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This is a blitz archetype from “The Five,” October 3, 2018. This archetype may not be in its final anatomy and may be updated.

How to Write a Sympathy Thank You (with Examples) - wikiHow - thank you for mass card
How to Write a Sympathy Thank You (with Examples) – wikiHow – thank you for mass card | thank you for mass card

JESSE WATTERS, CO-HOST: Hello, everybody. I’m Jesse Watters forth with Adjudicator Jeanine Pirro, Juan Williams, Dana Perino, and Greg Gutfeld. It’s 5 o’clock in New York, and this is “The Five.”

The FBI delving into Brett Kavanaugh could be accomplished in a amount of hours. The agency accepted to blanket things up as aboriginal as today. Sources cogent Fox News a distinct archetype of the address will be beatific to Capitol Hill and the White House to apprehend and afresh it’s activity to be kept in a safe in the assembly attorneys committee. This all comes as Agent Chuck Grassley is ambitious answers to beauteous new allegations that belie Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony. An ex-boyfriend claims Ford helped a acquaintance basic for a polygraph test, contradicting her assembly testimony.


RACHEL MITCHELL, PROSECUTOR: Acquire you anytime had discussions with anyone, besides your attorneys, on how to booty a polygraph?


MITCHELL: And I don’t aloof beggarly countermeasures, but I beggarly aloof any array of tips or annihilation like that.


MITCHELL: Acquire you anytime acclimatized tips or admonition to somebody who was attractive to booty a polygraph test?

FORD: Never.


WATTERS: Now, Ford’s acquaintance is abstinent actuality captivated for a lie detector test. Meantime, Admiral Trump isn’t abetment bottomward from arresting Kavanaugh from Democratic attacks. He’s accepted aback harder than ever.


PRESIDEN DONALD TRUMP: They’ve been aggravating to abort Adjudicator Kavanaugh aback the absolute first, additional he was announced. So abounding altered charges, accusable until accurate innocent, that’s absolute alarming for our country. And a man’s activity is in tatters. A man’s activity is shattered. They abort people. They appetite to abort people. These are absolutely affronted people.


WATTERS: And afterwards the affliction chance about Kavanaugh throwing ice cubes at a bar, the New York Times is out with accession decades-old address about the Supreme Cloister nominee. The Times columnist what appears to be a acerb letter from Kavanaugh advancing for bank anniversary in the summer of 1983 breadth he warns about him and his accompany actuality loud and accepting drunk. All right, Greg, this — I assumption this is a affidavit account by the ex- admirer of Ford, and it’s riddled with bombshells here. Never brought up annihilation about Kavanaugh, never his name, never brought up about actuality ually abused. He witnessed her prepping this acquaintance of hers, Monica, for a polygraph exam. She flew on planes all the time. Not abashed of baby spaces. And aback he bent her cheating, she concluded up befitting his acclaim agenda and afresh spending abundantly on it, afresh aria about it afterwards. And afresh already it was said that he was activity to columnist charges, afresh she endemic up to it.

GREG GUTFELD, CO-HOST: You know, the key affair to booty from this is that two can comedy at this d in the cloister of accessible opinion, OK? We’ve sat actuality and watched bottomless accusations, so it’s now the alarm is accepted aback and there happens to be advice out there. That — the media is adage that Trumps comments about Ford were a apology or an advance are the aforementioned media who anticipation Matt Damon’s badinage of Kavanaugh was sparkling and ablaze and daring. And yet, they acquisition that Trump said commodity bygone and he alleged it apology or an advance aback all he did was point out a discrepancy. What Trump did, if that was an advance to you, afresh you absolutely do alive in a balloon because if you go home, or you go to a bar, or you allocution to somebody at the gym, what Trump said is absolutely the opinions of everybody at home going, some of her actuality has holes in it, that actuality about accepting one alcohol but not — alive she alone had one alcohol but not canonizing aggregate else.

The accepted faculty of his — what would you call, the assemblage Trump. The accepted faculty of the assemblage Trump reflects best of America and he’s absolute the adverse of the accessible and clandestine announcement about this case, that so abounding bodies about will say she’s aboveboard and compelling, but afresh they go home and they go, dude, she’s not authoritative faculty on a lot of it. Remember, he said at the beginning, compelling. But afresh aback he gets to assemblage Trump, he becomes like everybody abroad and he says, you apperceive what? She’s — there’s some air-conditioned things.

JUAN WILLIAMS, CO-HOST: Aback you appear to assemblage Trump, what he does is he feeds red meat to the red base.

GUTFELD: No, that’s — for America.

WILLIAMS: And you’re activity to go afterwards the press. The media is accomplishing this. Let me aloof acquaint you, Greg, aces up the paper. You’ll see that bodies like Susan Collins are adage this is apparent wrong.

GUTFELD: Because they’re afraid of the media.

WILLIAMS: Let me accomplishment for a second.

GUTFELD: Oh, you disconnected me.

WILLIAMS: I did not. I acknowledge to you. I’m adage — and you apprehend Lindsey Graham saying, well, there may be holes, but you apperceive what, Mr. President, beating it off.

GUTFELD: They’re wrong.

WILLIAMS: . this is not helpful.

GUTFELD: They’re wrong.

WILLIAMS: Let me acquaint you something, Greg, this affectionate of activity afterwards accession aback they accord you a — burying their body about commodity that’s traumatizing.

GUTFELD: Like Kavanaugh.

WILLIAMS: . it’s not helpful. That women get a bulletin from this that they’re actuality told shut up.

GUTFELD: Women absolutely agreed with Trump at that rally. They know, they applauded.

WILLIAMS: How about — yes. How about aback the Catholic Church abuses people, and the ability anatomy ignores them and protects the priests.

GUTFELD: What about the Catholic Church?


JEANINE PIRRO, GUEST CO-HOST: Women at the elevator. They go to the elevator of Jeff Flake, and if you abutment Brett Kavanaugh you’re not active to me. Well, you apperceive what? If you were molested, and we now apperceive their antecedent of the people, you were molested, go afterwards the guy who confused you. Don’t acquire that Brett Kavanaugh should backpack the accountability for anybody who has suffered, every woman, from animal abuse.

WILLIAMS: That is not what we’re talking about, Judge. Alike Jeff Flake said what Trump did aftermost night, no time, no abode for animadversion like that because it is insulting. And the advocate for Ford said this is why women don’t appear forward. This why you don’t acquaint your dad, don’t acquaint your mom.

(CROSSTALK) GUTFELD: You brought up a simple discrepancy.


WATTERS: Sarah Sanders was asked about this today at the briefing. Let’s apprehend what she had to say.


SARAH SANDERS, WHITE HOUSE PRESS SECRETARY: It wasn’t annihilation added than the admiral advertence facts, and facts that were laid out in the prosecutor’s announcement that she put advanced to the senate. I anticipate it is absolutely blameworthy what they’ve done and exploited this process. They’ve exploited Dr. Ford. They’re abject all the women that acquire appear out to accomplish any blazon of accusation. This isn’t the action that should acquire been done, and absolutely everybody deserves to be heard, but that includes Adjudicator Kavanaugh.


WATTERS: Well, I’ve aloof got a beginning argument from mom. And I’m activity to acquire to go to you. Mom said, I aboveboard achievement that Dana establishes the accent tonight apropos advancing the victim. So actuality you go, Dana.

DANA PERINO, CO-HOST: Well, the affair is — I was — it was absorbing — I anticipate Sarah Sanders — she represents her bang-up well. Cipher talks like Trump. Cipher can out-Trump, Trump. So you’re the columnist secretary and you — I anticipate she did her best there in aggravating to say — this is what he was aggravating to say, what Admiral Trump was adage was basically account from the archetype of the hearing, but it’s the tone. Like your mom said, for me to set the tone. So the admiral has a accent that does complete like he’s activity afterwards you. That’s like for me, like you apperceive I abhorrence the nicknames. I get it that they formed and that they’re absolute effective.

I do, though, admiration about the action afterwards on because Flake, Murkowski, Collins, they’re aboveboard polite, like they would never say this affectionate of thing. And so now, they’re already beneath a ton of pressure. They’re cat-and-mouse for this FBI reports. The admiral needs their vote. And I aloof think, like from a action standpoint, do you get the country with you and lose those three votes and afresh end up acceptable in 2020 because bodies are so mad? Or do those people, those senators, delay for the FBI report, if it’s clean, if they acquire no acumen not to vote for him if the FBI address comes aback and is fine.

PIRRO: But I absolutely believe, Dana, that Donald Trump consistently has both situations covered. He’s got the accessible bearings covered and the political. And that’s why he plays to his base, and afresh he additionally is aggravating to advantage about way he can with these senators. Flake, initially.

PERINO: Well, I anticipate he’ll end up with.

PIRRO: . maybe.

PERINO: I anticipate that — alike if he loses a Flake.

PIRRO: Right.

PERINO: . does he aces up a Manchin? Does he aces up somebody abroad forth the way, McCaskill, somebody like that.

WATTERS: And I don’t think.


WATTERS: I don’t anticipate what we saw at the assemblage aftermost night, that was not biting Trump.


WATTERS: We’ve all apparent Trump mocking. That is absolute lite of biting if anything.

GUTFELD: Two can comedy this game. We’ve apparent the media put their spotlight on Avenatti and ambiguous client, and let it ride. And so — afresh you acquire Trump aloof accompany up a simple alterity and you alarm that, like, attacking? Accord me a break.

WILLIAMS: I’ll accord you a break. That was attack.


WILLIAMS: So in added words, every woman in America who’s gone.

GUTFELD: It’s not every woman.

WILLIAMS: Oh, they’re all snowflakes. Appetite you aloof shut up, you know, move on, annihilation to see here.

GUTFELD: That’s not what it is.

WILLIAMS: This to me is additionally allotment of the affair with the FBI, because appropriate now — remember, the admiral said he begin Ford credible. That’s the president’s language.

GUTFELD: That’s polite.

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WILLIAMS: And afresh he comes now — and instead, now he changes his tune because he wants to comedy to you, Greg.


WATTERS: Juan, Juan.


PIRRO: Every woman in America who has been a victim of a animal advance remembers added than Christine Blasey Ford.

WILLIAMS: I don’t know.

PIRRO: I know. I did this for 30 years.

WILLIAMS: Fine. But I’m aloof saying, you anticipate you’re speaking to every woman.

PIRRO: No, what I’m cogent you is that for you to say that — because Donald Trump is pointing out inconsistencies in her own affidavit that he’s suggesting to added women who’ve been victimized that, hey, look, we’re not activity to acquire you, it’s absolutely not the case. The women who’ve been victimized are allurement the aforementioned question. Why do I bethink aback I was rape? Why do I remember.

WILLIAMS: let me acquaint you.


WILLIAMS: Best women who were victimized don’t alike address it because.

PIRRO: No kidding.

GUTFELD: They abhorrence Donald Trump.


PIRRO: What they abhorrence is not the Admiral of the United States and the politics. What they abhorrence is the abuser.

WILLIAMS: How about a adulterated analysis and what you don’t account the victim?

WATTERS: How about a adulterated hearing? How about that? Does the accuracy about Brett Kavanaugh alike amount to Democrats or Juan? Agent Spartacus with a beauteous admission, up next.


WILLIAMS: Some Democrats authoritative after-effects amidst the Brett Kavanaugh drama. Agent Cory Booker, allegiant advocate of the FBI analysis into Trump’s Supreme Cloister nominee, now suggesting that his adolescent assembly canal Kavanaugh afterwards absorption to what the delving reveals.


SEN. CORY BOOKER, D-N.J.: My achievement is that above the abandoned accessory acerbity that is activity on, above the accusations, we don’t lose afterimage of what this moral moment is about in this country. And ultimately ask ourselves the question, is this the appropriate actuality to sit on the accomplished cloister in the acreage for a lifetime appointment? And then, ultimately, not whether he’s innocent or guilty. This is not a trial. But ultimately, acquire abundant questions been aloft that we should not move on to accession candidate?


WILLIAMS: In addition, above Secretary of Accompaniment John Kerry, he’s active arresting the backward Ted Kennedy, the above agent scandals acquire been brought up, of course, during the Kavanaugh nomination.


FORMER SECRETARY OF STATE JOHN KERRY: Bodies acquire been analytical through the years with — and he was analytical of himself. He stood up and endemic moments breadth he knew he’d stepped over the line. So, I anticipate that – – and he wasn’t about to be nominated to a lifetime position. In fact, he said to the bodies of Massachusetts, if you anticipate I shouldn’t breach here, then, you know, and he took those allotment and afresh he was adopted accession six times. That’s a absolute altered affair from a lifetime acceptance to the Supreme Cloister of the United States.


WILLIAMS: So, judge, let’s booty the chat to Cory Booker. I’m abiding my colleagues actuality appetite me to alarm him Spartacus. But let’s booty the chat there because what he’s adage is he’s not alike arguing that the FBI delving is actuality array of balderdash blitz and bound by the White House. He’s adage that this is not a bent trial. This is about Kavanaugh’s credibility, his character, administrative attitude of a man who would sit on the Supreme Cloister for decades to come. What do you think?

PIRRO: Well, I don’t accede with him. I anticipate that will be a abruptness to all of you. Look, here’s the basal line, the man was accused of actuality a animal predator, of actuality a assemblage rapist, and, you know, causing women to get drunk, and he’s not declared to lose his air-conditioned for alike a little bit. The accuracy is he’s been on the ambit cloister for 12 years. He’s got the temperament. And I don’t apperceive how abounding bodies out there been in courtrooms, but I’ve spent 30 years in them. Judges cast out all the time, and that is not what I accede flipping out, what Kavanaugh did. But I anticipate the saddest allotment of all this is that they’re continuing up and adage it doesn’t amount what the accuracy is. There’s abundant aroma here. Let’s get rid of him.

But what is this smell? The alone aroma I get actuality is about accession who doesn’t apperceive the fundamentals about an affair that she kept quiet about. It’s about a guy who was accused by three women, and how this guy begin three women who would delay 35 years to acquire that they were ually assaulted by him advance my mind. He allegation be a ability because all of these women now acquire suffered from repressed memory. And in the end, they’re now advancing out to advance him. It’s all politics, period. End of the story.

WILLIAMS: What do you think, Jesse?

WATTERS: I accede with Booker. It’s not a trial. It’s a appearance trial, Juan. Anticipate about it. There’s no abomination scene. There’s no concrete evidence. There’s no acceptance witnesses. There’s nothing. There’s absolutely nothing. So with that, what you acquire is bodies adopting questions. Anybody can accession questions, Juan. You can accession questions about everything. But you apperceive what? Aback you accession questions, you acquire to acquisition answers. How do you acquisition answers? You get the facts. Assembly lath are attractive for the facts. Unfortunately, for Democrats, they don’t acquire any facts. There are no facts on their ancillary appropriate now.

And if you accessory at the ambience of — let’s aloof say, the rolling bean abduction hoax, how in the ambience of that can any Democrat say I acquire absolutely no agnosticism about what happened with adjudicator Kavanaugh. These things appear all the time. There has to be some agnosticism there. Accessory at the Russian bunco situation. What happens if Mueller comes aback and says we didn’t acquisition any affirmation of collusion. What are the Democrats activity to do then, Juan? They’ve assertive themselves for a year and a bisected there’s collusion. And afresh aback there’s a fact-finding mission and they acquire no evidence, what will the Democrats activity to do then? And aloof accession ancillary point, Amends Breyer was popped, arrested aback he was at Stanford for arrears drinking. No one fabricated any fetor about that at all. Total bifold standard.

WILLIAMS: Oh, I see. And he denied it and said he was a choir boy and a virgin?

WATTERS: Nope. He was popped for arrears bubbler and no one alleged him a affronted alcoholic.

WILLIAMS: I get it. So the attitude question, Dana, is ample for the Democrats. They say, you know, Thursday aback Kavanaugh was testifying, he’s talking about Clinton cabal theories like he’s a bourgeois radio allocution appearance host, not a Supreme Cloister nominee.

PERINO: Bourgeois alpha in a aperture aback they acquire these conversations because they usually based things on argumentation and actuality and not emotion. And if you appearance emotion, afresh you’re either agitated or crazy or affronted or mad. I absolutely anticipate if you appetite to allocution about temperament, he testified for 31 hours that anniversary in advanced — several canicule in advanced of the committee. Bethink all the protesters agreeable in the background? All the altered — he never already — the alone time that he absitively he had to appearance what he absolutely acquainted — he had to lay it all out on the line, that’s not about administrative temperament. That was about his reputation.

PIRRO: And anybody said to him if you acknowledge the way you did with Martha MacCallum, our Martha MacCallum, was a abundant interview, you were too laid- back. I mean, he was basically told this is your moments. You bigger get out there and appearance some emotion.

WILLIAMS: So, Greg, you’re a man of abundant restraint.


WILLIAMS: And you oftentimes comedy for me that absolute abundant a judicial.

GUTFELD: I’m activity to appearance you.

WILLIAMS: . temperament.

GUTFELD: I’m activity to appearance you how aseptic I am. Ted Kennedy let a woman die. Bill Clinton has been accused of abduction and advance by a cardinal of women. So the Democratic Affair should be renamed to Bill and Ted not so accomplished adventure. They’ve advised women like boodle for the powerful, teachers, waitresses, attack interns were all answerable to kiss the ring, that’s to John Kerry. As for Booker, I acclaim him for his honesty. He has — basically said that we will ruin a man and acquire the accessory accident of his family, his family’s ache because the account is bigger than any individual. And the cause, the left-wing account is bigger than the absolute arrangement itself. We can capsize a system. He would be a abundant — Cory would be a abundant fascist.

WILLIAMS: You anticipate he’s talking about the man’s believability acclimatized there’s so abounding inconsistency.


GUTFELD: He’s destroyed it. He could be a abundant — he would acquire been abundant in East Germany. Booker, he absent his boat.

PIRRO: But you apperceive what? I anticipate the best — the greatest affectation is aback they say, Kerry says, that they stood up and endemic their moments. They alone stood up and endemic their moments afterwards the statute of limitations.

GUTFELD: Yeah, they stood up with their pants down.

WATTERS: Didn’t he abrasion like a affected close brace, too, because he was the vet. Remember, he played the victim.

WILLIAMS: I see. So this woman continuing out there, putting her name and her face in public, and all the.

GUTFELD: Yeah, we abhorrence her, Juan. We anticipate she’s evil. We anticipate she’s evil.

WILLIAMS: Go tribalism. Greg’s monologue, yeah, and it’s a acceptable one on how a mob mentality has taken over academy campuses, that’s next. Acquire some fun. Watch The Five.


GUTFELD: So acclamation has been banned at Britain’s University of Maner apprentice union. Acclamation because it triggers all-overs and discourages bodies from accessory events, and it will be replaced with a bashful adaptation of applesauce easily which is said to animate an ambiance of respect.

Meanwhile, absolutely altered story, a Massachusetts assistant said that the characterization “veteran” should be advertisement to accommodate accord activists. I say the characterization “professor” should be advertisement to accommodate blowzy droolers.

The one affair these things acquire in accepted besides aberration is that they’ve both burst out of the cover gates of a bounded university. The berry pods from the garden of brainless are now blooming in the absolute world. Why is that? Because no one wants to say: Man, that’s absolutely dumb. We’re all afraid to blackout now by the absolutism of grievance. Cipher wants to allotment the accident in calling out applesauce because that makes you a big meanie.

Example: You’re on a alms and a bedlamite gets on board, he’s a babbling idiot, so everyone, what do they do? They accessory bottomward at their phones. Why? Because no one wants to acquire a allotment of the risk, so they adumbrate from the maniac. Afresh you accomplished the bedlamite is Bill de Blasio. Again, he’s agreeable inanities. Your arch aches, he won’t shut up. So now the joke’s on you: You should acquire complained the moment de Blasio got on. You should acquire said shut up and get out of here, you’re too loud and brainless for accumulation transit.

Ideological balance advance aback anybody looks the added way, whether it’s on campus, in Congress, in media. But maybe for once, it’s time, let’s allotment the risk. It ability be the alone aegis we acquire left.

So, Jesse, they additionally said that acclamation makes bodies with autism nervous, and I anticipate that was a action to use a absolute affair to appearance a asinine abstraction because if acclamation makes autistic or any afraid bodies nervous, it would be adverse to accumulate them from acceptable acclimatized to it. Like, what if they appetite to go to a soccer game, or what if they appetite to go to a bedrock concert. They can’t because they wouldn’t be acclimated to clapping. This is absurd.

WATTERS: Are you abiding this isn’t an onion article? Do you bifold check?

GUTFELD: I bifold checked.

WATTERS: I anticipate we’re accepting alarm here.

GUTFELD: I bigger analysis with the producers.

WATTERS: All right, we’ll analysis after. Here’s what I think, acclamation isn’t absolutely for the bodies that are clapping. It’s for the actuality that’s performing, for instance, myself. Like, aback I’m on stage, right, I allegation the acclamation to apperceive if my jokes are landing.

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Thank You Notes for Mass Cards Beautiful 10 Fresh Baby Thank You .. | thank you for mass card


WATTERS: . to apperceive if I acquire the admirers on my ancillary or not. I allegation that affirmation. They’re missing that point. Also.

GUTFELD: It’s all about Jesse.

WATTERS: The British are additionally overlooking commodity else, home aggregation advantage. Aback you acquire a absolutely loud army that armament the opposing aggregation into demography timeouts, and they miscommunicate, and they’re additionally missing that. Also, to your point about autism, this discriminates adjoin dark people. Dark bodies can’t see applesauce hands, OK? Absolute discriminatory. And accepting to the audition situation, there were some loud noises about Apple War II aback the Germans were bottomward absolutely loud bombs.


WATTERS: . on the British, and I anticipate the British bearing — I anticipate they survived. The all-overs there, that’s absolute all-overs and they fabricated it out OK.

GUTFELD: Yeah. Juan, what do you accomplish of the abstraction of accord activists actuality alleged veterans?

WILLIAMS: I anticipate that’s a abundant abstraction because I anticipate diplomats — they’re absolutely talking about — I mean, you saw a accord activists like some kid boot in protest. They’re not — they’re talking about bodies who acquire been diplomats, negotiators, bodies who fabricated an effort, alike bodies who’ve gone beyond like with the accord corps, the Mormons.

GUTFELD: That’s not a advancing veteran.

WILLIAMS: No, I didn’t say — you’ve said military. They didn’t say military, they said veterans. These are bodies who acquire acclimatized up themselves.

GUTFELD: So I’m a TV veteran.


PIRRO: I mean, aback you anticipate about it, they gave it themselves. They did a job, they’ve got paid for it. Aback you put your activity on the line, you backpack a weapon, that’s a veteran. That’s accession —

WILLIAMS: Our soldiers get paid for it.

PIRRO: Yes, they get paid for it, but you apperceive what?

GUTFELD: Not enough.

PIRRO: The accident to them, if you do the archetypal risk-reward. This isn’t a acceptable abstraction to be in this band of work. The affairs are accession is out there attractive to annihilate you.

WILLIAMS: I don’t anticipate — I don’t anticipate it’s a abundant accident to go and put yourself on the band in the Accord Corps, let me acquaint you.

WATTERS: But Juan, aback you put a ammo in bin Laden’s head, you’re a accord activist, because now bin Laden can’t accomplish war.

GUTFELD: There you go! There you go —

WILLIAMS: You apperceive what, Jesse? You’re a veteran.


GUTFELD: You know, Dana, I do feel that the big botheration these canicule is that cipher wants to allotment the risk. Aback there’s — when, like, there’s a absolutely impaired idea, there’s a boyhood of activists that are so loud that they’ll avoid you. They’ll appear afterwards you. They’ll basset you. So bodies aloof go, that’s a acceptable idea. Cipher wants to allotment the risk.

PERINO: Or — well, as you were adage that, it does — all of us for so long, aback we apprehend these kinds of things, like, “Oh, that’s stupid.”


PERINO: “That’s ridiculous.” And afresh — but you know, all of a sudden, now there’s an absolute bearing of bodies —


PERINO: — who anticipate that you can’t action in the absolute apple afterwards all of this mollycoddling.

GUTFELD: Yes, exactly.

WATTERS: Mollycoddling?

GUTFELD: I adulation that word.

PERINO: It’s a British word.

GUTFELD: It’s like, you know, the accent codes on campus is a awful idea. But academia, they — they didn’t appetite to allotment the risk. They didn’t appetite bodies banging on their doors.

PERINO: Bethink the admiral of the — of that university in Oklahoma —


PERINO: — who stood up and he said, like, “We are not your babysitters. We’re not your parents. We’re actuality to claiming your thinking.” And remember, he got all that absorption but a lot of — added bodies should be like that.

GUTFELD: Added bodies should be accommodating to booty a risk. You know, Maner United, by the way, has the loudest soccer fans. I don’t apperceive if —

WATTERS: They’re not accomplishing applesauce hands.

GUTFELD: They’re not accomplishing applesauce hands.

WILLIAMS: You apperceive what? Acquire you anytime been to Gallaudet?


WILLIAMS: And I acquaint you what: They do lots of things. By the way, they are absolute advancing players, because they don’t apprehend the whistles. So they accumulate going. But I will say this: applesauce easily work.


WATTERS: Juan is pro-jazz hands.

WILLIAMS: I don’t acquire any botheration with it.

GUTFELD: All right. Hollywood liberals branch to Washington in an attack to booty bottomward Kavanaugh. Will this aloof assemblage the Republican abject alike more? That’s next.


PIRRO: Some Hollywood liberals afresh teamed up with accelerating accumulation to accomplish a video advancing Brett Kavanaugh.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Dear Assistant Ford —

JULIANNE MOORE, ACTRESS: — we apperceive how difficult it is to angle up to able people.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: We appetite to acknowledge you for about administration your chance of animal violence.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: The behavior you declared was wrong.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Amiss and runs anon adverse to advancement the law —

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: — and announcement justice.

MOORE: He should not be confirmed.

AMERICA FERRERA, ACTRESS: He should not be confirmed.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: He should not be confirmed.


PIRRO: And they’re not endlessly there. Tomorrow in Washington, anti-Trump celebrities, including John Legend, Lena Dunham, Alicia Keys, and Whoopi Goldberg, are set to beef adjoin the president’s Supreme Cloister nominee. The star-studded hate-fest is demography abode in advanced of the D.C. Ambit courthouse, breadth the adjudicator has served for added than 12 years.

All right, things are hot. I appetite to alpha with you, Juan. OK, aboriginal of all —

WILLIAMS: Wait, why do we now breach with tradition?

PIRRO: I appetite to alpha with you first.


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10 Best Funeral Thank You Cards | Love Lives On – thank you for mass card | thank you for mass card

PIRRO: All right. Did any of these celebrities assignment for Hillary Clinton?

WILLIAMS: I assumption like — I anticipate best of them accurate Hillary.

PIRRO: Yes, but it didn’t assignment for Hillary, did it?

WILLIAMS: Oh, it didn’t work? They would appear out. No, in actuality —

PIRRO: So is it activity to assignment for Kavanaugh?

WILLIAMS: — if you watched “The Five,” you would apperceive that what happens actuality is we say “that Hollywood elite,” you know, comedy to the accomplished angle of bourgeois affliction with these elites that are demography control. and “We don’t appetite to apprehend from them. Why don’t they aloof absorb us us?” Aloof go appropriate ahead.

PERINO: We’re brilliant.

PIRRO: You are brilliant. And that’s why I’ll go to next, Dana.

PERINO: OK, thanks.

PIRRO: Who do you anticipate is activity to be added answerable up? Breadth is the aborigine enthusiasm?

PERINO: If Hollywood — Hollywood thinks they’re activity to help, they bigger hurry. Because aloof today there was a new poll that came out this afternoon that said that the Democratic — the Democrats’ bend in the all-encompassing election has evaporated in the aftermost two weeks. So that should acquaint them commodity that they should be acquainted of.

Because do you appetite to access the accessible political fortunes of a Cory Booker and a Kamala Harris at the amount of the Assembly seats that you are absolutely active for in 2018?

The added affair is, I do anticipate that Hollywood can advice in one way for the Democrats. And Republicans should be absolutely acquainted of this. This is my issue. It is the registering of new voters. The numbers are astounding.

I’ll accord you two examples. In Virginia this year, 135,000 new voters. New voters are usually the ones that vote — they’ll vote 99 percent of the time that aboriginal time, and they’re allegedly Democrats. In Texas, this cardinal aloof in: 400,000 new voters aback March. And that’s why these numbers are hard. Like, you see the polling about Beto O’Rourke and Ted Cruz. That’s one of the affidavit that —

WILLIAMS: Can I interject there and say that the numbers additionally appearance that, acclimatized the Kavanaugh hearings and the controversy, 61 percent of Democrats say they’re added acceptable to vote against 52 percent of Republicans. And assumption what? Forty-six, about bisected of the people, say it has no impact.

PIRRO: All right, Greg. Let me ask you this. Let’s acquire that Kavanaugh is confirmed. Does that beggarly that the Republican activity is lessened and that the Democrats are advancing out at abounding charge? Or is it the opposite?

GUTFELD: I’m not sure. Normally, I would say that if Kavanaugh got in, you would see a dejected wave; and if Kavanaugh didn’t get in, you would acquire a huge red beachcomber and afresh get an alike added bourgeois judge.

But I anticipate bodies are so affronted at what they’ve been seeing with Kavanaugh and now he’s been mistreated, and how the media has been complicit in this, that you ability get Kavanaugh and you ability alike get a balmy red wave.

PIRRO: Red wave.

GUTFELD: The one affair about Hollywood that is advancing is that they were bashful for decades over Harvey Weinstein. And they didn’t appear out until it was safe and accessible for them. They waited — they had to delay for Ronan Farrow to get that commodity out.

And abounding — let’s face it. Everybody in Hollywood knew about Harvey Weinstein.

I appetite these celebrities to accumulate accomplishing it. Because what it comes off as, it comes off as the air-conditioned kids burdensome associate burden on everybody else. They’re at their cafeteria table adage if you don’t accede with me, you’re not cool. It doesn’t assignment with Americans, women. We aloof accessory at you and we go, “Please.” We don’t booty you seriously.

WATTERS: Yes, not alone did they, you know, not say annihilation about Harvey Weinstein. They didn’t say annihilation about Roman Polanski. They admired up on Bill Clinton. So it’s a little bit hypocritical for them.

And these celebrities that are advancing in and affectionate of bum-rushing the Capitol, this are not what you do aback you appetite to accelerate in accession to a beat vote or a beat district. This is Whoopi Goldberg. This is Lena Dunham. These bodies are absolutely abhorred by bisected of the country. And afresh the independents, they’re not absolutely activity to move the needle.

This is not like the Actor Man March. This is not like the Women’s March. This isn’t like the Tea Party. These are highly-trained Democratic activists that are demography off work, if they acquire a job, and they’re activity to annoy accessible officials.

And the alone acumen we’re advantageous added absorption to them is because they’re nastier now. The added day accession went into an appointment of a agent and assaulted them. And that’s almost been reported. That’s why it’s gotten out of control.

PIRRO: How do you anticipate it sells aback Whoopi Goldberg says, “Donald Trump is not my president, and he booty a huge dump on the country”? I mean, accustomed people, unless you’re a accessory — and let’s admit, partisans all already entrenched. They apperceive how they’re activity to vote. Annihilation affairs to them. But does that — is that a way to amplitude people, to say, “He’s not my president. He takes a dump on us”?

WILLIAMS: Well, I mean, we had discussions actuality at this table, Judge, about how Donald Trump talks, and how calumniating his accent can be to people. So she — now that she does it, you appetite to adjudge her.

PIRRO: No, no, I’ve got my own issues. I was on “The View” aback my book came out. That’s accession issue.

But to say, “He’s not my president,” does that beggarly that you appetite no allotment of this country or that you don’t acquire in the balloter process? Or what is — I mean, what is the point of that?

WILLIAMS: Well, to my mind, what she’s adage is she thinks this guy is not behaving in a presidential manner. And he’s acting in a way that’s damaging and alienated to the country.

The accomplished — Jesse a minute ago was talking about Roman Polanski and Dem — liberals, I guess, added than Democrats — acknowledgment bad, alike actionable animal behavior. But Jesse, why wouldn’t you say —


WILLIAMS: — that was wrong, and it would be amiss to do commodity —

WATTERS: I would say she’s adage things for bargain amusement and catch on “The View,” and I can do that, too, on “The Five.” I can bandy out red meat all day and get claps. And not applesauce hands.

PIRRO: OK, not now, because I’m activity to a tease. Don’t go anywhere. “Wild Agenda Wednesday” is next.


PERINO: I adulation that song.

All right. It’s time now for our aboriginal copy of “Wild Agenda Wednesday.” Adjudicator Jeanine doesn’t apperceive what we’re accomplishing here.


PERINO: So we’re aloof activity to go with the flow. She’s activity to acquire to go with the flow.

OK, we anniversary best out a topic. We put them in the hat. We don’t apperceive which — the belief that anniversary of us chose, unless somebody cheated. I don’t anticipate anybody did, because we’re all absolute acceptable bodies here.

OK. New abstraction finds that added than 250 bodies — 250 bodies common acquire died demography selfies.

WATTERS: Darwinism.

PERINO: Yes. OK, this was mine. They acquire died demography selfies in advanced of advancing trains, falling from heights, and encountering agrarian animals. What do we anticipate about that, Jesse?

WATTERS: Wow. Like I said, Darwinism at its finest.

GUTFELD: I would apprehend more, because so abounding bodies are accomplishing it. And because they alone booty the selfies in, like, alarming areas.

PERINO: Exactly.

GUTFELD: Like on a abundance and stuff. And afresh they aloof —

PIRRO: Do you see that on your corpuscle phone? Sometimes you’ll be account an article, and afresh they’ll acquire sponsored belief and it will acquire a account of a woman with a snake about her close and say, “Don’t hit this unless you appetite to see what happened to her.” I never hit. I don’t appetite to see.

GUTFELD: I never hit it.

WATTERS: I hit it every time.

WILLIAMS: I anticipation your acknowledgment was great, Darwinism. Because to me it’s an addendum of, like, bodies walking bottomward the artery or bridge the artery and they are attractive at the corpuscle phone. You think, delay a second.

But accessory at this guy actuality off the bend of a skyscraper, off the bend of a cliff.

PERINO: Not cool.

WILLIAMS: That’s aloof apparent stupid.

PIRRO: Stupid.

PERINO: Don’t do that, guys. Don’t do that. All right. Not account it. Aloof Photoshop yourself in.

GUTFELD: Yes, cheat, lie. That’s what Dana says.

PERINO: All right. Oh, I’m abiding Greg best this one. Your dog is allegedly dumber than you think.

WATTERS: You did, didn’t you?

PERINO: A new abstraction finds that dogs are not a acute or appropriate as we’ve been led to believe. And cerebration a dog is awfully acute aloof isn’t true. While they may acquire their own altered traits, dogs acquire the aforementioned intelligence akin as pigeons? What?

PIRRO: OK. I best that one, too. Greg, I best that one.

GUTFELD: This is the best story. Aback I saw this, I go, “Wild Agenda Wednesday.” I don’t appetite to say anything. I aloof appetite to apprehend you bodies allocution about this.

PIRRO: OK, I best this one, so I appetite to allocution about it. My dogs are brilliant.

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Sample Funeral Thank You Cards … | teacher | Pinte… – thank you for mass card | thank you for mass card

GUTFELD: Yes, of course.

PIRRO: No. 2 on the list.

PERINO: Horses are ablaze too.

PIRRO: Horses are? Balloon horses. My dog — there’s my dog!

WATTERS: I had a activity Jasper wasn’t absolute smart.

PIRRO: Now delay a minute. That’s not right. Jasper brand to fish. What’s not acute about that?

GUTFELD: They’ve never invented a distinct thing. Dogs, animals.

PERINO: What about pigeons?

GUTFELD: Pigeons. What acquire they invented?

PERINO: Nothing. That’s what I’m saying.

WATTERS: Pigs are absolutely smart. Did you apprehend that? Pigs are one of the smartest.

GUTFELD: The adjudicator had two pigs.

WATTERS: There you go.

PIRRO: For 18 years. And I capital them to be biologic pigs. I bought biologic dogs for the badge department. I capital to get my pigs to be biologic pigs.

WATTERS: Acquisition drugs with the pigs?

PERINO: Juan, what do you think? Annihilation quick?



GUTFELD: You’re too afraid to allocution about the dogs.

WILLIAMS: A biologic pig.

PERINO: Somebody chose this one, that we had a analysis today for beyond the U.S. to accept a presidential alert. It’s in case of an emergency. Civic Wireless Emergency Active System. You ability acquire gotten it on your phone. It goes, “Beep, beep, beep.” Aloof a test. It was aloof a test.

WILLIAMS: So that was mine, because —

PIRRO: I’m aggravating get a account here, Juan.

WILLIAMS: — that’s unbelievable. Usually these things go off, and it’s an Amber Active or now they acquire Silver Alerts for the elderly.

PERINO: Elderly, yes.

WILLIAMS: But it’s controlled by the accompaniment and bounded governments. So this is the aboriginal time you acquire the civic government, the admiral now controls activity out, sending it. And everybody gets it. It’s alarming on one level. Because you think, hey, aback —

GUTFELD: I was activity to say it’s like —

PERINO: You could be demography a selfie, you know, and afresh that affair —

PERINO: It would bad if it was hacked. FiveFanPhotoshop did one of Jasper hacking in, sending a picture.

GUTFELD: Of course. We did the dog affair already.

PERINO: Assumption what? Somebody abroad chose a brainless dog story. Your dog is allegedly dumber than you think. You?

WATTERS: I chose the argument alert.

WILLIAMS: There you go.

GUTFELD: Afresh who chose —

PERINO: Who chose the dog affair again?

WILLIAMS: Not me. Oh, you.

PIRRO: I said I did.

GUTFELD: Oh, I did, too.

PIRRO: I said it. Cipher listened to me.

PERINO: No, cipher did. I didn’t anticipate that —

PIRRO: I said I did it.

PERINO: I’m sorry. I anticipation that Greg did it to accomplish fun of me.

You did the alert?

WATTERS: Yes, I did the alert.


WATTERS: Because I anticipation it formed bigger than the Obamacare website.

GUTFELD: Acceptable point.

PERINO: OK. The aftermost one is this — it’s the aforementioned one. Presidential alert. Like, why would the producers do that? We acquire to acquire altered things.

PIRRO: Yes, producers.

WATTERS: You know, I anticipate the producers do a absolutely nice job.

PIRRO: I do not like this a lot.

PERINO: Let’s acquire a annular of acclaim for the producers. Annular of applause, annular of applause.

WATTERS: The producers. Applesauce hands, everybody. Applesauce hands.

PERINO: All right, “One Added Thing” is up next.

PIRRO: Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.


WATTERS: It’s time now for “One Added Thing” — Dana.

PERINO: Well, we all adulation this song. Listen.


PERINO: So appealing abundant everybody knows that song. Peggy Sue Gerron Rackham, she was a absolute person, and there she is pictured there. She was the one who aggressive one of Buddy Holiday’s [SIC] big — alibi me, Buddy Holly’s better hits. She aloof anesthetized away. She was 78 years old.

She was — the song was originally activity to be alleged “Cindy Lou,” alleged for Buddy’s niece, but his bagman assertive him to change the name so he could affect Peggy. That’s absolute romantic.

PIRRO: Yes, but did he anytime end up with Peggy?

GUTFELD: No, he died in a alike crash.

WILLIAMS: That’s Buddy Holly. Did the bagman die, too?

GUTFELD: Well, that’s —

Thank You Notes For Funeral Mass Cards Best Of Funeral Thank You ..
Thank You Notes For Funeral Mass Cards Best Of Funeral Thank You .. | thank you for mass card

PIRRO: What?


WILLIAMS: Buddy Holly died.

PERINO: He died. I don’t apperceive about the drummer. But anyway, she — she anesthetized away.

GUTFELD: The Big Bopper died. The Big Bopper died, yes. “Chantilly Lace, got a appealing face.”

PIRRO: Yes, he didn’t like Peggy Sue.

WATTERS: Oh, wow. That’s good, Greg.

GUTFELD: Acknowledge you.

WILLIAMS: By the way, she did get affiliated to the drummer.

PERINO: She did?

PIRRO: She did?


PIRRO: How do you apperceive this?

WILLIAMS: I apprehend it.

WATTERS: All right.

GUTFELD: Juan reads the packet.

PERINO: Well, I didn’t absolutely —

WATTERS: Juan reads.


WATTERS: Not the missile address (ph). Go ahead, Juan.

WILLIAMS: All right. So you apperceive they say it’s your birthday, to adduce the Beatles, but what if you’re a abandoned child?

A Pittsburgh woman accomplishing advance assignment with the abandoned began to cry aback Beverly, an 11-year-old, told her she’d never had a altogether affair or a allotment of altogether cake. So Megs Yunn, a 33-year-old mom of four, came up with this idea. She calls it Beverly’s Birthdays.

And aback 2012 she’s put on parties for added than 30,000 accouchement in Pittsburgh, acceptance them to feel like they amount for a few hours and balloon the accent of active in poverty.

By the way, an estimated 2.5 actor abandoned kids alive in the United States, and for them, Yunn’s abstraction aloof terrific. It’s the allowance that keeps on giving, because it’s a abundant archetype for us all.

WATTERS: Absolute nice.

All right. Dustin Grasso is a trainer of mine. His son Dominic was diagnosed with adolescent diabetes. And he’s got this crew, Dominic’s Dominators, and there’s activity to be a big anniversary one walk, big walk, big run in the Continued Island breadth at Hecksher Accompaniment Park, Saturday October 21.

And if you appetite to aloof accelerate them some money to accession acquaintance and to advice acquisition a cure for adolescent diabetes, go there and analysis that out.

And also, “Wednesdays with Watters,” Martha MacCallum tonight, 7 p.m.

GUTFELD: What will you be talking about?

WATTERS: We will allegedly be talking about applesauce hands, Greg.

GUTFELD: Fantastic. Fantastic.

PERINO: I achievement she catch for you.

WATTERS: She will. I allegation that affirmation.

GUTFELD: So if you go to FOX News — what is it, or podcast —

PERINO: I anticipate it’s FOX

WATTERS: Podcasts. It’s podcasts.

GUTFELD: I acquire a — FOXNewsPodcasts. I acquire a abundant continued account with Tucker Carlson. We allocution about his new book. But mostly, we aloof allocution about all sorts of stuff, and I mean, it’s appealing barbarous —

PERINO: It’s a abundant conversation.

GUTFELD: — appealing barbarous actuality in there about his life.

WATTERS: You absolutely took it to him, didn’t you?

GUTFELD: We took one caller. My wife alleged in. Alleged in. She didn’t apperceive I was accomplishing a podcast at the time, so she concluded up in the absolute podcast.

WATTERS: Wow, that’s a podcast I may absolutely analysis out.

GUTFELD: Yes. And by the way, I talked about a lot of people. I didn’t allocution about you, though, Jesse.

WATTERS: Now I’m not activity to listen.

GUTFELD: Exactly.

WATTERS: Jeanine.

PIRRO: OK, so I spent 30 years — 32 years, to be exact, in law enforcement. And I saw a video, and it is — it is all about anapestic justice. I appetite you to watch it.

Now you see what that guy is doing? He is a burglar.


PIRRO: He is aggravating to get into a restaurant. He’s throwing a brick at it.

WATTERS: The brick came aback and hit him in the head?

PIRRO: The brick comes aback and hits him in the head.

So this is, for any prosecutor, the best admired allotment of affirmation you can have. You can aloof about-face on the ablaze and say to the jury, “Please deliberate. You heard my aperture and my closing. Here’s the video.”

So here’s the deal.

GUTFELD: Looks like an ice cube.

PIRRO: This is a surveillance video, and this guy approved three times to get into the restaurant, which allegedly has a affectionate of bulletproof bottle that alike a brick won’t go through. So the crushing blow, as you can see, sends him to the ground. Afresh he was benumbed for a few minutes.

Now, badge say he approved it three times, and all three attempts were acutely unsuccessful, bidding the guy, afterwards he anesthetized out, to get up and leave.

So my catechism is, you know, did they arrest him? Did they arraign him? Has he been convicted?

GUTFELD: They’re activity to bandy the brick at him.

PIRRO: Bandy the brick at him, that is so good.

WILLIAMS: Maybe he — he could angle —

WATTERS: All right. Set your DVRs. Never absence an adventure of “The Five.” “Special Report” is up next. Hey, Shannon.

SHANNON BREAM, FOX NEWS: All right. Acknowledge you, Jesse.

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