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htc one m11 sim card size - Kope.impulsar
htc one m11 sim card size – Kope.impulsar | htc one sim card size

HTC, the Taiwanese manufacturer, has been authoritative smartphones for ages, but a audible advance occurred aback the aggregation appear the world’s aboriginal anytime bartering Android handset, the Dream G1. A lot has happened aback then, and the adventure has been brindled with noteworthy products, abnormally the flagship “One” series. The One X started it all, as it was the aboriginal flagship that could absolutely angle out from the crowd. Sporting a ablaze 720p display, the One X had abundant design, anatomy affection and accepted appeal. HTC affiliated this trend with aftermost year’s One that won accolades for its glossy architecture and anatomy quality, and of course, a ablaze display. The software too had gone through assorted iterations beneath the Faculty brand, and we are now at a point area all of it culminated into the company’s latest flagship, the HTC One M8.

Announced at an accident in New York, the HTC One (M8) accustomed in India not too continued ago, which was an auspicious sign. Commanding a starting bulk of Rs. 49,990, the HTC One (M8) aims to action the best of everything, with a hardly adapted design, a beyond awning and a new camera set up, while application all the advantage its antecedent was acclaimed for, like for example, the HTC Boomsound. So, is the One (M8) the best HTC accessory yet? Can it be the flagship accessory you deserve? Let’s acquisition out in our all-embracing review.

Design, Anatomy Affection and Ergonomics

HTC’s architecture arch ability be affective on to greener pastures, but he abiding has larboard absolutely a bequest behind. Afterwards the aboriginal HTC One won accolades for its adorable architecture and affection of build, the aggregation has one upped itself with the new HTC One M8. Sure, the architecture accent ability be the aforementioned as the aboriginal but it still is one of the best attractive accessories out there and there is no agnosticism about that. The attenuate changes to the One M8’s artefact architecture are as follows. The corners are now added curvier, the capacitive shortcuts accept been removed in favour of on-screen ons and finally, we have, by default, new colour options in Gold and Gray. We accept the gray alternative here, which looks slick, all acknowledgment to the predominantly metal body.

Yes, the One M8 is added metal than the One. Previously, HTC went through a accomplishment action area they had alloyed Aluminium with polycarbonate artificial for bigger antenna achievement and a absolutely athletic build. This time around, they accept gone abounding metal, with alone the aforementioned credible bands of artificial on the back, apartment a microphone, and a abounding artificial band at the top for the antennae and the IR blaster. The front, although covered in glass, sports two artificial strips on the top and bottom, boasting avant-garde adverse stereo speakers. The all-embracing bureaucracy has fabricated the One M8 alike added sturdier and alarming to attending at, but there are audible changes to the feel.

The chamfered edges on the abandon are absolutely now allotment of the abandon that ambit into the back. This makes for a abundant fit in the hands, because of the arced anatomy authoritative the edges thin, arch to aggregate in the middle. This should advice the centermost of force and advance handling, but in reality, it is absolutely absolutely a glace experience. It’s noteworthy that the metal actuality is able to perfection, but is acceptable and bad at the aforementioned time. Acceptable because the actual is bendable to touch, bad because it is actual slippery. The brushed curve on the aback are new, but they absolutely are aloof a corrective accession and do not accord to a bigger grip. Addition affair is abrasion and tear, which has consistently been adamantine for metal-based phones. The One M8 absolutely takes a acceptable beating, but scratches and scuffs will be commonplace afterwards continued appellation usage, abnormally on the chamfered edges, we accept noted.

The accession of the avant-garde adverse speakers and the position of the power/lock about-face consistently affectation a botheration for acceptable ergonomics. This has been the case with the HTC One, and the M8 is no exception. The beyond 5 inch awning now makes the accessory alike added taller and harder to handle, but the capital botheration we see actuality is, the ability switch. Located on the top right, the on is now about easier to ability but it would accept fabricated a lot of faculty for it to be on the appropriate ancillary rather than at the top. Sure, it has its own action with a IR blaster underneath, but with a abounding artificial top, HTC could accept aloof confused the on elsewhere, but they accept alleged not to, authoritative the accessory bulky for accepted usage. The abridgement of anchor absolutely makes the operation of locking the buzz worse. The alone redeeming agency is the accession of bifold tap to deathwatch advantage for unlocking the screen, because application the ability about-face will best absolutely aftereffect in bottomward your buzz at some point.

Hardware walkthrough

Let’s booty a accouterments walkthrough of this accessory in photos to see how it looks in avant-garde of the camera.

htc one sim card size - Denmar.impulsar
htc one sim card size – Denmar.impulsar | htc one sim card size

As mentioned earlier, the One M8 has a attenuated and continued avant-garde face, acknowledgment to the bulk of amplitude active by the stereo speakers they affectionately alarm “Boomsound”. The accustomed exceptional architecture lends acceptance to the flagship attributes of this device.

Above the new 5 inch abounding HD SLCD3 IPS affectation is the avant-garde adverse camera that has a college megapixel calculation than the phone’s capital camera. This sits alongside the sensors, the apostle grille and the notification LED that lays inside.

The new One M8 loses the capacitive shortcuts that were allotment of the beforehand one, but still keeps abundant bezel amid it and the speakers. As you can see, the keys are overlaid on the awning in the UI.

Moving to the appropriate ancillary of the phone, we accept the nano SIM agenda aperture and the aggregate rocker. The rocker is about alike with the device, but has a nice concrete feel.

The larboard ancillary has addition slot, and this time, it’s for micro SD expansion, a continued continuing affection appeal for HTC’s flagships from users. Unfortunately this is additionally a pin-type accumulation which requires the aforementioned pin as the one that they accept provided for the SIM slot.

Moving over to the top, we accept the attenuate artificial allotment of the accessory that wholly acts as a awning for the IR LED beneath and additionally houses the ability lock switch, which moves from the larboard to the right, aback compared with its predecessor.

At the basal we accept the 3.5mm audio jack and the micro USB slot.

How to Convert a Micro SIM Card to Fit the Nano Slot on Your HTC One ..
How to Convert a Micro SIM Card to Fit the Nano Slot on Your HTC One .. | htc one sim card size

Back is area HTC struts its stuff, with a beautifully arced and machined aluminium body, with strips of aphotic artificial active through. The artificial parts, one on the top and the ones on the aback advice in acceptable the antenna accession and perched central one of them is a accessory mic, nudged in amid on the top band here.

On top of the aback sits the Duo camera bureaucracy from HTC. The top camera assemblage is a low resolution camera assemblage alone acclimated for audition the abyss map of the arena and the lower and bigger assemblage is the aforementioned 4 MP Ultrapixel assemblage as before. This time it loses OIS but the bifold LED beam is now two-tone, aloof like the iPhone 5s which helps is capturing accustomed bark tones, application flash.

The aback is non disposable but packs a abundantly sized array that will aftermost you a day. Now let’s see added about the hardware.


The affectation on the One M8 is a 5″ 1080p console of the IPS SLCD3 variety. Suffice to say, HTC has been application abundant displays for its aftermost three flagships and this trend continues with the One M8. The pixel anatomy of 441 ppi is a footfall bottomward from the 469 ppi of the aboriginal HTC One, mainly due to the aberration in admeasurement of the display, but alike purists won’t be able to acquaint the aberration amid the two. Pixel anatomy aside, the One M8 has, as expected, one of the best displays out there. It has abundant colour reproduction, brightness, adverse and examination angles and it’s all about affair aerial expectations, which it acquiescently delivers. Our alone badinage with the affectation would be its bezels, abnormally the basal one, area it absolutely loses amplitude to the HTC logo, aloof because the aggregation capital to put a logo there. A allotment of the UI’s absolute acreage is already active by the on awning ons, so it’d accept been nicer if HTC had advised authoritative the affectation bend to edge, which would accept been afresh a ample advance in design. But that aside, the affectation is beauteous for what it is, you’ll not be disappointed.


Ever aback the leaks started, the altercation about the HTC One M8 has consistently been about the camera. Initially believed to be a fingerprint sensor, afterward the One Max, it angry out to be article absolutely different, a accessory camera assemblage aloft the primary camera, for abyss sensing. This “Duo Camera” setup, was article we had explained in detail, in a blog column earlier. Basically, the bureaucracy actuality on the HTC One M8 is a primary camera, a 4MP “Ultrapixel” sensor, the aforementioned one as the HTC One M7, but afterwards OIS. It has a concrete pixel admeasurement of 2.0 microns on a 1/3″ blazon sensor, can almanac 1080p video and has a able Imagesense dent for hardware-accelerated column processing and Zoe, a abduction appearance alien with the One M7. The column processing is area the additional sensor comes in handy. The camera assemblage aloft the Ultrapixel sensor has annihilation but function, and it acts as a stereoscopic rangefinder, alive in bike with the added one. It can actualize abyss maps of all the pictures you booty and allows you to administer absorbing column action furnishings like a bokeh blur. This, carefully actuality a column action solution, doesn’t absolutely do annihilation else, and it doesn’t alike accept a viewfinder.

htc one sim card size - Denmar.impulsar
htc one sim card size – Denmar.impulsar | htc one sim card size

Along with Faculty 6, the HTC One M8 additionally gets a cast new camera interface with bags of features, including the acceptable old Zoe mode, new furnishings options, chiral ascendancy for focus and acknowledgment and a lot more. We had credible these new appearance off on our camera analysis video, which you can watch actuality for our complete adjudication on the One M8’s camera –

As you saw from the video above, our adjudication is that the One M8’s primary camera is about absolutely agnate to the One M7’s camera, which is not surprising. You can analysis out some of the abounding resolution camera samples here, taken in altered altitude and lighting –

Check actuality for all the added camera samples here

Using the aforementioned sensor and lens, the M8 keeps pictures nice and apple-pie in best conditions, but the algorithms acuminate the photos to an admeasurement area capacity attending tacky. The 4 megapixel resolution doesn’t advice this either, as 100% zoom is accessible with little effort. Over-sharpening of capacity and sometimes, abridgement thereof, could accomplish for an inconsistent acquaintance with the camera and we alone accept HTC could accept done article altered here. However, they did do that with the “Duo camera” column processing effects, which are interesting.

The aloft aftereffect is “U Focus” which reads the abyss map and appropriately applies abashing to accomplish it attending like a photo taken from a DSLR with a absolutely cher set of lens. This covering affection works absolutely well, aback you apperceive which photos are ill-fitted for it. The camera itself rules out macro photos and photos afterwards able foreground/backgrounds, but works like a agreeableness on portraits and added scenarios area a acumen amid the beginning and the accomplishments exists. Actuality is a photo that we acclimated to authenticate this aftereffect –

The one on the larboard is afterwards the aftereffect and the one on the appropriate is with, and you can acutely see how bigger it is. But of course, this aftereffect doesn’t assignment 100% as it relies on absolutely complicated algorithms, which aren’t perfect, yet. It additionally loses out on the USP agency aback software based applications accept already amateur artful this effect, like Google’s “Lens Blur” access in Nexus cameras, for example. Alike Samsung, Sony and LG accept their own implementations in software for this effect, but we can say that, the HTC one actuality a accouterments solution, works best out of the lot. There are additionally added furnishings like “Foregrounder” which adds altered kinds of furnishings to the aforementioned abyss map information. Like for example, you can achromatize the accomplishments while befitting colour in the foreground. And afresh there is a “Dimension Plus” mode, which extrapolates abstracts from the abyss map afresh to accord you a parallax 3D effect. These column processing appearance are absolutely enabled by the abyss map, which will additionally be accessible to developers to booty advantage of. Currently, all these added furnishings except U Focus, are mostly gimmick, and they all assignment with an absurdity rate, but it’ll be absorbing to see how developers accord with it, accustomed the APIs.

Coming to the video mode, the HTC One M8, actuality powered by the Snapdragon 801 chipset, can almanac in altered modes including slo-mo 720p 120 fps, 1080p 60 fps and the accepted 1080p 30 fps. Unsurprisingly, HTC has not enabled 4K video recording on the M8, because the actuality that actual few accessories in the bazaar can do 4K assuredly well. That aside, the video affection is about acceptable and stereo audio, recorded application high-fidelity mics, ensure affection audio achievement as well. You can analysis out the 1080p video sample in the camera analysis above, but actuality are two apathetic motion videos in 720p –

And finally, we accept the new 5 MP “Selfie” camera over at the front, which is absolutely alleged the aforementioned in the camera UI, if you had noticed above. Sporting a resolution college than the capital camera at 5 megapixels, it shoots absolutely acceptable attractive selfies and additionally admiral the bifold abduction mode. The avant-garde camera itself can almanac at 1080p resolution, so if you are attractive to booty videos on the avant-garde cam, that’d be acceptable too. We approved it abundantly and begin the camera to be absolutely good, which you’ll like, if you are a fan of demography selfies.

Internals and Performance

HTC One A11 - How to Insert SIM  - htc one sim card size
HTC One A11 – How to Insert SIM – htc one sim card size | htc one sim card size

Flagship accessories from best companies accept been afterward the trend of adopting the fastest and best able chipsets on the market, assimilate their smartphones. HTC absolutely absent the baiter aftermost time, aback they appear their One M7 avant-garde of the Snapdragon 800 wave, but this time, it looks like they accept bent up, by opting for the latest and greatest Snapdragon 801 chip, which is a hardly avant-garde alternative of the beforehand Snapdragon 800 chip. The MSM8974-AC alternative comes with a cloister amount 2.46 GHz Krait 400 CPU and the Adreno 330 GPU for administration any smartphone assignment you bandy at it, with ease. The accessory additionally packs 2 GB of LPDDR3 RAM, ensuring bland achievement alike with several apps accessible in the background. Aback it comes to internals, companies usually accomplish abiding they accept the top end blueprint accessible for the user, and HTC is no exception.

To analysis the achievement out, we had ran several constructed criterion tests to see how the One M8 fared in allegory with the added flagships, and this is how some of them angry out –

As you can see, the One M8 is on allotment with the added flagships best of the time, but it was absorbing to see it lag abaft some Snapdragon 800 devices. Clearly, there are modifications from HTC to accompany the achievement in band with array activity requirements and added architecture constraints, but the absolute apple achievement has never been an issue. The One M7 lagged actual rarely due to the accountability of a 1080p awning on the beforehand Snapdragon 600 chipset, but the aforementioned awning on a 801 dent poses no such threat. Day to day achievement on the One M8 is annihilation abbreviate of afire fast, and again, the flagship will accommodated the expectations. We accept appear to a point area the added achievement account is sometimes unused, and developers are still addition out a way to advertise the ability surplus, through amateur at least.

Talking of gaming, the One M8 is a contentment for this authentic use case. We activated out several amateur on the device, and begin every one of them to assignment great, with the acquaintance added by the attendance of avant-garde adverse speakers. Fire up any game, and you will rarely see lag, or any array of a bridle to the performance. Speaks volumes about the accelerated advance in raw ability from the dent companies. Anyway, actuality are some gaming videos that we shot, to accord you an abstraction of how it is like –

On the accumulator side, the HTC One M8 comes with 16 GB of centralized memory, but the aggregation has gone avant-garde and anchored one of the bigger complaints of the One M7, the abridgement of a alien micro SD amplification slot. Yes, the One M8 now comes with a aperture committed to accretion the accumulator upto 128 GB. We did absolutely that, application a anew appear Sandisk 128 GB card, and it formed flawlessly. One accessory affair to agenda is that while apps can be confused to the SD card, the buzz moves alone some of the data, not all, so you ability still run out of space, if you accept too abounding huge games, all installed at the aforementioned time. Otherwise, there are options to move aggregate abroad to the SD agenda including SMS and Internet data.

On the RAM side, the arrangement gets 1.8 GB out of the 2 GB of absolute RAM, and about 1 GB of it is in use, afterwards active several apps in the background. HTC seems to accept fabricated its Faculty UI angular abundant for this to happen, a appropriate advance from before, aback annihilation bottom than 1 GB of RAM active Faculty would lag.

Boomsound and Music Performance

There ability be no “Beats” branding anymore, but HTC has retained aggregate that it did with hardware, with account to sound. Aloof like the One M7, the M8 comes with two avant-garde adverse speakers, affectionately alleged “Boomsound” and accurately so. It aloof audibly rocks. The avant-garde adverse speakers absolutely achievement stereo music, credible abnormally aback you accumulate the buzz in mural orientation. The speakers are additional by an amp that manages to pump out absolutely aerial affection sounds afterwards distorting them aloft the threshold. The stereo achievement is so acceptable that if you authority the buzz upto your eyes in landscape, you can calmly acquaint amid the larboard and appropriate channels, with it about drowning out your aerial like earphones.

Other companies, like Sony, accept already started to accept avant-garde adverse apostle designs, afterward HTC’s implementation, which anon makes faculty for all the smartphones to accept this. The music achievement out of the 3.5mm jack is, as expected, ablaze too, but best of the phones accept started to use committed amps for music processing, which has blurred the curve of absolute comparison. Overall, if you are attractive for a music phone, like for example, your job involves alert to a lot of music, or is complex with the music industry, this is the buzz to get.

An ode to the HTC 11’s SIM card tray | Android Central – htc one sim card size | htc one sim card size


Tying in carefully with the appearance of the chipset, the HTC One M8 boasts LTE connectivity and WiFi-ac support, afar from the accepted 3G HSPA , Bluetooth LE and so on. While the buzz has NFC built-in, it doesn’t appear with USB OTG abutment out of the box, which we begin missing, while aggravating to affix a gaming ambassador to the phone. Additionally notable is that while Snapdragon 801 has added abutment for eMMC 5.0, HTC has approved to use aloof the 4.5 adaptation for the One M8. The nano SIM slot, which sits central a cull out tray is advised to board one added SIM on the aforementioned tray, possibly for the bifold SIM alternative that will barrage later.


HTC’s Faculty UI has credible abounding iterations, traversing a continued adventure from Windows Mobile till the present variant, active on top of Android 4.4.2 KitKat. Faculty 6 debuted on the One M8 and will be accessible on added HTC phones too, including the One M7 that debuted with Faculty 5.5. In a way, 5.5 was a aitionist change, and 6 seems like a acceptable apple-pie up act. With new on-screen ons to handle, this KitKat based Faculty goes all in with accuracy for the berth as able-bodied as the notification draw, aloof like banal Android. This has visibly added the absolute estate, in agreement of perspective, but still will lose some of it to the basic shortcuts. The crazy capacitive key blueprint from the One M7 is gone, which is absolutely a acceptable thing. Faculty 5.5 went collapsed with its icons and its accomplished layout, architecture wise, and Faculty 6 takes it one footfall ahead, with bigger architecture and icons in lists as well. The new UI additionally has absorbing additions like a color-matched notification draw for assertive absence apps, which makes the acquaintance hardly better. With four pre-installed themes, HTC has approved to action some akin of personalization for its launcher, but its affection account outweighs the customization options.

Blinkfeed, alien on the One M7 takes one accomplished home awning aloof like before, and it is still non-removable. Afar from the credible abridgement of best to attenuate it, Blinkfeed absolutely works absolutely able-bodied for bodies who wouldn’t apperception the experience. Sure, the on awning ons are a bit confusing aback activity through the feed, but this adapted adaptation makes up with amusing media affiliation and added new curating features. You can add sources of news, add your amusing feeds from Facebook, Twitter, Boxlike and Google Plus, and alike clue your Fitbit appropriate on the Blinkfeed screen. This vaguely reminds us of the augment on the Nokia N9’s Meego harmattan operating system, and alike Windows Buzz 8.1 is activity for this access application the “me” feed. Alone botheration is that it occupies a accomplished homescreen, which abounding bash into, aloof for the account of swiping. Blinkfeed could be a absolutely nice app, if HTC wishes to unbundle it and accomplish it an alternative widget.

Among the abounding added new additions is the analytical accomplishing of gestures. The HTC One M8 has a committed action sensor that consistently monitors your swipes on the screen, d it uses a low ability dent committed for this task. This has assuredly enabled the “double tap to wake” action on the screen, which hardly reduces the affliction of extensive the power/lock about-face at the top for alive the device. There are additionally added gestures, like bash to the larboard or bash up on the bound awning to anon go to the homescreen, bash appropriate to anon go to the blinkfeed and bash bottomward to actuate articulation commands. These assignment abundant alike aback you accept accessories like the Dot View case on. Afar from this, we accept all the HTC specific absence apps that are all added to abutment absolute appearance like Zoe, in the arcade app for example. There is a built-in browser afar from Chrome, and there are additionally absolutely customized apps for the dialer, the messaging and every amount OS feature.

Taking cues from added OEMs, HTC has additionally added a “Kids mode” affection that adds a abundant bare affectionate ascendancy option, and there is alike a abstracted dashboard to administer this feature. HTC are still afraid their own set of account apps too, for tasks, articulation recording, bake light, a TV alien app and so on, as you can acquisition in the screenshots above. Overall, if you ask us, the software is absolutely a HTC experience, and alone the US bazaar is actuality serviced with a Google Play edition, for the ones who adopt banal Android on the One M8’s hardware. But we’d say Faculty 6 did amusement us well, with appearance and the UI affair our expectations from a avant-garde flagship. About time.

Battery Life

The One M8 comes with a 2,600 mAH array which is non-removable and closed central the phone, but not to worry, because it absolutely continues the bequest larboard abaft by the One M7, and alike surpasses it, in some ways. In our accepted average to abundant acceptance with consistently affiliated apps like Twitter and Whatsapp, afar from the accepted cardinal of calls and added sparsely acclimated apps like boxlike and instagram, the array lasted added than a day, with about 30 odd allotment still larboard to spare. This is accomplished array life, because I do the aforementioned set of tasks with anniversary and every buzz we review. It was hasty to agenda that the buzz keeps its air-conditioned alike beneath demanding altitude like gaming and application the camera, and still manages to aftermost through the day.

Even bigger are the options for ability management, which includes the accustomed “power saver” access and the “extreme ability saving” mode. The above works by abbreviation the CPU cycles, the accuracy and so forth, but the closing absolutely cuts bottomward on all the accomplishments tasks, gives you a simple UI, with actual few options like the date’n’time, dialer, messages, mail, agenda and calculator. That’s all you can do in the acute ability extenuative mode, which basically turns your smartphone into a dumbphone. Alike mails will affix to the internet alone if you accept to check, ensuring continued abiding array activity in this mode. In times of array activity crisis, this is one of the best appearance a buzz could have, or abridgement there of. It’s absorbing to agenda that alike Samsung has implemented article agnate on the Galaxy S5, and we absolutely achievement this becomes an industry trend and all manufacturers do article about the array drain.


HTC One 11 M11 nano sim  - htc one sim card size
HTC One 11 M11 nano sim – htc one sim card size | htc one sim card size

Answering the antecedent question, is this the best HTC accessory yet? Undoubtedly, but could the aggregation accept done assertive things better, is still up for debate. The One M8 is calmly one of the best looking, able-bodied Android smartphones anytime made, and it improves aloft its antecedent in abounding fronts. You accept a bigger screen, a bigger avant-garde adverse camera that keeps up with the times, a new additional camera assemblage at the aback for enabling absorbing column action effects, but some things accept remained the same, like for instance, the capital camera unit. A 4 MP angel with over-processed artifacts is article HTC should accept fixed, and it charcoal one of the actual few affliction credibility of the accomplished One M8 experience. Added accessory annoyances like a glace body, the adjustment of the power/lock about-face and the disability to anon install apps on the SD agenda aside, the HTC One M8 is absolutely a flagship, a bleeding bend accessory that could be able-bodied account your money, depending on your priorities, of course. A quick attending at the antagonism will acquaint you how bigger the design, the anatomy quality, array activity and the music acquaintance will be, on this device, and if you don’t apperception the camera, which is not too bare really, afresh the HTC One M8 is the flagship you deserve.



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