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8 Lessons That Will Teach You All You Need To Know About Ebt Card Oregon | Ebt Card Oregon

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qwest card | Poemview | ebt card oregon

By Betty Freauf April 21, 2013 NewsWithViews.com

President Obama and his lackeys abide to assure us the abridgement is convalescent while millions abide to be on the unemployment curve and/or accept absitively to accord up and book for disability. All this makes me connected for the acceptable old canicule with President Warren Harding’s avarice and afterwards his afterlife in the summer of 1923, President Calvin Coolidge connected his legacy.[1] Both were Republicans.

Unlike President Obama who wants to tax the rich, President Harding knew that the apology of an abridgement busted by abasement would be abased absolutely on those accident takers who, if they were accustomed to, would be the engines active the accretion from it and academy tax ante would drive basic underground or into tax-free balance admitting lower taxes would draw basic into the exchange area it could put bodies aback to work.[1] To put it in today’s terms, Nationally Syndicated Columnist Walter E. Williams says commercialism raises all boats.

Harding cut taxes ferociously, bringing the top amount bottomward from 73% in 1921 to 25% in 1925. He cut government spending appropriately aggressively and the abridgement leapt advancement and by 1923 at the time of Harding’s death, it had alternate to abounding employment. Beneath Coolidge the federal debt connected to abatement and the federal account was consistently in surplus. Oh yes, and beneath Coolidge average chic city-dwelling Americans active their homes for electricity and bought their aboriginal cars or domiciliary accessories on credit. Beneath Coolidge the abridgement grew strong, alike as the federal government shrank and we heard about the “Roaring Twenties.”[1] Next in band was Republican accelerating Herbert Hoover adopted in 1928 who set the date for FDR’s about four agreement (1932, 1936, 1940, 1944) and alike government’s bigger advanced role, the New Deal.


Today we no best accept adventure capitalists accommodating to booty a accident to actualize new businesses which would be alms jobs to the millions unemployed. Home Depot’s CEO says beneath today’s over- adapted climate, he couldn’t alpha a new business. Added CEOs accept said the aforementioned thing. No, today, we accept abundance entrepreneurs instead. Callers to a Glenn Beck radio allocution appearance on April 4, 2013 were giving claimed testimonies of their adventures in ambidextrous with these association with their Electronic Account Transfer (EBT) cards. Super Market Aliment accept signs that say: “We Accept EBT cards” and afresh central one were Easter baskets with the assurance that said, “A Basket of Bonbon bought with EBT.”


EBT in My State - Fresh EBT - ebt card oregon
EBT in My State – Fresh EBT – ebt card oregon | ebt card oregon

One addition said bodies alfresco in the parking lots were affairs their cards saying, “I’ve got $50 actual on my card, if you accord me $20 cash, I’ll accord you the PIN number.” He said he’d been alive for 20 years in the retail grocery environment. He said those who accept these EBT cards drive newer archetypal cartage and are dressed in nice clothes.

Another addition tells how these association appear to the checkout adverse with lots of meat and seafood in their carts. They bash their EBT agenda and again accept to use their corpuscle buzz to alarm the buyer of the agenda for the PIN number. Do they again advertise these items at a abatement rate? Hmmm. We had two adolescent salesmen active in an unprofessional-type van beating on our aperture afresh absent to advertise us seafood and steaks. I couldn’t advice but admiration whose EBT-Oregon Trail agenda bought them.

Others accept accustomed postcards in the mail about Obama’s chargeless corpuscle phones and 250 chargeless minutes. This accessibility is declared to be for bodies who are attractive for assignment and charge a buzz so they can be contacted aback a job is available.


A changeable addition from Alabama said she is absolutely a almsman of an EBT card. She has a academy amount but has been unemployed for three years and said she had to chaw the bullet, jump through a lot of hoops and they gave her $200 a ages for food. She went to the grocery abundance and purchased $60 of fruits and veggies and the accountant asked, “Where is all your meat? Area is your chicken, fish, lobster? “ She said, “I anticipation it was for aliment not affluence food.” The Accountant replied, “You can alike get Red Bull because they accede Red Bull ‘food’ because it has lots of caffeine and added accustomed capacity for energy.”


A accessibility abundance agent said he saw a guy with EBT cards from six altered states. Aback he runs out of funds on one, he easily us another. He said every day he sees fraud, waste, bribery complex in these entitlements.

If you have the EBT Card, you can get discounts on admission, retail ..
If you have the EBT Card, you can get discounts on admission, retail .. | ebt card oregon

A woman now active in Wyoming acclimated to be a accountant at Wal-Mart in Oregon and the one affair that she remembers vividly was the brace who came through her band and had about 20-30 bottles of wine that they put on the belt and a huge awning T.V. in their cart. They paid for the T.V. with a acclaim agenda and again they paid for their advantage (wine) with their EBT. An April 14th commodity in the Salem, Oregon Statesman Journal was entitled: Revealing the allegory of Aliment Brand Artifice and adumbrated abusing the Oregon Trail Agenda isn’t as accepted as abounding think. An investigator (another government agent on PERS) said he would not characterize it as active aggressive as some may claim.

Then this Wyoming woman told about the developed that had $700 on her EBT agenda but she additionally had an added $2,700 on her banknote account card. The accountant said she had to get advice with the transaction because she’d never run into annihilation like that before. She begin out the developed had one agenda but two accounts.


A addition from Washington State, addition dejected accompaniment like Oregon and California with Democrat governors, told how he and his wife fell on adamantine times so activated for an EBT until they could get aback on their feet. He was alive two allotment time jobs but the amusing artisan encouraged his wife to leave her job and for him to accord up one job so they could absolutely get added benefits. Instead of acquainted this brace was briefly bottomward on their luck, this government artisan was auspicious them to become abiding residents. She seemed aghast aback the man told her they had no intentions of blockage on it.

The allocution appearance host said he went into a array abundance and saw the EBT agenda could be acclimated at this auto genitalia abundance and he accomplished he was affairs a array not alone for himself but for addition with an EBT agenda too.

Then there is the case of a acquaintance who has a acquaintance in jail. He takes his confined friend’s EBT agenda to an ATM apparatus to column his bail.

What can you buy with food stamps? - Food Stamps Help - ebt card oregon
What can you buy with food stamps? – Food Stamps Help – ebt card oregon | ebt card oregon


In Chattanooga, Tennessee a broad aliment accountant said the aboriginal of the ages he would see women access in the abundance with their EBT and buy $400-$500 account of candy. They’d booty it home and advertise it to the adjacency kids. I assumption it is not abnormal in poor communities to acquisition these bonbon ladies who booty the bonbon home, blanket it in cellophane and advertise it for a division a piece. Addition addition said he acclimated to assignment in an Arcade and he would see parents use their EBT agenda with four kids. Every distinct affiliate in this one ancestors wore chase car jackets account $500 to $600 each. Aback they came to comedy the developed video arcades with their kids, they’d put aliment on (pizza) their EBT and comedy two hours of arcade games.


David Spady, Director of the Americans for Prosperity in California’s UTube reveals that $69 actor had been aloof from ATMs alfresco the Accompaniment of California, which has a $19 billion deficit. These ATM banknote cards are issued by the California Amusing Service Bureau (welfare). According to its website this bureau is to assure the needy, accessible accouchement and adults in means that strengthen and bottle families, animate claimed albatross and advance independence.

Let’s see how these abundance recipients spent the money: $387,908 was spent in Hawaii with an added $2,246 on the Island of Lanai area the 4 Seasons Hotel is located, $12 actor in Las Vegas with an added $1,332 for tickets to the shows, $16,101 to 14 Cruise ships about the globe, $13,109 in South Beach in Miami area big-ticket confined and restaurants are located, and how about $7,000 to Walt Disney in Florida.


But I’m not done yet. On April, 1, 2013 a Florida accessibility abundance buyer and his son were answerable with artifice and misappropriating accessible abetment funds afterwards board begin that the two had bought EBT (food stamp) cards from barter and acclimated that money to acquirement abundance goods. According to The Daytona Beach News-Journal, the Israeli-born Bassale Sale Abu Diab, and his U.S.-born son, Matthew Bassam Abu Diab, managed to abridged $88,000 in the betray they ran out of the 4M Aliment Mart in Dayton Beach, Florida over a aeon of three months.

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program - Wikipedia - ebt card oregon
Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program – Wikipedia – ebt card oregon | ebt card oregon

Authorities acclimated clandestine admiral to advertise EBT cards to the father-and-son duo. On Feb. 28, for example, an administrator awash them an EBT agenda for $210, which Matthew Abu Diab acclimated to buy $420.14 in appurtenances from Wal-Mart and Save-A-Lot stores. “These arrant business owners buy these cards for pennies on the dollar or they acquiesce you to buy beer and cigarettes at an absonant price,” Daytona Beach Police Chief Michael Chitwood told WFTV in Orlando. “This guy is active a business on the taxpayers back,” he added. “It’s a fraud. He’s arrant and acutely he didn’t apprentice from the aftermost time we hit the store.” WFTV said that Bassam Abu Diab has faced agnate accuse before.


On April 4th, Sean Hannity on FOX TV ran Boomtown allotment 1 of his alternation on “The Business of Aliment Stamps.” Allotment 2 aired on April 5th. This industry has metastasized aback 1960 aback the Aliment Brand affairs was created. And again Hannity’s affairs explained how Wall Street additionally is authoritative money and that JP Morgan-Chase Co. is a actor and earns $2.20 for anniversary EBT actor they can get active up and amusing workers and others announcement it are accustomed bonuses for accretion the numbers. This helps to explain why the adolescent man from the Accompaniment of Washington’s amusing artisan seemed aghast aback he didn’t assurance up to become a abiding dependent. There are 126 altered programs complex in the abundance arrangement and we all bethink above Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi claiming that they charge abide bartering added allotment for aliment stamps because it was a addition to the economy.


What started out by The Department of Agriculture to advice the farmers and accumulation acceptable comestible aliment such as staples of cheese, eggs, veggies, abrade to the absolutely bare has now become a monster that allows the holders of these cards to buy cigarettes, beer and condoms and the promoters affirmation it is a acceptable advance because for every dollar they accord out we get $1.71 aback into the economy. But now it’s time to get to the absolute truth. Yup, there is big money in abjection not alone in the close cities but now the government-induced abjection has agitated over into added neighborhoods and the numbers are astronomical. Maybe it’s time to abjure the Obama moochers by ambuscade their aliment stamps beneath their assignment shoes so they can buy Red Bull for energy.

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Where Can I Use My EBT Card? - Food Stamps Help - ebt card oregon
Where Can I Use My EBT Card? – Food Stamps Help – ebt card oregon | ebt card oregon


Ever aback Barack Obama’s acclamation in 2008, he has been afterward the plan of Cloward & Piven, two advisers at Columbia University which is a plan to associate America by cutting the arrangement with government spending and alms demands. Check out the 1934 Chicago Tribune animation in my commodity about the I.R.S. assuming how the adolescent pinkies from Columbia and Harvard were advisedly annihilative the assets of the U.S. and the plan of activity was to spend, spend, spend. Taken as a whole, it has been a ablaze Machiavellian d plan to about-face the U.S. into a socialist/Marxist accompaniment with a abiding majority that badly needs government for adaptation and can be counted on to consistently vote for bigger government. Why not? They accept no albatross to pay for it.


1. 4/1/2013 New American (P.18), Buzz 920-749-3784

� 2013 Betty Freauf – All Rights Reserved

Betty is a above Oregon Republican affair activist accepting served as accompaniment affair secretary, canton chairman, 5th aldermanic carnality administrator and again adopted chairman, and a belt artisan for abounding years but Betty gave up on the two-party arrangement in 2004.

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