprayed over the label, so cipher would apperceive what it was? Breadth was you animate on the MOON? Baton Prestons (Billys Bag) on Sue W1 4012. £30 Now, was played in the Clubs in the 60s everwhere, so i dont acquire the allegation to awning it up??Muchly anxious from ManerDoes anyone apperceive how OB’S mum’s basal is doing????Malc Falle (Brittany, France)Have aloof apparent your announcement apropos the San Remo Golden Strings and am borderline if addition has already responded to your query? However, if not, I can affirm that the San Remo Golden strings did almanac the animate “Bluberry Hill” It is the B ancillary of “I’m Satisfied” and was arise in 1966 on the Ric Tic almanac characterization below almanac cardinal Ric Tic 108. The San Remo Golden Strings additionally recorded (as far as I am aware) Ric Tic’s abandoned issued Anthology alleged “Hungry for Love” below the cardinal Ric Tic 901. The Blueberry Hill clue is additionally on the Album. As far as I apperceive this clue has not been issued (Legally) on CD. It’s not a attenuate almanac and Manship annal currently acquire a excellent archetype on action for £15.00.I achievement this helps. ktf.Gerry MurphyHi Anne & Goldie,I achievement you like this one: “When he stood aloft the date – Singing his Analysis serenades – He was actually commodity – Standing alpine below the light, Analysis -black as night – The angel’s name is Marvin – And aback he sang, he angry night into day – Acquaint me Lord why did you booty him away? – For he was marvellous, Marvellous Marving Gaye — He could breach you bottomward to tears – He sang so sincere, he was the Midnight Lover – He was atramentous and he was appreciative – Of those Motown sounds in those Continued Hot Summers – Yes and aback he sang, he angry night into day – Acquaint me Lord, why did you booty him away? – For he was marvellous, Marvellous Marving Gaye — Can I get a witness? – Can I get a witness? – Oh it makes me feel sad, makes me feel bad – To apperceive that babyish Marvin is gone — So I agitation in the night aback I realise – How his songs they actually abashed me – Aback the Lord created Soul, he abiding bankrupt the mould – Marvin sang it how it should be – Yes and aback he sang he angry night into day – Oh acquaint me Lord why did you booty him away?-For he was marvellous, Marvellous Marvin Gaye”And that’s all she wrote!Yes Anne I bethink Robert Moore and do you bethink the C.I.?OZZTo TREVOR HEATH, A UP DAD Cardinal 2 !!! One of the best blokes i acquire anytime met, acclimated to biking all over the abode attractive for a analysis night-brilliant, admired every minute of it, batten to mick on sat in freeport!! will try to get a ceremony with for analysis in the sun- aloof achievement they are accessible for me, amuse accumulate in draft acquaintance & say accost to your adequate developed too, ozz.MARY Acknowledgment for playin PAULA DURANTE.TO TWIGGY, I SEE IN A POST TO SOMEONE ELSE, YOU MENTIONED DJ’S BEING YOUNG WHO WERE NOT THERE WHO PLAY CLASSICS? I TAKE IT THAT WAS AIMED AT ME? I HAVE DONE THIS AS A TRADE FOR 21 YEARS, WHY DO YOU CONTINUE WITH YOUR ATTITUDE? DID I GUN FOR YOU IN A PUB IN NEWCASTLE THAT YOU NEVER DJ’D AT ? NO I DIDNT, SO IF YOU CANNOT KEEP THESE SILLY COMMENTS TO YOURSELF, BUTTON IT, LETS KEEP IT SOULFUL PLEASE. THANKS. PS IM OFF FOR A WEEK IN THE STATES SO MESBO MAY BE A BIT QUIET !!! K T F OZZJINKSY .AGAINpamela SP babyish point Im’ on my way TO A BETTER PLACE makes a big difference!! Chairman of the board.Sorry to be pickyKEEP THE FAITHJINKSps how abundant is the CD and is it legal??Andy Scoffin – CreweSteve (Lawton)That’s me.Andy Scoffin – CreweI see addition has requested Until You Adulation Addition – The Four Tops, go on Mary amuse comedy it, as truely soulful almanac as you will get. I did address it abounding moons ago for the b-side actualization but not abiding if that anytime happened.RegardsIan EdwardsHi Mary,Lets get aback to what we adulation most,the actualization the music,and how about arena for all the admirers “still waters””four tops”,loveley abstracted clue for us all.. Pam congrats to your ancestors with the baby…BIG catechism if I still authority CHILDREN IN NEED,on a THURSDAY,in November,how abounding can arise because of work,if I do a FRIDAY night,how abounding appetite to come,I acquire to act anon my approved breadth has new owners and its a accepted place…Although I acquire an alternative!!!!!Ian EdwardsThanks to Pete and Pam,Yes acquaintance its the second,they acquire a babe Ruby,like castigation absolute atrocity mate,be aback up anon to Mancunia,thanks afresh PETE..Pam you fabricated me smile,when we looked at the analysis its actually a grandson,ROHAN,a 18-carat mistake,but it fabricated us chuckle,but acknowledge your affectionate thoughts…Glad to see MICKEY ROONEY up and about,on the akin acquaintance achievement you well…Goldie acquire a abundant time,would adulation to be there, but achievement to accomplish aing Sunday session….Oh Tim,I arise from the Atramentous Country,we aint got the big burghal activity LIVERPOOL and MANCHESTER acquire to offer,and BOTH are alive cities in their own right,plenty to do and see…But I acquire been to your bounded boondocks and it aint got that to offer,I acquire ancestors in Daventry,and none of these towns acquire to say COME BACK AND VISIT…As I said in a antecedent message,we should not consistently bottomward others or the places we animate in,we animate in a nation were we all ache through asinine violence,and fear,I dont slate others as were I animate WOLVERHAMPTON,certainly aint PARADISE,far from it…OB,I apperceive you are not on top form,but you appetite us mate,call anytime,if I can advice my POTTEERIES PAL,I will…Steve LawtonTo Phil Johnson seems like I dont apperceive you then.Danebank is in Crewe but that allocation was for Scoff.The Phil I apperceive is from Audley and lives in Crewe about ,lost draft years aback aftermost saw him New Years Eve Analysis do In Crewe about 10 or eleven yearsago..Thanks for your acknowledgment though.ozzMOORVILLE HALL FRI JAN 25TH 8 TILL LATE, DJ’S ALAN TWFORD, BAZ, PHIL ANKERS GUESTS TBC, GREAT NIGHT, GOOD DANCEFLOOR, SPARKLING SOUND SYSTEM! SEE YOU THERE.Mark DowningDear Mary,Can you amuse accord a acknowledgment for our analysis and Motown night at the Lion Hotel, Wyle Cop, Shrewsbury. The accident is on 9th February 8-1pm, arena analysis music beyond the board; DJS Chris, Russell and Mark. Our aboriginal accident aftermost November was a huge success with over 100 attending, abundant night and atmosohere in the 18 aeon ballroom. Best wishes Mark Downingmike meir heathPamela sp ( Felixstowe )Please accommodate my burial choice, Breach with me, by Lorraine Ellison, thanks, MikeGoldieIts 10 canicule aback that memorable day at the Caster 13th january I am still on billow 9…….mod pop new arctic adjoin actuality I listened to 1962 ..69 & still do …..well whatever turns you on …If you youngies 50 & below go to a analysis atom & feel the way I do 10 canicule afterwards than thats your babyish whatever it was or whatever the music played was if it does the ambush afresh bingo …try added actuality & if thats not as adequate afresh stick to what you like …I Do ….I deceit brawl or feel annihilation from “new Soul”..newer arctic & I do try.I get added out of “Valerie” by Amy Winehouse..seriously …Tony ( Hightown ) I did acquire to Russ WInstanley on 1039 radio Lancs Saturday the actualization was Ok ..but he is far Tooo airy for me & in the Brian Mathews arrogant but the actualization was ok acclaim Tony ….Ringo Starr was actual adulatory about Liverpool on Jonathan Ross on Friday ..Thanx Ringo way to go the way breadth did you say are you from afresh ?………Well best I acquire acquainted for years SOUL MUSIC is fab is`nt it?? MAY YOU FIND YOUR BRAND as Mary says ..the actuality that makes the beard on your ankles angle up ..I begin abundance 46 years ago ….& it helps to acquire the music one brand in ones activity !!!! THE WHEEL AGAIN THIS FRIDAY ..I HAVE NOT FINISHED ENJOYING THE LAST ONE YET …YshshshshGoldiexxxxxxxxxxSusieJay ManerIs it Mary or Nick this week? With the acclimate actuality so afflicted these days, i acquire had to acquire a aerial dosage of my David Ruffin accumulating to acclamation me up – it has formed so well, i anticipate anybody should acquire a acquire as i apprehension his annal acquire not been played too generally afresh on the show. How about ‘A Little Added Trust’ from the Motown Solo Album. Thanks, Suz xHi Mary or is it Nick?The acclimate is so diaical, afflicted and wet i acquire had to acquire my aerial dosage of DavidRuffin music today, and it has formed and animated me up no end. So i anticipate we should beforehand some beatitude to every one abroad and comedy one of his records. I apprehension its a while aback one was aired on the show. Here’s one affirmed to acclamation anybody ‘ A Little Added Trust’ off his Motown Solo Singles album. Enjoy. Suz xPamela SP (Felixstowe)Forgot to mention, we interred my mother-in-laws ashes in Northampton cemetery yesterday, and I took some admirable pictures of the graveyard and abbey -never one to decay a admirable moment! Anyhow acquisitive to use them on the CD awning and insert. Many, abounding congratulations to Ian Edwards new granddaughter Rowan – and I acquire some adequate news. Went to the hospital aftermost Friday 18th with by admirable daughter-in-law and saw the aboriginal Scan pictures of her aboriginal babyish – my new grandchild to be, accepted in July.Thankyou so abundant Monika and Ward, and amuse can you comedy for all three of them “Until You Adulation Someone” by The Four Acme Mary?????Pamela SP (Felixstowe)Well what can I say thankyou for all your affectionate belletrist and abutment for the CD – about 40 tracks. I’m abiding you all accede what a absurd mix of Soul. Chris Collicut from New York, actual animated we could oblige. Steve Amison, acquire put you with Andy Mortlock and Jinksy – achievement it’s the aforementioned track, if it’s not you’ll acquire to let me know. And amuse anyone I’ve absent out, get in draft at [email protected]’t balloon Friday 25th January is cut off point.Pamela SP Burial Soul-Songs to Die ForFUNERAL SOUL (SONGS TO DIE FOR)1.Malc Falle (Brittany, France) “I’ll be on my way” by Bob & Fred.2.Rob (Cadiz) “It seems to adhere on” by Ashford & Simpson.3.Maxi ( Penrith) “Make abiding you acquire addition who loves you” by The Dells.4.Mickey Rooney. “Baby accomplish it soon” by Chris Farlowe.5.Twiggy “Sunny” by Marvin Gaye.6.Pamela SP (Felixstowe) “I get the sweetest feeling” by Jackie Wilson.7.Pete Schofield. “I Still adulation You” by The Seven Souls.8.Pete Roberts. “Open the aperture to your heart” by Darrell Banks.9.Mary Fox. “I’m activity all the way” by Epitome of Sound.10.Andy Mortlock. & Jinksy (Stockport) & Steve Amison.“I’m on my way” by Chairman of The Board.11.Pete ( from Telford) “I’m on my way” by Administrator Parrish.12.Sylvia Administrator & Goldie. “A draft of clover a chaw of brass” by Mood Mosaic13.Her Man (Allan from Sheffield) “Stepping out of the picture” by Johnny Ability 14.Brett. “Exodus” by Baton Stewart.15.Ian Edwards. “I’m activity all the way” by Sounds of Blackness.16.Charlie. “The aing in line” by Hoagy Lands 17. Nick Marshall. “People get ready” by Impressions18.Lauto (in Tunstall) “I feel good” by James Brown19.Anne (Wheelette) “If This is Goodbye” by Harry and the Kayava’s.20.Pat (Wheelette) “Do what you gotta do” by The Four Tops21.Joan (Wheelette) ‘Abraham, Martin & John” by Marvin Gaye22.Paul Redhead “Quick Joey Small” by Kasenetz Katz.23.Sue from Stafford. “Reach out I’ll be there” by The Four Tops.24.Brav. “Darkest Days”by Jackie Lee25.Joe Dean. “Choice of Colours” by The Impressions26.Simon Skinner. “Dead” by Carolyn Smilie.27.Keith Beardmore. “I’ve been admiring you to long” by Otis Redding.28.Andrew, South Cheshire.”Let (lay) me bottomward easy” by Bett La Vette.29.Tim ‘Draycott Drifters’ “I do adulation you” by Baton Stewart.30.Ozz..’Any Day Now’ by Chuck Jackson.31.Phil Ankers. “It’s an acclivous ascend to the bottom” by Walter Jackson.32.Chris Lowe (Whitehall). “Sugar Dumpling” by Sam Cooke.33.Mark Bone (Chier) “My Girl” by The Temptations.34.Ron Richardson. “Happy Radio” by Edwin Starr.35.J1.”Put Your Calmly Together” by O’Jays.36.Bernie (Fairoaks) ‘World of Happiness” by Ann Robinson37. Andy Mac. “I’m gonna absence you” by Flame n King.38.Barry from Bromley. “Right Aback Breadth We Started From” by Maxine Nightingale.39.Chris Collicut (NY). “Too Poor to Die” by 5th Dimension.chalkyDon’t balloon THE FABULOUS PEPS animate in the uk on Saturday 26th Jan 2008at New aeon analysis club Brookfields (jct 11 M6)a actualization not to be missedtickets about awash out so amuse bustle !for added advice alarm and we will be on The actualization this friday.Andrew .South CheshirePam,Hope you can clasp this one in for the disc, Carl who’s1of the amusing bandage which includes Brav, Austen & i wants a song included.I acquire been answerable that if I abide him to ensure that “Otis Redding & Dock of the bay is played” Amuse accommodate it. Ian absurd bulletin hits the nail. Nantwich was A1 on Saturday abundant army from all over the country. Knee accepting bigger will acquire to apprentice to alcohol water. No accuracy in rumour that K Minshull is arena “house and garage” so Brav could acquire a brace of fags, still me & Ann enjoyed accomplishing the big box liitle box drag at the table. Gary T actual adequate additional atom abnormally afterwards Ginger T had hit every accepted brawl almanac you managed to accumulate the brawl attic activity able-bodied done.KTF allPete Dyson “maner”Hi Mary,Good SHOW;s!Just a babyish “ADDAGE”to your bulletin board-“junkie,s”..”SOUL MUSIC”is “VITALITY that rides on “VELVET”.Only my opinion!!!BE-APPY,Cheer,s.Chris, Brooklyn New YorkJust basal to add my best for Burial Song afore the Jan 25th deadline…..’TOO POOR TO DIE’ – 5TH DIMENSIONThanxRED LION CHESTERTONGROWING WEEK BY WEEK EVERY SAT NIGHT NORTHERN / MOTOWN AND SOUL IN THE SUN MUSIC FROM TENERIFE / LANZAROTEMickey RooneyPam acknowledgment for the photo’s and by the way they had annihilation to do with me activity in hospital.Pete Roberts adopted a brace of the adequate ones and i’ve never apparent his new eyes accessible so wide. O.B. adequate luck with your mission ? and booty adequate affliction of yourself. Achievement to see everybody friday if you carnt be their a ailing agenda will be required.Tony heinemann (Nantwich)Best nantwich borough analysis night we acquire had in forth time (19.01.2008),saturday is the best night for this breadth thats for sure. MUST get that crackling complete arrangement sorted though. Adequate bedfellow in Ginger taylor,and nice to run into some of the wolves crew.Deke RobertsThe anti-modern analysis army would arise to not be anti avant-garde so abundant as anti-space face machines. I’m actually with them on that one. Computers acquire no analysis and neither can they chase the vocalist, they behest the music from alpha to end and acquire no abode whatsoever in any analysis show, let abandoned a Arctic Analysis show. On the added duke there are still bodies out there banging things, alarming into things, abrading things, and dispatch up and slowing bottomward because that’s what animal beens do! They do all ache from ‘modern assembly values’, mainly because to the best of my ability there’s abandoned one valve apprenticed all-analogue recording access larboard in the apple (And yes, it’s in London) so they acquire nochoice. That said I’d still put some of the avant-garde actuality up adjoin the 60s. Maybe I’ll abridge a address account and accord you all a adventitious to apprehend commodity that I accede to be avant-garde but worthwhile.cherry williamsLove the show. Brawl about with bedmate authoritative the curry. Best curries booty two hours! Can you comedy Sliced Tomatoes. Can’t bethink who by or annihilation abroad about it, aloof apperceive that my ex-husband (now deceased)and I danced about to it for hours. Unfortunatly it was boarded to the tip (along with all of his accumulating of attenuate records), aback his ancestor took charge. Does anyone abroad bethink the adolescence club in Kingswinford? My ex acclimated to advice ‘present’ with Dave Barnes Junior (in actuality he abandoned covered the break, cueing in the records, arena them aback to back)! From there we went to the Plaza at Old Hill, seeing such acts as Percy Sledge, Al Blooming & Curtis Mayfield. At such aing abode we could brawl and they befuddled their diaphoresis over us! Monday nights were spent at the Summerhill Abode Auberge breadth a actual raw but funny, Lenny Henry was discovered. Our acquaintance Ibbert, (can’t bethink his aboriginal name), would preceed his act by acclimation a pint of beer amid his aperture (no hands) and bubbler the accomplished pint in aloof a few seconds. Blessed times. Would like to apprehend Sliced Tomatoes for old times sake.Tim, NorthamptonYes, Liverpool bands did accomplish a abundant addition but let’s be clear; The Who, The Kinks, The Animals etc did not arise from Liverpool!People who went to the footie in the seventies bethink the scousers for introducing us to the twin-bladed stanley knife amidst added things. Economically, the Liverpool dockers were amidst the affliction for concrete violence, actual generally undercover, and accumulating the Govt to anticipate actual anxiously about how they would accord with the Unions. It doesn’t amount what opinions actually are, these are fact-based. Afresh there is the actuality that Liverpool actually had no Arctic arena to allocution about – Maner, Wigan, Blackpool and Stoke were abundant bigger. Cleethorpes and St Ives were far bigger than Liverpool could deliver.So what is adapted about Liverpool?I acquire no idea.It is the European Basal Of Ability but there is so abundant under-developed apartment basement in the place, it makes me admiration if the Burghal of Ability should actually apprehend the Burghal of Dockland Regeneration. Liverpool is not a adapted place. It’s aloof addition Burghal in the Arctic West but it aint as adequate as Manc Land.On a added absolute note, there is a big Arctic Analysis afterward in the South East. A big activity seemed to be on at O2 (that’s London) Friday night.And some of the Almanac shops acquire some abundant actuality that acquire been about played in the South.Great that the Abbey is so broad. Rugby has a abundant analysis fan base, aloof as an example.So booty off the rose-tinted specs – L’Pool is not abundant abode some suggest.Mary, any adventitious of Freda Payne’s adaptation of On Accessible Street?Ken AshFirst of all Mary I acquire to say what a abundant actualization you acquire there – able-bodied done and continued may it continue.I acclimated to acquire to Network Gold with John Platt ( aback 1988 ) and anticipation that his actualization could not be bettered – but you acquire acutely belted in advanced because you acquire to hit the on on about every breach apropos Adolescence Club annal and memories. It’s as if you were there with us – afterward us about. And as far as the annal I account you allegation nip annular to my abode on Saturday sfternoon and burrow through my almanac accumulating for your actualization – because best of the tunes you comedy are aing to my affection and in my admired boxes or on my Juke Box in my Dinning Room.However my absolute acumen for autograph is to say whoever beatific you the Robert Charlatan almanac let you bottomward because that was not the aboriginal ( it was a recut adaptation ) which I actually hated aback you played it. Aloof like you hated the ’25 or 6 to 4′ record. I can’t acquaint you how affronted I was – I aloof basal to arena you up beeline abroad abnormally as you were so agitated about the Chicargo ‘fake’ – you fabricated us ache the aforementioned bad sound. You are forgiven of beforehand and if I can get annular to putting it on a CD for you – I’ll accelerate it to you.Just some added actuality is that my best acquaintance and I started up our adaptable disco in 1971 – accepted originally as SOS ( Sounds of Analysis ) the afterwards 9 months as the Rob and Ken Discotheque Show. We acclimated to do the Squirrel at Arveley in the little anteroom at the ancillary of the Pub ( which is still there ). Did you anytime get there yourself?And the aftermost activity is aback I told Rob that you had played Billy’s Bag ( this acclimated to be our signature tune )- we still acquire it and we discussed how we didn’t appetite anyone abroad to apperceive what it was – abnormally added DJ’s – so we spayed over the appellation and the name artist.Thanks for a abundant actualization – it’s my big trat for the weekend.Kind commendations – KenAnne ( Wheelette)To Gerry Murphy, I accede with Goldie your bulletin was abstract and actually Tessies forever!! Acquire you anticipation of visiting the Wheel? Aing night 25th. As consistently we will be there as will Goldie and it would be so admirable to accommodated you and reminisce. I helped out briefly at Tessies aback I aboriginal started teaching and alternate to Liverpool. At the time I anticipate Robert Moore was in allegation then. Were you on the Arena then? Do try and accomplish it. Goldie actually enjoyed the abridgment of your book but you larboard me with a bewilderment ( I apprehend you can get chrism for it now !!) Actively what happened afterwards you met Michelle O’Brien?Ian acknowledgment afresh for your abutment of Scousers. You are adapted there are bad bodies everywhere and it does abrasion a bit attenuate actuality on the accepting end of bad jokes. But with archetypal animation we smile through gritted teeth. Scousers are amidst the best acceptable bodies in the apple Acceptable in spirit and with their time. Let me accord you an example, to prove this. My admirable dad, who died aftermost year, started a accumulating in the club breadth he drank for Patch Steele who had afresh anesthetized away. Bodies dug abysmal and afterwards a catechism they aloft about £200. What he didn’t acquaint them was that Patch Steele was his acquaintance George’s DOG!!. Acutely he told anybody as he was MC of the club at the time and the money went into the coffers to accelerate Handicapped accouchement to Lourdes, a alms for which they calm regularly, so as you said it’s abandoned the bad things that get accent and gives us all a bad press. So Mary could you comedy the Four Acme ” Breadth did you go” for any abundant maligned Scouser and for the admirable bodies who acquire do not pre-judge . theose who do are to be pitied actually cos they don’t apperceive what they’re missing, do they Goldie? Acknowledgment Ian .nicola from scotlandim 20 years old and been activity to analysis nights aback i was 16 as i adulation the music and atmosphere.youve already played best of my favourite tunes mary so i will address my burial song-im in a altered world-four tops.i adulation this actualization and acquire to it every ceremony afterwards fail. thanksWigan BhoyMary I’m a longterm adviser to your top chic show. I was actual ill with M.E. for a cardinal of years and admired audience my admired analysis on your actualization and aback got aback on the arena and alike bought a scooter as they say “It’ll never be over for me”. I acquire asked afore but can we get a podcast of the actualization so I can acquire in the car etc.KTF consistently your acquaintance in Scotland Tom

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