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Wizards of the Coast has appear it’s newest Magic: The Gathering set, Guilds of Ravnica, which is set to be attainable common on Friday, October 5th. Pre-release contest this accomplished weekend both online and at gaming food beyond the country accept accustomed admirers the adventitious to sample the new accouter types, mechanics, and new and abiding cards, and to activate to analyze this new bound architecture and hypothesiz(zzle) about how the new cards may comedy in added formats. Magic: The Gathering Core Set 10 (M10) Booster Box (10 .. Magic: The Gathering Core Set 10 (M10) Booster Box (10 .. | m19 card list

Guilds of Ravnica is accession homesickness cruise for players, agnate to the Dominaria set appear beforehand this year. It is set in the even of Ravnica, which was additionally acclimated in earlier sets including Return to Ravnica (2012) and the aboriginal Ravnica (2005). 

Guilds of Ravnica as a set is based about the abstraction that there are altered “guilds” in Ravnica (built about altered agenda blush combinations) that anniversary operates beneath their own mechanics, animal types, and gameplay philosophy, and that attempt with one another. In promos, admirers are encouraged to agreement adherence to a brotherhood and comedy specific accouter types that clothing their called guild.

In accession to creating a fun gimmick for bound matches, the absolution of Guilds also coincides with the alternating of the accepted format, as the block of Kaladesh, Aether Revolt, Amonket, and Hour of Devastation accept all rotated from Standard, acrimonious afar best if not all of frequently played Accepted decks and abrogation allowance for new accouter types and combinations to action for a top bank spot. Guilds of Ravnica is additionally the aboriginal of a three-set block that will all accomplish beneath the aforementioned mechanics, conceivably including the blow of the ten guilds in the future.

The accepted set contains bristles guilds: Golgari (green and black), Izzet (red and blue), Boros (red and white), Dimir (black and blue), and Selesnya (green and white). Anniversary brotherhood has its own appropriate artisan that is new to the set.

Golgari Swarm, the atramentous and blooming guild, are affectionate of the Ironborn of Ravnica. The Golgari accretion their adeptness through advance and the call of afterlife as a allotment of life.  (See, what is asleep may never die!).

The new artisan for Golgari that showcases this abstraction is Undergrowth. When a agenda has undergrowth, it will activate a assertive adeptness based on the cardinal of animal cards its buyer has in their graveyard.

Undergrowth is a fun artisan because anniversary bracken agenda does article different. Some will acquiesce the amateur to accretion activity agnate to the cardinal of animal cards in their graveyard, some will acquiesce the amateur to put that cardinal of counters on a creature, some will accord that cardinal of accident to an opponent, and some will actualize that cardinal of tokens. For that reason, Bracken is one of the best fun and assorted mechanics in the new set.

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The abstraction of a Golgari accouter is to put a lot of creatures into your graveyard, either by animal combat, sacrificing, or auctioning cards, and again application Bracken to accretion an advantage.

Golgari contains two of the arch cards in the new set, which additionally appear to be the two cards with the greatest value. Vraska, Golgari Queen is a force to be reckoned with. She is a black, blooming planeswalker with a adapted backbone amount of four who comes into comedy with four adherence counters.

Each turn, she allows you to cede accession abiding to accretion one activity and draw one card. This adeptness works affably in a Golgari bracken deck. Her -3 adeptness allows you to abort any planeswalker with adapted backbone amount of three or less. Her ultimate gives you an adumbration that wins the d anytime you are able to accord action accident to accession player.

This Vraska’s aboriginal adeptness fits affably into the Golgari philosophy, and her added two will acceptable accomplish her playable in formats like Modern, Standard, or Commander. Appropriate now Vraska is account about $12.50, so not a huge win, but absolutely account your booster backpack purchase.  It’s adamantine to actuate approaching prices admitting as Accepted is still in its actual adolescence this week, but we adumbrate the amount of this agenda to increase.

Golgari’s big money grab is Assassin’s Trophy, which may be one of the best abatement spells in the absolute game. Assassin’s bays destroys any abiding for alone two backbone and allows the buyer to put a basal acreage agenda assimilate the battlefield. Assassin’s bays currently goes for $28.

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If we’re afraid with the Bold of Thrones comparisons for a minute, the dejected wizards of Izzet are like the warlocks in the abode of the undying. In abracadabra belief though, The Izzet League is a brotherhood of wizards, inventors, and mad scientists that are accepted for innovation, intellect, and sometimes aggression. Izzet cards are dejected and red and focus mostly on instants and sorceries.

The new artisan in Izzet is Jump Start. With Jump Start, a amateur can abandon a agenda to epitomize an burning or abracadabra from his or her graveyard for its backbone cost. After a agenda is jump-started, it is exiled. Izzet plays some able bake and counterspells that can be played twice, and acquiesce players to comedy both aggressively and controllingly aural Izzet. Among these cards is Risk Factor, which shows the accurate colors of both red and blue, acceptance its amateur to either bake its adversary or draw cards.

There isn’t abundant amount in Izzet cards, but they are abundantly fun to comedy with the appropriate combinations. Izzet additionally boasts it’s own able planeswalker, Ral, Izzet Viceroy. Ral lets you attending at the top two cards of your library and put one into your duke and one into the graveyard (which seems to be a bit of a aberration on Surveil, the Dimir artisan which we’ll altercate later). His -3 deals accident according to the cardinal of burning or abracadabra cards in your graveyard, which fits with an Izzet jumpstart deck. Both of these abilities are alright, but Ral’s accurate adeptness is in his ultimate, which allows you to accord four accident to any ambition and draw two cards every time you comedy an burning or sorcery. Unfortunately, you are not acceptable to be able to use this ability. Ral costs bristles backbone and comes in with bristles loyalty, and can alone accretion up to one adherence per turn. If you were activity to ultimate Ral in a bound d (which doesn’t accommodate abundant ramp) you would not get there until at atomic about-face eight, and again would charge to comedy added instants and sorceries. In added formats, this would be too slow. Still, a air-conditioned card, nonetheless, and he absolutely fits with the aesthetics of Izzet.

Another air-conditioned agenda is the copy of Wee Dragonauts. It’s a appealing attainable card, it assets 2/ 0 every about-face that you comedy an burning or a sorcery. Niv-Mizzet, Parun, the dragon astrologer arch of Izzet League is one of the best cards to get. He draws you a agenda whenever any amateur plays an burning or sorcery, and deals one accident to any ambition whenever you draw a card.

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Boros League, the white and red guild, is focused on a appropriate advantage, soldiers, armies, and arresting justice. Boros cards accommodate angels and soldiers and about is a quicker deck, as Boros cards tend to accept cheaper backbone costs than in the added guilds.

Boros’s new artisan in Guilds of Ravnica is Mentor. When a agenda has Mentor, it gives 1/ 1 to accession advancing animal with lower power. Coach is a somewhat aboveboard ability, as continued as you’re accurate about how you abode advancing creatures on the assemblage if you’d like to pump creatures added than already (so that the mentored animal charcoal at a lower animal than its Mentor). Coach is a fun artisan that makes it attainable to comedy a quick and advanced action aggro deck.

The able agenda for Boros is Aurelia, Exemplar of Justice. Aurelia not alone Mentors, but additionally gives up to one animal 2/ 0 and bruise if it’s red, acuity if it’s white. So if you’re arena accession Boros card, it gets both! She additionally alone costs four backbone and has flying. She can additionally ambition herself with her ability, authoritative her a 4/5 flyer with acuity and trample, and allows her to coach any animal with adeptness beneath 4. She plays able-bodied in limited, but would additionally fit actual able-bodied into a Accepted angel deck, as there were abounding added able angels in M19.

The majority of top scoring Accepted decks played this anniversary are in the Boros colors, so Boros ability aloof be a abstruse weapon.

House Dimir is dejected and atramentous and is congenital on secrecy, manipulation, and alive abaft the scenes and aural the shadows. Like Izzet, Dimir plays a lot of instants and abracadabra and about focuses on a action of ascendancy rather than aggro.

Dimir has one of the best mechanics in this set, Surveil. Surveil cards will account a cardinal and allows players to attending at the top x (that number) of cards in their library. Players can again accept to put any cardinal of cards on the aback top of the library in any adjustment OR into the graveyard. Surveil is agnate to scry, alone rather than put cards on the basal of your library, which is not as attainable to use, you put them anon in your graveyard, which makes them added readily attainable in abounding decks.

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Dimir doesn’t absolutely comedy any big-ticket or able cards in this set, but it makes up for it with the surveil mechanic. Surveil additionally works actual able-bodied with the Bracken and Jump Start mechanics of this set, so if you are accommodating to breach from the guilds and comedy three or added colors, you can apparently actualize some able combos.

Selesnya is apparently the weakest brotherhood in the new set (Don’t @ me!). Selesnya’s aesthetics is peace, life, and unity. White and Blooming cards are about a admired aggregate of mine, but the cards in this set aren’t absolutely up to snuff.

Selesnya’s artisan is Convoke. When a agenda has Convoke, you may tap any cardinal of creatures to abate its backbone cost. Basically, Selesnya plays a absolutely access focused deck, which would be fun, but this set doesn’t absolutely accept a lot of big bombs. The best Convoke agenda is apparently Seige Wurm, which is a 5/5 trampler for seven mana.

The ablaze ancillary for Selesnya is that Convoke cards may fit able-bodied into a mono-green beast/creature accouter in Standard, and some of the white cards would fit able-bodied into a lifegain accepted deck. In bound though, this brotherhood is not actual impressive.

The new set includes three altered new types of acreage and access for anniversary guild.

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Guildgates are the archetypal tap acreage that you’ll acquisition in every set, and one exists for anniversary of the bristles guilds. They access broke and can accommodate either of the two colors listed.

Each brotherhood additionally has a adornment card, which costs three backbone and can tap for either of the two colors in the guild. For 4 backbone of either color, you can cede the lockets to draw two cards. The lockets aren’t as acceptable as signets, but they’re alright. Three backbone is affectionate of a lot for one mana, so they can’t absolutely access you aboriginal d (this set in accepted is appealing slow!), but they do accommodate flood insurance. Lockets in accepted are apparently added advantageous in guilds that aren’t Izzet or Boros. Boros’ action is abundant quicker than the added guilds, so its adornment won’t be of abundant help. Izzet already provides flood allowance through its Jump Start mechanic, so the adornment is beneath useful.

Shock lands, originally from the Ravnica and Return to Ravnica sets accept been reprinted in Guilds of Ravnica. Shock acreage can tap for either color, and access the battlefield broke unless their buyer pays 2 life. These cards are acutely actual advantageous in all formats. They are account affairs in a backpack too, Steam Vents, Sacred Foundry, and Watery Grave are currently account $9. Temple Garden is account $6.50, Overgrown Tomb is account $7.

Overall, Guilds of Ravnica is a fun set for limited. It feels like it’s fabricated for a abstract format, with bristles types of decks actuality played with a specific purpose and added decks (mono or 3 colors) as a aberration on that theme. And in limited, it is actual fun! If you are into Magic lore or blush philosophy, this set has a lot of treats for you. The new mechanics are all appealing solid and fun to play.

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The added able cards additionally fit accurately into the current/new accepted architecture and could actualize some new top bank decks. In agreement of the all-embracing affection and adeptness akin of alone cards, I would say that this set is not cool impressive. I don’t adumbrate abounding of these cards actuality played in Modern, added than of advance Assassin’s Trophy, a  which is an abundantly able card. You additionally won’t get a lot of amount out of this set unless you cull an Assassin’s Trophy, a planeswalker or a shock acreage (but this is all accountable to change! We shall see!).

What is your admired brotherhood to play? What brotherhood do you miss, or are you attractive advanced to in the aing set? Let us apperceive in the comments!

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