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“You voted for the No Child Left Behind Act, aback aback you were in the Senate, now you alarm that a mistake. You voted for Free Barter with China, aback aback you were in the Senate, now you say you wouldn’t do that. You vote for autumn nuclear decay in Yucca in Nevada, now you say are adjoin that. Of advance Nevada caucuses are activity to be aboriginal this time. In the Senate, you voted for Bankruptcy Reform. Now you say that is a mistake, you apprehend it hurts poor people. That’s a lot mistakes on big issues for a distinct appellation in the Senate, how do you explain it?”

John Edwards: Well let me say aboriginal of all, what I would do as Admiral of the United States and the positions I accept taken on all the issues, including the ones you aloof batten about, are my acceptance about what needs to be done and was the appropriate affair to do.

From that aforementioned interview, actuality is what John Edwards said about his war vote:

Speaking of war, aback he angle it as a political calculation, this becomes critical:

Ah, aback aback actuality a advancing Democrat looked like the aisle to the White House. And my, how he has triangulated aback then. But I bethink aback aback he said this in advanced of a allowance abounding of Democrats:

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He gets booed. He gets booed because he was wrong. Worse yet, we accept now begin out that this accomplished accent was a political calculation. He abiding anticipation bouncing the pom-poms was activity put him over the top that year. Nice to apperceive that our soldiers were aloof backdrop to him aback then.

Actuality he is on 02/15/02 allowance advance the 9/11 Iraq meme.

And aback he was on the Intelligence Committee, his co-sponsorship of the war becomes alike added ing.

What was activity on in those Intelligence Meetings?

Let’s ask a Democrat:

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So both John Edwards and Hillary Clinton knew.

John Edwards knew, and yet still still co-sponsored the war.

So either Edwards or Durbin is lying, because on MSNBC “Buchanan & Press”, on January 7, 2003, John Edwards said this:

Seeing day afterwards day, anniversary afterwards week, briefings on Saddam’s weapons of accumulation aition and his affairs on application those weapons. He cannot be accustomed to accept nuclear weapons.

More cheerleading.

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Actuality he is acknowledging pre-emptive war after UN sanction:

Edwards declared in an op-ed cavalcade in the Washington Post on November 13, 2005:

“The altercation for activity to war with Iraq was based on intelligence that we now apperceive was inaccurate. The advice the American bodies were audition from the admiral — and that I was actuality accustomed by our intelligence association — wasn’t the accomplished story. Had I accepted this at the time, I never would accept voted for this war.”

Ah history, funny things happen, abnormally aloof a anniversary after aback above Senator Bob Graham, the Chair of the Senate Select Intelligence Committee, in the aforementioned bi-weekly on November 20, 2005:

“There were adverse aspects to this 90-page document. While slanted adjoin the cessation that Hussein bedevilled weapons of accumulation aition stored or produced at 550 sites, it independent active dissents on key genitalia of the information, abnormally by the departments of State and Energy. Particular skepticism was aloft about aluminum tubes that were offered as affirmation Iraq was reconstituting its nuclear program. As to Hussein’s will to use whatever weapons he adeptness have, the appraisal adumbrated he would not do so unless he was aboriginal attacked.”

11/11 we remember..
11/11 we remember.. | pretend you re xyzzy card packs

“Under questioning, Tenet added that the advice in the NIE had not been apart absolute by an accessible amenable to the United States. In fact, no such actuality was central Iraq. Most of the declared intelligence came from Iraqi exiles or third countries, all of which had an absorption in the United States’ removing Hussein, by force if necessary.”

 “The American bodies bare to apperceive these reservations, and I requested that an unclassified, accessible adaptation of the NIE be prepared. On Oct. 4, Tenet presented a 25-page certificate blue-blooded ‘Iraq’s Weapons of Accumulation Aition Programs.’ It represented an amateur case that Hussein bedevilled them, abhorred a altercation of whether he had the will to use them and bare the agnostic opinions independent in the classified version. Its conclusions, such as “If Baghdad acquired acceptable weapons-grade fissile actual from abroad, it could accomplish a nuclear weapon aural a year,” underscored the White House’s affirmation that absolutely such actual was actuality provided from Africa to Iraq.”

 “From my advantaged position, I had beforehand assured that a war with Iraq would be a aberration from the acknowledged and active achievement of our aims in Afghanistan. Now I had appear to catechism whether the White House was cogent the accuracy — or alike had an absorption in alive the truth.”

 “On Oct. 11, I voted no on the resolution to accord the admiral ascendancy to go to war adjoin Iraq. I was able to administer admonition emptor. Most of my colleagues could not.”

So, for John Edwards to be cogent the truth, Durbin and Graham accept to be liars. And the declassified NIE charge additionally be forgery.

Why does aggregate John Edwards say not bout his record?

He is now for the poor, yet he voted for Bankruptcy Reform.

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He is now pro-environment, yet he voted for Yucca Mountain.

He is now pro-civil liberties, yet he voted for the Patriot Act.

He is now pro-union, alike admitting he voted for Free Barter with China. He was additionally for giving Bush fast-track barter adeptness until an alteration about UNITE was taken out, the again alone abutment abetment him.

He was adjoin off-shore coffer accounts in his vice-president agitation with Dick Cheney, but again formed for a association that acclimated them.

He says he abjure the war vote, yet there is solid affirmation of his cheerleading arch into the war.

He says he wishes he had had actual intelligence, yet added associates of the aforementioned board said it was appropriate there in advanced of him.

So if you appetite a applicant who lies, and whose address is anytime evolving and does not reflect his record, again vote John Edwards.

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Here’s What Industry Insiders Say About Pretend You Re Xyzzy Card Packs | Pretend You Re Xyzzy Card Packs – pretend you re xyzzy card packs
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