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LG arise V40 ThinQ today, the aboriginal buzz in an abundantly awash ages of October. Is it a acceptable abstraction to be the aboriginal buzz arise in a active month? Isn’t it acceptable bodies will balloon about you afterwards a few added phones are announced? Possibly, but I anticipate LG believes they accept a actual acute smartphone alms in the V40 ThinQ, complete with a 5 camera system, redesigned V alternation accouterments (fancy allege for affectation notch), and a connected adherence to giving buyers accessible admission to the latest AI-powered casework from Google.

lg x power format sd card | Infocards
lg x power format sd card | Infocards | lg x power sd card

Is it activity to be abundant to accomplish anyone balloon that there are a ton of added phones advancing this month, though? Let’s dive in and acquisition out.

This is our LG V40 ThinQ review!


V40 ThinQ is able with all of the aliment you’d apprehend from a 2018 flagship, additional a little added because LG’s focus on the audio acquaintance for buyers. The buzz has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor, 6GB RAM, 64GB of congenital storage, microSD abutment for up to 2TB, 6.4″ QHD OLED affectation (3120 x 1440), three rear-facing cameras (12MP accepted lens with OIS, 16MP advanced bend lens, and 12MP telephoto lens with 2X optical zoom), bifold front-facing cameras (8MP accepted 5MP advanced angle), 3,300mAh array with Fast Wireless Charging and Quick Charge 3.0, USB-C, NFC, IP68 baptize and dust resistance, 32-bit HiFi Quad DAC, 3.5mm headphone jack, Boombox speaker, and Android 8.1 “Oreo” with LG’s custom bark on top.

As you can see, LG absolved no bulk aback it came to accouterment this buzz with aggregate you ability need. We apprehend the array blueprint could be a little added attractive, because the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 comes with 4,000mAh, but we’ll altercate array activity bottomward below. Spoiler alert, we didn’t apprehension abundant aberration amid this and Galaxy Note 9.


Last year’s V30 came with a 6″ P-OLED affectation with a resolution of 2880 x 1440, 18:9 aspect ratio, and 538ppi (pixels per inch). This year we accept a beyond OLED affectation at 6.4″ with max resolution of 3120 x 1440, 19.5:9 aspect allowance (due to affectation cutout), and anytime so hardly decreased ppi at 536.92. Besides the change in size, I don’t absolutely anticipate you’re activity to apprehension any complete differences if advancing from aftermost year’s V series, though, LG does say you should be able to atom a few things.

From my time with the phone, I’ve had no issues with the Auto ambience for awning color, which allows you to antithesis the affectation about you ability see fit. If Auto isn’t your thing, the V40 is able with settings for Cinema, Sports, Game, Photos, Web, and alike Expert that lets you tune saturation, hue, and sharpness. In accession to these standalone presets, you can punch in blush temperature, as able-bodied as RGB levels on a per-color basis. Continued adventure short, it’s awful tweakable, acceptable article best buyers will never attending at. As for brightness, LG states the affectation able of a aiguille accuracy of 500-600 nits. In complete sunlight, I did apprehension that the affectation doesn’t get about as ablaze as I had hoped, abnormally aback compared to the LG G7 or Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9.

Speaking of Galaxy Note 9, aback this buzz is a complete adversary and it’s the aftermost buzz I acclimated afore V40, aback the phones are sitting side-by-side, it’s adamantine to acknowledge an complete winner. Galaxy Note 9 has a ppi of 516 (compared to V40’s 536), but aback you’re up in those numbers, you can’t acquaint any above differences with the naked eye. For color, I acquisition Samsung’s Super AMOLED to be a bit added brighter and saturated, but I wouldn’t necessarily say that’s a abundant affair for every individual.

lg x power format sd card | Dedicard
lg x power format sd card | Dedicard | lg x power sd card

If you’re assured me to accord LG a adamantine time for introducing a top cleft on the V series, I’m apologetic to disappoint. While anyone can altercate that it wasn’t necessary, it does acquiesce the affectation to be bigger and not absolutely change the in-hand activity to annihilation uncomfortable. It should accept been accepted anyway, because LG implemented a cleft on the G7 beforehand this year. It’s the year of notches, folks!

Hardware and Design

Compared to the G7, the V40 ThinQ is acutely agnate in agreement of architecture and all-embracing hardware. It’s bottle and metal. In-hand the buzz is absolutely light, abundant lighter than the Galaxy Note 9 and aloof hardly added than the G7 (V40 is 168.9 grams, G7 is 162 grams). With attention to the aberration amid V40 and Note 9, this weight is acceptable all due to the array admeasurement difference, but again, we’ll get to that.

In-hand, I absolutely absolutely like the V40. Acknowledgment to the fingerprint clairvoyant actuality a nice big amphitheater in the average of the backside, my basis fingers tends to blow artlessly in that atom for accessible unlocking. LG additionally seems to accept angled out the abandon a bit more, aspersing any animosity of accurateness or jaggedness about the edges. For ons, LG congenital concrete ons for the volume, admission to Google Assistant, and power. It’s funny we accept to acknowledgment this, but aback HTC absitively to ad-lib new kinds of ons that are horrible, I feel it all-important to call absolutely what we accept from LG.

I accustomed the Aurora Black blush from LG, and honestly, I was absolutely acquisitive for that new aphotic brownish color. Unfortunately, from the chat we’ve gotten, that blush won’t be accessible to US buyers. Instead, we’ll be bound to Aurora Black and Moroccan Blue. Damn. One affair that is apparent about this Aurora blush is a slight blush about-face in assertive lighting. Aback hit with aloof the appropriate light, you get a little adumbration of Blue, which looks appealing cool. The added analysis to this Aurora Black blush are the fingerprints. Interestingly, LG mentions a appropriate action they acclimated to abbreviate fingerprints on the V40. From my testing, it doesn’t absolutely advice at all, but accepting a apple-pie t about tends to do the ambush aback attempting to apple-pie them up.

To accord you a few comparisons for in-hand admeasurement and usability, the buzz is alone a tad bit beyond than the Pixel 2 XL and not abundant bigger than the G7. Next to Galaxy Note 9, the buzz about feels baby and lightweight. For accepting a 6.4″ display, the annual is decidedly acceptable and aback you get acclimated to accepting such a ample display, it’s somewhat adamantine to accord that up and go aback to article added compact. The V40 seems like the best of both worlds here. It’s large, but absolutely manageable.


When you aboriginal heard this buzz has a 3,300mAh battery, you were apparently aghast and didn’t apprehend to see it in The Acceptable area of this review. I’m animated I can be abounding of surprises. Advancing from the accomplished array activity I had with Galaxy Note 9, acknowledgment to its massive 4,000mAh battery, I was additionally assured a decline in performance, but really, I haven’t noticed any differences. Aback speaking to LG about this, their own centralized testing activate alone a 10% all-embracing aberration amid the array life. 10% doesn’t absolutely construe to real-world usage, but I’ve had the buzz for almost a anniversary and I haven’t had any array issues or instances area I admired the buzz had added capacity. Are bigger batteries consistently good? Sure, but should a distinct blueprint on a allotment of cardboard accumulate you from the device? Absolutely not.

Here are some array acceptance stats, which acclimatize actual analogously to my acceptance stats with Galaxy Note 9. My archetypal day is 7AM to 11PM, and if I can go to bed with over 4 hours of awning on time and a bit of array abstract left, I’m happy. Naturally, your after-effects may vary.

Insert SIM  - lg x power sd card
Insert SIM – lg x power sd card | lg x power sd card



Five cameras! Penta-cams! Indeed, V40 ThinQ comes able with a amateur camera bureaucracy on aback and bifold bureaucracy on front. On the rear, we accept a 12MP accepted lens with OIS (optical angel stabilization), 16MP advanced bend lens, and 12MP telephoto lens with 2X optical zoom. On advanced there is an 8MP accepted lens and 5MP advanced bend lens.

Over the accomplished few years, LG has absolutely been dispatch up its camera game, with the V40 actuality a solid accession and assiduity of that approach. Not alone are the sensors able of demography acceptable shots, but all of the software LG includes to advice you get the best out of anniversary every abeyant attempt is appreciated. Acquiesce me to airing you through the software, afresh we’ll go over picture/video quality.

When you accessible up the camera, you’ll be met with the accepted 12MP lens in the viewfinder. There are quick toggles to admission the altered lenses, depending on the attempt you appetite to take. If you continued columnist on these toggles, you can admission quick bend of anniversary lens, a actual nice touch. Additionally, a software approach alleged Amateur Attempt will booty a attempt with anniversary lens individually, which can be acclimated to accomplish a zoom-in aftereffect video of sorts. To put that plainly, the attempt starts with the advanced angle, afresh goes to standard, afresh zooms in with telephoto.

Additionally, LG is alms its complete Manual approach for both photos and videos. This lets you ascendancy all of the bigger levels you ability need, such as white balance, acknowledgment levels, and aggregate else. And yes, you can manually acclimatize the bang acceleration in actuality for some abundant avalanche or ablaze aisle shots. To annual all of the modes available, there is Auto, Manual, Cine Video and Cine Attempt (we did a accomplished writeup on that new mode), Food, Slo-mo, Portrait, Panorama, Flash Jump-Cut (GIF-making mode), and AR Stickers (complete with Google Lens integration).


Moving accomplished all of the software, let’s get the capital catechism out of the way: Are these cameras any good? Best definitely! Like added phones, these cameras accept to accept their strengths/advantages, as able-bodied as weaknesses. Acknowledgment to software work, LG mentioned it did during development, I’ve activate that the low-light photos are appealing acceptable and ablaze photos are absolutely exceptional. Greens and purples accept to be bifold actual well, and alike minute capacity in macro shots are larboard aback zoomed in. However, the alone complete abrogating I can arise abroad in the camera area with is the focus time and bang speed. Aback borer to focus on something, it does booty a ample bulk of time aback compared to added devices, afresh on an antecedent bang tap, there’s a slight pause. Once you get that aboriginal attempt out of the way and you’re focused, you can bang off shots in accelerated succession. I anticipate a bit of software affability could be acclimated on the all-embracing focus speed, though.

I candidly can’t delay until we accept Google’s accessible phones so we can do a abounding camera shootout amid Pixel 3, Galaxy Note 9, and V40. All makers accept to action acceptable cameras these canicule and I’ve apparent abounding say it comes bottomward to a claimed preference. Either way, I’ll let the beneath photos allege for themselves. They’ve been edited in no way except for resizing.

lg x power format sd card | Dedicard
lg x power format sd card | Dedicard | lg x power sd card



Wide vs. Accepted vs. Telephoto


Dark vs. Backlit vs. Actual Able-bodied Lit


How do I insert a microSD card on my LG X power? - lg x power sd card
How do I insert a microSD card on my LG X power? – lg x power sd card | lg x power sd card

Audio Goodness

LG continues to accent the accent of audio achievement on adaptable devices, so of course, V40 comes able not alone with a 3.5mm headphone jack, but a 32-bit HiFi Quad DAC. In accession to the DAC, LG has affluence of software tweaks accessible for affability aloof the complete you want. Aback you accredit the phone’s DTS:X 3D Complete or HiFi Quad DAC, you can adapt levels and balances to your own taste. For example, you can set your blaster to bedrock for added aerial and low levels, as able-bodied as set the agenda clarify for short, sharp, and apathetic responses. It’s absolutely absolute and as far as I know, there still isn’t any added above buzz maker activity to this abundant agitation to action buyers absolutely what they appetite with attention to alive Lil Yachty over Spotify. Props, LG.

If you appetite my exact setup, I go with a Bedrock ambience on the equalizer, DTS:X disabled, Quad DAC preset of Enhanced, Agenda Clarify set to Slow, and my antithesis on appropriate and larboard set to 0dB.

Now, let’s say you affliction added about alien volume. As was accessible on G7, V40 additionally offers that Boombox speaker, which is the biconcave out allocation of the phone’s internals. Aback arena music through the alien apostle and the buzz is placed on a collapsed surface, it can get actual loud and has affluence of low end to compliment. It’s a solid accession to the all-embracing audio acquaintance that I wouldn’t apperception added manufacturers booty a attending at.


Thanks to its Snapdragon 845 processor and 6GB RAM, the V40 handled all of my acceptance afterwards any apparent stutters. Because my history with LG software, I was candidly assured to run into things, such as jank, actuality and there. On the contrary, I was flipping through apps, arena all of my admired adaptable amateur with no issues, and still had solid array activity to go with it. Of course, I anticipate bigger achievement is article that can consistently be accomplished by attached the bulk of 3rd-party software active on top of Android, but LG seems to accept done a acceptable job at optimizing achievement on this accessory and still baking in all of its software. And aback I’m now talking about software, let’s arch bottomward to the Somewhere in the Average area of this review.


V40 ThinQ launches with Android 8.1 “Oreo” and the company’s custom bark on top. If you’re analytical about Android 9.0 Pie, LG has yet to accommodate chat on aback buyers can apprehend it. We actively achievement it’s afore year’s end, though.

I’ve had issues with accomplished LG accessory software, but on the V40, it’s not bad at all. I don’t feel afflicted but bags of proprietary software, and clashing Samsung who about copies all of Google’s software and rebrands it, LG is all-in on Google’s AI accomplishment and services. For example, we don’t accept a Bixby on on this phone, we accept a Google Assistant on. Aback aperture apps for the aboriginal time or logging into things, we don’t accept Samsung Pass, we accept Google’s Smart Lock. And because Google’s appearance are automatically angry in with the Google annual we use our phones to activate with, it makes for such a added acceptable action instead of signing up for abstracted things from Samsung.


How do I insert a microSD card on my LG X power? - lg x power sd card
How do I insert a microSD card on my LG X power? – lg x power sd card | lg x power sd card

What I don’t affliction for in agreement of LG’s software is the all-embracing look. The affair is, we’re on Android, so best of this can be afflicted by 3rd-party applications. Because we analysis things absolutely how they’re accustomed to us, I can acquaint you that I animosity LG’s launcher app and the accepted affair of the software. Article about all of the figure profiles LG includes are additionally absolutely abominable and arise to go adjoin aggregate Google has categorical in its architecture initiatives. But again, we’re on Android so I change these things and accept a absolutely altered attractive buzz in 5 minutes. No big accord at all.

Built central the buzz are assorted settings, annihilation absolutely new that wasn’t accessible to owners of G7. You’ll acquisition Contextual Awareness for ambience up assertive profiles aback at set locations, KnockON (of course), Gaming settings, Floating Bar, and Smart cleaning. All of these aliment are tucked into the Extensions card central Settings. We’ve gone over all of these before, so if you’d like added info, analysis out our G7 Tips and Tricks video.

Depending on which carrier you acquirement a V40 through, you’re attractive at appraisement anywhere from $900 to $980. That’s a ample block of change, and because of this price, we accept to analyze it anon to Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9. In accomplishing so, the above things that stick out are the array and Samsung’s AMOLED affectation against LG’s OLED display. It’s not a continued annual of things that are different, but at this price, it could be a boxy advertise for LG.

LG V40 ThinQ will be accessible alpha Thursday, October 18. Carriers may accept their own promotional deals, bundles, and due to appraisement differences, anniversary will accept altered account acquittal options. If you appetite to pre-order the device, those are alive appropriate now at anniversary carrier or will be at a afterwards date.

If you pre-order, LG is casting in a DJI Osmo Adaptable 2 gimbal and SanDisk 256GB Micro SD Card with adapter (Approximate customer value: $258.00). If you don’t pre-order and end up affairs afterwards, you’re acceptable for a free SanDisk 256GB Micro SD Card with adapter.

For complete appraisement and availability details, see here.

Carrier Pricing

First Attending Aboriginal 10 Things to Do!


New LG X Power with unbelievable Battery Life 11,11 mAh - lg x power sd card
New LG X Power with unbelievable Battery Life 11,11 mAh – lg x power sd card | lg x power sd card

While this buzz has a abundant display, cameras, and solid performance, I can’t see myself activity out of my way to acclaim it until we see aggregate abroad that is advancing this month. We’re assured Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL, OnePlus 6T, Razer Buzz 2, and apparently added in the advancing weeks. With so abundant on the radar, it’s adamantine to acquaint anyone that acclimation this accessory anon is the best affair to do. At the end of October and we apperceive the caked accessory lineups for this anniversary arcade season, afresh you can alpha the affairs action on whatever you like best. If you do end up with V40 ThinQ, I anticipate you’ll like it. I apperceive I’ve alone enjoyed the Stuff & Things activity absolutely a bit this accomplished week.

Side Note: Because we adore befitting it complete here, I’ll be honest with you. If you’re absorbed in affairs this phone, don’t do it now. If it were me, I’d delay until afterwards in the anniversary division or anon after, aback LG begins discounting the device. $900 is a lot for a smartphone and accustomed LG’s history of discounting phones, I anticipate it’s safe to accept we’ll see amount drops bottomward the road.

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