LG G10 - How to change the SIM card - YouTube
LG G10 - How to change the SIM card - YouTube | lg g3 sim card

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LG G10 - How to change the SIM card - YouTube - lg g3 sim card
LG G10 – How to change the SIM card – YouTube – lg g3 sim card | lg g3 sim card

Will the third time be a charm? You can acquaint that LG actually wants to bathe with the bigger fish, that is Samsung and Apple, but they aloof can’t assume to accretion any bazaar share. The G alternation is their flagship, but go up to the boilerplate being in the artery and ask them if they accept heard of the Optimus G, the G2, or alike the G3, and I can agreement you that 8 to 9 out of 10 bodies will say no. It’s not alike like LG is an alien brand. They are absolute able-bodied accepted for their TVs and appliances, but aback it comes to smartphones, they abide to comedy added dabble to Samsung and Apple.

So actuality we are again, apprehensive if the G3 will booty LG to the Promised Land. It actually has the blaze adeptness to do aloof that. With a Quad HD affectation and a camera that appearance laser autofocus, LG is advanced of Samsung and Apple in agreement of hardware. Addition added is that Samsung’s bazaar allotment is on the abatement so consumers adeptness be attractive for article different. The G3 adeptness be classified as a “big boy,” but is it accessible to comedy with the “big boys?”

When we saw leaked images of the G3 above-mentioned to the official announcement, there was a lot of action because it appeared to be a metal phone. However, that action was bound abandoned aback that aback awning was referred to as featuring a brownish finish. Aloof addition adorned way of adage plastic. But aloof like any device, you accept to authority it in your duke afore you can accomplish any judgements, and I was abundantly surprised. At first, I still affectionate of anticipation it was metal, but I knew it wasn’t. Still, it acquainted absolute nice in the duke as if it was a exceptional metal phone. The acumen is that although it’s fabricated of plastic, it does accept a different metal blur on top. Now I am not adage it’s the aforementioned affair as the HTC One (M8 or M7), but that adeptness be a acceptable thing. As abundant as I adulation the HTC One, it’s absolute slippery. The G3 gives you that exceptional attending and feel, but it’s not slippery. That’s a huge pet annoyance of mine, and is article that is adamantine to acquisition in smartphones today. You accept to accord LG acclaim actuality because they were able to cull this off with basal cost. Metal on smartphones isn’t applied because of the cost. I like it, but if you can’t allegation a exceptional for it, it doesn’t accomplish faculty for the architect to action it.

My aing affair was the size. 5.5-inches sounds great, but I accept never endemic a buzz with a affectation above than 5-inches aback annihilation college than that is aloof too big. Those accessories wind up accouterment to a alcove army so LG actually took a adventitious activity with this admeasurement on their capital flagship. Again, I was abundantly afraid because it wasn’t as big as I was expecting. No it’s not the aforementioned admeasurement as my old DROID DNA, but it’s actually beneath than the HTC One (M8), and alone a little wider. In fact, it’s abate than one of the best accepted 5.5-inch phones ever, the Samsung Galaxy Agenda II. It’s actually abate than the aboriginal Galaxy Note, which sported a abate 5.3-inch display.

The G3 additionally appearance the pyramid appearance back, which abounding manufacturers accept adopted over the years. At its thickest part, it’s 8.9 mm, but it’s alone 2.7 mm at the sides. This, and the actuality that it alone weighs 149 grams, not to acknowledgment the about non-existent bezel, adds to the actuality that this doesn’t feel like the behemoth that one would apprehend with a 5.5-inch phone.

LG alien rear console ons on the G2, and they were aesthetic for the G3. The adeptness on is now annular and a little bigger. It’s additionally easier to feel the aberration amid it and the aggregate rockers. They still booty a little accepting acclimated to, but I begin it a lot easier aback I already had the acquaintance aftermost year with the G2. I still don’t anticipate rear controls are a d changer, aloof a differentiator. I use a lot of phones, and I never acquisition myself adulatory others had the aforementioned blazon of controls. At the aforementioned time, I don’t accept an affair with LG activity this route.

As continued as we are at the aback of the device, you will additionally acquisition the 13 MP rear camera lens, the laser autofocus, and LED flash, all aloof aloft the aggregate and adeptness controls. You will additionally acquisition a apostle arise the basal to the left. You won’t acquisition annihilation on the appropriate or larboard ancillary of the device. At the top is the IR blaster, and at the basal is the USB anchorage at the middle, while the microphone jack sits to the left. The aback is additionally removable, and central you will acquisition a disposable 3,000 mAh battery, as able-bodied as slots for your SIM and microSD card.

LG G10 - Page 10 - www.hardwarezone.com
LG G10 – Page 10 – www.hardwarezone.com | lg g3 sim card

There are no concrete ons as LG has autonomous for on awning controls aloof like banal Android. The alone aberration is LG allows you to adapt them.

In agreement of the design, I anticipate LG agape this one out of the park. The rear controls are a little quirky, but the exceptional feel of the device, and the actuality that it’s not too big for a 5.5-incher, added than accomplish up for that.

The G3 appearance a 5.5-inch Quad HD (2560 x 1440) IPS LCD affectation (538 ppi), a 2.5 GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor, Adreno 330 GPU, 3 GB of RAM (2 GB with 16 GB accumulator option), 16 GB or 32 GB of centralized storage, microSD aperture for up to an added 128 GB of added storage, 13 MP rear camera with OIS and laser autofocus, 2.1 MP front-facing camera, 3,000 mAh battery, WiFi Dual-band 802.11a/b/g/n/ac, NFC, Bluetooth 4.0, and Miracast.

Radios (CDMA version): LTE 850 / 1900 / 2500  for Sprint (instead of 750 / 1700 / 2600), WCDMA 850 / 1900 / 2100,  CDMA 800 / 850 / 1900,  GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900.

As is with best flagships today, the G3 appearance the Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 and 3 GB of RAM, which is added than abundant adeptness for the boilerplate person. They additionally action a 2 GB adaptation (16 GB model), but I agnosticism you would be able to acquaint the aberration added than accumulator is acutely less. The G3 can handle annihilation you can bandy at it and is chargeless of hiccups. I did run the binding AnTuTu benchmark, and it came in at 36,911, which is appropriate up there with added flagships.

The affectation is one of the focal credibility on the G3 as it is one of the aboriginal phones to affection Quad HD, which is a resolution of 2,560 x 1,440. It does assume like overkill, but if LG is accommodating to accord it to me after charging me added than added phones, I will booty it. Now aback I say, “overkill, ” I don’t beggarly the affectation isn’t anymore admirable than aggressive displays. It’s actually one of the best displays you will anytime see. However, you actually won’t be able to adore the abounding abeyant of it above the UI and attractive at your photos. You will accept a adamantine time award any apps that abutment this resolution at present, but don’t forget, Quad HD will added than acceptable become the barometer over the aing year, so added apps will abutment it over time. LG is one of the leaders in agreement of displays and the G3 is no exception.

Micro SIM Card Reader Slot Holder Replacement For LG G10/Galaxy i10 ..
Micro SIM Card Reader Slot Holder Replacement For LG G10/Galaxy i10 .. | lg g3 sim card

With a buzz of this caliber, I would admired to accept apparent stereo speakers, but LG capital to accumulate the buzz as baby as they could. I would say that is added important aback best consumers aren’t anxious with the complete so much. So you get one apostle at the aback of the accessory that sounds okay.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to conduct my accepted array analysis aback LG beatific me the Sprint version. Sprint’s LTE is boilerplate to be begin in my area, so I can alone animadversion on my circadian acceptance based on 3G data, and what added reviewers accept experienced. The G3 has a 3,000 mAh array so it has affluence of juice, but don’t forget, it’s powering a whopping 5.5-inch Quad HD display. My acquaintance is that you should get through the absolute day with abstinent to abundant use. This would accommodate the use of WiFi in the mix. My assumption is that if you were to be on LTE the absolute day, it will be tough, but you should be able to accomplish it with abstinent use.

If there was anytime an achilles heel for LG, it has been their software. I accept consistently anticipation that LG’s admission was absolute abundant like Samsung’s approach, as in accommodate a lot of add-ons with the achievement that consumers adulation them and will acknowledgment afresh with their aing buzz purchase. Afresh there is the interface. In the past, LG’s admission wasn’t too user friendly, but they accept promised a added simplified acquaintance with the G3. I would agree. I do like their admission of it attractive added like banal Android alike admitting it isn’t. In the past, I didn’t anticipate I could alive with LG’s interface as my circadian driver, but for the aboriginal time, I am accept with it.

Now let’s get to the proprietary add ons. The newer being first.

Knock Code

This isn’t actually new for LG, but it’s activity to get added absorption now that it’s accessible on their capital flagship. Beating Cipher is aloof addition way to alleviate your phone. This adjustment break your affectation into four quadrants. You can predefine your own arrangement (by borer whatever quadrants you appetite in whatever order), which can be as simple as 3 curtains or as abounding as 8. A brace of things are air-conditioned about this. The aboriginal is that aback you appetite to deathwatch your buzz from sleep, you don’t charge to tap the adeptness on aboriginal (then admission your pattern). You can artlessly aces up your buzz and tap your Beating Code, and the affectation will about-face on. If you do arise to tap the adeptness on, the lock awning will be displayed and you will still be able to tap your Beating Code. Secondly, your curtains don’t accept to be in a specific spot. It’s affectionate of adamantine to explain, but aback you almanac your Beating Code, the four according quadrants booty up the absolute display. However, aback you actually tap your cipher to alleviate the phone, you can abbreviate it if it’s easier for you. As continued as you beating your absolute arrangement correctly, it doesn’t amount if you use the absolute display, the boilerplate of it, or alike a baby breadth at one of the corners. I would allocate Beating Cipher as not alone cool, but additionally useful.

Smart Notice

This is LG’s booty on Google Now except it adds in advice about your phone. You actually accept to admiration why companies like Samsung and LG abide to abound other’s assignment and characterize it as their own, but that is for addition post. Smart Apprehension will let you apperceive “useful” advice such as aback one of your contacts has a altogether and what the acclimate is activity to be like, but it will additionally acknowledgment that you adeptness charge to alarm a accurate being based on how generally you alarm them. It will additionally acquaint you aback your array is a little low, as if you couldn’t see it in the cachet bar. Smart Notices arise in both the notification adumbration as able-bodied as aural the capital accoutrement on the absence home screen, although it appears the notification breadth is acclimated added of a admonition in the accident you accept abandoned the widget. I don’t actually anticipate it’s all that cool, but I will say it will be somewhat advantageous to some people.

LG Health

This is addition advantageous app, but it doesn’t accommodate annihilation added than added third affair apps that are already accessible in the Comedy Store. It’s somewhat of a Samsung S Health knockoff, but it isn’t as comprehensive. LG Health includes a pedometer that will accumulate clue of all your accomplish throughout the absolute day. It will additionally let you almanac your avenue for those times aback you appetite to go for a airing as allotment of your exercise routine. LG calls this advance and it additionally works for running, cycling, hiking, and inline skating. It will almanac your absolute conditioning and acquaint you how continued you formed out for, how abounding calories you burned, your distance, your boilerplate speed, and your boilerplate pace. For those attractive for a simple conditioning app, LG Health will get the job done. However, Samsung’s S Health is added absolute in that there is a congenital “personal trainer” and you can clue your aliment assimilation from a database of millions of aliment items. It’s additionally added able in that you can see your absolute accomplish for the day on the lock awning so you don’t accept to accessible the app all the time. Of course, with the G3, if you use Beating Code, you will never see your lock screen. The added affair that is arbitrary with LG Health is that there is no app icon. LG absitively to abode the app on the leftmost home awning (along with Smart Tips). You can see your stats for the day and you can aloof tap anywhere to accessible the app. It’s accomplished if you appetite to address the leftmost home awning for this advice (actually it’s not fine, it should be a widget), but accord us an app figure if we appetite to bound accessible the app from addition home screen. As I said, there are bigger options in the Comedy Store, but the boilerplate customer adeptness be too apathetic to seek them out so LG Health will be advantageous for many.

How to Remove the Back Cover of the LG G10 Beat  - lg g3 sim card
How to Remove the Back Cover of the LG G10 Beat – lg g3 sim card | lg g3 sim card

Smart Tips

Smart Tips provides advice and advice about abounding of the appearance on the G3 such as the Camera, Guest Mode, Smart Notice, and abundant more. Some of the advice is aloof apparent argument and others are YouTube videos anchored into the software. Smart Tips is the basal bisected of that leftmost home awning I was cogent you about in the LG Health section. I accept Smart Tips could be advantageous for new users of the phone, but there should be a way to aish it from that home awning and alter it with article else.

Smart Keyboard

Most of the banal keyboards that appear accepted on phones are usually actually boring, but LG is attractive to change that with Smart Keyboard. This afresh does best of the aforementioned being added third affair apps in the Comedy Abundance already do. One of the best appearance of it has to be the adeptness to resize the keyboard to clothing your needs. You accept to go into the settings, and already you do that, you can annoyance the top of the keyboard authoritative it abate or larger. It would be a lot easier if they included the adeptness to continued columnist on the top of the keyboard to annoyance it after accepting to go into the settings, but you shouldn’t charge to acclimatize it all that often. Smart Keyboard is additionally “smart” because it learns the words you like to use and will adumbrate what you are best acceptable aggravating to type. You can artlessly bash up to complete the word. Catch a aberration you made, and you can continued columnist on the amplitude bar to move your cursor to the chat that was misspelled. Smart Keyboard is nice, but I still adopt article added like SwiftKey. I begin Smart Keyboard’s predictive action to be subpar at best. It wouldn’t alike add apostrophes automatically. For example, if I typed “youre” and hit the amplitude bar, “youre” would affectation in my message. Added apps like SwiftKey will automatically catechumen that to “you’re.” Not all that cool, and not all that useful.

Smart Cleaning

Android phones can get apathetic over time because of files that accumulation up and should be deleted. These accommodate acting files as able-bodied as apps you no best use. Smart Cleaning will admit those acting files and let you apperceive what apps are idle, as in you haven’t acclimated them in a while. It will alike accord you an befalling to attending in your download binder to see what should be deleted. I would allocate this as absolute useful.

The Old Stuff

You will still get all the appearance that accept appeared on accomplished LG phones such as Guest Mode, Quick Memo, Quick Alien (for application your IR blaster with your home amphitheater system), Bifold Window (2 apps at the aforementioned time), Q Slide, Argument Link, and more. Quick Alien will acquiesce you to use your G3 as your alien ascendancy in your active allowance and is apparently the best advantageous here. Bifold Window allows you to run two apps at the aforementioned time on the display. It’s okay, but the accordant apps are limited. Q Slide is addition way of multitasking acceptance assorted apps to float on top of added apps. Both Bifold Window and Q Slide assume air-conditioned on the surface, but I can’t see all that abounding bodies application them. Guest Mode is for aback you appetite to accord addition abroad your buzz so that they won’t accept admission to what you don’t appetite them to see. It’s okay, but how abounding times are you handing your buzz to addition that you actually charge to be anxious about that? You can see how best of these functions assignment by blockage out antecedent G2 guides.

Most of what LG has brought to the table this year will be advantageous so acclaim to them, but the buzz still feels a little aggrandized with some of the earlier stuff. Adding that abortive home folio for LG Health and Smart Tips doesn’t advice either. However, as I mentioned before, I feel like I can assuredly alive with an LG buzz as my circadian driver, which is a desperate change.

It’s accessible the Quad HD affectation is one of the capital focal credibility with the G3, but LG accustomed their camera  as much, if not added than the display. The affirmation to acclaim actuality is OIS and laser autofocus, not to acknowledgment a 13 MP lens and a bifold LED flash. OIS is an added adaptation of optical angel stabilization that promises to aish alike added agitate than a acceptable OIS system. Laser autofocus is an industry aboriginal for a smartphone, which speeds up focusing. What is does is admeasurement the ambit amid the camera and the subject. The abstraction came from aback engineers from LG’s home apparatus analysis were testing lasers with a apprentice exhaustion cleaner’s camera. The result? The G3 can focus in 220 ms vs 300 ms for acceptable smartphones. It works well, but don’t apprehend a desperate improvement. It’s not like it’s activity to accord you bright shots of a agent affective fast, and I am not alike abiding I would accept noticed it abundant if I didn’t apperceive it existed. Aback it came to photos with motion, it was a hit or absence as you will see in the examples below. Low ablaze achievement was absolute good, but aloof like any added phone, you will acquisition a lot of babble aback ablaze it acutely low. Overall, the G3 takes abundant photos in best situations and is one of the best cameras I accept tested. Actuality are some archetype shots.

LG G10 - How to insert SIM card - YouTube - lg g3 sim card
LG G10 – How to insert SIM card – YouTube – lg g3 sim card | lg g3 sim card



Low Light

How to insert SIM card in LG G10 - YouTube - lg g3 sim card
How to insert SIM card in LG G10 – YouTube – lg g3 sim card | lg g3 sim card

Extreme Low Light

I should additionally agenda the camera interface has been simplified. Those of you that like a lot of settings to lix with won’t be excited. It now caters to the accidental user, which is the majority of people. Users will get options for Auto, Magic Focus, Panorama, and Bifold (Using both the advanced and rear lenses at the aforementioned time). Magic Focus is LG’s booty on the Bokeh effect, which allows you to baddest assertive genitalia of the account to be added out of focus or in focus. It didn’t assignment able-bodied for me at all. You can additionally set HDR to Auto, On, or Off. If you appetite to automatically abduction pictures by adage either Cheese, Smile, Whiskey, Kimchi, or LG, you can do that too. One of the coolest appearance is the adeptness to aish all icons and ons from the interface acceptance you to tap anywhere on the affectation to breeze your photo. If you accept to accept the icons displayed, you will charge to columnist the bang on.

LG added some appearance for the selfie and grouphie admirers as well. A quick bash up will about-face to the front-facing camera. They accept added a slider bar to the appropriate to enhance your selfies. Basically it adds some ablaze as in a affected flash. I didn’t apprehension annihilation majorly cogent to it. There is additionally a duke action that you can use to alpha a 3 added admission so you can get accessible for your ballsy picture. Aloof put your duke out like you are adage aerial and accomplish a fist. Apparently the better affliction though, is the actuality that the advanced adverse lens is alone 2.1 MP. Best of the flagships are starting to accommodate upwards of 5 MP, so this is article LG absent the baiter on.

As far as video goes, the G3 does a acceptable job. However best bodies can’t use it’s best feature, which is the adeptness to almanac 4K video. TVs that accommodate that affectionate of resolution are still priced too aerial for the mainstream. I assumption you can almanac all your video in 4K for that one day in the future.

If you accept apprehend any of my accomplished reviews apropos LG phones, you apparently didn’t get that balmy and down-covered activity from me about them. The accouterments was consistently there, but the interface was consistently bulky and annoying. On top of that, LG has one of the affliction clue annal aback it comes to afterlight their accessories with the latest versions of Android.

I can’t say annihilation about their approaching affairs with Android updates, but I am admiring with their changes to the interface. It still has allowance to grow, but for the aboriginal time, I feel like I can use an LG buzz as my circadian disciplinarian and acclaim it to ancestors and friends. It’s still activity to be a little big for a lot of people, but I anticipate you will be afraid at how “not humongous” it is aback you see it in the store. Add in the actuality that the display, the camera, and array activity is up their with the best of them and it looks like LG assuredly has a champ on their hands. Will it construe to success? I will leave that to the business team, but if you’re attractive for a new phone, you can’t go amiss with the LG G3. It’s artlessly the best Android smartphone accessible today.

Robert lives in upstate New York area he was built-in and raised. Technology was consistently his passion. His aboriginal computer was a Radio Shack TRS80 Color that acclimated a cassette band to save programs, and his aboriginal laptop was a Toshiba T1200FB that sported a CGA greyscale awning and two 720kb billowing drives (no hardrive). From the aboriginal 90’s through backward 2011, he alone endemic Motorola phones starting with the MircroTAC all the way through to the Droid X. He bankrupt that band aback he bought the Galaxy Nexus. Now he’s antic a Galaxy Agenda 4, and actually loves it. He has a admirable wife and a 6 year old son. In his chargeless time he enjoys sports, movies, TV, alive out, and aggravating to accumulate up with the accelerated fast apple of technology.

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